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#1 Night time is fight time [PRIVATE] on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:44 pm


In a dark room in karakura town a young man sits in silent meditation. With the back of his hands on his knees holding his blade over his legs. (Okay focus, focus) he thinks to himself "Damn, what did Jin say I had to do again?" he sighs. "Focus on the blade" he hears "Oh yeah focis on the blade. It's almost as if I can hear him" as he says this a figure appears behind him, and suddenly grabs his shoulder " That's because you can. I was watching you from the corner."
Startled Shiawase jumped "Don't sneek up on me like that!". "Sorry I thought that if I could scare you I could hellp you relieve the stress. Don't think about it too much just do what you did before focus your energy on your blade." After saying this Jin left Shiawase to his meditation.
As Shiawase restarted his meditation he began to feel a wierd sensation. Despite the room already being dark it felt as though it was becoming darker and darker. He could feel the woodfloor beneath begin to fade away until the smooth texture of the wood had disappeared and had been replaced by a grainy sensation. When he opened his eyes he noticed that he was outdoors, he couldn't see much of his surrounding because he was in an intense fog but he noticed a presence approaching. When a figure materialised from the fog in the direction of the presence he heard a womans voice "You've finally arrived we've been waiting for you.". Shiawase asked confused "Who are you. And why were you waiting for me. And who's we.".
"Oh don't you know who I am yet." She asked. "No" replied Shiawase. "Then I'm going to have to introduce myself my name is Yugao" she said as she swung a blade from behind her. The black blade looked odd. He blocked it with his own swiping across to deflect her blade outwards. Yugao began to jab at Shiawase's centre line with the black blade. He dodged each attack by pivoting slightly sideways of each strike. While his right side was facing Yugao he he swung upwards but she was no longer there she appeared behind him and stabbed hime in the back pushing her blade through him."You're still weak." She said and pulled it out.

As she soon as she had pulled her blade out. He was standing facing her again except this time his wounds were healed and he didn't feel any level of fatigue. Confused he asked " What just happened?"." You still don't know do you? Okay I'll explain you're in your inner world right now I am Yugao one of your zanpaktou spirits. Right now I am preparing you to meet Tsukiyo. You can't meet him if you're gonna collapse in his presence.". Angry Shiawase asked"Why would I want to meet him and how does attacking me prepare me.". Yugao shunpo'd in front of Shiawase and grabbed his blade and inspected it " You see this it's a sign of your weakness " she then held out her own blade "This is what you should aim for if you want to beat me and protect any of your friends or family." "What do you mean." asked Shiawase,"This blade is me when you're strong enough you can summon and use me in battle but you must be strong enough." Yugao said."Then why do I have to meet Tsukiyo." Shiawase asked."because without Tsukiyo lending you power you cannot use me." Replied Yugao. After having the situation explained to him He readied his blade and went straight at Yugao.

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