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#1 Return of the Unknown ((Private)) on Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:15 am


The black sky of Hueco Mundo contained a darkness that the people of the living world would never know. At least, not until they crossed over. Some of the most unfortunate souls would end up here as substance for predators that hunted the weak beneath the matte black heavens. There was the vibrant white moon which illuminated the barren pale sands beneath, however, the light did little to ease the fear felt by those seeing, experiencing this level of darkness for the first time. A former predator now stood beneath these skies, with a body of equal contrast; the deepest black and purest white. This creature of unearthly black and brilliant white was known by many names, but one was most widely known.

It was The Maker.

His actual name, was Mx. Macquinarey (Machine + King). It stemmed from both his strange beginning, and the unofficial title awarded to him by the one nearest to him.

Only the souls he feasted on were no ordinary souls. Only the brightest and most innovative minds were able to satisfy his unique pallet and meet his ‘dietary restrictions’. Alas, the days of hunting for such minds out of necessity have long since past. His last meal was nearly a century ago, and now he roamed not to calm a physical hunger, but to gather food for thought. He collected information to fuel his mind. This was his new hunger, a mental hunger.

His newest interest, if one were to call it that, was in an Arrancar clad in chrome. Why was he headed towards Las Noches, the center of Hueco Mundo; the vast palace abandoned by an old god, the nest of a new batch of would be gods. He was reduced to sneaking about in his own research facility, hacking his own computers for information, spying on those who believed they worked under his guidance. Still, there was nothing entered into any system on the departure of the head of security. There was a possibility that he was simply hunting an escaped experiment, but he had to be sure.

After pursuing Grizaz for a short while, he found his answer. Though he didn’t get too close to the fight he witnessed between the head of security and an inhabitant of Las Noches, even his eyes required that he travel an unpreferable distance from his research facility. He knew that if Grizaz were to return it would be a race to the finish as the complex would definitely depart once the chrome assassin had returned.

#2 Re: Return of the Unknown ((Private)) on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:36 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division
Upon the mission being complete and fufilled Grizaz wanted nothing more than to return to the facility and preform his duties, it was the only way Hell could unlock his memories. Grizaz looked back to the way he came and would begin walking at first only to recollect on what happened. How was he beat? He wondered that for a long time, sure Hell completed the mission and Kuroi gave him the escapee but only because of the agreement would he be dead if Kuroi hadn't shown him mercy?

As he looked forward Grizaz saw something, it seemed to be a statue but Grizaz thought it must be another escapee. It can't be a coincidenc but after Grizaz blinks he is gone, was it a hallucination. What is going on here? Only time will tell.

OOC: sorry for the short post school has really stole my muse and I am so tired. If anything is wrong with my post PM me and I'll change it.
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#3 Re: Return of the Unknown ((Private)) on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:35 pm


((There's seriously no need to apologize. I'm just glad someone familiar with the character can play him. And of course school comes first. Thanks again.))

Back to back bursts of speed launched loads of sand upwards before The Maker increased his altitude to cover space more efficiently. Time was being wasted by climbing and descending sand dunes, despite the cover that they offered. Sonido after sonido caused his form to appear for just moments at a time. In between those moments of visibility his body erupted into a sporadic cloud nanoids. Keeping his form fully assembled during high speed movements always proved difficult.

Even while moving at Mx. Macquinarey’s top speed, according to his calculation, he would only just manage to beat Grizaz by a few seconds. This was even after immediately departing once his fight with Kuroi began. This of course would be the case if Grizaz decided to use his own high speed movement to reach his destination faster.

However, it was unlikely that he would be discovered once he boarded his sky-bound research facility. One could say that he held the ship's favor.

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