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#1 "Hybrid Stat System" Alternative on Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:58 am


Hello All.

So, it's pretty much my fifth or sixth time reading over new "Hybrid" stat system. My initial thoughts were that it was a huge mistake to begin adding a straight up number system to the tier/AR system which was designed to do away with such strict number concepts (exception being AR differences which should be the most technical/complicated part of the system in terms of numbers) and push the RP to embrace battle basics as they exists in the Bleach universe. As the AR system was made with the intent of giving people the option of using stats or not I think it best if we acknowledge there is really only one official stat, and that is reiatsu, or  rather spiritual pressure, which is determined by tier here in this RP. Through that one can manipulate their combat abilities including augmenting physical strength, increasing their defensive strength, etc.. I instead think to play on the fact that this is a Bleach RP we should look at fundamental skills which determine how proficient one is at applying their power (again, determined by tier here) to fighting ability. In Bleach the battle skills are as follows: Armed Combat (or Zanjutsu), Unarmed Combat(or Hakuda), Speed(or Hoho), Spiritual Power Proficiency(Kido), Engineering(Inventing, which is an unofficial specialized skill). Each race has there own variations.

Before going away I began developing a system that worked in tandem with the AR system but also allowed for more specialized characters, something also seen in Bleach (For example: characters that are super fast but also weak defensively and offensively, characters that are super strong but incredibly slow, characters that aren't serious brawlers but use inventions to compensate, etc.). Though I never presented a completed version much less had an opportunity to test and compare it to alternatives, this suggestion allows for those specialized characters without assuming that someone is a better swordsman or faster due to tier (like what the current and recently added "hybrid system" does {with minimum and balance and such}).

I've begun the final stages and would like to present something less complicated than the number system we have. In my opinion, the less charts to reference when RPing the better, the more fun.  ^_^

The system I'm proposing not only makes use of the original tier/AR system, but also allows for building specialized character types, easy to comprehension of specialization, and also relies on Bleach relevant fighting concepts like zanjutsu, hoho, hakuda, etc. though with more universal names without the strict Shinigami focus. What I'm suggesting doesn't involve changing the AR system in any major way or the reference of charts for specific damage. It makes RPing less of a tabletop numbers game and more of a creative writing experience.

Mx. Macquinarey wrote:The following “Skills” represent the foundations of fighting within the Bleach universe.  

Armed Combat- One of the basic fighting techniques which serve as the foundations for the battle experienced. The fighting style of the Zanpakutō for death gods, but for purposes of this RP this is your adeptness in armed combat: swords, staffs, knives, bows, etc.. It also determines how deadly and precise your armed techniques are.

Unarmed Combat- A close-combat style of fighting, in which one is unarmed and uses only one's body. For purposes of this RP it represents not only unarmed fighting technique but skill with using the body in combination with weapons.

Speed - A defensive style of fighting which relates to footwork, but for purposes of this RP this represents speed. This includes more than shunpo, sonido, and hirenkyaku. This includes general reflexes, maneuverability and proficiency with acrobatics and aerobatics.

Spiritual Power (or Pressure) Proficiency- This stat doesn’t necessarily determine overall spiritual pressure (the tier system does that by itself) but it is the most universal in terms or Bleach mechanics. A battle between spiritual entities is after all a fight between opposing spiritual pressures. This determines the efficiency at manipulating reishi if you’re a Quincy because this is their basic Spiritual Power which all of their abilities are based.  This also covers proficiency adding power to kido, cero, elemental techniques, etc.. This is probably the most malleable stat as concentrating spiritual pressure aids in defense and striking power as well. Concentrating reiryoku into a limb boosts the power behind unarmed strikes, and likewise with an armed attack.

Engineering - The ability to apply knowledge of the sciences towards battle. In the Bleach universe the sciences include more than real world physics and chemistry, but spiritual world physics and chemistry that rely on complex understanding of reishi and reiryoku. This also tells us your level of intellect when it comes to limitations of your creations. This works in tandem with the mastery classes like all other stats.

These “Stats” are more akin to “Skills” because the only real stat which is the root of power in the Bleach universe is spiritual pressure (and even then Quincy rely on Reishi Manipulation as opposed to reiatsu alone). These stats work with the AR/tier system by determining how proficient one is at expressing that power. Engineering has been added to allow for characters those who like characters like Mayuri, Espada 8, and Urahara who rely heavily on inventions to have a place in the RP and rely on more than just spiritual pressure in battles.

Need inspiration?

Well, if you’re looking to make a character like Urahara, he would likely have a focus on Armed Combat, Spirit Power Proficiency, and Engineering.

Like Kenpachi? He would likely possess impressive Armed Combat and Unarmed Combat.

Yoruichi would likely hold Speed, Unarmed Combat, and Spirit Power Proficiency as her top stats, whereas Armed and Engineering may be among the weaker stats.

Renji would likely specialize in Armed Combat because of his impressive sword skills but his Spirit Power Proficiency would likely be less developed.

We’ll look at these characters as they would translate to this RP some more after we look at proficiency levels.

Proficiency Levels:

Proficiency levels apply to stats and determine, YOU GUESSED IT, how proficient you are in each. Proficiency is capped depending on your overall tier. The cap is raised each time you reach a new tier class (ie go from 5-3 to 4-3).

Untrained -At this stage, a character has no skill with a specific stat. They can’t even grasps the basics of how a skill is performed much less perform it without serious risks.

Amateur - This is the first stage towards complete mastery. At this stage it is as though a practitioner of a skill views it as more of a hobby. The skill is negligible and the basic concepts behind the skill are barely understood. For example, a practitioner of Hoho probably trips while attempting to perform flash step. Kido of one in this is likely to fail and runs the risk of blowing up in the practitioners face. A character at 5-3 has one skill which is Amateur in ranking and the others untrained. Each tier up allows for a character to go up a level in a skill.

Novice - This is the second stage towards complete mastery. A practitioner is starting to understand the basics behind a concept. Their skill shows that they are beginning to take their practice seriously. For example, their flash step is less sloppy and they are more comfortable using it in battle situations.

Intermediate - This is the third stage towards complete mastery. A practitioner is near mastery and their competence with a skill is beyond question.

Adept - This is the fourth stage towards complete mastery. A practitioner of a skill is completely competent in a skill and they are unlikely to make a noticeable mistake.

Master- This is the fifth stage and represents complete mastery of a skill. As the title implies, a practitioner has mastered a craft. There are no mistakes when a concept is put into practice and only those who have pushed the art to the next level can find weaknesses.

Grandmaster- This represents a legendary sixth stage that goes beyond complete mastery. Practitioners have truly pushed themselves and have realized that just because something has been mastered, doesn’t mean that it can not be built upon and made to be more than what those with lesser comprehension believe it to be. True geniuses in a skill are the only ones to achieve this rank. Grandmasters have begun to understand a concept on a level few will ever be able to fathom.

Godly- This seventh level represents the epitome of perfection with a skill. Those who have pushed a skill as far as possible. This level of skill is considered godly for a reason as each action inspires worship and reverence among all for good reason.

So, let’s revisit the above mentioned canon characters and translate their specialties to this stat-less stat system. I’ve also tossed in a few other characters just for the heck of it. These are of course estimated guesses as Bleach characters are constantly gaining and losing strength.

Spirit Power Prof.-Grandmaster

We’ve seen him match sword skills with Aizen, spar unarmed with Yoruichi and fair alright considering she’s a boss, and invent the Hogyoku which is something Soul Society had never seen before. Lesser known are his skills with Speed/Hoho. Remember, he created the hogyoku which was capable of completely disrupting the natural order of reality. This means his Engineering stat would be off the charts.

Spirit Power Prof.-Master

We know that Grimmjaw is a descent armed fighter as he was able to hold his own against Ichigo and Shinji, but he prefers unarmed combat and his resurrected form is made for it. He was also incredibly fast. Again, as he didn’t rely on scientific inventions there is no need for a character like this to develop it at all.

Spirit Power Prof.-Master

We know that Kenpachi has the name for a reason. His Armed Combat level made Yamamoto shake in his boots when paired with his potential spiritual pressure and it was said that no force in the entire Gotei 13 could stop him if he went on a rampage. We don’t know the depths of his speed/Hoho skills, but we do know he’s likely pretty good at hand to hand combat, as he threw and slammed an Espada about with little effort a few times. We also know he has no skill with inventing because his eye patch was made for him by the research and development group. He’s the only Shinigami we’ve seen catch a fully matured cero from a high ranking Espada with his bare hands so his Spirit Power Prof. mastery in terms of reinforcing his body is likely top notch.

Spirit Power Prof.-Grandmaster

We don’t know much about her Armed Combat ranking as we have only seen her launch hidden blades. We only know that she must be good because she used them against Soifon. We know that she’s a beast at hand to hand combat and of course “God of Shunpo” so she would have a Godly ranking. We can assume that because she masterfully created Flash Cry that she is as equally gifted with Spirit Power Prof. usage as Unarmed Combat. We don’t know about her skill with inventing but we do know that her family is known for rare items. Do they make them? Who knows. We know that she isn’t as good at inventing if she does because she relied on Urahara to make her anti-hierro armor in her fight against Aizen.

Armed Combat- Grandmaster
Unarmed Combat- Master
Speed- Master
Spirit Power Prof.- Amateur
Engineering- Untrained

Renji has been shown to be a great swordsman, but his skills with kido are completely lacking. He has a habit of having his own spells backfire on him.

Spirit Power Prof.-Grandmaster

Szayel is a difficult one to place, but we know that he was one who relied entirely on intellect to gain his position. While it’s clear from his battle with Pesche and Dondochakka that he’s has good reflexes enough to instantly react to their combined cero attack, he was also adept at using his spiritual pressure to apply it expertly to a fast moving target in order to split it. And of course, his highest skill would be engineering, as even his resurrected form featured his own personal augmentations.

Tier caps for proficiency levels.

Each time a person gains a tier they can climb one proficiency level.

Tier 5 characters can have a max stat of Novice in any one stat.  

Tier 4 characters can have a max stat of Adept in any one stat.

Tier 3 characters can have a max stat of Master in any one stat.

Tier 2 characters can have a max stat of Grandmaster in any one stat.

In battle, rely on the tier and AR system to determine success. Generally, a battle begins to get one sided if three tiers higher. The same rings true with this addition to the system. Extra levels can only be awarded with participation in site wide plots.

This is the basic gist, but you can see how much easier this would be. Extra mastery levels are only given for participation in main plots. Because it's impossible for even leadership tier to achieve Grandmaster level in every aspect of battle, it means that only those who are the most committed and invested become the heavy hitters.

Bonus skills are those automatically awarded to those who have the required proficiency levels. They don’t need to be listed in character skills, as experience and logic give a character the ability to devise a specific skill from know-how. Bonus skills are not limited to those who meet requirements, but it would be a wise move to save a technique slot. More skills will be added based on those depicted in Bleach as universal or not belonging to any one character.

You'll notice that there are no extras that come along with releases, as the original AR system already handles that so it's unnecessary to add mastery level during a release.

Bonus Skills:

Universal Bonus Skills

Reality Alteration Creations (ex. Hogyoku)

Shinigami Bonus Skills

Shunko (Master Hoho, Master Reiryoku)
Shunko is an advanced technique that combines Kido and Hakudo proficiency. The users reiryoku is materialized as a layer of kido on the body. This allows for the creation of an impenetrable defensive shell and increased destructive power of melee strikes. This can be used once in a battle.

Eternal Shunko (Grandmaster Hoho, Grandmaster Reiryoku)
This version of Shunko eliminates the need to constantly feed reiatsu into the layer of kido by recycling it. This can be used as many times as desired.

Custom Kido (Adept Reiryoku)

Cero ((Vizard Only) Master Reiryoku)

Arrancar Bonus Skills

Cero Sincretico (Requires two Adept Reiryoku mastery levels with at least a single training thread)
Two cero charged simultaneously and combined, to form a large, sphere. The energies interact in a way that cause the resulting power to be greater than the two cero would be fired separately even when striking the same target.

Gran Rey Cero (Master Reiryoku)
A cero so powerful that it disturbs the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. The resulting atmospheric disturbance can be witnessed from miles away.

Cero Oscuras (Grand Master Reiryoku-Resurrected Form Required)
The most powerful form of cero which covers an extremely wide range. It is capable of completely destroying the grand structure known as Las Noches.

Quincy Bonus Skills

Ransotengai (Adept Reiryoku)
A high-level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of Reiryoku controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of Reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement.

Fullbringer Bonus Skills

Bounto Bonus Skills

Mod Soul Bonus Skills

I'm still looking into other Bonus Skills race skill, but for now, I think you get the idea.

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