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on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:34 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke had left in the early hours of the morning, before most of his squad would be awake, thankfully as he didn't want anyone to know where he was going nor how long he would be away as what he was going to do required him to be alone and where no one else could find him so he wouldn't be interrupted.

"I can't stay here for this, I need somewhere were I can train in peace without getting any of my squad involved...I just hope the place I hope to go isn't blocked off" Luke spoke softly to himself as he packed a backpack with some stuff for staying outdoors so he could be comfortable going to the place he had in mind. He then went to his wardrobe and pulled out his haori, this one adapted for colder environments with red fur around the collar, wrists and the rim with a hood with a built-in balaclava to keep his face covered just in case.

And last but not least, his zanpakuto as it laid patiently on the sword rack next to his bed, glowing a soft black against the silver of the moon that came in from the window in the ceiling before Luke's shadow blocked the light as he picked up his faithful companion and slid him lovingly into his red silk obi sash as per usual but this was to be anything but usual, especial with what he planned to do.

He decided to leave a note on his door, telling people he was on a important mission and he would return once he had completed his mission and then rushed out the squad three barracks and launched into flash step before the guards could even react to him leaving as he headed for the northern rukongai districts; the place he had called home for the first couple of years of life, even on that faithful day when Mercry had saved him from the bullies that had given him resolve to become a shinigami. He only wished his dear friend was here now, although Luke just imaged Mercry laughing at him for being so depressed and would have told him to cheer up. just that thought alone made the depressed shinigami smile a little.

"You would tell me that, wouldn't you friend? that I was being too serious and I should loosen up...I only wish you were still alive to tell me" Luke thought out loud to himself, but keeping his voice to a whisper as he traveled up through the various districts, once he pasted fifty-eight, he raised his hood and covered his face, not wanting to raise any unwanted attention as he quick used his flash step to skip pass the rest of the districts and into the outskirts, a wild place that only squad three and squad two's patrol corps went, although squad three went even father then the patrol corps and this is where his advanced knowledge of the area came into play as he headed to the place he had thought of to come for his private training; a great mountain, filled with various caverns, including a large, open cave at it's center, making it the perfect place to train in peace.

Luke took his time getting up to the entrance though as a blizzard suddenly started up and he was suddenly glad for his winter haori and gloves to keep him warm as he walked up slowly through the blizzard to reach the entrance, although by the time he got inside, he was covered from head to toe in snow and he was quite cold so he decided to make a fire in the main cave once he had reached it using his portable stove so he could be warm before he would start on his training.

Once he was at a comfortable temperature, he stood up and took a deep breath, letting the white mist rise from his mouth into the air.

"It's time to finish this..." Luke muttered to himself before he walked into the center of the large, open cave and drove his zanpakuto into the ground as he started releasing his spiritual pressure into his sword as his zanpakuto would start howling with a swirl of black mist going around the blade, "Now manifest, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke called out before the blade would erupt into it's characteristic black mist, once Zetsubō had finished manifesting in whichever way he choose, Luke would look at the shade where Zetsubō's eyes would have been before speaking.

"I'm sure your aware of what I intend to do...I have lost my friends one by one, first Epizon, then Mercry...they keep slipping from my grasp and I need more power, the power to keep the innocent safe and to bring my friend home to where he belongs...what I'm asking you, Zetsubō..." Luke thought telepathically to Zetsubō, before taking a pause in his speak to breath physically, letting another snowy cloud escape his lips before he finished his thought to Zetsubō, "...To teach me bankai!" Luke thought to him like a mightly cry to the despair zanpakuto spirit, asking him to teach him the final level of a zanpakuto and it's most powerful form; the bankai, Luke could only hope that Zetsubō would allow him to train him to learn Zetsubō's bankai.

Location;; Large cave within a mountain, Outskirts of the northern rukon district
Word Count;; 889
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; Post when ready, the time for training bankai has begun Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:58 pm


Zetsubō no Sākuru;; 3-1 ;; Zanpakuto Spirit ;; Male    

The liquid lake of glass looked magnificent to Zetsubo as he floated above it. It stirred when Luke awoke, perhaps it was a sign of his mentality coming out of sleep? Or perhaps it is something else entirely. When he looked around something was different. Not only was the lake stirring like something was disrupting it but the lake itself began to glow a shade of golden orange, he had seen this orange before as it represents when Luke is determined.

The golden shade which is mixed in however Zetsubo has never seen before, "What's going on?" he thought to himself and the question would make the physical sword glow and sound the question in the form of a small cry sounding like a curios child. The inner world seemed different however something caught his eye as he stared into the lake, the lake now had a bit of blue mixed in showing sadness. Although it disappeared as quickly as it appeared, when he saw the orange become brighter he asked a question again, "What is going on Luke?" He asked and the blade at Luke's side would again let out a cry, however Zetsubo never got an answer and remained in the dark and rather lonely inner world.

Upon reaching somewhere he heard words echo around the inner world, they were telling him to manifest. Zetsubo wanted to know exactly what was going on and dissolved from the inner world only to form in a cave, when Luke saw him Zetsubo would still have small wisps of mist around him, the reason being he only formed the upper half of himself. Upon hearing what Luke had to say Zetsubo would form his lower half and float well above Luke. If Zetsubo had a face it would appear to be contemplating the words Luke just said.

"You think you are ready for Bankai?" The voice seemed not surprised, "Do you believe you understand me and the pain I burden enough to possess Bankai?" Afterwards Zetsubo would stand there and wait for Luke to answer once he answered yes Zetsubo would form his Shikai in front of Luke, "If you believe you can become one with my pain, take me in your hand an impale yourself to begin," Zetsubo knew Luke wouldn't back down no matter what and so he waited for Luke to initiate the illusion by stabbing himself with his zanpakuto to active the ability of illusions.

Upon impaling himself Zetsubo would then add more to the statement, "This Illusion shall not end until completion or you fail, You better not fail," He spoke with his voice becoming menacing at the mention of him not wanting to know what happens if he fails, however Zetsubo was bluffing he wouldn't harm Luke.. Physically however inside this illusion Luke would have to be very focused inside this training, Zetsubo was just twisting him t see if he broke under the pressure or obtained his final power, now it only matter if alike would use this power to do good or bad.


on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:17 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched as his zanpakuto spirit manifested from the mist, only the top part of his body from the torso up appeared first, the mist swirling around him and Luke could feel his zanpakuto's spiritual pressure, it was terrifying and creepily familiar to him; the feeling of looking within the dark void, bottomless and cold, enough to make Luke shiver despite wearing his winter gear and caused his breath to become even more visible as he breathed in and out as he thought his question to Zetsubō, the black mist swarmed around his lower side, forming the rest of his body from the rim of his long black leather coat to the baggy trousers lined with pockets and the thick boots he wore but like normal, his feet never touched the earth below him as Zetsubō rose up a bit more and floated just above Luke. Luke didn't know what Zetsubō was doing as he couldn't look at his face to see what he was doing as he didn't have one. the thought of what he had done to his zanpakuto made him tighten his gloved fists and his face to look more depressed while looking slightly away in shame.

Eventually, after a while, he heard Zetsubō speak to him within his mind, asking him if he was ready to learn bankai and if he understood the despair zanpakuto spirit enough to attempt it which made it Luke's turn to stand and consider the spirit's words.

"It's taken a long time and we have both suffered a great deal...I have lost so many...both friends and innocent people...I simply cannot stand to sit and watch as other people, there's only one path in front of that will allow me to take back my friends from the darkness and bring them back into the light..." Luke thought to himself, his head bowing down slightly so his eyes became shaded out of sight before his body started to softly glow with his reiatsu; as black as a nightmare before he looked at Zetsubō, his eyes holding a aura of the same color that he saw within his inner world. if Zetsubō looked below Luke's feet, he would also see the floor cracking slightly from the sheer pressure of both Luke and Zetsubō being in the same place, the very air sparked of their power but also of a feeling of grand determination and courage as Luke looked at Zetsubō and thought to him as if he was speaking aloud.

"Yes, I am, I have watched the suffering of the innocent for far too long and I am ready to take on their pain and yours, as one... Luke thought to Zetsubō as the air sparked around them, making the the glass-like texture of the cave light up the almost pitch black cave beside from the small fire that Luke had made.

Luke then heard Zetsubō respond while he formed his shikai form in front of Luke, explaining that if he believed he could become one with his pain, then he had to take his shikai and impale himself to start his training. Luke took a deep breath, releasing another white cloud into the darkness before he grabbed the handle of the manifested zanpakuto and turning the black mist blade towards the center of his chest. He then thrust forward into his torso, impaling himself with his shikai blade, enough that the six foot long blade came all the way out his back as his chest suddenly felt very cold as the skin around the entrance and exit points of his black mist blade turned blue with cold and started to spread across his chest around his body slowly.

Luke shakily looked up at Zetsubō as he told him that it wouldn't end until he either failed or reached the end and gained bankai, Luke could guess what would happen if he failed so he only nodded as he waited for his zanpakuto to start the illusion and for his bankai training to begin.

Location;; Central cave with a mountain, Outskirts of the northern rukongai districts
Word Count;; 673
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; Not bad, Makoto Smile although make sure to go through your post as I saw a few spelling errors so please fix if possible Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:29 am


Zetsubō no Sākuru;; 3-1 ;; Zanpakuto Spirit ;; Male    

The moment Luke impaled his chest with Zetsubo's shikai he would faint and appear in a dark void with the echoing words of "you better not fail" swirling around him which feels like it has been saying it for minutes when really it has been seconds. After the swirling words dissipated to nothing a bright light would occur and temporary blind Luke. Zetsubo himself was in the illusion and made himself invisible with the dreamwalker ability.

Upon opening his blinded eyes Luke would find himself in a market, it looked a bit like the rukongai however it was not the poor people there in fact they all seemed noble or were shinigami there was also arrancar but none even noticed the lonely man in the market. They were talking about something that would sound familiar to Luke but even if he tried to enter the conversation there was no acknowledgement from the citizens who he tried to communicate, with this Zetsubo would watch in plain sight yet invisible to everyone even his partner and then he would sigh as he knew he would have to do the extreme if Luke got close to prevailing as this training was possibly the hardest part of Luke's life and may scar him forever, this means Zetsubo will do anything to stop him from this intense pain.

Do NOT post, still working on this post due to me being busy and will finish a little later at home.

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