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#1 The Ultimate Shinigami Generator! on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:53 pm

Welcome to the overly complicated shinigami creation generator!
This 3 part test will determine just about every major point of info about you as a soul reaper.

Part 1: Randomized reiatsu

Reiatsu amount:
Roll 2 dice and add them together, 2 is the lowest while 14 is the highest (13 and 14 are only possible through bonuses later on). This is the general rating of how much reiatsu you were born with.

Reiatsu density:
Flip a coin 6 times, the amount of heads will determine the density and colour of your reiatsu.

0 = Light Blue (least dense)
1 = Dark Blue
2 = Purple
3 = Red
4 = White
5 = Teal
6 = Green
7 = Gold (only with bonus)
8 = Black (most dense, only with bonus)

Part 2: Your squad and rank

Take the first letter of your last name and find your squad:

A+B = Squad 2 (under Soi Fon)
C+D = Squad 3 (formerly under Ichimaru Gin)
E+F = Squad 4 (under Unohana Retsu)
G+H = Squad 5 (formerly under Sousuke Aizen)
I+J = Squad 6 (under Kuchiki Byakuya)
K+L = Squad 7 (under Komamura Sajin)
M+N = Squad 8 (under Shunsui Kyoraku)
O+P = Squad 9 (formerly under Kaname Tousen)
R+S = Squad 10 (under Toshirou Hitsugaya)
T+U = Squad 11 (under Kenpachi Zaraki)
V+W = Squad 12 (under Kurotsuchi Mayuri)
Y+Z = Squad 13 (under Juushirou Ukitake)
X+Q = Squad 1 (under Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto)

Roll 2 dice to determine your rank within the 13 court guard squads:

2-6 = Shinigami
7-9 = 3rd Seat
10-11 = Lieutenant (+1 to rei. amount)
12 = Captain (+2 to rei. amount)

Part 3: Your Zanpakto

Choose which of these personality traits describes you best, then scroll down to find out the form of your zanpakto's shikai:

Quiet but Reliable = 1
Quiet and Shy = 2
Rash but Brave = 3
Rash and Reckless = 4
Lazy but Kind = 5
Lazy and Unmotivated = 6
Passionate and Focused = 7
Passionate but Open-minded = 8
Intimidating but Gentle = 9
Intimidating and ambitious = 10
Smart and resourceful = 11
Smart but Arrogant = 12
Childish but Sincere = 13
Childish and Petty = 14

1= Quarter staff
2= Thin, sleek sword
3= Huge, two handed sword
4= Huge battleaxe
5= Falchion
6= Padded gloves
7= Two Daggers
8= Chakram
9= Gauntlet
10= Wicked looking sword
11= Glaive
12= Scythe
13= Heavy Cleaver
14= Bladed Yo-Yo =P

To determine your zanpakto's element, take the color of your eyes and find it below:

Bright Blue= Ice
Dark Blue= Water
Light Brown (Hazel)= Fire
Dark Brown= Earth
Light Green= Wind
Dark Green= Poison
Multi or color changing= Light
Grey or other= No element

And last but not least, to find the command you must use to release your shikai, look for the month you were born in and then determine whether you were born in the first or second half of that month. If you were born in the very middle of a month, look to the second chart and determine what season you were born in as well.

1rst Jan= Lash Out�
2nd Jan= Free Yourself�
1rst Feb= Create�
2nd Feb= Show the path�
1rst Mar= Steal their fate�
2nd Mar= Rise up�
1rst Apr= Seal their doom�
2nd Apr= Carve�
1rst May= Billow�
2nd May= Rend�
1rst Jun= Flow�
2nd Jun= Fly�
1rst Jul= Ripple�
2nd Jul= Banish�
1rst Aug= Watch the stars�
2nd Aug= Shroud�
1rst Sep= Reflect�
2nd Sep= Redeem�
1rst Oct= Soar�
2nd Oct= Wail�
1rst Nov= Ravage them�
2nd Nov= Break
1rst Dec= Quell
2nd Dec= Curse

Middle in Spring= Find a way� (+1 to rei. density)
Middle in Summer= Give us peace� (+2 to rei. density)
Middle in Fall= Bring Chaos� (+1 to rei. density)
Middle in Winter= End it all� (+2 to rei. density)

And as for your Zanpakto's name, you must obviously find that out for yourself!
Go here and make up something cool: or

Have fun, and post your creation!

Disclaimer: This is not something I made myself. It is something I had previously found back in 2012. I am posting it here simply because I find it quite fun and it makes for an interesting game of sorts.

[b]Shinigami Name:[/b] (optional)

[b]Shinigami Gender:[/b] (optional)

[b]Reiatsu Level:[/b]

[b]Reiatsu Density/Color:[/b]



[b]Shikai Command Phrase:[/b]

[b]Shikai Form:[/b]

[b]Bankai Name:[/b] (optional)

[b]Bankai Form:[/b] (optional)

[b]Zanpakuto Element:[/b]

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#2 Re: The Ultimate Shinigami Generator! on Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:08 pm

Shinigami Name: Osamu (Means "discipline, study" in Japanese.) Fujioka (Derived from Japanese 藤 (fuji) meaning "wisteria" and 岡 (oka) meaning "ridge.")

Shinigami Gender: Male

Reiatsu Amount: 6

Reiatsu Density/Color: 2/Purple

Squad: Squad 12 (under Kurotsuchi Mayuri)

Rank: Shinigami

Shikai Command Phrase: Flow, Manami!

From Japanese 愛 (mana) "love, affection" combined with 美 (mi) "beautiful" or 海 (mi) "sea, ocean."

Shikai Form: Falchion

Bankai Name: Ameryuu (Means "rain dragon" from the japanese "ame" rain and "ryuu" dragon.)

Bankai Form: Trident

Zanpakuto Element: Water

Naoko's Results:

Shinigami Name: Naoko Seiryu

Shinigami Gender: Female

Reiatsu Amount: 8

Reiatsu Density/Color: 4/White

Squad: Squad 10 (under Toshirou Hitsugaya)

Rank: Lieutenant

Shikai Command Phrase: Show the path, Mitsuko! (From Japanese 光 (mitsu) "light" and 子 (ko) "child.")

Shikai Form: Wicked looking sword.

Bankai Name: Haruko (From Japanese 春 (haru) "spring" or 陽 (haru) "sun, sunlight" combined with 子 (ko) "child.")

Bankai Form: Light Avatar/Golem

Zanpakuto Element: Light

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