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on Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:24 am



Identity of a Soul

Name: Natasha Kahl (German for "Stark")
Alias: E- the Esper, The Iron Maiden, "that scary lady" (by her subordinates)
Age: 24
Age of Appearance: 20-21
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Quincy
Character Alignment: Neutral good (although can come across as cruel)


Personality: Natasha is normally quite serious, especially when it comes to her company and her work, showing anger against people who don't uphold the rules she has. She's a masterful mechanic, being able to fix pretty much anything with anything. She's a genius and can also act stuck up with a "too-rich-for-you" sort of attitude and tends to look down at people who are not at her status.

Of course, that being said, when she isn't working, she can be found playing around in various casinos, gambling and drinking plenty of her favorite rich whisky. She can also act quite slutty, acting what she would call a "playgirl", a feminine version of a playboy, playing with and around various men and women, she isn't picky. And despite her normally cold demeanor, she does care about people close to her and is eager to make sure that she can protect the things she cares most about as well as the cause of the quincies. although she doesn't follow her cause blindly like some as she always has this feeling that the main man isn't telling them everything he knows and one thing she hates is not knowing.

Clan Name: Kahl Clan
Quincy Cross:

The unique thing about Natasha's quincy cross, besides from it being her clan's unique variant on the classic quincy cross, is that it's part of her as the central reishi arc core, inbetween her chest and just above her breasts, right in the middle after a almost fatal accident during a test of the suit's weapons system that caused shrapnel from a rocket to penetrate near her heart, forcing her to modify the central reishi core for her suit to keep her alive. She uses this core like a regular quincy would use their quincy cross for; manifesting and manipulating reishi into weapons. Although unlike other quincies who manifest their bows, Natasha cannot do that freely and without her armour, she can only fire her unibeam from her central core. Although she dislikes having to use it without her armour as firing it without the suit on will tear a hole through the clothes she is wearing around the area of the central core, including her dress or V-neck shirt (depending on what she is wearing) and her bra, which might lead to a dressing room failure, leaving her breasts exposed. The reason she knows is that it happened to her once when trying out the unibean and it tore through the front of her clothes, exposing her chest to the other researcher, she has yet to live down the embarrassment and she doesn't like to speak of the incident.

Quincy Artifacts: (What quincy artifacts your character has like seele schnider, Quincy Bangle) You may start with 3.

Artifact Name: Sōshingu (Quincy Bangle) x1
Artifact Description: It appears as a thin but wide brancelet with a thin cross on the top, made from a old fashioned form of spiritualized iron.
Artifact Purpose/Ability: It's original purpose was to allow weaker quincies with lacking spiritual energy to fight and produce a spiritual weapon. Natasha keeps one on her at all times, in the rare chance that both her main suit and her other two are either beyond repair or destroyed. although she hates the idea of having to use it since it's a older form of quincy technology, but because she had issues in creating a spiritual weapon, she likes the idea of being defenseless even less, so she keeps it with her so at anytime, she can don it at anytime, producing a simple quincy grab around her and granting her the use of the Sōshingu's spiritual bow. Grants AR+1 while active, although too much use will make it overheat for two posts and trying to use it during the overheat will eventually break the device within five posts.

Artifact Name: Gintō x4
Artifact Description: small silver tubes with the quincy cross on them
Artifact Purpose/Ability: They are used to store the user's spiritual energy as pure reishi in order to perform spells, similar to kido used by shinigami, the ones she uses are below:

Name: Heizen
Incantation: "Renze Forumeru Venti Gral ..."
Effect: By using all four ginto, she can summon a large rectangle, composed of densely packed reishi, fires at the opponent with enough force to punch through targets, although those with high enough spiritual energy can break it apart (Tiers 3-3 and above)

Name: Gritz
Incantation: "A silver rod strikes, the five fingered stone bed..."
Effect: by throwing a Gintō at the target, once it gets within range, which then spends out into a quincy cross that is the size of the target which then closes in, creating a complete cylinder of solid reishi around the target, trapping them similar to a iron maiden but without the spikes on the inside, Natasha can use this to trap opponents, protect people by using Gritz on them to protect them since Gritz can also be used as a defensive option as well and he can even use it on himself to protect himself from a fatal attack although it will break after

Artifact Name: Modern Hollow Bait x2 (one spare, one to keep)
Artifact Description: A small metal pill with a small stainless button with light blue lights interlaced into it.
Artifact Purpose/Ability: A modern technological version of the old fashioned hollow bait, created by Natasha, it allows anyone possessing it to call only the type of hollow selected on the hollow bait device, but can control how many show up and what type, eliminating any chance of the malfunctions hollow bait held in the past.

Battle Specs

Fighting Style: Natasha's style of fighting revolves around medium range combat, using her suit's enhanced strength to punch and kick her opponents, she very much enjoys close quarters combat, but she also uses her repulsors beams as well as her various armour weapon systems to fight.

Outside her suit, she's not afraid of fighting without her suit and isn't afraid of also fighting dirty, for example, if she was fighting a guy, she wouldn't be afraid of kneeing/kicking him in the private area or planting a heel into someone's foot to gain a advantage. She openly admits that she doesn't play fair, she plays to win since she likes being a betting girl who takes chances and goes for the win. She uses does use ginto and anything in her disposal to assist her in her fights.

Personal Abilities:

(Personal abilities are special powers unique to your character, such as being able to put your enemies into an illusion trance by touching them, or being able to turn your energy into solid dirt permanently. These are traits your character was either born with or attained through special circumstances. They cannot be taught to or learned by others. Examples would be fire elemental reiatsu, unnaturally sharp reiatsu sensing, and genetic mutations.)Limit: 2

Name: E - The Esper
Effect: With the letter E, Natasha gains the power of the Esper, which grants her telepathic abilities, allowing her to communicate with both enemies and friends alike, she can also read the thoughts the person has at that moment, but not mind read, although she will try it act like she can to confuse her opponent. She also has the ability to lift things with her mind, although the size of the object does matter as the larger the object, the harder it is to lift. But she also uses this power to telepathically speak to her armour via a psychic link, allowing the suit to "sense" her presence and come to her, regardless of where she is or how well she is blocked off from both physical and spiritual detection. She allow has enhanced ability in detecting spiritual pressure, being able to more accurately pinpoint someone's location.

Elemental Affinity: Advanced reishi control
General Techniques:

(These are moves your character was taught or trained and developed on their own. They are things anyone would be able to learn and perform unless they are dependent on your unique race or abilities. Examples are custom shunpo variations, hakuda/zanjutsu techniques, and using your reiatsu on an object to simulate telekinesis.) Limit 4

Technique Name: None
Technique Description:(Include any cool-down or charge times needed. Times are based on posts.)

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

A Quincy's Bow

Bow Appearance:

Secondary Armour (Zwillinge or Gemini armour):

Back up suit (Dark Blue and white instead of red and gold):

Natasha's "bow" is vastly unique from other quincy as it's a highly advanced symbiotic suit of highly advanced proportions, made by her within her secret executive development lab, using techniques of quincies and combining it with technology to make this one in a kind suit.

She can physically bond with this suit using her letter power, the suit is composed of a unique liquid substance and a sub substance of the material known as "Spiritualized Iron" which is a iron that is resistance to spiritual attacks and is able to interact on the spiritual plane, meaning it can defend against spiritual attacks and is able to interact in turn with opponents on that plane of existence. The process would involve the Sternritter merely willing the suit to her side as it's symbiotic in nature and will come to her in a liquid state, combined with the available reishi around her so the liquid suit can fly in a way, once the liquid comes into contact with Sternritter E, it instantly becomes as solid as it appears in the picture.

It grants its wielder the ability to fly, fire beams of energy from the palms of the hands from condensed reishi and fire a larger one (that would take one post to charge) from the central reishi core in the center of the suit's chest and it's main power supply. it also has a on board A.I called P.A.D.D.Y (Personal Assistant Digital Decorder and Yielder) that produces a HUD to scan the surrounding environment and to assist her mistress in anyway, being a part of Natasha's person A.I maid program that is in charge of taking care of her. although it's possible to damage, the fluid metal can reform over and repair any damaged parts, apart from the central reishi core within a reason post count, although it can gather energy from collecting reishi, the sternritter wearing it cannot fight while doing it as it is difficult to gather both reishi to power the suit and power the weapons at the same time, although diverting power can be used, it's risky. It can also fly in the sea and space, having it's own oxygen supply.

P.A.D.D.Y's physical form (while being displayed either on the HUD or on a holo projector):

Suit internal HUD (blue instead of red):

Although the sternritter can make the suit attach to anyone she wishes and the suit can remain in a solid suit mode, even if the sternritter or anyone isn't inside it, although this taxes the sternritter as she must mentally focus on keeping the suit in that state, leaving her open to attacks.

The suit grants anyone wearing it AR+2 in defense(AR+1 so gets rid of the AR-1 humans start with while worn, so in total, she will have a AR+1 for defense) & AR+1 for strength and speed.

Table for suit regen, based on tier:

Equal tier: Takes a single post to repair a leg/arm/helmet component, two posts to repair larger components such has the chest piece and back piece.

One tier above: Takes two posts to repair a leg/arm/helmet component, three posts to repair larger components such as the chest piece and back piece.

Two tiers+: Takes three posts to repair a leg/arm/helmet component, four posts to repair larger components such as the chest piece and back piece.

There are also two key weaknesses of the suit; the first that the reishi core's power doesn't last forever (at maximum charge/100%: two pages) to replenish, she must either get a new reishi core or recharge it manually by gathering reishi, which takes a maximum of four posts to full charge the core, but the wielder needs to be still and be fully concentrating on recharging the core, making her very vulnerable to attacks. (25% charge per post charge, up to 100%). and two; even though the reishi core is shielded from energy based attacks, it can be ripped out by someone stronger then her. if removed, the suit will just return to liquid metal and loose all power, leaving her defenseless as it will leave and return until the reishi core is replaced. Also, without the core, she is at risk of the shrapnel penetrating her heart since they are no longer kept in place by the core's magnetic field, she also becomes weaker without it, becoming somewhat sickly in appearance, if she doesn't get a new core or something to keep the magnet active, she'll die within six posts.

Her secondary and back up suits are only made from spiritualized iron and not the stuff made from her primary suit, meaning it only grants AR+1 to defense instead of two. Although the secondary suit allows her to stay in space for longer periods of time and her back up armour is able to come to her at will in self propelled parts and quickly assemble, although it takes only a few seconds for the suit to fully attach to the user. Although since they are only made from normal spiritualized iron, they cannot regenerate and once broken, they cannot be repaired.

Bow Type: Single/Rapid fire energy blasts
Bow Techniques: (These are techniques available only through the use of your bow. You may start with 4.)

Technique Name: Repulsor blast
Technique Description: These are the energy blasts, made from the condensed reishi from the central reishi arc core that are fired from the palms of the suit. Each blast takes 2% for a short, single burst and 5% for a longer beam attack or rapid fire. Causes burn damage on soft flesh targets and is able to blow a 5mm hole with a small amount of explosive force. Downsides is that if the central core doesn't have sufficient power, the Repulsors will cease to function, rendering both the weapon and the suit's ability to fly useless as the Repulsors double as flight stabilizers, meaning that the suit could only fly upwards, but the user would have no control over the suit if they moved besides from going straight up, if they attempt to without the Repulsors active, they'll simply flip up or crash with no ability to right themselves.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

Technique Name: Unibeam
Technique Description: at her command, Natasha can temporarily divert all power to the main reishi arc core before being able to fire a large Repulsor beam called the unibeam, she is also able to do this without her suit, but prefers not to. It takes one post to charge and uses up 15% of the cores energy, but the area of effect for the beam is much wider and is capable of damage equal to the cero of a arrancar in terms of its burn and explosive damage, but as stated, this takes a sizable chunk out of the main reishi core, so it heavily taxes the suit's main power supply so it should be used with caution and only if it's necessary at a certain moment or as a finisher against a weaken opponent.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

Intended Role: C.E.O of Kahl industries and the fifth strongest Sternritter within the Shattenreich (Tier 2-1)

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