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#31 Re: The color of violence on Sat May 16, 2015 8:52 am


Sangatsu smiled gently out of happiness as Luke was freed, but what fell from the box, she hadn't expected. Luke had no face and she had wondered how he was able to change his form. She noted that it must be an ability acquired after she gained some power. She felt immense pain by the wires, but kept her face as neutral as possible. She continued to keep it Neutral as she was lifted into the air by the throat. 'Don't show weakness... don't show weakness.' she reminded herself.

Captain Dirk remained composed as the Lieutenants watched in horror what was happening. Sangatsu, however, gave out a scream as she felt the slimey tentacles coil around her body. Her scream echoed for a moment and she began to squirm to try and fight the disgusting things. Her cheeks blushed and she looked at him. "Stop!" she would yell out. "Let go of me!" She then felt a corruption enter her body. 'It must be through all of the cuts...' she thought.

Sangatsu thought she was done for when she realized that the beast's attention was only distracted from her. As he released her, she fell to the ground, coughing and bloody from the lacerations. She was feeling too weak to move.

The captain acted quickly, having seen the beast's moment of weakness. She swiftly moved the bandages around Sangatsu and the lieutenants, healing them more once the cero was released. The lieutenants moved in a defensive stance in front of Sangatsu, not knowing if Anamist, having watched him return from his released form, was planning on attacking or not.

Instead, he had simply bowed after giving a merciful speech as well as the explanation to Sangatsu as to why they must remain enemies. Sangatsu would remain crushed by all of this, falling into silence. She recounted Luke's voice in her mind as her eyes closed and she feinted from exhaustion.

Captain Dirk, however encased both Luke and Sangatsu in the ball of bandages, having kept her same, emotionless, face. "Back to the Society" she would explain. The lieutenants would nod and reopen the entry back to the society; back to safety. She hoped the time it would take to get back to the soul society would be enough to heal whatever diseases Anamist had cast on Luke.

#32 Re: The color of violence on Thu May 21, 2015 6:11 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke would watch as Sangatsu was picked up by Anamist, using his tentacle-like tongues to explore her body and infect her with his power, similar to what Luke was experiencing now, he had only just been released from Anamist's barrier, thanks to the intervention of lieutenant Kasai, but he had to watch on in horror as Anamist defiled Sangatsu and he felt disgusted. He then used his illusion on Anamist, although he lacked the spirit energy meant he couldn't shape the illusion much more then to make his little girl appear before his eyes, but it did just as well, although it seemed that it only made the creature made that his mimicking of her didn't go as well, Luke knew this was because he had only ever seen her once and heard her speak, he hadn't got the chance to analyze the way she spoke over time nor her behaviour, something Anamist was quick to catch on it seemed, although it distracted the beast long enough to allow Sangatsu to breathe.

Anamist then looked at Luke as he held his fingers at him, knowing he was the one responsible for causing the illusion, looking like it was deciding whether or not to eat him, before its expression changed before it started to desperately claw at its face, like it was facing a invisible foe, Luke guess that Anamist, using his illusion, must of gain enough strength to strike at his inner hollow self when Luke put it under his compassion illusion. The beast gave a roar before it stopped before his eyes blinked and looked at Luke again with dull eyes, he released Sangatsu and his cero, before reverting to his base form. Anamist looked to be in a right state; his once fancy and refined butler's outfit was torn and ragged and he seemed very worn out from both their battles. He watched as he spoke to Sangatsu, although he wasn't really paying attention as his mind was foggy and he was starting to see double before Anamist looked to him or more rather, the captain of squad four as he told her that she should heal him before he became consumed by Anamist's power. Luke saw the bandages of the captain's bankai swirl around him and Sangatsu, but he then saw Anamist sonido passed, whispering about him possessing a formidable power and that he shouldn't let his darkness consumed him. Luke groaned, rolling over as Anamist passed him.

"," Luke managed to respond before he collapsed, his bankai dissipated and the black mist swirled around him, reforming into his sealed zanpakuto before passing out into unconsciousness.

(Meanwhile, two days later after being purged)

It had taken some time, after they had returned, but the captain of squad four had performed yet another miracle and purged both Luke and Sangatsu of Anamist's plague, before they were assigned the same ward, with their beds next to each other, but given strict orders to rest in the squad four recovery center until they had fully recovered their strength. Luke tossed in his bed and looked to Sangatsu in the bed next to him before looking towards the wall on the other side of him, he looked at his hand and, carefully, he took the glove off and the bandages, looking at his inner hollow's infection of his hand, it seemed one of the few places untouched by Anamist's power as Luke reflected on what Anamist had told him, now with a clear mind.

'You possess a formidable power... do not let that darkness within you corrupt your soul.' That's what Anamist had told him, Luke cursed to himself, although he shouldn't have been surprised that Anamist could detect his inner hollow, especially due to his right hand constantly releasing small amounts of his hollow's spiritual pressure, so it wasn't a big surprise that Anamist would know at least that his soul contained darkness, Luke's face was one of annoyance before he wrapped his infected right hand with the special sealing bandages and his gloves before laying on his back, deciding to take the squad four members advice and rest to recover his strength, he knew he would need all of it for the challenges that awaited him in his future, that he could be sure of.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo, Squad four recovery center
Word Count;; 708
Tags;; Luke, Sangatsu, Anamist
OOC;; this can be a exit post for Luke, unless Sangatsu wishes to post anything else ^^

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#33 Re: The color of violence on Thu May 21, 2015 6:37 am


Now that all 3 participants have posted, I am officially closing this thread.

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