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#1 Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:02 am



As the cold breeze grew stronger, the shinigami sank his face deeper into his green-colored scarf, waiting until the worst would be already past him. Somehow, the coastal winds of Japan just felt more colder the more you stayed away from the nearby ocean, and in a sense, this was the most awful type of coldness, not greater than that of arctic zones, but far more agonizing. The coordinates of Senkaimon had thrown him to middle of nowhere, and poor communication left him with no other option, but to travel to the destination by foot, which wasn't exactly the most ideal thing to do under these circumstances. He was, technically, in an urgent mission and the sky was completely grey, hinting it might start raining hard pretty soon, so they could have at least provided him with more precise transportation.

However, that little word there, "technically", meant, that he didn't truly believe this mission was as urgent as it was indicated back in his office: a strange reiatsu flare he was supposed to investigate, could be just a flaw made by the sensors used by his own division, since it did happen a lot. It also felt... unreal, that there would be so much unusual spiritual activity here, since just a year ago, there had been the incident of reiatsu-free zone, an area where all spiritual pressure had been terminated, just a few miles from the coordinates they had been sent. There was nothing unusual with the place, so it was not logical, that it would somehow attract these special spiritual phenomenon as often as once in a year.

The shinigami had a name, too. Eliyan Hitohana, Division 12. He was assigned to be a field investigator during this mission and advising kido specialist if it would be necessary: there was one more field investigator and one special investigator assigned to the task as well. Presumably, there was going to be a higher officer from Division 3, to take the role of this special investigator, and technically lead the expedition to unknown. It didn't sound great to the ears of someone, who was used to be able to do pretty much whatever he wanted, since his division wasn't as strict as they said it would have been, but he had to remind himself of the fact they could have sent him to a desert or a jungle to walk for days seeking a reiatsu leak. Besides, the fact he was going to a small village in countryside Japan was rather relaxing, therapeutic even, and he was looking forward to seeing what a small town meant down here.

It didn't take him too long to arrive in the village, but from the moment he got there, he sensed it in the air. There was something, that wasn't they way it was supposed to be, something, that was wrong in terms of spiritual energy, but really, it could be just a tiny reiatsu distortion in the air, considering he had pretty strong sense of spiritual energy and pressure. As a shinigami, he would be invisible to others, but that didn't seem to really matter, as no one was walking in the streets. Everything looked deserted, but probably only for the upcoming strong. The others were supposed to show up in the town square, so Eliyan headed there in case they already were there, and if so, he would give some feedback to the precision of Senkaimon transportation.

Suddenly, like a powerful spiritual energy would have just appeared out of thin air, everything trembled by a greater force. The air and the ground was moved by a tremor, before something seemed to land on the earth all over the village in enough force to cause a minor earthquake. Not strong enough to damage any buildings, it was enough to swoop away his balance, and make him hit his head to the ground. "Great. This is just great." He thought bitterly, getting up at the same time, and trying to figure out what were his priorities right now. The shinigami decided he should try looking for the others assigned, before seeking out whatever had caused these massive tremors just a moment ago.

He focused his reiatsu around him and sought out for any reiatsu signatures, both allowing others to know his location, which probably wasn't wise when thinking of the circumstances, and seeking out for other shinigami, when the rain started dropping from the sky.

OOC: So, this is the RP sample thread, taking place in the present day, and yes, I am sorry for the low quality of this starter. For the duration this thread my character is tier 3-3, because I wont allow my character to start out with a lesser tier and what I have in my application clearly meets the standards. Be active please! In case you want to join, PM me first on Erida's account: so far, Luke and Shujinta are allowed to post here, since they are thread participants.

The plot is based on the Falling Raindrops, that was introduced somewhere around last year but never actually thrusted into movement: basically, a group of shinigami are sent to investigate a strange reiatsu flare, and they are trapped in the village by an invisible barrier spell. The tremor/earthquake was the dome-shaped barrier falling around the village, so participants are already inside when it happens. Further plot details are revealed during next posts, but I can spoil, that like in the original idea, every will be afflicted with mental ailments and the barrier lasts for 24 hours, those two things are for sure.

#2 Re: Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:10 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke was at the captain's desk, working through the second pile of paperwork left there for him to sign, he sighed in despair.

"How come lieutenant Akies gets to go off in the world of the living while I have to sort out the captain's paperwork?...that's just another thing to add that I hate about our captain; he's seemingly lazy outlook on doing the work of a normal captain like the paperwork...although looking at this mountain of paperwork, sometimes I wonder...Hmm?" Luke thought out loud to himself, it was pretty much now a solid fact that Luke didn't like his captain for his non-existent appearance in the squad, a thing by title but not in character nor did Luke have any reason to look up to his captain as he had only ever seen him once and even then, it wasn't under the best of situations. Although Luke's early afternoon rant was interrupted by a hell butterfly flying through the window to the captain's office, landing on his shoulder which seemed to be its favorite spot to sit on him, although he hadn't seen anyone else have this happen when they received messages by hell butterfly.

"Great, I hope this is something good..." Luke groaned in exasperation as he waited for the hell butterfly to deliver it's message, it tilted its antennas at Luke before relaying the message mentally into his mind.

"Third Seated officer Luke Yasenha, you have orders to assist in the investigation of a unidentified reiatsu that flared within the world of the living as the special investigator, you'll be in charge of your group, squad twelve has sent a field investigator to scout ahead who specializes in kido, there will be one more field investigator to arrive in due time, message ends" the hell butterfly nodded as if it acknowledged that it had finished its mission to deliver its message before flying away, properly to inform the other member of his "team".

"Well, I guess paperwork will have to wait for later, I'd best get going to the world of the living to help out..." Luke thought out loud, secretly happy that he could escape the boredom that was paperwork and head off to investigate the new energy flare in the world of the living, although he cocked his head to one side as he picked up his zanpakuto from the side of the desk.

"Wait, this situation seems kind of familiar..." Luke spoke softly to himself in confusion before sliding his zanpakuto into his red silk obi sash, grabbing his winter-modified haori and a long black scarf from his room before he headed to the central senkaimon, where he was allowed passage through it into the world of the living with a hell butterfly escort so passing through the dangai would be much easier, although a thought came to Luke as he traveled through the dangai.

"It would be so inconvenient to not have a hell butterfly with you when traveling through the dangai... Luke thought to himself, getting a image of a shinigami with orange spiky hair and a blade as long as his body with a group of humans and a cat running away from the cleaner, Luke chuckled to himself at the made-up thought, "If only that was a thing, it would be amusing to watch if nothing else..." Luke thought as he chuckled, finishing his trip through the dangai and out the senkaimon, entering what looked to be a town square, although Luke didn't have time to enjoy the beauty of a traditional Japanese town when the whole place started to shake from a sudden burst of reiatsu, although only minor, he was pretty sure that others may have slightly bigger problems so he walked around and found a little boy with dark brown hair and piecing green irises, he was wearing a dark green hoodie with a white-lined hood, a black shirt and trousers and a pair of black and green trainers. He quickly flash stepped over to him, his haori and scarf flowing in the gentle breeze he had created as he stretched out his hand to the boy.

"You must be the field investigator I was told about, I'm Luke Yasenha, third seat of squad three and your commander for the duration of this mission, it's a pleasure to meet you" Luke told the boy gently, hoping to give off a positive and friendly vibe to the boy as he offered to help him up, whether or not he accepted the help up, Luke would ask him what happened when the rain started to fall.

"Hmm? what's this?...Did this rain come from that burst of reiatsu just now?...I just don't have a good feeling about this..." Luke thought as he felt a foreboding feeling climbing into his stomach, something he felt from the rain like it was coming down on someone who had died.

Location;; Squad three captain's officer, World of the living
Word Count;; 809
Tags;; Luke, Eliyan, Shujinta
OOC;; Btw, if anyone is wondering why Luke is doing paperwork in the captain's office, I'm referencing a scene from another rp thread, here: Also making reference to the anime if anyone cares about it but I just it would be funny to put it X3

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#3 Re: Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:45 am


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta3-2|===-

Current AR Boni:

Word Count: 1034

It was truly weird being a fullfledged shinigami. All the time whilest being in the academy had given Shujinta the feeling that he was being treated different because of his age and his... differences, but fate proved once again that it could surprise him. It was not long ago that he was elected as 7th Seat of the first Division and yet everybody seemed to know it already. The boy knew of course what the first Division was standing for and what an honor it was to be part of it, yet he could not understand what made him seem fit to be assigned to it.
They must have had something in mind when chosing me! But then again, what could that have been? I dont have any strong elemental powers, no real skill with kido and im not exactly strong... Shujinta was pondering these and other questions while he was aimlessly wandering around Seireitai. He had been told to be on guard constantly and wait for his first assignment but so far, nothing had happened. Maybe they just want some kind of errand boy? I mean it would not be the first time for the other Shinigami to try to do a "joke" like that...
The boy's usual frown got even darker upon these thoughts. And seeing all the shinigami that passed him whisper to each other, giving him glances when they thought he wasnt looking their way or even pointing at him, none of it made him feel any better.
How could he be as aweinspiring as the rest of their members when he could not even get them to acknowledge him.... 'Tch..Fate can be cruel sometimes...' he hissed before giving one of his fellow shinigami a particular challenging look, causing the latter to quickly turn away from the boy.
Cowards... He felt like spitting the word onto the street, and only the thought of proving himself worthy of being in the first division caused him to refrain from doing so. Disgusted he turned to the right and started walking back.

When Shujinta finally arrived at his home in Rukongai his mood had brightened up a little bit. Seeing all the common people here and being greeted like a fellow person always helped him gather his thoughts and block off all the negative emotions. It was here that he was respected and seen as an adult, despite his looks. Those were the people he was fighting for. Mostly.
Suddenly he blinked surprised. Even from this distance he could feel the unique reiatsu signature of a Hell Butterfly. Oho? That was faster than expected...Lets see where theyre going to send me off to. Once he came close enough the butterfly turned around, and floated his direction.
"Message for: Shujinta Tsuranagai, currently assigned to the first Division, 7th Seat.
Shujinta Tsuranagai, 7th Seat of the first Division! I would like to congratulate you for becoming our newest member! Shinigami like you are exceptional and rare so i hope you will not disappoint us. We have assigned this mission to you as you already have made contact with the world of the living and as such have some experience with handling missions like that one.
This is about another strange reiatsu flare, which has been found in a small coastal village. You will be part of a three headed team that has been sent off to determine the cause and if possible contain it. You will find all necessary information on recall. Good Luck!. Message ends. 

Just as the message finished, the butterfly flapped a few times with his wings and flew away making Shujinta sigh. How am i supposed to recall the information when the butterfly instantly leaves my location one the message is over? I should mention that to the higher ups... Before he could loose the butterfly he tightened the grip around his Shikai and followed it as fast as it was possible for him.

Entering the human world felt easier and more comfortable this time than the last. The Senkaimon had brought him very close to the village, just outside the last houses. Yet, his teammates where nowhere to be seen, and now that he thought about it, it had already been weird to not meet them at the Senkaimon.
Maybe they have already left for the flare? Immediately he extended his senses just to find out that the place was rather empty of reiatsu. There seemed to be only three sources of energy that he could feel, one of which was the familiar feeling of a hot needle being pushed into his body. That must be the flare...the other two seems rather weak, dim and Shujinta noted to himself, not knowing how else to describe it. The third one though... That elusive feeling confused him. Somehow he felt like he had met the corresponding person already before, so it must have probably been someone from his first mission. He could not remember the name though.
Suddenly another flash of reiatsu occured and seemed to fill out the entire area before dissipating into the outer rim of what seemed like a large, transparent dome to Shujinta 'What the...!' He looked up to the newmade ceiling and tried to figure out the cause of the dome but his one eye could not detect any. Suddenly he could feel the first shinigami apparently releasing his reiatsu. The small spark of reiatsu that he felt before and that had seemed like a little green dot compared to the other two quickly grew to a solid size, just little smaller than the familiar shinigami.  'So you were just hiding yourself, eh?...' The young shinigami turned away from the energy wall and faced the familiar reiatsu spark. It would be wise to get to the one person that i am sure is a shinigami first. As long as i have not made sure that the other reiatsu belongs to an enemy... In that moment, the shinigami started to move as well, quickly reuniting with the other spark. Also, at nearly the same time it started to rain.  This doesnt feel like an allies doing...i hope fate has nothing bad for me in store today...

OOC: Even if i dont really care about your tier, i would like to ask you to not decide things like that on your own. As far as i know it is not allowed to RP a not accepted character on a tier that is not 5-3, so while i can not speak for the staff i think it would have been atleast polite to ask both participants in your thread before saying things like "i wont allow my character to start out with a lesser tier" for their opinion on that matter. Also, sorry for the late reply, i was sorting some things out that might have impacted my character.

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#4 Re: Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:35 pm



Eliyan didn't like surprises. While his senses alerted him of someone landing next to him with shunpo or some sort of high-speed movement technique before they actually landed next to him, he was still surprised by it, having not expected anyone to approach all of sudden, already having half-drawn his zanpakuto out of it's sheath. He gave as ferocious expression as he could in his situation, while the illusion was probably broken by the fact, that he wasn't on his feet. As soon as he realized it was a shinigami, he allowed the blade to drop back to it's sheath and relax a little; while normally, he would have jumped up and swung his blade at the person, something told him he wouldn't have to. By all means, that something wasn't trust, just a feeling, that the shinigami wouldn't use so direct approach if he meant to harm him.

The boy quickly declined his offer to help him up, having already shown a sign of weakness, and got on his feet by himself. Eliyan's reiatsu sense was surprisingly slow, as this was when he was able to determine, that the shinigami was stronger than him, probably the one in charge of their investigation. Shinigami introduced himself in a friendly tone, saying his name was Luke, and obviously trying his best to make him abandon any feelings of discomfort towards him. This Luke was a third seated officer of Division 3, a squad centering around gathering of information and investigation, meaning he was probably more suitable as a field investigator than he himself was. The green-eyed officer stared into man's eyes, as the rain started to fall upon them; the rain didn't have a good vibe to it.

Deciding it would be polite to introduce himself to the higher seated officer, he opened his mouth: "Yes, I am the field investigator assigned for this mission by Division 12. Eliyan Hitohana." He sharply said, with rather emotionless voice as a response to the friendly tone of the other shinigami. "Don't take it personally, but I think our superiors send us here to get results and handle this in a professional manner. Not to make friends." Maybe his words were rather harsh, but his intention wasn't to pick up a fight or anything, simply to state the facts, that the higher officer was supposed to know. "I highly respect your work in Division 3, officer. I think we can trust each other. However, I do not allow relationships and emotions get in the way of an investigation, and I hope you understand this."

He glanced around him. "We are supposed to have a third shinigami to accompany us." Eliyan allowed his reiatsu sense track down every source of spiritual energy, before letting out a quiet sound, which's tone indicated he had found him. "The third party is nearby. We should get to him, before deciding what we are going to do." He said to Luke, in a tone, that somehow resembled a poor try at being friendly.

Maybe the third seat was supposed to be a commander to him, but he hadn't say he approved his position as one; surely, his respect for a higher ranked officer made him take note of his opinions and decisions, but by all means, this didn't mean he allowed him to be the one in command. Eliyan was sure he could follow this man's words if they were reasonable and fitting with his own opinions, but in the same, if things got even a little out of control, he was ready to make his own decision based on what was beneficial for the success of their mission. If Luke proved to be poor leader for them, he'd simply ignore his authority; after all, the concept of authority was different in his division.

#5 Re: Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:42 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke's thoughts of what the rain meant was interrupted by the shinigami introducing himself, he turned to him as he introduced himself as Eliyan Hitohana, the field investigator sent by squad twelve to aid him with things, although from the serious look he gave, Luke could tell that he wasn't one for being friendly, only further confirmed when he told Luke that they were sent to do things in a professional way and not to make friends, which Luke chuckled at slightly as he was talking. once Eliyan had finished, Luke spoke back.

"I understand, although being friendly never hurt anyone and besides, things go much more smoothly when people trust you in the first place; we don't have to get along nor do you have to like me in anyway but cooperating with me will do just fine..." Luke told him before hearing him tell him that the other field investigator had arrived into the town, Luke had picked it up but seemingly not before Eliyan.

"I guess the reports were true; a kido specialist and with the ability of advanced reiatsu detection, very good..."...Well then, let's go introduce ourselves and then once we are all together, we'll focus on finding the source of the reiatsu flare and if it has any abilities or just a random phenomenon" Luke thought to himself before telling Eliyan that they were going to see their final compainion as Luke took off, whether Eliyan was following, he didn't check but eventually, he would come across the battle scared shinigami inside at another side of the town.

"Hey, you must be the final member of our group I take it? I'm Luke Yasenha, third seat of squad three, I'm in charge of the investigation and this is Eliyan Hitohama, he's the kido and reiatsu specialist from squad twelve, may I know your name, sir?" Luke said as he came over to him, if Eliyan was with him, he would introduce him before politely asking for the shinigami's name.

Location;; Unknown town, World of the living
Word Count;; 333
Tags;; Luke, Eliyan, Shujinta

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#6 Re: Supernatural Investigation (Private) on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:37 am


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta3-2|===-

Current Tier3-1

Word Count: 635

Shujinta focussed his senses on the two Reiatsu sparks in order to not loose track of them as he quickly dashed from roof to roof and through the houses of the small village. In an attempt to gauge the situation he threw a few glances to the sides as he passed through one of the higher parts of the rundown place, hoping to catch a look at something that would indicate the reason for the energy dome that had come down. Why would someone try to cage this empty village anyway? A quick check revealed that the reiatsu beacon that they were supposed to check was still in the same position as before, it had not moved since Shujinta had arrived here. Surely not to catch that thing, whatever it is...since its not moving. Suddenly the two other Shinigami started moving as well. The distance between them shrinked rapidly so that Shujinta decided not to waste any more power and dropped to the ground where he gently landed. While his supposed teammembers moved towards him at a rapid speed, the young Shinigami was moving rather slow, almost walking speed.
Suddenly he had an idea. What if who ever created this barrier is not interested in the reiatsu itself but us. He let that thought sink in for a few seconds as he walked through the rain. Also, why this sudden rain? Surely not to annoy us...altough that seems to work quite well. The boy took his spear with his left hand and put the right one above his one, working eye. It seemed to him like he could already see the two dots approaching through the rain so they would probably be here in a moments. Probably should be prepared incase those are not my teammates after all. Fate can be deceiving after all... With that thought he dugged his right food slightly into the ground until a fair amount of wet mud was above it and waited for the Newcomers to arrive, his whole body prepared to dodge any incoming attacks immediately.
Only when he could see the faces of the two persons and their clothing as clearly as the weather condition allowed it he relaxed. I wonder who those two are and what divisions they belong to. That damn butterfly, if it just hadnt flown away before i could receive the informations on recall... And with that thought the two Stranger landed right in front of Shujinta, causing a small muddy splash. "Hey, you must be the final member of our group I take it? I'm Luke Yasenha, third seat of squad three, I'm in charge of the investigation and this is Eliyan Hitohama, he's the kido and reiatsu specialist from squad twelve, may I know your name, sir?"
Shujinta blinked once, than another time. Is he really supposed to lead us? He didnt even check who i am before arriving...and i dont really get that "Sir" part, is he kidding me? He didnt just think that last part though. 'Are you kidding me?' Probably not the most polite way to introduce myself.... He blinked another time before his whole figure stiffened. 'Shujinta Tsuranagai, seventh seat of the first squad.Specialized in close combat and recon aswell as knowledge of three Hado spells and three Bakudo spells. Pleased to make your acquaintance and work with you on this mission. Please take good care of me.' A perfect recitation of the introductionary phrases from the Shinigami Academy. This should make you happy, heh? You guys are all the same, i can see straight through your fake smile... Shujinta bowed after his introduction towards both shinigami, which seemed a little bit odd considering how his face kept its hostile look through the whole time. 'Awaiting your orders.' His one red eye seemed to pierce Luke.

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