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#1 Black Crow Saga on Wed May 20, 2015 4:24 am


Cornelia ran through the forest in a way that let her move swiftly, yet stealthily. Her striking blue eyes would dart from side to side as she looked for her next prey. Her skin was pale in color against that of her crow- black colored hair. Her eyes were narrowed in focus as she scanned the perimeter looking for her prey she was tracking down. Her hair moved very little with each stride as it came down to just about her mid-neck. This allowed her to run without being obvious by having long hair.

She darted past a tree, hearing the sound of the animal scampering off to her left, heading towards the river. Her eyes narrowed in determination this time and she began to pick up her speed. She moved quite nimbly over debris and even managed to duck in time from a low hanging branch. She had her bow and arrows ready, and if need be, her knife. She quickly and quietly ran across a tree that over hung the river. It's color was the same blue color her eyes held. She scanned the surrounding area, pausing just above the river. Then she spotted it, a young wolf cub. She loved wolves, they had one of the more beautiful furs. She grinned in thought as she readied her arrow on her mark.

She took a deep but silent breath in, focusing. She loved the thrill of the hunt, though she needed to focus in order to get the shot right. Her blue eyes narrowed as she lined up her shot and she slowly pulled back the arrow. Breathe in... she centered herself. Breathe out... She released her arrow and it went soaring through the air, hitting her mark. The wolf yelped out and started to run once more. Her grin returned as as she moved swiftly from her spot above the river, it seeming only a moment she had paused, and chased after her prey that was once more running to stay alive.

This time, however, it was badly injured by her shot. She got to it with ease and had her dagger ready, as she was once more hovering over it. She took a leap and tackled the pup, pinning it down, using her free arm to tightly hold the snout shut. She had kept in mind where her arrow had pieced in order to not damage it. She then pulled her dagger and stabbed into the wolf pup's hide into its soft area, where the heart was vulnerable. The pup yelped out one last time as death took victory over it. "Hush now... You have found peace..." she whispered to it.

She retrieved her bow and cleaned it with a cloth, and the water from the river, red tainting it's perfect blue color. She was always fascinated by such things. After she returned the arrow, she placed her third victim of the day in her ruck sack that she used specially for hunting. It was large enough to carry a small to medium bear cub. At the moment, she carried two smallish wolf pups and now this more medium sized one. Feeling accomplished, she headed home. Blood had soiled her hands and part of her face as she was accustomed to, thought it had already dried and until she got home and used a special mixture of things, she wouldn't get it all off.


Cornelia paced back and forth in her family's home. She had finished cleaning up from this morning and wore clothes more suitable for house ware rather than hunting. Her mind tumbled over the previous years and the countless suitors she had received. She loved her parents, and even refused to marry if she had to leave them. She hated the idea of being away from them. Though, at the same time, her heart longed to be with someone. Sometimes, she would stare out the window thinking, longing. Her father seemed picky, though she knew he was holding out for some better offer to come their way. After all... it was her he was giving away. She wondered if all of the riches in the world could sate her father's hunger for power and money.

Her black hair and blue eyes made her different from the rest of the people she knew. She currently moved her blue eyes from place to place, listening to her father refusing yet another suitor. Her mother seemed to be busy with something and she had decided instead of listening in on her family, she would go cook. She felt a ping of hunger and she figured her family would want some lunch soon. Lunch... it's already noon... she thought, sighing. Time seemed to pass quickly when she went out hunting early in the morning. She thought of toying with some of the guys that came, knowing they would be turned down. Though, she never actually did it. She had sometimes thought of teasing them lightly, and then retreating.

She entertained these thoughts as she began to grab the things needed to make food. Looking at the stock of meat they had, she knew that it was a good thing she had gone hunting again. She didn't mind the hunt... stalking her prey, waiting for that one moment they were weak, then striking. A grin crept across her face as the thought about it, and her eyes turned slightly cold as if she were there still, about to kill her prey. She enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, while her parents enjoyed the money they got after she would skin it for them. This was her way of life, and she didn't really mind it. She would hum to herself as she began to cook, her posture showing that she was rather relaxed.

#2 Re: Black Crow Saga on Fri May 22, 2015 4:44 am


Raven black hair. That was the first thing the Crimson Butler noticed as he watched the young human women as she hunted: she was skilled in tracking beasts of the forest and took little time in finding her prey. She possessed a fair skin but with a more pale complexion, only her raven hair made her skin appear lighter than normal for someone who worked hard. Her blue eyes seemed to pierce her prey even before her practiced bow did, this young woman intrigued the Crimson Butler. He watched her, unknown and unseen as he floated around effortlessly in the human world. His spiritual pressure was hidden and he repressed the overwhelming hunger that gnawed at him. Surely looking at this woman was a treat, even now he could feel himself desiring to devour her just like a hungry wolf.

He refrained from doing so though, later he would need to find a suitable snack to help him maintain his facade of properness. For now though, he was content to watch her hunt and kill the wolves without mercy, not minding the red lifeblood that covered her when one of her strikes was less than precise. Raven black covered in blood... this woman will make a lovely servant... he thought to himself. But first, he needed to know more. He had heard many tales about an insufferable father who was both greedy and very protective of his treasured daughter. What was more precious than a priceless treasure? He was here now, in the Human world and had watched this family for many days. His watching had varied greatly, from the young woman's parents' talks about suitors who wished to marry her and their sizable dowry they offered. He had also watched the girl, young in human years and barely a woman- yet her body had developed well very the long winters. Her figure and skin were trophy material, yet her voice, a silky musical voice with a flirty and mischievous hint to it, was enough to lure any many to his folly.

Today was special. Anamist had watched and learned much from the many suitors who pursued the young woman known as Cornelia. Anamist had sat invisible at the private meetings between father and suitor: he noticed how the old tradesman eyed the gold, which was few and far between. Most offered silver with crowning gold, yet none of it was near enough to satisfy the old gnarly man. His weakness was gold, a ridiculous amount of it which would cause him to be willing to part with his daughter. Fortunately, Anamist had a plan that worked in both their favor: more so his than the father's.

He waited invisibly as the father turned down another suitor, a young handsome man. Cornelia was a curious girl who had listened to parts of the talks, but today she was trying to focus more on cooking as she hummed. The sly smile on her face told Anamist that her thoughts were somewhat immoral: he liked that in such a young and composed lady. After the suitor was refused and turned away disheartened, Anamist followed him. He waited until the man and his servants were a good distance away before he placed his timing. He appeared ahead on the road as a beggar, a man wrapped in rags and scuffed with dry dirt. Please good sir, a moment of your time... he said in a raspy voice as he stood at the side of the road.

The young rich suitor on his horse stopped, his servants lowering the reigns they held on a cart their horses pulled. What is it you wretch? Have you no dignity and ask a man for his hard-earned wages? Anamist held his face down and his grin hidden by his blood red hair. Humans were so unaware: it had been many centuries since someone had spoken to him so rudely. He was a feared and revered monster, not someone who was reproachable by some poor spoiled son who had riches that didn't compare to the kingdom the Crimson Butler ruled with tyranny. Just a moment of your time, good sir. I wished to warn you that there was a monster lying in wait for your company. It's hunger is ravenous and knows not mercy.

The young suitor scoffed, he had heard of no such beast around these parts. He fancied himself a fine swordsman even, plus he had a dozen or so armed servants who guarded his dowry he had offered to the stingy old man for his beautiful daughter. Be gone beggar, before I show you what beast I am to offend me with lies! The young suitor reached for his sword and unsheathed it: his servants watched passively as he swung downward from his mounted horse and struck the beggar without mercy. A sudden "twang" sound of steel against steel resonated and caused the servants to tense up: they knew the sound of sword against sword. If this beggar possessed a sword, then he was more of a bandit!

They leaped from their horses and ran to intercept, yet they stopped short and in confusion as they looked on in dumbfounded disbelief. Their master had struck the beggar true with his sword against the man's neck- yet his blade had not cut deeper than the clothing he wore on his collarbone. Their eyes followed the beggar's hands to where his arm had gone, pierced straight through their young master's stomach without even a weapon. The unusual-red haired man pulled his arm back and licked his hand, smearing blood all over his face as he lavishly tasted the blood. His crimson eyes followed to the servants who began to step backwards and cower. Some yelled monster and the rest turned to flee for their lives. They wouldn't escape however... no, the Crimson Butler needed them for his snack. He used Sonido to dash about, mutilating the men one after another with just his hand as if it were ta sword. He took his time eating them and devouring their souls: afterwards, a garganta appeared and three arrancar servants stepped out.

One servant held up a towel and ripped off the unsightly dirty disguise he had used. Anamist stood naked on the road, standing atop a ruined corpse as the first servant used the wet towel and washed his master down carefully and properly. The other two servants cleaned up the area and ate the remaining body parts as to not waste food. They cleaned up the carriage with the riches and "convinced" the horses to obey them with fear. Now ready and fully garbed in a richly attire studded with gems and white wolf fur, Anamist snapped his fingers: the riches in the cart tripled in quantity and turned to sheer gold. Some would call that alchemy- to him, it was simply changing the "spirit" of the objects into that of the desired. Afterwards, he turned the cart around and his three servants assumed human appearances, using their spiritual pressure to hide the bone masks from their bodies.

Anamist would travel slowly and arrive right on time as he knew how long it would take the young Cornelia to cook. Upon his arrival, he would sit atop the horse and call out to the father of the house. The old man would come out and stand with a firm posture that was enough to turn away most young men. Anamist had the appearance of youth, but his gait and posture showed that of someone with great power and influence, a confidence that the old father could not hope to match up. I have come to offer you and your lovely daughter a proposal. May I dine with you and your family this evening? he asked in a polite way as he sniffed the air, "tasting" the food that Cornelia had prepared. The man nearly turned him away until the glimmer of the sun caught his eye from where it refracted from the riches Anamist brought.

The old man's mouth dropped before he could catch himself and he began to drool slightly, he wiped his mouth and nodded to Anamist. He left his stern demeanoir behind and walked forward, welcoming the unusual colored haired man into his home. Please good sir, I am sure you are tired from a long and troubled journey. Come in and let's discuss over dinner! It was not a custom to discuss riches and dowry over a dinner with the whole family present, but Cornelia was an only daughter and he would greatly enjoy her expression at the thought of being "sold" to another man.

#3 Re: Black Crow Saga on Fri May 22, 2015 5:48 am


Cornelia had only been cooking a moment when yet another suitor had been pushed from the house. She sighed as the the sounds had broke her reverie. She had grown quite accustomed to her father running each suitor out of the home, and it became something she expected. She had almost felt sorry for the suitors, yet she couldn't deny that every day that passed, she was grateful to be able to stay at home for one day longer. The sounds of her Father's steps made her aware that he, like always, was displeased. He, however, came to check on the food as it wafted through the family's home.

Her mother was a short distance away and seemed to be working on counting the amount of money they had made within the last few days from fur trades. The smell, however, caused her to stop and tally down a number and place the rest on hold. Cornelia had been hunting a lot more lately, and her mother was quite pleased with the quality of furs that Cornelia had brought home. She stood and took a moment to put away the money and furs, then joined her husband and daughter where she was cooking. "You have done us proud my daughter." She spoke up. "You have nearly tripled our earning since the last time we sent our furs to town." A praise her mother often liked to give.

It was obvious to Cornelia that she was her family's pride and joy, not only in their words but in their actions. She had grown to love this feeling of attachment, as it was one other girls hadn't been able to receive. She had grown to understand a new reason for not being given away to marriage by now, and that was that her skills were just now being honed to perfection as she was reaching her tenth year of doing these tasks. She appreciated the ability to continue to learn and grow within her family's comfort, though she couldn't help but long to get out. She did sate this feeling, however, by going hunting more.

Cornelia heard the food boil and lovingly shooed her parents out of the kitchen. "Remember, master pieces aren't done while the world is watching." She would coo, giving a soft giggle moments after. Her parents smiled, though having enjoyed the smell that came from the area as well as the words that they had told her growing up. She had asked them many times why she wasn't married yet, and with each inquiry, that was the response that they gave. They had been waiting to make her absolutely perfect so that they had a reason to get such a high price for her. Cornelia took this time to set the table. It was about this time, she heard yet another carriage arrive. This took Cornelia's interest as it was quite soon after the previous. She had wondered what sort of being this person was. Each of the previous suitors had interesting personalities, yet ones that she found to be vein and uninteresting to say the least.

She had almost peered out the window in curiosity when the man yelled out for her father. Cornelia had decided instead to possibly get another setting ready, though it was unlikely as her father's mind was now on food and not business. When he was hungry, he would often turn down a suitor just for lack of interest. However, this time was different. To her astonishment, her father had agreed to let the suitor in, and even offered him a place at the table. This, even more so, surprised her. However, she swiftly set the table for a fourth and then went to finish the preparations in the kitchen.

Her mother had also become quite interested in the suitor after hearing their exchanging of words. Curious, her mother peeked out the window and her eyes widened. No one in the land could compare to this amount of riches. A smile came across her mother's lips as she was also thinking mainly of money, though the young suitor seemed to look quite handsome upon her first glance at him. Her mother went to go into the kitchen to tell Cornelia of her thoughts when she found Cornelia setting a fourth place at the table. Her mother then decided to wait to see Cornelia's reaction first hand before telling her how she felt.

Cornelia's Father had brought in the suitor only moment after Cornelia entered the kitchen once more. She had yet to see the suitor first hand, whether or not he had seen her already, was another matter. Cornelia added the finishing touches to the food and began to divide the different dishes into their corresponding bowls/plates. She began to set the table with the food, and later brought the utensils needed to serve each piece. She had been wearing something that resembled a modern day apron in order to protect her clothing while cooking. She took that off and left it in the kitchen as to not appear informal in front of their dining guest.

Once Cornelia brought in the finishing dishes, she would see the suitor for the first time. Her eyes lingered a moment on his hair then would slowly lower to take in his whole being. She would keep a simple and happy facial expression, careful to not offend their guest in any certain way. She would watch as her father happily pulled a chair out for the young looking man to sit in. She wondered just what he had brought that made her family in such high spirits to not only welcome him but change their whole outlook. She instantly felt left out of the hidden secret, though she knew in a matter of time, the secret would be revealed. She simply decided to bide her time.

In order to appear as proper and welcoming as her family, she curtsied before him while bowing her head. "Welcome, sir." She spoke out melodically. "I hope you are pleased with the meal I have prepared." she continued. She would wait for her parents to start to sit before seating herself as well. Her eyes peered curiously from each face to the next as sat and began to make their plates. She would wait her turn and take an appropriate amount for her size. She had to make a good impression on the man that could quite possibly take her. 'Why else would father bring him in to dine, if not due to an interest of some sort, but what interest could this man have brought?' She thought. She was honestly curious about the man, and yet, she couldn't keep her eyes from wandering his face and watching his actions silently.

#4 Re: Black Crow Saga on Fri May 22, 2015 3:57 pm


The Crimson Butler smiled inwardly to himself, the change in the gnarly man's demeanor was great- that was good for both him and the family. Ultimately, the husband was the one to make decisions in a family, that is just how things were. With the father treating him so hospitably, the mother would assume that Cornelia's father had already decided and she would in turn treat Anamist equally nice. Both parents would be in agreement in both action and words, this proposition was already finished: Anamist could have turned and walked away right then with only a few choice words and still have his future bride secured without even seeing or greeting her. He wouldn't do that however, he wanted to formally greet Cornelia and truly taste the lovely smelling food that she had prepared for dinner. Anamist would accept the father's hearty clap on his back as the man laughed deeply and welcomed him into his home. Welcome to my home, good sir. Pray tell, what is your name and where do you hail from? The father inquired curiously while mentally noting that the young man had a hard body, almost like a blade- possibly a trained prince in the ways of the sword?

Anamist bowed his head politely, I am Anamist Souigetsu, I come from a kingdom far from here. Constant turmoil has made my people strong and rich in ways that is hard to understand. he explained in a coy way so that the father would mistake his indirect truth with his own understandings of the world. The man would open the door for him and invite him inside, Anamist would turn to his three powerful-looking servants who brandishes interesting weapons. Kill any who approach the wagon. he wold command, they would bow low and take on a triangular defense around the wagon laden with gold and jewels.

They would go straight to the dining room, the food was already prepared and the table had been set. Cornelia's father seated their guest and then sat down himself, the mother followed and then Cornelia entered. She fleetingly glanced at her suitor as she set the food on the table and then sat down herself. Her parents insisted that he be fed first and until his gullet was full- Anamist chuckled, these humans hadn't enough food in all the world which could satisfy his pallet. It was an amusing thought however and he surely wouldn't refuse the lovely young lady's hard work. He nodded and smiled a smile that could melt any human woman as Cornelia cordially welcomed him and then began to fill a plate for him. Thank you for the hospitality that you and your family has shown me, I feel very much at home here. he would say while looking around at the three in turn and finally resting his deep green eyes on Cornelia. Truthfully, his eyes were crimson and darker than lifeblood, but no normal human possessed such physical details: he had used his spiritual pressure to fool the human's eyes and believe he possessed rich green eyes instead.

Anamist would pick up a fork and knife and delicately cut into the meat on the plate, he would close his eyes as his took the first bite and sighed with satisfaction before opening his eyes again. he chewed thoroughly and then praised the cooking. If the rest is as delicious as the first bite, then Cornelia shall be wed sooner than I had planned! he declared in a playful tone with laughter. Cornelia's father laughed as well, though his laughter ended abruptly with discomfort at the thought of marrying off his daughter. The image of the vast riches quickly gilded his feelings however and he offered a toast to good fortune and happiness as he looked at his daughter and took a sip of wine.

Cornelia my daughter, this young man is royalty from a far kingdom, the stories of your beauty have brought him all this way with a mountain of riches to show his love for you! her father explained suddenly, his voice full of excitement. He pulld back a window to the now setting sun as it glistened off the mound of treasure Anamist's loyal arrancar guarded against pesky humans. Anamist played it off as if it were nothing, truly human wealth was nothing but a means to an end.

My proposal is has more good news however, sir. This dowry is to secure my marriage to your beautiful daughter, but I do not intend to marry for a few years yet. In the meantime, if you are agreeable, Cornelia may stay with you and your lovely wife until I return for her. Cornelia's mother giggled softly at being complimented and thew news of getting to keep their daughter and the riches was just too much. Her father had been ready to wrap her up naked in their finest wolf pelt and send her in the arms of the most handsome suitor they had seen. Yet he was telling them that she could stay for years to come? It was unsightly, but the father dropped his mouth in surprise, his mouth still full of half chewed food. The mother quickly closed his mouth and rested her hands on the father's burly arms to remind him that they were in front of a guest. Anamist continually glanced towards the young innocent Cornelia during the whole process: he loved her expression, nothing beat the look of sitting there helplessly while three people discussed your future and at what price they would sell you to a stranger for.

My boy, you have yourself a deal! her father readily agreed and smiled at his daughter, pleasantly happy that he could keep the riches and his daughter for a few more years. Anamist nodded his agreement and then winked at Cornelia playfully with the one eye that was faced towards her but not to her parents. They would continue to eat and discuss some minor details and then Anamist would fill their heads full of half-baked truths about his kingdom while leaving out the important details- like it was a kingdom full of monsters who loved nothing more than to such the soul out of innocent women.

After the meal, Anamist would request some time alone with the young Cornelia and of course her father would agree with an understanding smile and nod of his head. Her father motioned for the mother to join him as they left the dining room and went out to inspect the riches Anamist brought. Anmist's servants willingly let them past and gloat over the uncountable riches. Meanwhile, Anamist would sit quietly for a moment as he allowed the noises to fade in the background. He would then turn to Cornelia and scoot his chair closer to hers. He had taken off his gloves and placed his hands atop her own hands as he looked into her eyes with a mesmerizing gaze. His face closed in only an inch or so from her lips as he held her gaze and spoke with a voice that could make a woman wilt in her seat. The stories of your beauty traveled my kingdom well, your father was right in waiting to give is daughter away. i am grateful indeed that he can be over-protective. You will be safe in my kingdom however. My servants will both fear you and respect you. he would say as he looked at her. After a few moments of heat, he would pull away, hopefully leaving her emotions in high gear and her mind racing.

They would talk for a short while longer and then they would go outside to where Cornelia's parents sat atop the fortunes, vainly trying to measure its worth. My servants will assist you in unloading the wealth, please do tell them where you wish to hide such a treasure. he teased and his servants immediately began to act. They bucketed the gold and jewels into thick bags and followed the mother who dealt with the finances. While they were away, Anamist turned to the father. Might my servants and I stay here for the evening? It is a long trip back and we wish a good nights sleep before we head out. Of course the father would agree, the servants would sleep in the barn atop the hay while Anamist would sleep in the house. He would sleep on their couch, the father jokingly offered him a spot in Cornelia's bed while she was still standing there listening. Anamist joked and looked at her for a long moment and then declined appropriately. After the riches were secured and the wagon put into the barn, the servants turned to the barn and the mother took Cornelia to go and prepare the bedding for her future husband.

#5 Re: Black Crow Saga on Fri May 22, 2015 9:19 pm


After Cornelia had entered and welcomed her suitor, she was glad to have been focusing on making a plate for him. His words found their way within her mind and heart. She began to slowly linger her eyes on him, then saw his smile. It made Cornelia sigh gently, almost undetectable. She returned a heart warming smile as she placed his plate down before him. His eyes were so beautifully green and yet, what caught her attention the most was the redness of his hair. She almost went into reverie from her time of hunting today and the thrill she had upon succeeding the kill. She however, quickly pulled herself from it.

The words of the male before her had certainly helped as he spoke out gleefully about her cooking skills. However, his last words caught her by surprise. Cornelia looked at her father a moment as he seemed to already have his mind set. As the suitor looked at her, she would blush a bit. She felt his power in the gaze he held and once she built up her courage, she would return the same glance to him, her blue eyes washing over his features until she would blush slightly and look away. She would continue this rhythm of looking at one of her parents, listening intently, then watching the man before her.

She had listened in before and currently tried to remember the name she had hear. It then came to her, Anamist Souigetsu. She was then aware of her father's actions. He seemed to be displeased, yet as quickly as that, he had been ready to toast to Anamist and herself. This was all happening so fast. Cornelia listening to her father's words. She then repeated the name to herself, having decided it was rude to continue to refer to him as merely a suitor. Anamist Souigetsu... It is rather foreign... Just how far was this kingdom? She thought to herself as her father hastily moved aside the curtain, revealing all of the riches that the man before her brought.

Her eyes widened slightly in disbelief. So I was wrong.... There is someone on this earth who could sate my father's unyielding desire... This thought both made Cornelia sad, that she would be leaving her family and blush in flattery as Anamist had thought that she was worth so much. Though, in looking at him, she wondered if that was only a portion of what she was worth to him. The way he had nonchalantly moved his head as if the amount of gold was nothing. She looked at her father's face then her mother's. This is happening so fast... she felt a little overwhelmed and tried her best to hide it with curiosity.

It wasn't until Anamist had spoken up once more that his words settled her. Upon hearing the news of her being able to stay home with her parents brought ease over her being. She relaxed from her slowly tensed state that preceded his words. She looked at him, gratefully for both his kindness and mercy. However, a part of her wondered where he was going and why he would be gone so long. Cornelia would become embarrassed by her father's lack of consideration for their guest in his mannerisms. Her mother, however, would correct him and she would look at Cornelia smiling comfortingly. Cornelia was relaxed now, after almost fainting from the amount of information that flew about the room.

Her parents were happy and her Father seemed even more eager to agree as it was simply an offer he could not refuse. She had been watching each of their faces, and had fallen upon Anamist's once more when he winked at her, she instantly blushed and looked at her food, eating it as she had momentarily forgotten that they were eating. It was obvious, though that her parents were more than happy with the offer at hand. Cornelia would listen intently to Anamist's stories and let her mind run off into imagination.

Once the meal was over, and there was not one piece of food left, Cornelia would start to clear the table, and taking the dishes that each person used. It was as she was on her way to the kitchen that Anamist had asked for some alone time with her. She had looked back slightly as she was surprised, before continuing to place the dishes in the kitchen to wash later. She had to take a few deep breaths in order to calm herself. She wasn't sure what to do or say, she had never been alone with a man before, all of the previous suitors had been taken aside and spoken to.

She reentered the dining area a moment later, having pulled herself together. She took her seat once more before her father had finished agreeing and they walked outside. As they did, Cornelia's eyes would follow them then return to Anamist. He was a breathtaking piece of work, and yet some how she wondered how a human could be so beautifully sculpted. Her thoughts vanished, however as he held her gaze with a mesmerizing one. As he spoke to her, her heart melting in his hands. She couldn't fathom the words he spoke to her, her mind would want to race off in a day dream, yet she wanted to stay in the present to look at him. She suddenly felt a little dizzy by his words.

"Thank you, Mister Souigetsu for allowing me to stay with my family a while longer." She responded softly, melodically. She was grateful for his mercy. "I will do everything in my abilities to become the perfect wife for you." she finished. Her words were serious, and she meant every last one. Her mind began to linger on the feeling of his hands on hers and how close he had been to her face. It took everything she had to not swirl into the mind dizzying emotions once more. He earnestly held her curiosity, however, it wasn't for the same reasons her parents had. His personality and words are what captivated her interest.

Cornelia would follow him outside to her parents who were counting the money, or at least trying. She wondered if they cared about anything else, yet she couldn't blame them. After all, it was an unthinkable amount. She watched the spectacle of the riches being transfered into bags and then the servants following her mother. Cornelia took a long look at the servants as they passed, studying them. They did, indeed appear tough and this made her wonder, though of course he would need to have body guards for such riches.

Cornelia stood there, unsure of is she should leave or stay. She then heard Anamist's words of being exhausted and asking permission to stay the night. This was all so new to Cornelia, she had never seen anyone get this far with her Father. Her father had jokingly offered Cornelia's bed in which Cornelia both tensed and blushed instantly from. Though she was blushing more so because she could feel Anamist's gaze on her. As her mother returned there were few words to catch her up and she turned to take Cornelia with her into the home.

As they entered, her mother would then spill all of the feeling she had been withholding while Cornelia simply nodded while listening. Her mother was all too excited to not only keep their daughter here but also to attain such wealth and riches. Cornelia, however, lingered on his appearance and his personality. They set up the bedding and she made sure every inch of it was perfect for Anamist. She wanted his approval and to show him her abilities, though her abilities in the home only mirrored a portion of what she could do in the forest. She wondered if where he was from that would be looked down upon as unsightly.

Cornelia would then wait by the door for Anamist to come in and announce that his bedding arrangements were completed. She would watch his face a moment before excusing herself to ready herself for bed. The time had flown by since this morning, and yet at the same time, seemed rather still. As Cornelia readied herself for bad, her mind would go back and forth on the day's events. She wouldn't sleep just yet, as she felt the need to write it down. She rarely wrote in her journal, but when she did, it was filled with important things she wanted to remember for ever.

#6 Re: Black Crow Saga on Sat May 23, 2015 3:39 am


3 years later

Anamist had spent one night in the simple home of Cornelia's parents, after that night, he had disappeared with his three servants and the family would not hear from him again for several years. Cornelia would grow into full adulthood and still find herself single while all the other girls her age were married and with young children. At first, her father had been very stern to her about avoiding other men. Time passed on however, a year, two years and then finally three years passed. Not a word, letter or messenger from her promised husband- her father grew tired of waiting and was complacent with the riches he had "earned"

Truthfully, Anamist had never left them. After disappearing that next morning- he had traveled a short distance with his arrancar servants, devoured the horses and then dismissed his servants as he wiped the gore from his lips and then willed himself invisible to the human eye. He returned to Cornelia's household and amused himself over the next three years as he watched them happily living together, becoming complacent and more rich from wisely using the dowry he had given for Cornelia. When his future wife would sleep at night, he would lay on the air, floating beside her and watched her as she slept- she was a beautiful young woman and filling out even more in other ways that caused his monstrous heart to stir with dark desires. he refrained however, he had something in store for the lovely raven-haired innocent girl... and falling upon her as a beast would only lead his plan to ruin and her a delicious snack. He couldn't have that now, not after going through so much trouble to get to this point.

Time for his was different than it was for the humans. He had lived thousands of years, a couple years here or there was nothing to him. But to humans, three years was basically a change of times. Loyalties wore thin and friends could become strangers. To Anamist, it felt like maybe a day or two had passed: finally the time of ripening had arrived. For the first two years, the suitors were very few and turned away immediately- the third year though, a young prince arrived. He had heard the story of Cornelia and wished to have her for his own trophy collection. He brought a large dowry, but nowhere near as impressive as the Crimson Butler's. That disappointed Anamist a little, for Cornelia's father eagerly agreed and traded his daughter for the paltry spoils the prince offered. True it was a great amount and more than anyone in Cornelia's land could afford.

Cornelia sweety, this is Prince Sah'ib. Him and I have come to agreement that you will become his wife. He wishes to leave as soon as possible to return to his far kingdom. her father explained to her outside on the porch while the prince was still mounted on a white stallion. He wore grand clothing and had bronze skin: he was a handsome young man, but his eyes looked over Cornelia without regard to her own privacy. Over the years, Cornelia's father had become dull to his over-protectiveness and was now at the point where he was more than willing to give her away for riches. Her father counted out the price and the prince paid it in full eagerly and then offered Cornelia a stallion to sit upon the long journey to his father's kingdom.

Anamist would watch silently- both pleased and greatly displeased. This step was necessary in Cornelia's "growth" however, it displeased him greatly to be traded in for some insecure spoiled prince. He would follow this prince back to his kingdom, watching Cornelia the whole way and purposefully spooking the prince's stallion many times to cause him to fall from his saddle. After he knew the location, Anamist would return to Cornelia's parent's place and over the course of a year, he would supernaturally ruin their business and run them into the ground- literally. Cornelia wouldn't hear from her parents the whole time she was gone until she recieved the letter of their sudden demise. The letter was from the local doctor, a grizzly man who explained in a heartless way that is appeared as though wild wolves had attacked their little home in the forest and eaten a great portion of their bodies. Of course, this was Anamist's own doing, but who was to know? He returned to Cornelia's side shortly, invisible and there to console and whisper dark thoughts in her ear when her mind was weak.

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As the years passed, Cornelia would hunt more and more in order to stay away from any man's sight. She would cook then clean and repeat this. Sometimes, she would hunt for most of the day after making food in the morning for her family. This not only sated her slowly growing hunger for her future husband's return, but also for the small amount of blood lust she had. Every kill would satisfy her desire to chase something and win. As time went one, she leaned on this as a way for the suitors to never set eye on her. She continued to think of Anamist and refused to believe he wouldn't come back.

Her parents were happy and as time went on, wondered what had happened to the man who came to marry their daughter. As the years passed, they would wait for a sign from him, and yet nothing   came. Having grown more interested in riches, Cornelia noticed her father had become less willing to instantly turn down a suitor. She however, refused. She had already given herself to Anamist, they had an agreement. One day, She came home from hunting and had just finished skinning the beast, which had become full on wolves, instead of just pups. She had cleaned herself up and entered the house just to be met with her father calling out to her.

Curious as to what he could need, she came out on the porch. She instantly was met with the sight of a man and his dowry. Cornelia looked at her father, a hint of rage was hidden within. Her father explained that she would be married off to him, and the prince even offered her a stallion of her own. Cornelia however played kind and bowed, however the prince's eye made her feel she should cover up even more. "I understand, Father, Pardon me a moment while I fetch a few things to take with me.." She then excused herself a moment and once she was hidden she rushed to her room, her mother following behind.

Cornelia was angry, she wept in her room as her mother tried to comfort her. She looked at her mother, "What about Anamist? I can wait... why can you not?" She cried out. She had never once raised her voice to her parents. Her mother met her daughter's confusion with gentle words. "My dear, any normal man would have sent us a letter to keep us in good faith. It's been three years, and we've heard nothing. He could have passed on, and we want you to be happy. We want you to be with someone." She tried to console her daughter. "If not for your own happiness, do it for our sake. Your father has already agreed, do you want to dishonor us now?" Cornleia shook her head 'No' slowly.

Her mother then helped Cornelia pack some things and cleaner her up so she looked presentable once more. Cornelia receded within herself a little, refusing to accept what was happening. Cornelia would appear to be happy to her parent's and the Prince's eyes, yet deep within was a sadness. She bid her parents farewell and got on the horse. She would slowly lower her head along the journey, not wanting to leave. It would appear to be sadness of leaving her family, when in reality, she was heart broken and felt she was betraying her betrothed. Along the way, however, his horse would get spooked and once he even fell off. She gave a small giggle at that as if it were some sort of unspoken revenge.

Cornelia, over time, came to loathe the prince more and more. She began to despise her parents for sending her away. She remembered the way her father had looked at Anamist's riches and yet that didn't seem to be enough. He needed more money and power. Cornelia closed herself little by little. Though her outward appearance seemed to appear as if she were happy, she was really hollow inside with pain and anger. why hasn't he came for me yet? Did he forget about me? Over time, she would grow darker within. It wasn't until she had heard news of a gruesome wolf attack on her family's home that she heard one bit of news from them. She took this time to be able to outwardly cry, though she would lock herself in her room to do so.

Her heart ached and she would despise her parents for being so selfish in wanting nothing but money. She wasn't being sold for honor, but yet only as a token of achieving more wealth and riches. This haunter Cornelia within, and closed her heart even more. She had despised the prince for his lack of caring, in the way he looked at her and the way he treated her. She made it a point to never show anyone how she really felt, but to hide it deep within. After all, it would be bothersome if they knew how much pain and angst she held deep within.

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Never once did he leave her side, through the good moments and the bad- her cultivation required very precise work and he couldn't afford to let erroneous details and experiences alter the effect he had planned for her. Anamist had made several servants, all out of human and some converted shinigami. All of his knowledge and skill with cultivating hollow from birth was now being put into fruition in such a lovely and innocent young human girl. He had paid close attention to Cornelia's attitude and reaction when her father sold her off to the prince: a truly obedient and blessing of a daughter she had been to her parents. Anamist had spent those last few years studying her body and her reactions to things: to him, it was evident that she protested the idea of marrying anyone other than her promised husband... yet who was she to disobey her father? Especially when a prince himself was willing to pay for her.

Upon her arrival to the kingdom of the prince, Sah'ib had wasted no time in marrying her and taking advantage of the new title of "husband" he held over her. She was a trophy to him, but the glory she brought him was fleeting. She had been moved to a kingdom which knew very little of her and couldn't appreciate the covetousness that her own land had given her. In his kingdom, she was but another woman: what good was one woman when he could marry many? He did just that, he married a harem of women and became even more wealthy from marrying other country's princesses. Cornelia to him, was a nag even though she tried her best to make him happy. He quickly forgot about her, his many other wives disliked her because she possessed an unbending spirit and was also considered the "first wife"

Over those years, she hardly ever even saw her unwanted husband. She had been moved to her own wing of the great palace and given her own servants to take care of everything she needed. In a way it was nice, but it was apparent she had been forsaken and ostracized by her ungrateful and spoiled husband.

The timing was so crucial and as she darkened, the news of her parent's death was key in shutting off any human interaction: this was to prevent anyone from interfering with his plan. The Crimson Butler was patient and subtle as he whispered things into her ear, she began to think as he manipulated her thoughts. Her soul began to twist ever so slightly and she abhorred the life she lived. Finally it was time for him to appear before her. He would wait until she had locked herself in her room to cry, he floated there idly invisible as he watched her torment in solitude. She had married royalty and moved to a far away land and yet she was powerless and possessed even less than she had when living in her parent's little home.

To think I would find my betrothed in a foreign land and far far away from her over-protective and loving parents... Why is it that you cry? he would ask innocently as his voice wafted sweetly in her ears as his body materialized not too far away inside her room. His appearance and clothes remained unchanged, exactly as she had remembered him. He knew she had been longing to see him and hadn't given up on the desire of being with him, so when he had finally appeared, his appearance had been like that of a savior to the sweet girl. He would embrace her in a warm and caring hug and hold her as she cried and told him of all the awful things that had happened in the years he was gone. She would ask why he hadn't come sooner or sent word or letter. From where I was, it was not it wasn't possible to send you letters. It was true enough, he had been beside her the whole time and refused to look away: he hadn't the time to write and send a letter. It was true, even if a half truth meant to deceive her.

He would console her and instill hope into her heart, fleeting desires of being whisked away by her mysterious crimson knight. I have come to retrieve you and change the world you live in. No longer will you be powerless and lonely. he said in a promising tone as he toyed with her emotions, rising her desires to a crescendo as he placed a hand on her chest. With sudden inhuman strength, his hand pierced her chest and grabbed her soul chain. He ripped it out of her body and pulled the length of the chain out until it lay about the room in a large area. Her spirit was separated from her body and he laid her body on her bed and then sat in the air as he watched her reaction to being removed from her physical body. For the next few years, he would focus on her spirit while she helplessly watched her physical body weaken and whither away. Soon she would lose her hold on her humanity, her soul chain being eaten away by the darkness and pain that edged at her mind.

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Cornelia slowly began to close herself off to the rest of the world. She had despised the prince for his actions towards her and hated even more that she wasn't appreciated here. She knew the other girls disliked her for being his first wife, but at least he showed them some sort of affection. She sent away her servants, telling them that she was locking herself in for the night and she has already ate so they needn't bring her food. She nodded slowly at then as they left and she locked the door. The moment that was over, she turned to her bed and leaned over the side of it, crying. She had never felt more alone and hated her money thirsty parents for selling her to a spoiled prince. She resented ever being their daughter and knew that they had simply trained her just to send her away for a high price one day.

The thing she hated even more was that she longed for the red haired Anamist to save her. With his wonderful green eyes that could stop her heart with just a glance. She had never given up hope that he would one day return to her. She almost sobbed out his name when she had sworn she heard his wonderful voice. She was in so much turmoil that her heart almost refused to believe it. However, she turned and her watery blue eyes fell on the loving Anamist, her eyes widened with hope from their previous feeling of dullness and emptiness. Her mouth fell open slightly as she felt she was dreaming or making him up. She stood and went to him. "Anamist... It's really you..." she said slowly, trying to hold back her tears. "My parents sold me to this rotten prince and I didn't want to go... " she tried to explain between bursts of tears. "I wanted to wait for you, but theyhad already sold me, and then they died soon after..." she fell into him, crying.

She was about to ask him why he left her, why he hadn't sent her something when he told her exactly what she wanted to know. She looked at him a moment then hugged him close. "It doesn't matter... You're here now..." She didn't care how he got there, all she cared about was that he was here. He wore the same clothing he had worn the last time she had seen him and the memories flooded back, she felt so delighted he was here, it was almost as if she were 17 again and her parents and left them to let them talk. She looked up at him curiously when he began to speak to her once more. Her heart softening at his words and her mind yearning for the adventure ahead.

'He's going to take me with him... from this place... I never knew I'd be able to get out...' She thought to herself. she looked up at him, his words instilling hope within her. She was so happy, and then she felt it. Something weird had just happened, it felt as if something cut through her. She then watched him move and pick up something. 'What is that?' she wondered. She looked at the ground and saw a chain, then followed it to herself. 'Is this... mine?' She looked down and pulled on it slightly confused. She then wondered was was on the other side, and there, she saw it as he stepped aside and seemed to be floating in the air. 'Is that... me?' she put a hand to her mouth and stepped back, horrified. "Is that..." she stopped and looked at him, confused and scared. "What did you..." she wasn't sure what to do or say.

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For the longest time it would seem, Cornelia would have to suffer and watch helplessly as her physical body slowly weakened. Her servants faithfully kept her body together and clean while her spirit drifted close by. Anamist of course was there as well, sitting in the air as if he were on an invisible throne, obviously the only one who could see and interact with Cornelia's spirit. His known green eyes were no longer, instead they were replaced by his true nature- the crimson eyes of a denizen of the monster's world. This part of your suffering is necessary for your rebirth my dear. I rule a spiritual kingdom and you cannot come with me until first you die and are reborn. he said in such a sweet and innocent voice while smiling in a coy way.

He would proceed to teach Cornelia simple things about the spiritual world, he used his ability to manipulate his reiryoku to make visual aids to help the young woman's spirit understand that the human shell was nothing but an inconvenience and he had given her a gift beyond her imagination. He was forcing her to evolve, manipulating her soul to become what he desires, molding her into the perfect servant. All the time he taught her about the denizen world, the Soul Society and even the unknown in the Human World- he kept paying close attention to her soul chain which was slowly being eaten away by its twisted self. He was forthright and told her what it all meant when her chain reached her chest- whether she was worried or not, he didn't care. He was kind to her, but only to a degree- he comforted her worry but left no room for debate, mercy or pity.

Finally the day had come- Cornelia couldn't look upon her weak and pale body anymore: she knew her body would die at any time and she didn't wish to follow it into the void. Anamist sensed it, he had grown to know every little detail of Cornelia since her young age: he stood up from his invisible throne and looked at her with a serious expression he had never given her before. It is time for your rebirth Cornelia. I hope you are ready, because this is both a great change... but also excruciatingly painful and terrifying. From this time on, you will be a denizen of my kingdom who desires the souls of men, children and women alike.

He wouldn't wait for her response, he would take off one glove and grab the decaying soul chain that connected her soul to her body. With a simple roll of his fingers, he snapped the chain and instantly Cornelia's body's heart stopped beating. Her body breathed its last breathe and her face paled. Afterwards, Cornelia's soul began to darken, her skin being overcome in black spiritual energy as a powerful and painful sensation overtook her soul. The power welled up inside her and began to painfully transform her body into a hollow. Her soul was damned and her soul took the manifestation of what Anamist had manipulated her to be. Her arms twisted and became disfigured as raven black wings took form and grew feathers that seemed to weigh her down. Her mouth was changed, growing longer and harder until she possessed a black beak. Her feet were transformed into black crow legs and the black feathers covered her naked body.

Anamist looked on, taking in every sight and crevice of her transformation into a hollow. He was witnessing the most intimate change a person could make, well- the second most intimate change in his personal opinion. After the transformation was complete- the natural and innocent Cornelia was replaced by a ravenous beast who made a loud piercing shriek for its first meal. This timing was crucial- she needed a strong hand to guide her new and unruly nature to help her grow further. He approached her large bird form and grabbed her by her beak and pulled her face down so he was looking straight into her eyes. He released a large portion of his spiritual power to enfeeble her and let her know that he was the master. He spoke in a harsh demanding tone, o forth and devour every soul in this kingdom. Spare none, not a man, woman or child. I will punish you severely if I find a single living soul in this kingdom by sunrise! he would release her beak and snap his fingers, the wall nearest them to the royal palace exploded and allowed Cornelia's crow hollow form to pass through easily.

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