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#1 Were it all started on Thu May 21, 2015 1:59 pm

((Thought i post something like my love story if you want we can make this into more of a story or leave it to me to add more.))

Rha had left the forge early and had locked it down and was heading deep into the hollow filled forest south west of his forge out of  the town he called home. He was going to visited were he first seen a hollow and were his hate for them stared. This was all so a place of grate sadness its were at a young age his parents were killed in front of him and a hollow he killed a few mouths ago gave him his scare. He stops at what  would be the front door if the house was still there but, the hollows burnt it down. Rha lets out a sigh he needed to visit to get the swords his parents had to fight hollows they did not have powers them selfs but still fought to stay safe. He walks in slowly and looks for case witch was made from metal by his father's friend to keep anything of worth safe, in this case two swords it was locked by a tumbler lock with a number combo. Rha knows the combo it is part  of his father's journal. He kneels a bit and starts to turn the likely rusted combination dial. He keeps lessoning for any hollows as he struggles with the dial on the old safe it was vary likely older then he was.
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