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#1 Come Away To The Darkness (Sang) on Wed May 13, 2015 7:03 pm

Erida Seika


Her slow, ghostly footstep echoed in the halls of Shin'o Academy, each click of her heels harmonizing each other in regular intervals, causing every single person nearby enough to it's source to feel an uncomfortable sensation in their spine, as the mistress of school descended the stairway. The long, dead straight and jet black hair was slightly floating in the air, moved by no wind, but the mysterious, supernatural force, that was always accompanying her. Her skin was as pale as the dead, all colorization gone, leaving behind only what resembled white porcelain, and her lips full and strong, and as red as blood in their color. She was a demon, disguised as an angel, and yet not even her rosy perfume was enough to cover the subtle scent of death, that she carried. It was not clear, whenever the instructor was a dead among the living, or a devilish apparition in the crowd of purified spirits.

In her face, the mistress wore an emotionless expression: peaceful and lifeless as a corpse lying in their coffin, it was apparent she had not been bound by death, but had arisen from her eternal silence, that had been supposed to last forever. Her partially closed, thoughtful eyes of royal blue colorization, hardly noticed the discomfort of those around her, as she slowly passed through the hallway, for her mind was elsewhere. The people around her did not matter. They were pathetic and insignificant, their lives were worthless and their futures full of despair and meaninglessness. Should someone try to awaken her from her thoughts, they would suffer the most gruesome punishment she was allowed to give, and they were wise enough to remain silent as she passed by, for they knew to fear her punishment. Instructor's thought were centering around the month of unexpected events.

A shinigami had been sent on a mission, that he had not been able to handle: in the process, he died by the hand of a weakling hollow. In her eyes, his death was rightful, for the strong and the fit survived, while the weak perished in the struggle; it was the law of nature, and so, he deserved whatever suffering the hollow had made him go through. But that hadn't been the end of his mission. That had just been the prologue for a dramatic, desperate act. A human girl had died, by stabbing herself with this shinigami's zanpakuto, resulting in transformation by death, which almost fascinated the instructor, for she had been through the same, though in very different circumstances. However, she could have cared any less for the incident, until the girl all of sudden became her own problem, when her superiors decided she was the only one fitting for the task of training and observing her in her journey to a shinigami. She was also the one responsible of her, and should she prove not worthy of being trained, it was also her duty to end her short afterlife, according to the laws of Soul Society regarding substitute shinigami.

She had been personally requested by the commission, that had been temporarily appointed to decided what to do with the girl and possible future cases of substitute shinigami, through an election. A senior instructor and also her own mentor, Ruki, had placed her among the candidates, which quickly resulted in approval from the part of other members of the commission: the old man was probably the only one, that the mistress truly respected in the entire academy, and certainly the only person, whose wisdom surpassed hers. For his decision's sake, she wanted to be worth of her reputation, and took the job with a respectful counter letter to the commission. Besides, there wasn't anyone else aside from her and instructor Ruki, who could train a newborn shinigami as quickly as in a year or two.

The mistress had already met the girl. She had been young and naive, a weakling, but the instructor had seen some potential in her of becoming a strong, independent shinigami. That was why she had already sent the letter, which included girl's completed aptitude test and her personal guarantee, that the substitute shinigami was worth of training to become a dog of the military. Sangatsu, which was the shinigami's name, was set to live in the instructor's personal quarters with the mistress of school, after her basic exams had been finished. Hopefully, the girl had understood in their meeting together, what she expected from her and what was her situation right now. Even more glad she would be, if she had already learned to fear and be intimidated by the mistress's presence: that was how teacher-student relationship should go.

The woman raised her hand rapidly and let her emotions to loosen for a moment, but hiding behind the emotionless mask again quickly afterwards. As result, the shōji of her nearby office slid open in a ghostly manner. The instructor stepped inside her personal office, which made the sliding door close by itself, walking towards her desk. She sat down on her chair, pushing her hair away from her face, placing it behind her ears; she fixed her shihakusho, and took off her instructor haori, putting it to the chair's back. The schoolmistress let her body to relax a little, still keeping her emotions under a strict discipline.

The youthful woman opened one of the drawers of her personal desk, taking out a letter, which had been delivered to her room the same morning, and which had the signature of instructor Ruki on it. Her desk was empty and plain, having no personal belongings on or in it, if one didn't count the overly formal text in kanji; Mistress Retsu Nakano, Instructor. In her own opinion, any personal addment to the room created a risk of information security and ruin her image as a harsh, cold woman in the Shin'o Academy. She touched the text, feeling detached of it, as if it wasn't her name. Well, to be exact, it wasn't her real name, but she had chosen to give up her former name, when she died; the meaning of her, "violent", suited her just well. She shook her head, and let the feeling disappear from her mind: she had to focus on the task at hand.

Retsu skipped the formalities and shitty attempts to show politeness in the letter, and moved to the subject and significant content of letter, while she draw a dark red ribbon out of the drawer, before closing it. The instructor bound her long, black hair with the ribbon to prevent it from falling to her face, as she eyed the text in front of her; today, she was supposed to begin the intensive kido sessions with Sangatsu, preferably immediately. There was a list of spells she was expected to have learned until her exam in... what? Retsu's eyes finally opened fully, as she realized the commission and senior instructor Ruki had given her a deadline of a week, for the substitute shinigami to learn five Kido spells listed there. Frustrated, she got up and devoted her every thought to a solution. How could they just expect her to train someone without any information on Reiryoku or the art of Kido or experience? As the anger started to build up inside her, she felt her reiatsu start leaking everywhere, but luckily for her office, she figured it out before her spiritual pressure started to manifest it's peculiar abilities.

~ ~ ~

It didn't take long, before Retsu had everything she needed on her desk: a small glass sphere, a knife and two golden bracelets. The mistress would quickly begin putting the spell together for the training session. She took the knife in her right hand, and gently cut her left hand's open palm with it, causing her to grit her teeth a little: she had an amazing tolerance for pain, but pain was still always there. Letting the blood to run down her hand, she took the first of the bracelets in her right hand, after putting the knife down on the table. See, Retsu was talented with a forgotten, ancient branch of Kido, which allowed one to use blood to fuel a spell, and in this case, an enchantment. Muttering a quick mantra, she allowed her reiryoku to 'connect' with the inanimate bracelet, when she closed her eyes. Deciding she was done with the first phase, she took a towel from a drawer and cleaned her left hand of the blood, before allowing her reiatsu to start healing her small wound via Kido.

Retsu moved to the next phase of the spell, this time 'connecting' the first bracelet with the another one, creating a reiryoku pathway between them, which would mean Sangatsu could channel Retsu's reiryoku to strengthen herself enough to perform the spells. Within the week, once she would have learned the theory of all five spells and gained better control over her own reiryoku, she would be strong enough to perform the spells by herself during the exam. The instructor felt deep urge to laugh in pride and joy, but she reminded herself of the possible outcome and put herself under control again.

Taking the sphere in her hand, she started fueling it with reiryoku, until a white light was born inside it. In her mind, was a complex mixture of memory spell, sensory ward and illumination spell; she knew, that as a master of Kido, she could do it without much effort, even if such a feat would be nearly impossible for someone of lesser expertise. She crafted a memory to the light inside the sphere, and created a color, that the light would turn into, when it sensed energy of specific kind, for each of the five spells; sea blue for Shō, sky blue for Seki, dark red for Shakkahō, multicolored rainbow for Kyokko and bright yellow for Tsuzuri Raiden. In addition, she programmed the sphere's light to turn into violet if there was something wrong with the spell Sangatsu would attempt to cast. Retsu felt victorious now, having practically made the substitute shinigami's impossible training goals very easy to accomplish with proper training.

Now, she headed to the school gardens, where Retsu had agreed to meet Sangatsu.

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#2 Re: Come Away To The Darkness (Sang) on Fri May 15, 2015 10:28 pm


Sangatsu began to ready herself for the training to come. As she got ready, her mind would think about the Mistress and their meeting. She kept her head lowered slightly as she began to place gloves on. She wasn't sure what her training would entail, but she knew that she needed to be ready. Her gloves hardly covered much, yet they were her favorite. She had saved up a little bit of money while she was staying here in order to buy them. She looked down at them now, they were black in color and covered only her knuckles, wrist, and wrapped around the base of her thumb. She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes.

Moments passes before she'd open them and turn towards the door silently. Her eyes were light brown in color and her hair was long; reaching the base of her legs. She kept her mind focused, though her body language remained neutral. Mistress Nakano seemed very stern and Sangatsu feared her. However, her fear for her wasn't in the way she walked about, but rather the fear you have when you respect someone. Sangatsu pushed passed the doors that were in her way as she headed out to the school gardens. She had forgotten that she was staying with the Mistress momentarily as everything here, still seemed foreign to her sometimes.

This task, however, proved hard as Sangatsu had Luke's help last time. However, she knew that this would happen so she had planned to leave an hour earlier. Sangatsu looked around and began to run lightly, trying to find anything that might suggest where the school might be. Sangtatsu then realized, after taking a moment to stop and think that she was already at the school. Her eyes widened a moment and she cursed inwardly, running back to the place she came from. She wondered if there were a map of some-sort that would attest to where she was.

Sangatsu finally got to the school once more and took a moment to breathe. She then found her way to the school garden, still astonished at herself for even not remembering. Though, she had to admit, a lot had happened since she first got here. She had finally stopped panting gently as she came into the school's gardens. She was still a bit early, considering the time she thought she needed to leave was unnecessary now. So Sangatsu stood and awaited the arrival of Mistress Nakano.

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