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#21 Re: the "Medical" examinations on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:20 pm


Rin listened to him as he sat her down in a chair she shifted a bit trying to get her restrained hands in her pocket. She finally sighed and looked at Luke with a cruel grin. " Would you kindly, get me a smoke from my coat pocket" she says to like then leans back.

Regardless if Luke gets Rin her smoke or not she starts to answer his questions." Alright that's easy, these agents can be conditioned to obey, and fallow orders. unlike you or I who can disobey. A soldier that will fight until told otherwise" she says with proud, not shamed at all of what she's done to the patients of the mental ward.

" As for ADAM all im going to tell you is what it does, cant have those amateurs at the 12 stealing my research. ADAM is similar to cancer it infects the cells in the body and rewrite them. With ADAM you can change your sex, your race, your very identity. the applications you saw were the combative use of ADAM" She said smiling she explained her work, but kept out the parts about ADAM being highly addictive and unstable.

" your concerns with the mental patients is personal isn't, you most have been a patient, one of hers. She never let me see her files" Rin siad to herself before answering Lukes question." Im  research required Medical supplies and equipment, But I was being transferred to the 12, to continue my work. Now I most start over, thanks to you" She says with a hiss.

#22 Re: the "Medical" examinations on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:44 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke huffed at her request.

"Not right now, you can have one once you leave" Luke told her before letting her speak, answering his questions with all the cold demeanor of a scientist, something he was already sick of, they were all the same: high and mighty and as cold as ice, Luke wondered if the air would freeze just from her presence. Of course it didn't but the thought gave Luke some small amusement.

Although when she mentioned that his attitude towards the mental stemmed from personal matters, Luke slammed his fist into the table, punching a hole straight through it.

"Don't test me, Rin! you don't want me as your enemy, I'll Paint the house"...tear you to pieces, understand?!" Luke shouted at her, his eyes bloodshot and for a moment, said something that would only come from a place of true insanity before he forced himself to calm down as he sat himself down, letting the bloodshot effect leave his eyes.

"Then start over is what you'll have to do, squad twelve have your splicer now under lock and key by now, good luck trying to get him back, besides..." Luke explained to her while taking the page of her research out his pocket, "This is going on file where you can't reach it so take a good luck because this will be the last time you see it" Luke said, showing her the page of research before putting it away inside his haori before he came over and released the bakudo, letting her out the room where two members of squad twelve were there to transfer her to squad twelve.

"They are here to take you to squad twelve where you'll be starting your new duties, I trust you'll be a good girl and behave yourself" Luke told her before he would push her towards the two squad twelve members before folding his arms and waited for a response.

Location;; Squad three interrogation cell, Seireitei
Word Count;; 317
Tags;; Luke, Rin

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#23 Re: the "Medical" examinations on Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:05 pm


Rin was surprised a smile creels on her face. She did not expect Luke to react to her in such a way, she let out a short laugh. the piece were set she knew as soon as she left these place her game with Luke would continue. " Oh don't be of sure of yourself, these game wont end here, you'll see me and my research again" She says with a grin.

She looks the 12th divisions and grin She offers on her hand when her reach's her shake her hand but pulls it away." Ow the hell bee just stung me" he swats at it killing it.

" Come now don't be a baby, now Would you kindly take me to the 12th barracks, I games been fun, I hope the next as entertaining"
She says as she takes out ciggerate and lights it as she's escorted to the 12th division barracks.

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