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#1 Orbe Negación on Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:39 am


Item name: Orbe Negación (Negation Orb)
An orb shaped device slightly smaller than a gold ball.
Effect: This device simulates negación fields and traps matter and energy in an alternate dimension. A tiny computer allows for the device to release the reaction at a given time, estimate how long it can contain a mass, and abort the operation if deemed necessary. In the case of living entities they can break free by exerting their spiritual pressure. Given enough time, if a living entity wishes they can break free and return in their exact position.  

Effect chart for masses and energy produced by masses and bodies of a specific tier:

Tier 5-x: Removed for four posts.
Tier 4-x: Removed for three posts.
Tier 3-x: Removed for two posts.
Tier 2-x: Removed for a single post.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: One is generally carried on a person at a time.
History: Created before upgrading his research facilities to be negacion field capable. This was developed as means to store energy from explosions. It was later adapted to be used to store unstable nuclear material and reactions for a duration of time it took them to run their course.

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