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#1 Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:26 am


Ryo Suzuki ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

It was funny, seeing people passing by, distracted by their everyday lives. His fingers teased around the rim of the coffee cup. He could feel the heat of it, the sounds of the cafe from the hisses from the marvelous machines that produced the coffee to the chatter from the people all around him. Ryo sometimes regretted getting coffee as it didn't help his hypersensitive body and senses, but he had grown to like the human drink and the buzz was nice.

He took a sip of his drink, he couldn't quite remember what this version of coffee was, the human waiter told him it was a latte, so he went with that, it tasted nice with the cream since it took the edge out, especially when milk and sugar was added in. He was wearing his three piece pimp stripe suit with his cobalt shirt and black and cobalt spats and his cane, his hand resting on the large blue jewel. His true sword however rested beside him on the chair next to him, held within a large sword holster, covered in Anken. Although the humans wouldn't know what Anken are and just think they were kunai or something they were familiar with. Ryo had been told to meet with a client about selling one of his paintings, But he wasn't going to rush this and finished his latte before heading out, he had paid for the coffee when he ordered, so he didn't have to go back to pay for it. He picked up his back mounted shealth that held his true zanpakuto and headed into the busy streets of Karakura town.

"It's a nice day, I hope this meeting goes quickly though, I'm eager to get back to my studio where I don't have to be around all these noisy humans," Ryo said softly to himself as he waited, using his cane to aid his step as well as hiding his true speed from those who were aware of shinigami, although he was in a gigai and also because of his natural ability to hide his spiritual pressure, he would be untraceable by normal means used by the shinigami. He pulled out the book he kept in his jacket's inside pocket and started to read the paranormal romance novel, Black moon draw, shutting out the world around him for the world within the story, not particularity looking where he was going.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 403
Tags;; Ryo
OOC;; For the duration of this thread, Ryo's tier will be tier 3-1

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#2 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:14 pm

Why was she here? Why did she still feel a sense of adventure? In the course of time Mei had been in the world of the living, she had met three Arrancar. Eden, the one that looked similar to her, was the one Mei was the most interested in. Perhaps, that was the reason she still roamed. Maybe, she simply had so many questions for the Arrancar. What if this arancar knew something about her? She doubted it but there was always the possibility. Mei couldn't remember past the time she awoke in the soul society. She didn't know her age. She didn't know her real birth date. She didn't know her real name. She didn't remember a single thing. It was quite odd for such a thing to happen and it really bothered the girl. However, she didn't necessarily like to think about it. Today, Mei would just be adventuring.

The shinigami had finally decided to wear a Gigai for the first time. She didnt like the way it felt. It made her feel like she was stiff. It felt cramped. Nonetheless, it would make her experience a million times better. So, she decided to just tough it out. The girl was wearing a pink skirt and white shirt earlier in the day. However after wandering her way into some shops, the girl had ended up wearing a pink dress. It was quite a simple dress. The neck area was rounded, it was short sleeve meaning her shoulders were covered, and the bottom held "ruffles". On her feet, the cheerful girl wore black "flats" to match. Mei didn't understand some of the human terms they used to describe items. However, it was fun to learn them. Plus, she could teach them to others possibly.

The one thing Mei loved the most about her shopping trip was the twin dragon pin she had bought. Her brothers loved dragons. She never knew where they learned what such creatures were but she never cared. They believed so she believed. They loved them so she loved them. They cared for her dreams so she cared for theirs. Mei had begun to think about her past with them as she stared at the pin. She didn't realize where she was going until it was too late. She had run straight into someone.

WC: 388
(Sorry.. I hope this is ok.. )

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#3 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:42 pm


Ryo Suzuki ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Ryo was walking before suddenly getting knocked off his feet and landing on his behind.

"Ow! hey, do you mind where you going?" Ryo called out to whoever had hit him before seeing who it was. She appeared to be a young girl, physically someone looking like someone in their pre teens or just above that. She was wearing a simple, pink dress with frilly cotton around the rim of the skirt, Ryo didn't remember the name since it wasn't within his interest to keep with women's fashion. He studied her some more, taking note that, for some reason or another, she hadn't worn a bra as he could see her nipples poking slightly out the dress, which was confusing for Ryo as most girls, even one like this should be wearing one in public and he started to smell something fishy, but decided for both his own peace of mind and hers that he wouldn't mention it since he didn't want to come across as a pervert. He continued to look, seeing she wore black flats and a interesting twin dragon hairpin she must have been playing with when they crashed into each other. But something that took Rha's interest in the girl further then he would of liked was the spiritual pressure; he wasn't sure if he was imagining it, but he could of swore that he felt some of his old student's spiritual pressure, coating her head, like a hand print. It was dense and much stronger then he remembered, even just this taste of it was enough for Ryo.

"I should keep this girl around, she's been in contact with him recently if that small amount of spiritual pressure residue is anything to go by," Ryo thought to himself, he picked up his bag contain his true zanpakuto, mentally telling his zanpakuto to remain silent, he didn't want the girl, if she knew about shinigami that he was one and that his sword was nothing more then a regular katana. He stood up, using his cane to assist him before walking over to the girl and offering her a hand up like a proper gentleman.

"My apologizes, miss, I was reading and didn't see you coming, did you forget your bra? here, follow me, I can get you one if you need one, but I have to get going soon, I have a meeting, if you want, you can come along, I'm selling a piece of art so if you feel like it, come along, little lady," Ryo said apologetically to her as he would help her up before he would take her to the closest women's clothes store he saw and he would proceed to buy her a pink bra with a white lace around it to match her dress as he would like to keep her decent if she was to come with him to the meeting. He would then leave the store and start heading back on the trail to his meeting. If she came with him, he would look at the dragon hairpin, then at her.

"You seem quite attached to that hairpin, miss, wanna talk about it? you don't have to, I was just curious," Ryo asked her softly, brushing past his white hair back a little as he look at her through deep brown eyes into her own more chocolate colored eyes, waiting for what her response might be.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 564
Tags;; Ryo, Mei
OOC;; don't worry, it's fine and I hope you don't mind Ryo detecting Luke's spiritual pressure on you, he hasn't detected your spiritual pressure since your in a gigai, just my idea was that, when you got into your gigai, Luke patted you on the head before you left the soul society and also because I'm setting Ryo up for the thread I wanna do with Luke :3

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#4 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:15 pm

Boredom and such a terrible feeling of uselessness overcame Kuroi, over the last few days Kuroi had been inhabiting Las Noches, new and improved of course due to Anamist's little stunt and declaration that he would build order over Hueco Mundo. Kuroi had made a promise those days before, he swore to strike Anamist down should he change his path but Kuroi needed to become stronger too. He saw value in Las Noches only other inhabitant, not that he had met Manda yet.

So out of complete boredom Kuroi had opened a garganta, his reiryoku would remain low despite his tier 2-3 level power oozing out of him but it was significantly less. He had entered the world and immediately walked around, one had to search for entertainment for it simply didn't hit you in the face. Well sometimes it does and for a poor man with white hair he had ended up colliding with a girl. WAIT A MINUTE. He knew this girl, he had met her and two other arrancar, Sekhmet and another woman whom looked like Mei.

What is she still doing here? he thought before walking up to the two shinigami in gigai. Hello again Mei, A pleasure to meet you Mr. Ryo Suzuki is it? I think you and I are in a meeting together. But how might you be Mei? It has been a while no? So many questions at once and afterwards Kuroi would accompany them around to get Mei a bra and then stand by Ryo as he waited to see if she wanted to go to a meeting, hopefully Ryo didn't notice he was an arrancar and try to kill him. It would end badly for him.

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#5 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:35 am

Mei had managed to get herself knocked on her rear end. Of course, her first reaction was to make sure her panties weren't showing, which wasn't much of a problem considering her dress was knee length and quite fluffy on the end. However, the next thing she was worried about was if the man in front of her was angry or not. He sounded quite angry from the reply he had given her and she understood he had every right to be angry. Mei had been careless and managed to knock this man over. Anybody would be mad about that especially someone so well dressed. Mei looked the man over for a moment. He was wearing a rather nice suit and the girl really hoped she hadn't ruined it.

Mei would notice the man stood and then started to speak. Her ears listening closely to his words. However, when he mentioned she wasn't wearing a bra the girl would look at her chest. That certainly was a thing that she had forgotten. After a moment, Mei would blush. She was beginning to realize it wasn't a normal thing. The girl could be rather innocent and empty headed at times. However, after the man stopped speaking she would take the man's hand. After standing, Mei would cross her arms over her chest and make sure she still had the Dragon hairpin in her hand. It would be hard to separate this piece from her. "I-I'm very sorry as well. I wasn't watching where I was going and I suppose I most certainly did forget my bra. Not quite sure if I should thank you or be nervous about you noticing though. This meeting of yours does sound like it would be interesting to see though. So, I might." At this moment, a familiar voice could be heard from beside Mei.

Brown eyes found the face of the man known as Kuroi. If Mei remembered correctly, he was one of the three Arrancar Mei had met. He was kind and slightly flirtatious. However, Mei didn't see any problems with him. "Hello Kuroi. It has been a while hasn't it? I've been well." Mei would answer him and soon after the trio would head to women's clothing store where Ryo would so kindly buy the orange haired female a bra. Mei still held her hairpin in her hair as she was not quite sure how to wear it.

After exiting the store, Ryo would ask Mei about her hairpin to which she would reply, "My brothers used to love Dragons. I'm not quite sure where they had heard about these before but they were fascinated by them." Mei would smile shortly after she spoke. "So now, what about this meeting of yours? I'd like to attend that is if the both of you are going to be there. It sounds like it could be interesting." Mei was never one to think before she spoke, however she never wished to hurt the feelings of others. So, any rude words that came out were completely unintentional.

WC: 511
TWC: 899

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#6 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:40 am


Ryo Suzuki ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Ryo chuckled a little at the little girl's response as she covered her chest, blushing in the most adorable way as he helped her up. She apologized for knocking him over, feeling conflicted whether to thank him or be nervous that his eye for detail was so good that he noticed it. Ryo thought she looked adorable and probably the cutest thing he had seen all week.

"It's fine, don't worry, we'll get you all sorted out, then you can come with me to see my latest piece of art get sold," Ryo told her before a voice broke in. the voice belonged to a reasonably tall man, wearing a black butler's outfit. He had slightly messy hair, but it looked more deliberate then accidental. One word summed up Ryo's opinion on this new guy's appearance; pretty boy, a guy that clearly cared a lot about his appearance and it seemed he knew the little girl, addressing her by name, Mei and also addressing him by name, making him curious to how he knew his name when he said they were in a meeting together and Mei saying his name aloud for him to hear.

"Well, I don't quite remember your name, good sir, but weren't you one of the people looking into buying my painting? and yes, we do have a meeting to attend to with the art director, he's interested in buying my piece to put into his galley, but if I recall, you were going to discussing buying my painting with him?" Ryo asked as they bought Mei her new bra, listening to her response about the hairpin, saying her brothers loved dragons. He nodded, smiling a little as he knelt down, helping her with the hairpin, making sure it was level and it kept her orange hair to one side, revealing more of her adorable face.

"Much better, Mei, that way, not only people can see the beauty of your hairpin, but also be drawn to the beauty you have to offer in your face. Now then, let's go get my painting, I was having it framed and had been in the coffee shop, waiting for it to be done, so let me go get it, then we can be on our way, my friends," Ryo told them before he would lead them towards a shop that sold various art equipment and did the frames he needed. Although Ryo didn't show it visually, he had felt Kuroi's arrancar spiritual pressure, what he didn't know was why he hadn't hidden his spiritual pressure completely, why let him know of his power.

"Why not hide yourself? although you don't seem to want to fight and you don't seem to know what I really am, so I think it's best I don't reveal that fact that I know, if at all possible, I wanna avoid a fight at all costs, I don't want the soul society to learn of my existence again," Ryo thought to himself as he would lead them into the shop, letting the man on hand know he had returned to get his painting, the man nodded, turning away for a moment before passing him a bronze framed painting of what would appear to be two shinigami wielding strange shikai's, fighting within a forest and over a bridge, the piece being a traditional kaiga style painting, something that looked to be from feudal times.

"Sorry for the wait, but we wanted to make sure that it was fitted properly, it's a beautiful piece," The man complimented his work, Ryo smiled, thanking him for his kind words, paying him and leaving with the piece in his arm, even though he was holding his cane in one hand, his back mounted holster across his back but he managed regardless.

Eventually, they would reach the art galley and the owner was waiting, he was wearing a fine suit, a monocle over his right eye and gelled back black hair.

"Ah, welcome once again, Mister Suzuki, a pleasure to meet you again, I hear you have another piece to show me, yes?" he welcomed the group in before greeting Ryo with excitement, eager to see his newest work. Ryo complied, not one to let his client wait, revealed the artwork, his face turned to happiness.

"Amazing, as usual, mister Ryo, it's beautiful, I'll offer you two hundred thousand for it, what do you say?" He asked, laying down his starting price, Ryo nodded, but he pointed to Kuroi.

"Pardon me, my friend, but mister Kuroi here wanted to give a offer on the painting, isn't that right?" Ryo asked, gesturing to Kuroi before waiting for a response.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 768
Tags;; Ryo, Mei, Kuroi
OOC;; just to let Kuroi know, currently, no one knows if Ryo is a shinigami just yet, although I might reveal it later on.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#7 Re: Blood Rights to Honor (Open) on Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:10 pm

Kuroi nodded slightly at the questions that Ryo asked while choosing Mri out a bra, Indeed I am looking to buy your piece of work, I here you are quite the blooming artist Mr. Suzuki, I don't paint much but am quite good at it. Kuroi said, indeed he was a good artist but it was all his OCD and hand precision from centuries of sword mastery and training.

After the small explanation of the hair pin Kuroi would remove a trinket, it was a small necklace of a moon, the moon was a crescent and in the crescent was a lapis lazuli which shimmered like the night sky. A friend of mine lived this, not the necklace of course but rather the moon. She would become entranced by it at times but sadly she died at the hands of an animal in human skin, a vicious man known for his savagery and bloodlust. Kuroi was talking about the Hollow King of the West, Dante. The man had robbed him of his original power and then the one Kuroi loved, he decided to leave it at that since Ryo may not understand what he was on about other than a criminal killed his "friend".

Afterwards Kuroi would follow Ryo to pick up the painting, he stood almost like a statue as the painting came out but Kuroi's face looked shocked when the painting came out, he rarely showed any facial expressions but the artist had painted two Shinigami whom were fighting. [i]Is he spiritually aware, perhaps he can see spirits but it is highly unlikely that he would just mistakenly paint such a close replica of a shinigami, the Shihakushō and the Shikai made it clear immediately. When they left Kuroi knew he must have this painting.

Arriving at the gallery he would give Mei a small amount of money to look around and pay the entry fee should she get bored of the negotiations about to take place, Kuroi nodded at the price before nodding his introduction, now was not the place for elegance it was the time for domination of this negotiation. So you offer that much, might I ask what currency? If it is yen then I will give twenty thousand dollars US, if you are referring to US dollars I will go the same amount and this... Kuroi cut off before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a golden coin, the coin looked ordinary but was actually pure gold. This is a perfect coin from the middle ages, pure gold and preserved perfectly. One could say it is incredibly valuable but I have a few more. Mr. Suzuki, you seem to like the past and this would be quite lovely for you to have. Kuroi said before flicking the coin to him to prove it's pure gold, the coin might actually weigh Ryo down for a moment when he caught the heavy coin but he would easily adapt to its weight. He had now begun to wait for Ryo's answer on who got the artwork or if the other man raised his bargin.

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