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#21 Re: Pursuit of Abdication on Thu May 14, 2015 9:45 pm

Taking the offered chair, Okami smiled and sealed his blade. Sheathing the 6-foot nodachi, he slung the blade across his lap. Hearing Anamist talk about his little girl opened up a soft spot in the warrior's heart, and he let it show through his reiatsu, along with a sudden, involuntary spike at the very thought of hurting such an innocent thing.

"Your secret is safe, Anamist-san. As to the Army of Blood, we are attempting to gain more information ourselves. They recently attacked the Seireitei, and seem to be a small organization based out of the Western Kingdom of Hueco Mundo made up of both Hollows and Arrancar. Beyond that, there is not much we can tell you, besides to watch out for them. Their blacksmith nearly killed my Lieutenant and I., although I dealt him a terrible wound to force him to retreat."

What was the Arrancar thinking? Okami pondered this as he searched his brilliant red eyes. Had he noticed my Hollow's reiatsu, or Luke's for that matter? When was he going to ask? These were all part of the game of intrigue, and Okami had become a master in his youth. The web thickened as the two stared, one noble to another, and Okami idly wondered if Luke was lost in it's depths, or if he was as adept as the two before him. After all, he was Third Seat of the Division responsible for gathering intelligence.

A large portion of Okami's tattention was on his blade, Anamist and Luke would notice. Other Shinigami may consider their Zanpakuto a friend, but the way he held Tsukiakari Shojo suggested something else, as if they were lovers. Okami was concerned that she was hurt from his parrying of Anamist's blows. The spirit inside the blade was a sweetheart, and he didn't know what he would do if she was injured because of his stupidity. He stroked her sheath softly, caressing the gold-etched flower petals as she cooed in his mind. His partner, the one attached to his soul was content, happy to just be held as he toyed with her hilt and rubbed his palm across her pommel.

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#22 Re: Pursuit of Abdication on Thu May 14, 2015 10:52 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke listened to Anamist's response as he told him he wouldn't kill them, but if they went after his little girl, he would personally come the the seireitei and devour them slowly and painfully, Anamist was especially looking at Luke, showing his killing intent. Luke gritted his teeth behind his scarf.

"You seem to have me confused for another one of your kind, Anamist, for me, I don't need to find her nor tell anyone else, for me to simply know of her existence, what she looks like, sounds like and her appearance is all I need, especially since of how important this father-daughter relationship you have with her, that much is obvious. So back off with the threats or I'll be making some threats of my own," Luke snarled back, unlike Okami, Luke had met this gentleman arrancar once before in france; one side, he was a respectable gentleman and butler who worked part time in various places in the world of the living, but the other side, Luke had never seen, but he had his theories on it, especially due the dark feelings he got when he experienced his spiritual pressure the time before; the intense feelings to simply devour anything and everything, Luke didn't trust that Anamist wasn't going to do something when Okami's or Luke's guard was down. Anamist then formed a chair out of his spiritual pressure, telling them that they had some things to discuss before they left and he wasn't going to let them leave until they complied. Luke took one look at the chair and didn't like what it implied; it was too easy and Luke had been bound in the same sort of technique that created this chair, so it wasn't too hard to presume that this chair had a deadlier secret that could bind both of them or kill them if Anamist wasn't satisfied, Luke wasn't going to take the risk like Okami had, who was just happy sitting down on the chair and stroking his sword in an awkwardly slightly sexual way, like he was playing with another person's body. Okami told Anamist that he had nothing to worry about when it came to his little girl and some basic stuff on the army of blood. If Anamist saw that Luke hadn't sat, Luke would reply.

"Sorry, but I'd rather stand if it's all the same to you, besides, it would be so easy for you to bind me to the chair if I sat down in it, just like the last time with those red barriers of yours and, even if I have your word, it's too much of a risk for me to take, my partner seems to be more trusting of you, but he hasn't met you before, I have so don't try to trick me like this since I don't indeed to be all buddy-buddy with you, having said that, I'm more surprised you don't know about the army of blood and their leader, let me explain since my squad has been researching this none stop for the past week or so..." Luke said, passing the chair and laying against the nearby tree, his zanpakuto still in its shikai form and ready in case of a sudden attack to either himself or Okami before he went to explain himself.

"Well, one thing to clear up is that I never assumed you were part of it, my partner misunderstood the mission as he was misinformed of it; my mission was simply to find out what you knew of the army of blood, but apparently, you don't know jack all about it, even though they've been terrorising the lands of the west in Hueco Mundo for several hundred years; from what intelligence I've gathered from recon missions to Hueco Mundo, the encounter that lieutenant Kasai and third seat Okami had with a captain-level arrancar called "Berenguer Espetón", who claimed to the title of the mad forger before attacking both the lieutenant and third seat Okami here, before being forced to retreat only when I, the captain of squad seven and two other lieutenants came to force him back to Hueco Mundo. The organization is composed of power arrancars and hollows and they invite all who are strong and eager to fight. They have various squads, the one we know the most about are the four horseman squad,  they seem to act like a recon squad, similar to how the patrol corps of the stealth force operate and they tend to room the lands of the west as a first line defence against anyone entering the lands without permission, they have four known members, but who they are and what their abilities are remains a mystery. But from what I gather; they have various arrancars at your level, Anamist, but the king of the west is much stronger then all of them and from what I've seen, this Dante character seems to only accept arrancars that, even if they went into a release state, could only match Dante at a base level, deliberately choosing people that can't fight against him one on one as to keep in power. their foot soldiers, especially the squad I mentioned, seem to possess the same standard gear of black and red armour and a halberd zanpakuto, but that's all I can tell you right now," Luke explained in detail about the army of blood, something that might surprise Okami that Luke that he knew so much, although considering he was the third seat of squad three, the surprise might not be too much. Luke studied Anamist behind his scarf and goggles, his right hand was hurting, which probably meant that "it" was hungry, Luke looked at his glove, checking that the seals on his bandages were holding his hollow's infection at bay and fortunately, they were still intact and functioning properly, it had probably woke up a little from Anamist's hunger reiatsu, Luke decided to leave it alone as he turned his attention back to Anamist, waiting for what response he would give.

Location;; Unknown park, New York, World of the living
Word Count;; 1,010
Tags;; Luke, Okami, Anamist

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#23 Re: Pursuit of Abdication on Fri May 15, 2015 6:24 am


Anamist sat comfortably in his seat, but not unguarded. Okami had promised to not attack, nor go after or harm his little precious human daughter Rui. Anamist believed this shinigami despite his eagerness to fight earlier: granted Anamist had released a large killing intent. Luke on the other hand, seemed more offended and promised to return some threats if Anamist didn't back off. All the threats of which, Anamist could guess more or less. Shinigami were all the same in that regard- all about the slaying and purifying of hollow, even if it meant a slow purification. Anamist on the other hand, was several thousand years old. He had lived through centuries and era of revolutions, witnessed the many excruciatingly painful executions and slow deaths. He had lived as a human even though he was a monster and he had learned the cruelties humans were capable of. If Anamist truly wished to torture someone and cause them a miserable death, the humans had been the perfect example of monsters.

It was ironic, the monster learning horrible things from humans. Luke's idle threats didn't offend the butler- neither did his refusal to take the graciously offered seat. Luke could deal a lot of damage, but in the human world- just like before, he would have to be considerate of the human population around them. Anamist was a monster and could fight at full power regardless: although the conscious part of him kept that darkness at bay. He left the mention of Rui as it was, a secret. So this army of blood is a sizable powerful faction of hollow and arrancar in the Western portion of Hueco Mundo huh... I have been in the human world a little over two thousand years with only a few appearances in Hueco Mundo over that time... perhaps it is best that I go and look myself for this army of blood. if their leader is as powerful as you say- it is best that I gauge his power for myself and see how dangerous he is..

Anamist spoke out loud, more to himself rather than the two shinigami. Perhaps he had been out of touch with his own kind for far too long and needed to make his presence known once again... That would mean he would be fighting on two fronts though- against both the shinigami as well as these hollow and arrancar who were blood thirsty and vengeful. Well, I know nothing of this army of blood and there isn't a reason to engage me in battle any longer. However, you must understand that as an arrancar- I must take each shinigami's presence as an act of a death sentence to me. Since our last encounter Luke, I have had many shinigami attempting to track me down. You and your friend Okami got lucky at finding me working at that coffee shop. After this meeting I will be disappearing again. He wouldn't say where, but he was planning t go back to Hueco Mundo- there was a lot of unsettled business in that world and he could no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the unsightly world.

Anamist peered at the way Okami played with his Zanpakuto, he obviously held an affectionate feeling to the spirit within his blade- Luke seemed more indifferent to his, respecting the Zanpakuto's uniqueness. They were two separate kinds of shinigami, but both of them shared one thing... That aside... you two are unlike the other shinigami I have faced over the last thousand years. i am unsure of the proper word to use, so forgive my misuse of the word... However, you two seem "corrupted" your spiritual energies and bodies resemble a much more sinister nature... closer to mine rather than a shinigami. Explain yourselves. His last sentence was very demanding, powerfully so as to draw Okami's gave from his playful petting of his Zanpakuto and Luke would likely shift uncomfortably against his supporting tree perch. never had Anamist met two shinigami with such malignant spiritual energy- including Epizon, this was three of the notably powerful shinigami and all three of them bore a darkness in their souls and Zanpakuto.

#24 Re: Pursuit of Abdication on Wed May 27, 2015 8:08 am


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