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on Sat May 30, 2015 8:01 am


Thead Name: Four Score and Negative Twelve Years
Thread Link: 72 Years Ago
Thread Master: Anamist Souigetsu, Saga
Thread Participants: Anamist Souigetsu / Anamist Souigetsu, Saga / Saga Khshesh
Thread Limitations: Few limitations. Anamist's character is not to use Ressurrrecion whether or not he feels the need to, due to future events in Saga's history. In this thread, we will assume that Saga is around tier 4-1. Her tier in this thread will not affect her future tier post-approval, whether it is higher or lower than 4-1 (or equal to). This thread takes place in the past. Saga's abilities will centre around sound. As she is not yet completed, her usage of powers, abilities, and techniques will be relatively malleable and vague to retain consistency.
Plot Guide: As discussed in the chat-box, this thread takes place in the past, and is the first time Saga and Anamist meet. Saga approaches a social group--comprised of beings up to Anamist's discretion--Anamist is conversing with. Saga, who knows someone in this group, attempts to take them out of the discussion to talk about private matters. Anamist, who isn't quite appreciative of her lacking manners points this out in whatever manner he might prefer. Saga is--likely unreasonably--provoked by this and attacks Anamist. In the end, after brief combat Anamist overpowers Saga and sends her flying off somewhere with a final blow, which is not fatal. Neither party should hold any overbearing hostility towards one another, but Saga will inevitably feel "dishonoured" and unfavourable towards Anamist.
Thread Location: Anywhere in World of the Living.
Resolve Drive: N/A
Comments: N/A

Naruki City, one of the largest and oldest cities in the World of the Living. Anamist could remember several times during humanity's existence that he ahd visited here and noted the changes through the centuries. A few things never changed, mostly fashion and the amount of people that roamed the streets: it wasn't quite as bad as New York, the people were about half as thick walking to and fro on the streets. Some knew each other and conversed while others walked by oblivious to their surroundings as they reflected inward on their personal matters. Ahh, how I miss the old Naruki City when buggies and horse carriages lined the streets and the fresh smells from bakeries wafted into the cool air. he reminisced in his mind as he thought about the early sixteenth century.

Something caught his eye, something else that never changed. He had been sitting pleasantly in a park in Naruki City and admiring the people as they passed by. He had an obsession with humans that he couldn't quite figure out himself: Anamist had drifted aimlessly in the World of the Living after his ostracizing Hueco Mundo from himself. He adored the short-lived humans who did so well with fashion and cooking, they held such powerful emotions. Being a long-lived spiritual being himself, he couldn't help but feel like their protector sometimes. Such was the case as he stood up from the park bench and took one step as he seemingly disappeared. In fact, he has used sonido, the highspeed movement technique that skilled arrancar had learned. An elderly couple sat across the park enjoying nature and the scenery, completely unaware of the group of hollow that appeared from the forest not too far away.

There were three hollow, two of them were bipedal being of different colors and the third hollow was a crab. Hungrily seeking souls, the crab was the first to react to the unaware elderly couple. It swiftly lashed out with its left pincer, hoping to draw the human's soul. The pincer's movement stopped however only inches away from the old gentleman's face as he held his elderly wife close. Anamist stood over them and was holding the pincer at bay with but two fingers. With his other hand, he held it up to his lips as if he were silently telling the hollows o be quiet. Shh, can't you hear it? This old man is reciting his first memory of his lovely wife thirty two years ago... it would be quite rude to interrupt such a fond memory. he would say to the three hollows as the two humanoid hollow approached the crab from both sides.

The hollow on the right had a rather bulky build with large muscles and even larger arms. The hollow on the left was sender and likely a female: the female hollow was what Anamist had guessed was a lizard, the right one was probably a guerrilla. The butler had phased out of the World of the Living and was now fully invisible but to the denizens of Hueco Mundo and other spiritually aware beings. He pushed the hollow crab's pincer back lightly but with enough strength to easily push the crab several steps backwards. You would do well to leave the World of the Living and eat one another to evolve into something more civilized that knows not to rudely interrupt others. Anamist would say as he scolded them, they were weak hollows and he was a strong evolved arrancar- whether they knew that or not, that would be their mistake if they decided to attack him or interrupt his speech. On his continued, correcting their poor manners as he shamefully wagged a silk-white gloved index finger at them. The three hollows just stood there for a few moments, listening and dumbfounded by the "man" before them. He was trying to teach a bunch of monsters.... manners?!

on Sun May 31, 2015 8:17 am



          Apathetically humming away was a girl of lacking stature. On occasion she switched to whistling, and then back to humming. Her tunes reverberated, oddly enough. Despite a lack of effort, the sounds carried forth rather loudly and crisp. It was hard to believe they were simple notes hummed and whistled; particularly due to the sounds they made. The humming had a hollow, acoustic tone while the whistling rung like the keys of a piano being struck. Even by "supernatural" standards, this was... unique.

          The girl swayed side to side in every step taken, akin to a slight hop that matched the consistent tempo of the song. In truth, these notes were arranged out of pure impulse. The first and second notes that came to her mind at the time--off the top of her head they were conveyed. The bottom of her purple skirt, which seemed to actually be one whole dress, flayed in opposite direction; left, then right, and back to the left--also keeping pace. Its frilly volume led up to a slender upper-body of rather disappointing quality when girth of the chest came to be factored. Overall, paired with wide golden eyes and unkempt hair, the girl seemed fairly natural. Just a standard young girl, not quite raring to play in the park but, to some extent, pleased.

          The contrast of "normal" and "not-so-normal" came to balance upon first glance, but to those not of the ordinary, since the beginning they could discern the fact that neither was this girl "of the ordinary". To the spiritually aware on one side of the spectrum, she gave off a menacing presence, filled with malice, albeit a degree of controlled discontent. It was dark and chaotic, and if it could be described with a colour, a tint away from black. Purple and yellow coalesced all around her in slight-tangibility, in all sorts of hues and shades. Despite that, there was darkness to behold but no black. It shrouded her heavily, and if not for containment as it kept close to her person, perhaps the very park the scene was set in could possess a sense of weight: heavy and pressured.

          Her hums and whistles were abruptly halted when the ordinary became all the more extra. The presence of other spiritual energies conflicted; though, there presence to begin with was to be assumed. While she seemed like an ordinary child with only games and innocent pleasure in mind, the girl came for one reason: to find a specific hollow, with whom she found hostile emotions withheld. Not too long prior, in the endless dunes of Hueco Mundo, the girl encountered an aggressive hollow which clearly lacked self control, evident by his senseless attack. While she easily battered it off, the hollow escaped through a garganta and found itself haven in the World of the Living.

          Fortunately for her, the girl wasn't inept in the arts of spiritual sensing. She knew to come to the park after tracking and pinpointing the location of the obviously unintelligent hollow, whose distinctive-enough spiritual energy was blatantly being overwhelmed. Even if suppressed, the quality of the spiritual energy--regardless of quantity--which blatantly overpowered what the three other energies could probably never hope to achieve. Furthermore, like the girl herself, as opposed to an ordinary hollow spiritual energy, it gave off the diluted feeling of hollow-energy, more accurately described as an arrancar's.

          "Ah! Is that Chad?" she said aloud, interrupting her incessant humming. In this moment, the girl walked far enough to physically see the four spiritual signatures, and in an instant she recognised the hollow that attacked her previously. "Wait, his name is Chad?" Unaware of any personal details regarding the hollow she hunted, the girl was entirely unaware of something such as it's name, and impulsively gave him one on the spot. "I suppose it is? No matter; Chad will soon cease to be Chad, yes? Saga comes for one villainous fellow, after all." A peculiar speech pattern; the girl referred to herself in third person, her name being "Saga", evidently.

          A wide grin painted her cheeks as the ominous aura which surrounded her grew evermore maleficent. In a burst of dust behind her, Saga performed «Sonido». With surprisingly disproportionate speed in comparison to the total power she held--if put to scale--within a moment Saga was from "here", to "there". Without warning Saga appeared overhead of Chad, with her left arm held up behind her and the shallow outline of quite the overgrown hammer--roughing three metres long with a 4 foot diametre head--materialising. Meanwhile, from Saga's talented ears she could hear the arrancar speaking words--seemingly towards the three hollows--indiscernible as per the speed of her movement.

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on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:42 am


Anamist kept going, there were so many things wrong with this group of hollow- like any monster without class, they were repugnant and vulgar. Their appearance and every action was distasteful and led the Red Butler to go from one hollow to the other as he continued to correct their posture, speech and choices of meals even! Hollows didn't even need to eat human souls to live, the very air of Hueco Mundo was so rich in spirit particles that a hollow could survive in a healthy way simply by breathing! Yet here they were, coming to the World of the Living to prey on unaware victims. He was quick to point that out, though he himself had done the exact same thing countless times while in his unrefined forms through evolution. In one sense, it felt like hypocrisy to him: but he accepted his mistakes- who was he to hold himself to his own short-comings and not correct the younger generations from repeating the same mistake? Further more...

On he went, not even taking a breathe as he spoke- not like he really needed a "breathe" anyways. His speech slowed down though as he sensed something nearby, something darker than the three hollow yet still holding an air of intrigue and curiosity. It was a hard feeling to describe, he could sense a spiritual pressure around, hollow in nature and not too much stronger than the three represented here. It was still a distance away and he assumed after he had sent these three hollow back to Hueco Mundo, he would have to follow the stronger hollow somewhere else in the park. The three hollows stood still, they recognized that he was a powerful arrancar and it would do them well to at least listen politely instead of turning tail and running. When his speech had slowed a little, the three turned to look at each other with curiosity, shrugging their shoulders as they didn't know what to make of the arrancar pretending to be a human.

Anamist was getting annoyed, yes his attention was divided between their lecture and sensing the other hollow around- quite possibly being an arranar like himself. Weaker or just hiding their spiritual pressure, he didn't know for sure- but these three hollow were looking away from him as he was speaking! That was quite rude. He stopped his speech abruptly to get their attention again, surely the silence would spell something was amiss... even if they were less intelligent, surely they could understand that much. They turned to look at him again as they realized he had stopped speaking and was just staring harshly in their direction. With their attention drawn again, he opened his lips to start his lecture again... but then something caught his eyes. Above one of the hollow, a petite and curiously looking girl appeared with a rather large hammer heaved over her head. Anamist's mouth opened slightly in surprise as he saw the girl, his eyes going in slow motion as they darted from the hollow to the arrancar girl swinging her hammer. He blinked once in protest, not having expected such an attack, he didn't have the reaction timing to prevent his lecture from being interrupted by the wily young girl.

on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:04 am



Without regards to the arrancar to the side, Saga prompted the pseudo-weight of her over-sized mallet to decimate the body of "Chad". The momentum of her movement only proved to increase the force of the swing; as it turned out, within a second of materialisation, the hammer had already dispersed into roaming spiritual particles in the wind, while the victim's body was in nothing more than a pitiable state of black slush--maybe a hint of redness lingering. Meanwhile, as a result of a burst in movement, Saga's body continued forth 10 metres away, with a 5 metre trail of dust rising into the air behind her. "Ahh.. How would one say... That, being that, that is? Yes, 'that resolves that', indeed. But, perhaps, this is not the case?"

Saga's thoughts poured out her mouth aloud, and so happened to accurately portray exactly how organised her thinking developed. "Yes, yes; this is, after all, this, and that is, after all, that." With a slight bounce, her right foot moved forward to her left with both heels raised, and in the raise and swing of her arms, she performed an improper about-face. Before her was the remains of Chad, two other unknown hollows, and a well-dressed arrancar, with evidently blinding red hair, as bright as could be. "Muu... That hair. Is one's hair naturally so? Perhaps, indeed perhaps. Saga would not be so surprised. But still, estranged. Or, is that not the word? An improper noun to use? Saga thinks just that." A mulling expression conveyed, Saga moved her thumb under her chin as it rested on her index finger, supported by the rest of the hand; the cliche'd 'thinking' pose, according to the everso rare internal thoughts of the--quite literally--criminally insane.

"And so, who might one be, Aka-kun? Ah, Aka-san, perhaps? Though, Aka seems not to be such; yes, male after all, no? Ohh, Aka-sama, perhaps? Hahaha, no-no; Aka-kun suits Saga far better. Aka-chan is too rude, after all. Yes?" With confidence, Saga asserted herself as if 'rude' was a concept she grasped. "Aka-kun may call Saga as simply "Saga". Saga is, afer all, just Saga. Perhaps, Saga comes from a culture without such honourifics? That is, Saga is unaware. So, just Saga is fine; yes, that alone is sufficient."

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on Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:14 pm


"It happened and then it was over, one split second of indecisiveness of the butler's part and some random arrancar girl had sonido'd right into the middle of his conversation and smashed the skull of the middle hollow- the crab, which had been the one he had intervened to save the elderly couple in the first place. Her momentum would move her passed and the hammer she used would seemingly disappear, afterwards, she would turn and introduce herself in third-person speech. An interesting girl for sure... not all quite there I imagine, hopefully there is enough there to teach her a thing or two about rudeness... His anger flared slightly under his unreadable smile- he had been teaching these hollow proper manners and this "Chad" had been nodding his head as if he was beginning to understand what Anamist meant. Chances were high that the hollow was just nodding its head to get Anamist to shut up, but still... what if it were truthfully learning?

It was an annoying turn of events, there were few things he hated more than being rudely interrupted- especially in such a violent and unprovoked manner. She seemed intrigued by his crimson hair. Anamist Souigetsu, the Red Butler. My hair is natural and I am displeased with you interrupting my discussion with these hollow. he said in a frank expression, his crimson eyes boring into the girl, though he half-expected she wouldn't even understand why h was irritated. I was just here teaching these hollow some manners about being rude and interrupting. Perhaps I should be teaching you as well. Stay and listen to what I have to say, it is the least you can do after rudely interrupting me, or I can go about and "correct" you in a much quicker way if you prefer. His voice was starting to give way to his frustration, if the girl didn't want to sit and listen to his speech or if she interrupted again, he would sonido forward, likely faster than she would have expected and strike her in the gut with an open-palmed strike. If successful, she would be sent flying high into the air with her own air knocked out of her body.
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on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:16 am


"Ah, of course; yes, yes--a discussion with Chad and his entourage. Most understandable, this Saga unde-.. under-.. under-KAHAHAHA!" Her speech and stutters were cut off by a massive laugh that came from her core. Akin to the previous whistles, the strength of her voice exceeded the threshold between natural and supernatural; enough that the trees nearby rustled in vibration. "Hey-, hey Aka-kun--nay, Aka-chan. It is apparent that Aka-chan is the one who does not understand, rather than Saga."

Saga raised a finger and pointed towards the two hollows without acknowledging the sudden shift in naming sense, "Charlie and friends were 'hollows', Aka-chan. Does Aka-chan know this? Saga does. Saga knows, Charlie and his Oompa Loompas were normal hollows, in fact! At what point in time were such creatures capable of conversation? Saga does not know this one." Without remorse Saga gathered spiritual energy into the tip of her pointed finger whilst talking, and by the end of her piece the spiritual energy had appropriately condensed and released. As is known, albeit lacking in power the speed of a bala wasn't to be underestimated; unless interfered with, the bodies of the remaining hollows would be no more.

"Perhaps Aka-chan is the one who requires 'correction'? Mental, right? It's bad for one to be like Saga, yes indeed. Mental disparities are unpleasant and dangerous, Saga knows this. Aka-chan, you worry Saga." Nodding to herself as if her words were gracious, Saga gave the arrancar before her--whose name she entirely ignored--a wide and earnest smile. Despite the rather gruesome deeds prior, the smile well represented the childishness her physical appearance had always portrayed.

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on Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:14 am


"Anamist had almost overlooked this unusual girl's action, she seemed to somewhat understand what she did- though she showed no remorse or guilt for it. Perhaps then that hollow had deserved retribution- he could have overlooked it for such a matter, even if it was rude. But what she did next was to kill the other two hollow that he had been talking to- this was intentional. Is she trying to get a rise out of me? he thought. This girl was provoking him or something. It was time to teach her a lesson in proper manners.

You are a rather rude young woman, allow me to teach you how to respect another being. Especially one that you know nothing about. he would say as he leapt high into the air and motioned for the girl to follow him. He didn't want to include innocent humans in a possible deadly fight. He would go to a less populated area in the park and then land gracefully on the ground, watching for the girl to follow him. As soon as she was close enough, he would charge a cero in his palm and fire it at her. If she used sonido, he would use sonido as well i an attempt to cut her off and knocked her backwards into the cero.
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