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on Sat May 30, 2015 2:22 am

Long had she been away from her home.  Why she was away, only she knew.  The only thing that depressed her was that she was gone for so long and didn't even get stronger.  "Darn training trip.  Didn't even accomplish what I went out to do."  She spoke these words to herself as she was walking through Los Noches, heading for her room.

She had left here, unannounced, and headed back to her living home in the world of the living after the trouble she had in the world of the living with that other Arrancar whose name escapes her memory.  She was happy she had grown in power up to that point but it frustrated her that she did not gain more strength in what should have been a training session.  Happy to finally be back in her room she looked around and saw not dust, but that her room was very clean. Finding it rather odd, only one name came to mind with regards to how clean the room was. She had not spoken to him in such a long time and only hoped she knew where to find him. She took off quickly to find Anamist and to see if this was his doing.

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on Sat May 30, 2015 3:03 am


White and crimson, those would be the colors that anyone would witness on their first appearance of the new Las Nochas. No longer was it an old abandoned fortress with unknown secrets- now it was a old-stylish palace sporting the colors of some unknown organization. Truth be told, it was the colored that Anamist himself had picked for the building upon reclaiming it. He had been drifting aimlessly over the past years and now he was beginning to see something he wanted in the future. He had sought some out, others sought him out... and now he had a solid foothold within the world of Hueco Mundo once more. It was different this time, over two thousand years ago he had been a merciless tyrannical ruler who devoured his own unworthy subjects and slaves. Now he was more civilized, a proper gentleman and even had a little human daughter that was so precious to him. Currently she was in the world of the Living at the side of the enigmatic Yoon in gyi.

There was no place safer for his cute little princess currently than by the side of the leader of the Esper Organization. Arguably, Rui called Yoon mama- so to her, that meant Anamist and Yoon were husband and wife. Anamist and Yoon saw it somewhat differently, however they played along with cute little Rui's fantasies. It was the best choice he could make for Rui right now, the girl's spiritual energy had been growing considerably and her soul was so sweet that it attracted many soul-hungry hollow. He remembered the last encounter- a school in France that she had been attending had been attacked by a school of hollow minnows. Her soul had attracted them and when Anamist intervened, his Aspect of Gluttony had driven the hollows into a feeding frenzy. Before he could do much, the hollows had devoured every single soul in the school except Ruis. That lead to a problematic encounter between two shinigami and himself. Ever since then, one thing after another popped up.

Fight after fight with the shinigami who pursued him for allegedly killing a shinigami known as Epizon: truth was that he faked the shinigami's death to free him from the Seiretei's watchful eyes. Now he had been attacked and attacked again for supposedly being part of a group of arrancar and hollow who went by the name of the Army of Blood- lead by an arrancar named Dante.

Anamist had recently reclaimed Las Nochas, but he had been sure to pay visit to a friend- Manda. Like him, she had stayed in the world of the Living a long time. Unfortunately she hadn't been around for some time. He had intentionally cleaned her house spotless before he returned to Hueco Mundo- she would come back to Hueco Mundo in search of him, he was sure. When she would arrive, she would find him in the throneroom of Las Nochas, sitting upon a throne made of crimson blood-soaked bones at the head of a white granite marble table with five chairs on either side. He would look up from his position and smile at Manda, not at all surprised to see her there. He had sensed her power in the distant White Sands, she hadn't changed at all. Anamist on the other hand, had grown considerably. He relaxed in the throne while releasing his full power without reserve or fear of being attacked. He was now a tier of 2-2 yet his power stayed constant. He would stand up and bow politely as the lady entered the empty room. Welcome back, Miss Manda. I trust your time away was enjoyable? he would ask as his crimson eyes pierced her, wondering where she had been. It wasn't really him that was curious, but his little princess Rui had constantly asked where big sister Manda had gone.

on Sat May 30, 2015 7:03 am

Anamist, just who I wanted to see? What in the blazes is going on here? I leave here and this place is falling apart. I come back and what do I see but a red and white nightmare. I assume you have a hand in all this?" she would say before even saying hello. She did not even bother to acknowledge him properly. She did not like it when people or, in this case, other Arrancar touched her personal space. She stormed up to him and awaited his response.

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on Sat May 30, 2015 7:20 am


Normally, Anamist was not quick to forgive rudeness. Him and Manda had clashed in the past, but he had come to know and appreciate Manda even if she was gruff on occasions. This was the reaction he had expected from her, she hated her personal belongs being touched and had come looking for him to both greet him and berate him for touching her belongings. Obviously the latter came first. He refrained from smiling, just keeping a somewhat neutral expression of politeness as he stood up from his elegant bow and addressed her response. It is good to see you too Manda. I must apologize for touching your belongings and invading your personal home. That was rude of me and I owe you a debt that I must repay.

She had inquired about what it was he had done to this place and what his intentions were.Yes, this was my doing. I turned this abandoned fortress into a pleasant and dominating atmosphere. It looks lovely if I do say so myself... what do you think? he would ask innocently as he leaned back and sat back down upon the bone throne as Manda stomped towards him. He watched her with tired eyes, secretly hiding how tired he really was. The entire transformation had exhausted him mentally.

on Sun May 31, 2015 12:43 am

His relaxed reaction would somewhat calm the raging arrancar before him. Manda took this moment to look around more and take in just what it was that Anamist had done. Feeling much calmer by his apology as well, she turned to look back at him on his throne. She giggled a bit and said, "I must say that you have done wonders to this place. Its not fully to my liking, but then again I'm not in charge here. You are it seems. What does that do to my standing here? Where do I fit into your plan?"

As she spoke she sounded much calmer and the storm outside seemed to fade away. She blinked her eyes and awaited his reply.

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on Sun May 31, 2015 3:15 am


Manda's storm abated and her cheerful attitud began to return somewhat, that was a good thing. He held up an appreciative smile as she giggled and then commented on his choice of style. She didn't like it all, but obviously she saw merit in it. He didn't expect everyone to agree with his choices, but he did expect them to stand beside him if they were friends- thankfully Manda wasn't too into fashion to care all too much. You guessed correct, I am in charge... It will be.. quite different than my last rule. He had told Manda before about the era where he had ruled with tyranny and blood, this time would be different for sure. We are small right now, only a few hollow and arrancar had pledged loyalty to me. I recently met another arrancar butler like myself- the spitting image of me but with black hair: it was an interesting experience. He too has pledged loyalty and serves as a valuable ally. Manda, will you follow me and pledge your loyalty to my cause?

Of course he hadn't told very many people about his goal yet, but Manda knew him well enough to know that even if he did do anything drastic, ultimately he had the human's safety in mind, especially his little precious daughter Rui.

As Manda would respond, several figures would step from out of the shadows of the room and from behind the pillars behind the red throne. Ten arrancar stood on both sides of Anamist, all female and all rather "gifted" in their womanly charms. These arrancar's powers ranged from 3-3 to 2-3, some were Manda's power level and some were greater. The master knew you would return, Miss Manda. he wished for us to be present upon your return and greet you. We are his pawns, pieces to be used in his unification of Hueco Mundo. the leader of them said, a tall and imposing woman with long blonde hair. She spoke with a somewhat neutral face, but her eyes studied Manda harshly, wondering if the arrancar before Anamist was worthy of being in Simetria.

Anamist patted her arm to remind her where she was and the woman's cold demeanor instantly changed, she smiled warmly at Manda and gave a polite curtsy. All ten of the woman were dressed similar in red and white dresses, their appearances and attitudes ranged with each person. Unknown to Manda, these were actually Anamist's previous harem of arrancar back during the time of him ruling Hueco Mundo as he Crimson Butler. After his claim to Las Nochas and reforming it- these ten women had seen the change and knew that their old master had returned. they had come to his throne room and pledged their servitude to him once again. Claudette has said too much already, but yes- I intend to unify Hueco Mundo in the near future. I need powerful friends to help me bring about law and order when the time comes. I trust you Manda, so I wish to recruit you for this cause.

on Sun May 31, 2015 10:27 am

Manda was quite surprised when she saw the group around Anamist. Looking them over she figured they belonged to Anamist. She received a second shock when one called her by name. It was at that point that she knew it was him. She had known the butler for a while now and knew that he must trust them to allow them this close. It was when he patted one of their arms that her suspicion was confirmed. She only hoped that he would not treat her like that. She felt she was better than that at the very least. She brushed the others aside and looked Ana right in the eyes, her emerald green ones to his. "No tricks now Anamist. I warn you now that I am still not in the best of moods. I wish to know how you wish to join all of Hueco Mundo and, if I do join you, where I fit into your plan. I certainly don't wish to end up like these................Ladies here. I'm not your average Arrancar and you know it. " She spoke these words with a bit of distrust in her voice. Don't get her words wrong, however. She did trust Anamist, a bit more than others, but she still was not fully sure of his plan and did not want to end up as some lackey that stuck to the bottom of his shoe like used gum. She would fight him for her freedom if that were so. But, she figured that he had better plans for her. She waited to hear what these plans would be.

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on Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:25 am


Anamist knew Manda's question was genuine, although it hurt him a bit. She trusted him, but she didn't really seem to understand his appreciation for friends. He shifted on the throne and leaned forward as he looked at Manda and clasped his hands together. i wouldn't trick you, dear Manda. You are my friend! These "ladies" here are remnants of my past rulership, they desire nothing more than to be used by their master. You are my friend, not a possession. As for where you fit in with my plan, I can't really say- out of my new and old friends... I cannot guarantee anything substantial yet. All I can offer you is a means to join me and stand with me. The path to creating a lawful Hueco Mundo will be paved in bones and blood. If you do not wish to be a part of that, please tell me now.

The ten women seemed to not mind being refernced to as tool, rather- they smiled, being recognized by their master as valuable tools for paving Hueco Mundo's lawles lands into the paradise he had envisioned. They bowed on both sides of him, their bosoms bouncing fully in their partially revealing uniforms, none seemed to care except one- Starletta who was rather embarrassed even though she possessed a large bust. Each woman was unique and interesting- one could only be curious as to where these powerful arrancar had been in Hueco Mundo up until this point in time.

on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:09 am

Manda relaxed a bit with his words and looked around at the others as he continued to talk. She was glad he did not want to use her as a tool, but at the same time wondered what may happen. She did not spend too much time looking at any of them. She smiled as she counted 10 of them and then wondered why for a bit. Turing her attention back to Anamist she smiled. She did not want to be his enemy. "Sounds fair enough. I wish to join you rather than go against you. Sounds safer that way at the very least. Besides, I'd rather this place be united then keep up the current chaos. Anything I need to know or do now?"

She had not idea on what to say or do next. She only hoped he'd have more to tell her so that she may understand what he wanted. She was willing to help, no questions about it. She'd do what she could to help him in any way she could. Question is, how would she help and what would she be doing. She hoped to find out soon.

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on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:26 am


Her words comforted him, if she had refused to side with him- eventually she would get caught up in the war and bloodshed that would be soon to follow. And from his standing and views, she would have been on the losing end of that battle. He leaned back against, comfortably in his throne and he looked on both sides of him to his servants. He looked back at Manda as she seemed reassured by his answer as well. For now, there isn't anything I have to tell you that would benefit you. I can only recommend you making your immediate residence here in Las Nochas for the time being. This will ensure your safety as well as keep you close by for when I am in need of you. You may do however you please in your free time, but please do not associate with my servants. While powerful and useful as they may be- they remain from a very corrupt period in my past. I cannot guarantee your safety in any one instant if things went unwell between you and them.

He was explaining to her in so many words that the ten females weren't to be trusted around others. Truthfully their minds were broken and bent to only desire what he himself desired. He had done this to them several thousand years ago: back then, things were much darker and violent. Whether these ten realized the change in their master or not, he couldn't guess. Even if he ordered them to not harm a hair on Manda's head, if they felt any ill-will from her towards their master or if she spoke rudely of him, one or all of the ten would not hesitate to "correct" her impolite demeanor. He had seen it before in the past, there had previously been eleven of them- one of which had done just this when he was known as the Crimson Butler. While his vain old self had appreciated the eleventh defending his gracefulness, the eleventh had disobeyed a direct order to him- and for the price, he had eaten her.

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