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#11 Re: Black Crow Saga on Sat May 30, 2015 7:40 pm


Cornelia at first hated that she had to watch herself die, but as time went on, she began to revel in the new life she would have. This one had seemed to have no end. Her betrothed's eyes had shown their true nature, and yet, she had loved them all the same. Sometimes she would inwardly mourn the loss of her human life, and other she would hate its down right existence. She had come to trust him, not matter what his motives were. She knew one thing for certain. If he had come here just to use her, then he was at least nice enough to stick around for this change as well. This feeling and connection grew to become that of loyalty towards him. After all, he was taking her away from the life she knew.

As she began to learn of this new life, she slowly began to yearn for it. It sounded much more exciting than she could have ever hoped, as she would be able to roam freely and hunt, and not worry of riches nor glory. As his stories and the images varied from day to day, she had grown too enticed in what he was saying to even notice the chain decaying any longer. She slowly looked upon her human body as that of a weight and wished nothing more than to be left free from it. However, what she hadn't expected was the pain she would encounter once her time came to change. She no longer paid any attention to her body, instead, the serious look upon Anamist's face as he told her it was now time to go through with the change.

As soon as she had heard the snap of the chain as it broke, Cornelia felt a pain well up within her. It grew to an excruciating amount, one she had never felt before. Darkness overtook her and soon she felt her walls close up as her body transformed. She would shriek out in pain, though by this point, it began to sound more of that of a monstrous being ravaging in pain and hunger. She had spent so long watching the hideous human form change that she had not fed, and now all of her hunger and pain rushed in, overtaking her mind. She no longer thought as Cornelia, or acted as herself. Instead, she acted as a ravenous beast ready to tear anything and everything to shreds in order to sate her hunger.

Her last thought was that she was hideous and Anamist was watching the transformation, and yet didn't look away in disgust. Just then, her hunger rose, her thirst for revenge rose, but more importantly, her thirst for other souls rose. She looked upon Anamist as a possible meal until he had omitted dominance over her. Her hollow form knew now who was in charge and what her duty was. As he broke down the burrier for her, she went forth quickly, taking all in her wake as she headed for the one being she wanted to kill the most: the Prince. And yet, a part of her wanted to make him suffer before he did. She would go after everyone close to him, knowing that they couldn't see her, she prided herself on the hunt as her prey ran and screamed.

She played this game of cat and mouse until every last person's soul had been ate. That is except for the prince's whom she had knocked out of his own body to show him her true form and leave him helpless to watch as she massacred his home and life. He wouldn't know who she was, but she had instilled fear within her victim and that's what she fed off of. She had came back to him as the last soul and would feast on him last, enjoying every bit of screaming he would let out, after having destroyed the kingdom's known existence. Her hunger had grown, but she had done as Anamist had told her. She would come back to him, awaiting his praise or denial.

#12 Re: Black Crow Saga on Sun May 31, 2015 12:31 am


A lovely creature, that is what Anamist saw when he looked upon Cornelia's transformation. Compared to other hollow at birth, her form was rather complicated and elegant in a way she probably couldn't understand right now... but in time and interaction with other hollows, she would see that she was different than the common rabble. After he gave her the command to "eat", Cornelia went out with full fury to appease the painful hunger in her gullet. He followed at a distance, admiring her beauty, strength and intelligence as he floated effortlessly behind her. She seems to understand pain very well, to think she would be vicious enough to pull a human out of their body so easily and refuse to eat them until she had consumed everything important to them... he secretly admired while smiling hungrily.

She had pulled the prince out of his body and left him trapped to his body with his soul chain. Anamist knew what it was Cornelia had intended with this human and he would help her. As she went about his kingdom destroying buildings and eating the souls of his peasants and family- Anamist grabbed the prince's spirit by the throat and pulled him high into the air to watch from above as Cornelia purposefully tore everything apart to shatter the prince's pride and dignity. Behold, a woman's true wrath when forsaken by the one supposed to treasure her. A spoiled brat like you could never understand how to appreciate a woman's beauty and cultivate her potential. Look at her lovely form, so graceful and full of fury and damnation.

Finally Cornelia ad finished and returned for her prize, Anamist handed him over freely where Cornelia consumed him slowly, savoring the screams of suffering and horror as he felt himself being drained away. Anamist watched passively smiling and licking his lips at the lovely sight. You have done well Cornelia, I am pleased with the viciousness and cunningness you have shown. It is time to return to my kingdom and stand by my side. he would say and then turn to the side where the sky suddenly ripped open to reveal a garganta. Three servants awaited him within the garganta, they bowed low and welcomed his return. He nodded to them and stepped through the garganta and pointed to the position beside him for Cornelia to follow.

Once back in Hueco Mundo, he would sit in his throne room and calla mass summon of all his servants. When assembled, he would introduce Cornelia as his newest and favorite servant. No one was to lay a hand, claw, tentacle, tongue or anything on her without his permission. For the next few hundred years, Anamist would cultivate Cornelia's evolution by feeding her the best of his food- souls of course.

This next post by you will be the last in the thread.

#13 Re: Black Crow Saga on Sun May 31, 2015 3:30 am


Cornelia looked upon her new Master in a way that showed great loyalty. She had appreciated his kindness and the way that he had spoken of her made her proud to have pleased him. She had waited far too long to extract her vengeance upon this kingdom and was happy to as she had been commanded. She had almost wanted more until his pleased look satisfied her hunger. She would need to learn how to sate it and control it as to not let it overtake her. She had extracted vengeance for the way the prince had treated her, and yet, she hungered for more. She wasn't sure yet, what that more was, but she had a suspicion that if she stayed with Anamist, she would find satisfaction in serving him and in turn give loyalty.

She watched, ready to stand by his side, the pain hadn't yet ceased but her curiosity and pleasure in the task she had just performed made her try to ignore it. Cornelia watched as a garganta had appeared and waited for his signal for her to follow as well as where to follow. The view of Hueco Mundo was something she took in readily. It seemed to have fit with her personality instantly. The darkness welcomed her, and she felt this was instantly home.

Having followed him to his throne room, she had the opportunity to meet all of his servants. She felt proud to be a part of his people, as if she were a prized tea held close and only shared at the correct times and locations. She yearned to please him and to learn more. She wanted to know him inside and out, to serve him to the best of her abilities. She had sworn from this day on, to stay loyal to him, no matter what may come or go.

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