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#31 Re: Northern Lights (Private) on Wed May 13, 2015 9:24 pm

Graven stood before Muerte, his chest heaving lightly with every breath he took. His face lit up in shock and a cold rage as the other Arrancar described his mate's abuse in a light, airy tone. He had been too busy fighting Dante to know ALL that was done, and they had crossed a line that was never meant to be crossed. The Ghost of the North was beyond pissed.

"Muerte, please stop talking. Have some fucking respect for the dead." The Arrancar said coldly, a breeze picking up and washing his snowy hair to the side. His demeanor was calm, like the span of time just before a storm. Red reishi began to gather from the surrounding area and coalesced between the plates of the mask fragments upon his back and tail as hellish eyes stared straight through Muerte's soulless body.

Fifteen gallons of blood burst out of the earth and flung itself at Muerte as Graven attacked from the other side. The other Arrancar would see his foot turn slightly and hear the distinct buzz of Sonido before Graven was standing behind him, two large rents opening in his Binding Chain and Soul Sleep. "Senka."


Escasez snarled at Vlad, baring his tail. He hadn't been looking to fight this small fry, but he was dragged into it while Muerte was getting all the fun. He hadn't expected Graven to have regained so much of his previous power that was lost during his fight with Dante, and it was, to be honest, getting him hard to fight such a strong opponent. However, the Quincy was bothering him to no end.

"Geez, can't you just take a hike? I wanna fight your master, bitch." The Aspect of Famine spat mercilessly, showing his flawed character yet again. Lashing his tail forward, he used Sonido to get behind his opponent and fire a Bala while attempting to strike him with his tail. If that didn't work, Escasez would use his pincers to strike at the young man's hamstrings. He had had enough of this meddler, and it would be up to him to rectify his mistake in letting him live this long. Besides, Escasez was hungry, and Vlad would make a good appetizer.

Techniques Used/Charging:
Senka, Cero Iluvia

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#32 Re: Northern Lights (Private) on Tue May 19, 2015 12:19 am


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Muerte grinned wickedly as he looked into the eyes of the ghost of the north as he told him to have some respect for the dead, the sentence just made him laugh.

"Respect for the dead? what a joke, I'd only respect them if they make a good bang" Muerte smiled as he looked into Graven's glowing red eyes before he launched into his sonido, although Muerte clashed his halberd into Graven's blade and twisted, locking the fallen king's bladed fingers in between the two parts of his halberd blades.

"My word, I don't recall you being able to do that, maybe this will be fun like Escasez said," Muerte smiled before thrusting his halberd at Graven, with him in his released form, it wouldn't be too hard for Graven to avoid the strike, but Muerte would be charging his death spiritual pressure through his zanpakuto, so when the tip came near Graven, a skull cero would have charged at the tip and fire at point blank range at Graven, hoping to catch the enraged arrancar off guard as the skull opened its mouth towards Graven before it would exploded violently.

Vlad meanwhile was less impressed with his opponent since he had already blown off half his tail and his stingers so there wasn't anything left to sting him with, Escasez snarled at him, he seemed disappointed that he couldn't continue his fight with Graven before, although his sonido, although too fast for normal human eyes to see, Vlad's superior reiatsu and reishi tracking skills meant his mind could track his movements for him, so when he fired the bala, he countered with a Heilig Pfeil to his bala before blocking Escasez's broken stump of a tail with his reishi blades on his bow, Escasez's blood would be dripping from the broken tail onto the ground.

"Your such a pain in the ass, you know that? But I haven't got time to spend on someone like you," Vlad would say coldly to Escasez before leaping upwards before launching into the quincy high speed technique: Hirenkyaku before he would fire multiple arrows from all around Escasez before they would split in mid air from a couple all around him to the entire sky around Escasez filling with Heilig Pfeil, until even the very moon itself was blocked off, covering the area only in the light of Vlad's Heilig Pfeil.

"I bid you farewell and good riddance," Vlad would say coldly before the hail of Heilig Pfeil would descend on Escasez, aiming to deal critical damage to force him back to Hueco Mundo, he hoped Graven would notice the cage of Heilig Pfeil that came down towards Escasez, showing the arrancar not to underestimate the power of this quincy, although Vlad would return to the ground once his technique was done to see if he had got him.

techs used:
Technique name: Hirenkyaku: Shuryō sākuru (Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg: Hunting circle)
Technique Description: using Hirenkyaku to move rapidly, Vlad fires arrows from several different directions to eliminate all blind spots around a opponent so they cannot escape the assault of arrows. Requires three post cool down before reuse

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Opponent will be hit from all sides, taking heavy damage
Opponent is One Tier Lower: opponent may get hit from all sides and take a great amount of damage
Opponent is Equal Tier: opponent may get hit from all sides and take a good amount of damage
Opponent is One Tier Higher: opponent may get him by only half of the arrows fired and take some damage
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: opponent may avoid altogether, may get a stay arrow somewhere either in their clothes or light body damage

Technique Name: Kuroi honō: Hyō (Black flame: hail)
Technique Description: Vlad, using a single arrow of Reishi, splits that arrow into three before firing, where Vlad using his manipulation of Reishi, duplicating them in mid-air as a way of getting round his bow's lack of the ability to fire more then three arrows at once. Requires a one post cool down before reuse

Kuroi honō: Hyō:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: opponent will be heavily damaged and will have deep puncture wounds which may bleed for a total of three posts
Opponent is One Tier Lower: opponent will be greatly damaged, will some puncture wounds covering his/her body and may bleed for a total of two posts
Opponent is Equal Tier: opponent will have a good amount of damage, with some puncture holes which may bleed for one post
Opponent is One Tier Higher: opponent will have some light damage, with some visable damage do the the outer skin and holes in clothing or other objects attached to the body like a arrancar's mask for example
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: opponent may not even take damage apart from some light burn damage on the skin to indicate otherwise

Location;; Ruined memories battlesite, Outskirts of Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 472
Tags;; Luke, Okami

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#33 Re: Northern Lights (Private) on Tue May 19, 2015 1:12 am

Graven gritted his teeth as he deflected Muerte's Cero. The Aspect of Death was truly beginning to bother the wolf. Slashing, he broke through the energy blast and parried the halberd in an instant, showing utter contempt in every motion. The Arrancar snarled, baring his fangs at the other Hollow while slashing across with his other hand.

"I suppose it doesn't matter anyway. You won't survive my next attack." Graven growled, using Sonido to disengage off to the side, launching himself into the air. Setting himself firmly upon the reishi running through the sky, Graven smiled. "Stay there. I really don't want to use this anywhere near myself. Sorry."

Graven's hackles glowed a fiercer red than before, showing that his technique was nearing completion. A swift wind blew up, whipping trees every which way as the Arrancar's tail lashed. It was obviously a Cero charging, but it would be like no other Cero before it. This one had power, one beyond any recognition, beyond any comprehension."Behold the Northern Lights...Cero Illuvia."


Escasez heaved as hundreds of Heilig Pfeil pierced his Hierro. Pinned to the ground, the tattered remains of his tail bleeding profusely onto the soil beneath the battlefield. He had no idea how the Quincy had beaten him, but he was nearly dead. Blood leaked out of his mouth as his Resurreccion sealed itself away, confirming his state of disrepair. The fight with the Ghost of the North had torn him up worse than he let on, and Vlad was just too damn cunning for him. He was doomed, unless...

"You, Quincy...You're dead meat next time." Escasez groaned as his fingers snapped. A Garganta opened itself, engulfing the Arrancar as he dragged himself away, flipping Vlad the bird on the way out. He prayed that he made it back in time to stop the bleeding, but he wasn't sure he would. His thin blood might prevent Graven from using it against him, but it coagulated slower because of it. Cursing, he stumbled on the reishi bridge. He'd have hell to pay when he told Dante about this.

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#34 Re: Northern Lights (Private) on Wed May 20, 2015 10:43 pm


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Muerte just smirked at Graven, he didn't really care about anything that Graven had to say as it was all arrogant nonsense that Muerte had no time or craps to give before Graven sonidoed away, stating that he didn't want to use this technique in close range, possibly fearing the backlash of such a technique's blast would hit Graven too.

"It seems you have gotten a little better since that time before, but your also still so naive to believe I would wait here and let you hit me with that, especially since my mission here is complete, so I'll be heading back to lord Dante, see you around...king" Muerte spoke eerily before opening a garganta and leaving through it, leaving both Vlad and Graven behind on the forgotten battle.

"Well, that was...anticlimactic" Vlad said before deactivating his bow and collecting his seele schnider from off the ground and headed towards Graven.

"So, what's the plan now, boss? are you returning or are you going to pay me and go?" Vlad asked, depending on Graven's answer, they would either return back to Vlad's home to recover or he would wait for Graven to give him the full payment he promised before the two would return to their separate homes.

(Meanwhile, in Dante's throne room, Hueco Mundo)

"Come, enter now, my faithful servants, I pray that you have some "interesting" news, I hope," Dante called to Muerte and Escasez to enter, he was just finishing off pounding his love meat into one of his whores, before finishing up inside her and tossed her away, putting his privates back in his pants and looking towards Muerte and Escasez as they bowed before Dante.

"Indeed we do, my lord; the fallen king, Graven Fel has returned from hiding in his little hovel of a fortress to seek us out, just as you told us he would, my lord; he's become much weaker since last you met him, but he has potential and enough hatred to seek out that power once again to face us in battle," Muerte reported to Dante, when suddenly, a burst of Dante's spiritual pressure shot through the room with excitement within it, forcing Muerte and Escasez to bow their heads from the sheer spiritual pressure. All the torches lighting the room went out and all that could be seen of Dante from his throne was the beaming, cheshire cat smile and his bright red irises, glowing with power and darkness. Graven had returned and Dante was eager to see the ghost of the north again.

Location;; Ruined memories battlesite, Outskirts of Karakura town, World of the living/Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 415
Tags;; Luke, Okami

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#35 Re: Northern Lights (Private) on Thu May 21, 2015 1:26 am

"So, what's the plan now, boss? are you returning or are you going to pay me and go?" Vlad asked as Graven sulked back into his sealed form. Muerte and Escasez had escaped, and the Arrancar wasn't happy. However, none of his inner turmoil would show on his once-again passive face. Pulling out the small card from before, he tossed it to the Quincy, as it was only charged for what he was willing to pay.

There's your payment. I'm going to go back. Simetria is in good hands, but I dare not leave for long." Graven growls, opening a Garganta, Walking through the gaping maw in space, the Arrancar would turn back to Vlad with another rare smile. "It's been fun, Vlad. Hope we can do this again sometime."

Moving through the empty space between worlds, Graven gritted his teeth as he pondered what to do next. He needed more power, as he had lost much of it in his fight with Dante. Once he was back to his rightful levels, he would slaughter the self-styled King of the West and paint his blood across the white sands of Hueco Mundo.

His work is never finished, it seems.

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