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#21 Re: An Arrancar In Karakura [Closed] on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:23 pm

Kuroi went and sat in a very nice chair, the back of which seemed to be just above his height making it perfect, but no sooner than he sat down the enthusiastic child wanted to go swimming of course she did start with a compliment of his home first. Thank you Sekhmet Despite the fact that Sekhmet was going to look around for whatever reason he was keeping his eyes on the two lovely ladies, one if Eden didn't come along that's not to say he was being obvious. No it would take a very observant person to see this.

When Sekhmet declared what room she wanted he snapped his head to her, Of course, make yourself at home, you are guests of course He would say with a pleasant smile, he stood up as Sekhmet asked her second question. Of course, we can go now if you want? But Sekhmet, Mei might like to choose her own clothes her body is a lot more mature than yours so there are more things to take into consider. If you want I can help you Mei? He showed a sly smile at the end, he was passively flirting and he hoped Sekhmet didn't understand it. Follow me, Sonído? Or human transport? If Mei brought up the fact she didn't have a gigai Kuroi would smile and walk up to a closet, Here you go just hop in and it should take your shape I think I got it in a foolish brawl with a shinigami

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#22 Re: An Arrancar In Karakura [Closed] on Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:39 pm


Ejecting Eden from the thread. Posting order is Sekhmet, Kuroi, and Mei.

#23 Re: An Arrancar In Karakura [Closed] on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:06 pm

Mei would watch as Sekhmet picked out a room. Mei seemed to take a liking to Sekhmet, probably because of the innocent feel to her. She seemed like she could actually be a child but Mei knew better than to think so. She was standing in the presence of Arrancar after all. Mei wondered how old they actually were. Mei wished she knew her age. Nonetheless, Mei would shake the topic off. It was rude to get distracted in the presence of others, or so she believed. Mei's thoughts would then switch to the fact Sekhmet wanted to pick out the girl's swimsuit. She thought it might be fun to have the girl pick out her swimsuit. So, Mei would smile at the girl. However, her smile would turn to a look of nervousness after Kuroi's comment.

With traces of blush evident on Mei's face she would speak, "W-Well you know... I think it might actually be fun for Sekhmet to help me," Mei would pause for a minute remembering what she had thought of earlier, "B-Besides I don't even have a.. Uhm.. gigai." Mei would then follow Kuroi with her eyes. He would walk to a closet and then he would pull something out. What was it? None other than a gigai. This would make Mei sigh a little but then she would realize another thing. "Don't I need human clothes with this?" Mei hadn't ever used a gigai before but she had heard about them. "And what's human transport like?" Mei was going to get to do a lot more than she would have on her own.

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#24 Re: An Arrancar In Karakura [Closed] on Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:54 pm


Sekhmet had been prepared to protest for she really wanted to pick out the Shinigami’s swimsuit. Then she had been ready to defend her honour upon the voice of Anubis ringing in her head, the original personality pointing out that Kuroi had called her flat chested in the nicest way possible. She wished to let him know that she may be a child in this form, but she was a well endowed woman when she entered Resurreccion, though she had absolutely no control over what she did in that form and did her utmost best to avoid going into that form. She only knew what she looked like since she caught glimpses of her other half within her mind. She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at Kuroi, quite prepared to speak though the voice of Mei had her closing her mouth rather quickly, eyes snapping over to the girl. A grin made its way onto her face and once Mei had finished stating that she wished for her, Sekhmet, to pick out her swimsuit, the Egyptian girl would cross the room and give the Shinigami a hug. She would then take several steps back upon releasing the girl, spinning around and lean forward, fingers interlocked behind her back.

Childishly she would stick a tongue out at Kuroi, but with him being busy presenting the gigai to Mei, she doubt he saw it. With Mei speaking once again, her attention would turn to her as she questioned rather or not she would need human clothes as well as what human transportation was like. She stood up straight as she thought about the answer to that question. Sekhmet had ridden on just about everything humans had to offer in the transportation department, but nothing has ever come close to riding a horse bareback or riding down the Nile river. “Hm. It’s weird.”

What was wrong with riding horses? Anubis chimed in, though only Sekhmet could hear her voice. She did nod in agreement though.

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#25 Re: An Arrancar In Karakura [Closed] on Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:27 am

Kuroi was smiling broadly, revealing his perfect teeth but he was smiling at Sekhmet's clear anger at being called.. He didn't actually know it was probably the fact she didn't like being referred to as a child. He listened to Mei's response and Sekhmet ran over but he caught Sekhmet's tongue being poked out.

When Mei raised the question of clothing he did in fact forget all about that but now that he thought about it it would be a pleasant surprise probably not for Mei though, he would nod and gesture for them to follow him into a room where there was a large closet, the closet was full of clothes, women's clothes but he wasn't going to say much about the reasoning. I know a lot of women and they come over once in a while he would say before nodding to Mei It would go much faster if you put on the gigai now but by all means if you prefer to just look around be my guest. My apologies Sekhmet all of these clothes are to big for you and there are no swimsuits sadly He waited for their responses and reactions before he continued.

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