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#1 Akuma Kawayoru's Items/Equipment on Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:56 pm

Item name: Anken - Dark Blades
Description: These are small knives the color of night, that Akuma hides in her apparel. She has practiced accurately launching them with jerks of her legs or arms. Due to the color of the blade, they give off no glint and are incredibly hard to see during the night or in dark areas.
Effect: The blades of the knives are rounded with a minute enchantment of Reiatsu that completely ignores spiritual-based defenses. So for example, despite their size, they are capable of piercing Hierro with zero effort due to their nullification of the defense. Also used as basic throwing knives.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: Fifteen each thread, unless replenished IC. At the start of every thread her stock is replenished to Fifteen unless it is mentioned IC she doesn't or can't.
History: Anken were originally created by the Kawayoru Clan to be used by the Stealth Force and Squad Two, these weapons at first were only wielded among the clan members but are now available for any member of Squad Two or anyone in the Stealth Force, members in other Squads do not have access to this tool and it is exclusive to Squad Two.

Item name: Denreishinki - Divine Messenger Machine
Description: This is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device that looks nearly identical to cellphones found in the Human World.
Effect: It allows a Shinigami to communicate with Soul Society while in the Human World, and also contains a system similar to a GPS tracking system for Hollow detection. Hollows located within a given area will be indicated in a mapping function of the device. It is also capable of detecting nearby Shinigami and can inform the user of whether they are geographically the closest to their target.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: One, if broken it is replaced at the end of the thread unless otherwise stated IC.
History: Created by Squad 12 for general Shinigami use as a communication device between the Soul Society and the Living World, it also detects hollows and acts as a GPS amongst other things. Akuma obtained it upon becoming a Shinigami.

Item name: Gigai - Faux Body
Description: While being created, Gigai can be designed with specific attributes which make their jobs easier depending on their purpose. During this stage, they have the generic appearance of a muscled Human with no unique characteristics or features. When the Gigai is hosted by a Shinigami, it assumes the appearance of its host, who can now be seen by normal Humans they happen to be around while residing in the Gigai. The Gigai does not take on the clothes its Shinigami host is wearing, and thus, they must acquire modern clothes in order to blend in with the Humans.
Standard: These Gigais seem to be used for a single purpose of harboring the soul of a Shinigami while it carries out prolonged missions within the World of the Living. They are used to harbor a Shinigami who has lost their powers and are awaiting them to return so they can return to the Soul Society.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: One, replaced if destroyed.
History: Created by Squad 12 for general Shinigami use if a shinigami losses their powers or is stationed in the World of the Living for long periods of time. Akuma obtained it upon becoming a Shinigami.

Item name: Kikanshinki - Account-Replacing Spirit Device
Description: A memory substitution device used on humans who have seen Shinigami or Hollows.
Effect: When used, a bird's head pops from the top of the device and produces a puff of smoke. The Human it is used on is knocked unconscious and wakes up a while later with a new memory. However, the new memory that the Human acquires is random and often based on the limits of what they will believe. For example, a level headed person whom thinks more of reality will have a more realistic memory. Although a highly imaginative person may have something completely random.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: One. Can only be used with permission or on NPCs, and will be replaced if broken.
History: Created by Squad 12 for general Shinigami use if a spiritually aware human witnesses a hollow or shinigami. Akuma obtained it upon becoming a Shinigami.

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