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on Tue May 12, 2015 6:10 am


Sangatsu's eyes widened as she actually connected with him and pushed him back. She grew excited until suddenly it seemed she had celebrated too early. The next thing she knew, there were three of him attacking her. Her eyes widened a moment before she felt the pain from the attack. After the dust would settle, she would be seen crouched over slightly; her blood in a small puddle on the floor. She groaned but kept her face neutral.

Inwardly, the pain hurt a bit. She hadn't had time to even block one. This angered her, and her eyes darkened a little. Outwardly, it would appear as though she was growing sad from his attack. Other than her eyes, her body would stay neutral as she struggled to stay standing. She would then look over at Luke as he cast a familiar technique. 'Of course... what simpler way to make an opponent do as you wish...'

As the time passed, she had grown more and more angry within, yet she kept her reiatsu low. She waited there, paralyzed. She couldn't move, and she was hurt a bit. This made her upset with Luke. Before, he had gone so easily on her, or had he... She narrowed her eyes slightly, analyzing him. He had grown stronger. She decided this was the changing factor. He had gained more power and now, she needed to take everything she had to fight him. She hated this. Playing on her psyche was what he did best. But she knew whom she would become and she hated that even more.

His words angered her, her weakness angered her. She seemingly lowered her head in defeat. Her spiritual energy began to pulse deep beneath the surface before she smirked. Her head raising slightly. "I hate you..." she would spit out, more so talking to her otherself that was about to come out but it wouldn't be evident until moments later.

Suddenly, her spiritual energy poured out and broke his hold on her. Her eyes had darkened and she moved to the side, turning so her sword would meet with his. Though her blood would trail on the floor from her movements. "I hate what you've become..." Came her words, though these had a much thicker sound than her usual silky voice. Her head raised up higher. "It is necessary to fight..." she responded once more. She was talking to herself at this point, though she momentarily brought her bloody hand up to her mouth for a taste. She then smirked and looked at Luke directly this time. "Then, let us fight..."


on Thu May 21, 2015 11:00 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched as his blades pieced Sangatsu's flesh, her blood dripping onto the ground and onto his blade, and yet, she remained unphased by the injuries that he inflicted upon her body. He then stepped back from her, using Geki to restrain her movements. From the way she spoke, she seemed to recognize the kido he used.

"Geki is quite useful, especially on those who are weaker then I or even beyond your ability, it can freeze people just enough to land a blow in, it's simple logic to determine how effective it will be against you, although I can't say I'm disappointed, maybe your resolve to fight me isn't strong enough," Luke spoke coldly, he didn't like to do this, especially to one he called a friend, but it was necessary to force the zanpakuto to feel threatened enough to pull Sangatsu into her inner world and complete the forging of her zanpakuto, so, he wasn't surprised as she spoke harshly of him, saying that she hated him, he pretended not to hear her properly however.

"I'm sorry, my dear, what was that you said?" Luke spoke mockingly before her spiritual pressure flared wildly, breaking his bakudo and clashing her blade with his own, Luke noticed that her zanpakuto was starting to pulse from the heat and also, a similarly split feeling of protectiveness and blood lust as it seemed that her zanpakuto was starting to forge itself, but it wasn't ready yet, he had to keep pushing her to her limit, but now, Sangatsu was starting to act like the blood thirsty part of her personality, the way she spoke to herself about it be necessary to fight as she tasted some of her blood and smiled before looking at Luke with the same eyes as before telling him that they shall fight. Luke lept back, his shunpo clones vanishing with the movement before he landed a few meters away, just out of range of her zanpakuto's reach.

"It appears we must, although, to be honest, I don't feel comfortable with calling you by Sangatsu's name, the way you act and behave isn't like the sweet and innocent girl I know; So, what do I call you? or do you not have a name yet? If that's the case, I'll refer to you as Chi, if you don't mind?" Luke told this other side of Sangatsu's personality, Luke wasn't sure at the time, but it appeared as if Sangatsu had a split personality disorder and this seemed to be her other personality taking over. He was being honest, it seemed wrong to call this personality by Sangatsu's name, so, unless she corrected him, he refereed to this alter ego as "Chi" or Blood in japanese.

"So, Chi, I would allow you to strike first, seeing as it's the polite thing to do to allow the lady to go first, but I don't think you'll be satisfied with that, you'll want to see what I can do, right? So, here I come, Chi, I hope I won't be...disappointing," Luke said, releasing his own spiritual pressure, Chi would see that the world that was within range of Luke's spiritual pressure would drain of color, leaving only the black and white colors behind, like this would be how one would imagine someone in despair would see the world and it would feel cold, a vast contrast to the heat of her spiritual pressure. Luke then charged at Chi, he would first clash with Chi again, before he would grab onto her shoulder and leap upwards, letting go of his blade and bouncing his zanpakuto up so the blade would point towards the center of her chest, inbetween her breasts, before he would kick his zanpakuto's handle, aiming to impale Chi in the chest before he would land behind her, seeing as his right glove was burning, he tossed it away. Chi would then notice the high level of seals on the bandages around his right hand and how different it looked to his left hand with his fingernails like claws and, if she looked to where the bandages ended, she would see a little rim of pure black skin as his entire right hand had black skin with tiny, dragon-like scales covering it, similar to a arrancar's hierro, but she would only be able to see a little of it and the rest of the skin above his bandages was normal. But Luke would look annoyed if she looked at it.

"To be honest, I'd rather not have Sangatsu that I possess this, I don't know how she would really feel about what I really am, but I'm not here to talk, come and fight, Chi, and let's see who's strength rests within that zanpakuto that's being made in your hand," Luke would tell her, taking up a guarding stance, waiting for Chi to attack him.

Location;; Unknown cave, Outskirts
Word Count;; 811
Tags;; Luke, Sangatsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Thu May 21, 2015 11:50 pm


Before Sangatsu had been able to reply, her alter ego took over. This new form was void of name, as it was simply her defensive mechanism in order to fight. However, as Luke spoke to it, its insides began to boil a little with the excitement of a fight. A dark grin spread across Sangatsu's previously gentle face. It then gave a chuckle as her head raised. Her eyes were darkened and cold. They would seem piercing as her spiritual energy had be extremely warm to the point of later burning up Luke's glove.

"I like it..." came the fierce reply of the being now known as "Chi". Her voice was thick and sharp, matching with her energy, Chi's voice would sound and feel like that of a hot knife cutting through her opponent's very being. "It's quite.... Fitting...I'd say." As Luke continued speaking she would listen then feel his energy fill the room. She noted that his energy was a fierce coldness, one that she despised. Sangatsu had merely felt alone in the coldness of Luke's world, where as Chi hated it. He was right, however, she was interested in seeing what he could do, but even more beyond that, she picked up that he was more so wanting to see what she would do against his attacks and how she may react.

'If he wants to play, we will play... but first, I'll start.' She thought to herself, deciding to let his second attack hit but just so deeply. She would deflect his first attack at her, then only partially deflect the second one. As the blade entered her chest, she would grin and respond. "Oh... what a pity..." her voice would continue to have the same tone of sharpness and thickness as before. Only this time did she fully look up, but not before noticing his arm. She loved the feeling of pain that she felt from the blade piercing her, the blood that continued to pour out egged her on even more. That was why she hadn't moved.

"Yes... I'm sure Sangatsu would be terrified of someone like you... I however, have no feelings towards it or you. You're just the one thing in my way of power..." With that, she would shunpo at him, raising her blade and striking with a fierceness. This time, their eyes would meet and her inner eye would be black, leaving the Iris to be a deep bloody crimson red as she smirked at him. "Show me what you are holding back..." she growled slightly, wanting to tear at his flesh and consume his blood. She moved fairly swiftly, though being a few tiers below him, he would most likely see her. This, however, was a step up from the amount of effort Sangatsu had tried to use.


on Sat May 23, 2015 4:16 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke listened to Chi's response about the name he gave her, she was smiling, her voice sharp and dark, much unlike Sangatsu's sweet and kind voice she would normally have. She spoke slowly about how fitting it was before he had released his spiritual pressure, he could see the disgust on her face as she felt the cold on her skin, Luke wondered if Chi shared the same fear of the cold as Sangatsu, maybe even hated it, regardless, it could be something Luke could exploit later on.

As he rushed towards her, she just stood there and smiled, although as he predicted, she blocked his first attack, but his second one managed to impale her with his blade, drawing her blood and soaking both her chest and his blade in her blood.

She spoke to him, saying it was a pity, maybe referring to his attack not having much of a effect on her, she seemed even pleased to see her blood leaking from her body, like she had a blood fetish or something. If she did, it wouldn't surprise Luke in the slightest. She explained to him that normally, Sangatsu would fear the power of Luke, but she had no such feelings in regards to that and that he was just in the way of her gaining more power, Luke sighed.

"That's just as well, then I don't have to hold anything back against you, now do I?" Luke spoke harshly before Chi launched into a flash step, although his surpassed hers, he was interested to see that Chi could use such a ability so soon before she appeared before him, slashing at him with her forging zanpakuto and he was forced to grab her blade with his right hand, their spiritual pressures clashing before Luke moved back, his bandages falling off onto the ground, some of them burning due to the close proximity to Chi's spiritual pressure. His right hand would be revealed to be much different and hollow like then Chi might of thought; his fingernails were indeed curved like claws, the skin on his right hand was black and covered in the small dragon like scales and Chi would be able to detect the strong, purely evil hollow spiritual pressure coming from the black hollow's hand. She would be able to see that, instead of Luke's regular blood, this blood was black in color and would taste bitter to her.

"...I'd rather you not see this, but I don't have a choice right now..." Luke spoke softly, yet with a obvious growl to it, he was annoyed that she saw what was pretty much his darkest secret, besides some others, but it was one he couldn't afford others knowing, he looked at Chi's eyes before grabbing his zanpakuto as he glowed black with his power.

"Unsheathe the hushed casket, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke spoke before his blade erupted into black mist, releasing it from her chest and allowing him to grab the handle as the black mist reformed into a six foot black mist blade. Of course, she had seen this form of his shikai before, but then he passed his hand over it, reforming its structure so now, it was a solid black steel black. Luke then charged at her, before flash stepping, aiming to slash at her shoulders before appearing behind her. She would notice if she got hit, that the areas around her shoulders became extreme cold to the point they went a extreme dark blue color.

"Besides, I would rather you keep a eye more on my attacks then my hand, otherwise you might end up with no arms at all," Luke said coldly towards Chi, the extreme cold she would feel from his attacks would probably piss her off enough to get her to attack more and let him see what she could really do.

techs used:
Technique Name: Kokumu no Masamune (Masamune of the black Mist)
Technique Description: This technique is released with a alternative shikai release command, "Fall into the void..." along with the zanpakuto name, but instead of the normal release stance with him taking a fencing stance, he brings his zanpakuto around with his arm straight and full out to the right side, the blade will erupt into black mist as it normally does during release but the final shikai form is different in the fact that now the blade is solid intend of being made of mist, although it still has a thin twirl of black mist around the blade from the tip to where the blade met the hilt, the blade is now a fully, razor sharp six foot sword but because of Zetsubō's unwillingness to fight that would cause bloodshed, the blade does not have any of it's shikai abilities while in this form, although it has a effect similar to Luke's Kangeki Byakurai as when it cuts a enemy, it numbs the area it cuts, making the area feel cold and numb as well as the skin of the area cut turn a cold blue, due to the extreme cold of the blade as the blade was made from solidifying the black mist from its true shikai.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for three turns
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for two turns
Opponent is Equal Tier: Enemy will see their skin turn blue with a numbing feeling around the part that the blade cut, numbing lasts for one turn
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Enemy will only see their skin darken slightly but doesn't numb, although the spot cut will feel cold to the touch
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Enemy will only get some goose bumps and some chilling sensation around the area as a indication they have been hit at all

Shikai appearance in both shikai and "True" shikai states:

Location;; Unknown cave, Outskirts
Word Count;; 642
Tags;; Luke, Sangatsu
OOC;; Two posts till your zanpakuto will become your own ^^

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sat May 23, 2015 5:43 am


Chi would grin and glare at Luke before turning her attention to the blood once more. She allowed him to think that it was simply a mistake that enabled him to pierce her skin. When, instead, she was purposefully allowing it so she could see more bloodshed. "Perhaps I should be more careful with this body... but the taste is... Oh so delightful." She would jest. "I couldn't help but to not block it all the way..."

She then saw after she attacked him with sheer force, that his hand would grab her blade, that bandaged hand. She grinned, watching the pieces fall to the floor. "What's the matter... afraid poor Sanga will hate you for what you are?" She jeered at him. She was feeding off of his anger as she saw the darkest part of him.

She watched as he released his Zanpakuto her eyes paying attention to his every move.  Having seen his flash step before, she was able to predict the speed of his movements. She defensively moved to block her right shoulder though a second after, she felt a severe pain on her left. She was surprised, however by his speed and felt lucky to have been able to counter against one of his attacks.

She spit out her next words in anger, "Hide the truth behind lies..." she would say, appearing to flash step to one side as she held her left shoulder. The intense coldness of it angered her and caused her spiritual energy to manifest even more, though to Luke, she might seem to disappear all together. She used this time to prepare her next attack.

She would put up a hand and get ready to use it if he found her right away. She would then retaliate by saying" Taste the blood of Lust" as a red ball of energy would shoot out towards him. She would then use this moment to flash step to get behind him and attack or take and defensive moves if necessary.
If, however, he hadn't found her right away, she would begin to focus her energy and build it up while it hopefully would appear on the outside as if she were still gone. She would stay silent and watch his actions.

Kido Techniques Used:
Kyokko (曲光, Curved Light):
Conceals the users spirit energy and physical form of the caster or other kidou spiritual energy by bending light
Chant: 'Hide the truth behind lies'

Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon):
Fires a ball of red energy at a target.
Chant "Taste the blood of lust"


on Sun May 24, 2015 6:20 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke would listen to Chi's response as she explained that she should be more careful while inside Sangatsu's body, but couldn't help taking the hit to taste more of her own blood, Luke found her disgusting.

"You should be careful with her body, since your a part of her, if she gets killed, you die as well," Luke pointed out before she came at him and he was forced to reveal his hollowfied hand. She told him that was he afraid of scaring Sangatsu with the truth of his true self, Luke spat at her.

"I do not fear that the human will find out the truth, what disgusts me is that you have seen it first hand," Luke explained to her.

After attacking her with his shikai, he noticed that she was becoming more used to his speed and had managed to narrowly avoid getting a slash into one of her shoulders, although the other sprayed a small area with her blood, not only that, but this shikai's effect would kick in, turning the target area cold enough to turn blue, probably making it hurt a lot more as she used what Luke recognized as Kyokko as her visible form disabled as well as any trace of her spirit energy, although she had forgotten two things that rendered this particular kido useless; the first being that Luke was able to detect his own spiritual pressure on her, due to the mark on her body and secondly, she was bleeding from multiple angles, meaning that, even invisible, blood dripped readily from her body, meaning it was simple for Luke to find her. Although it seemed that she was prepared in case she was found instantly as soon as he came at her, she fired a Shakkahō at him, but their difference in power meant, with a simple flick of his wrist, he sliced the red orb in half before the two halves exploded into the walls behind him. He would then be ready for her slow flash step as she came behind him and he simply brought his six foot long blade behind him and countered her blade. He noticed that the forging of her zanpakuto was almost complete, he could make out the handle was taking shape and could start to feel the zanpakuto's unique spiritual pressure.

Luke wasn't going to play her games however and would come under her, focusing his left hand on causing her sword hand to go upwards before he would suddenly thrust his blade through the middle of her torso and lift her upwards into the air, holding her entire body up with ease.

"I'm not interested in playing your sick twisted games, I demand to know where your keeping Sangatsu? did you trap her in your mind?" Luke snarled, although Chi might guess from Sangatsu's earlier encounters with the demonic-looking shinigami that Luke might have some feelings for the human substitute shinigami. He scowled at her while he waited for a response.

Location;; Unknown cave, Outskirts
Word Count;; 496
Tags;; Luke, Sangatsu
OOC;; one more post till your zanpakuto is complete, Sangatsu, although for your next post, have Sangatsu go to your inner world, I'll play your zanpakuto spirit (blood thirsty side) if you wish since that might be easier Smile of course, I'll understand if you wish to play the zan spirit yourself Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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