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#1 The Call of Justise (Private/Yuri) on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:55 am


Byakko Ramiel ;; 3-1 (adjusted) ;; Adjuchas Hollow ;; Male
The Sun was still high when Byakko emerged small Hollow Nest. It was the 10th in a past Week he had eradicated, and it was starting to grind on his nerves. Ever since the rumors of "The Boundary Lord" began spreading around the West Rukongai District, the Shinigami patrols in the area had drastically reduced. As if they expected HIM to do their job for them. Bah, Shinigami, always causing more trouble. Spitting out the remains of the Hollow still gripped in his Jaw, Byakko let his Mists leak out and spread deep into the surrounding Forests, Shielding him from both the hot Sun, and prying eyes. Still begrudged at the Seireitei's seeming lack of care, Byakko half contemplated leaving alone the many Nests that had been popping up as of late. With a sigh, he shook the though from his mind. While he would enjoy seeing the Seireitei scramble about trying to control the matter, the people of Rukongai where the ones who would suffer. Glancing once more towards the destroyed Hollows Nest, Byakko turn and walked deep into the forest. As he did so, a tiny point of light formed over his left Shoulder, it Hovered there for a mere second, before erupting in a beam of energy that streamed back towards the Hollow nest. This was followed by a muffled boom and a low rumble as the Nest was sealed forever. Without another look back, Byakko continued on towards the next Nest. It would be another long week.
As the Sun marched through the sky, so did Byakko march ever through his Territory. By the time the Sun began to descend under the horizon, two more nests lay buried, and Byakko's rage had begun to grow. Something was not right here. Hollows had always been common in the Outskirts, that was simply the nature of the place. In the Years he had spent here, he could count the week on a Paw, that he had not had to remove 1-2 from his own Territory. But this? This was something more. These number could always be called an attack. But by who? and Why? No. Something was very wrong in the Outskirts, and thousands of years of experience told him that it would only get much worse. Suddenly, Byakko felt something move in the Mists. It had hidden its Reiatsu well, but very little could get past Byakko in his own Mists. Coming to a stop, Byakko raised head and stood tall, the Featureless Mask of his Cloaked form hiding his eyes from any that might be watching. With a deep voice, almost a growl, Byakko called out "Show yourself Scum! Are you one I missed? Here for revenge for your Nest? then Come, Let me finish the Job!. Through the Mists, Byakko thought he could make out the form of a single young Man.

Location;; Outskirts of the 50th West Rukongai District
Word Count;; 479 words
OOC;; .

Template (c) Yuki Seika
Active Effects
- Spiritual Environment: +1 RA
- Well-Fed: + 1 RA
- Cloaked Form:

Hollow Mask/Weapon

Kirino Nakano Kemono; "Beast in the Mist"
Appearance: "Beast in the Mist", in it's dormant state (non-activated), appears as a markless, eyeless, white mask covering the top of his head and running down his snout, the edges of the mask stopping at his jaw line. the back of the mask drops down to a few inches passed his neck. In it's activated state, the mask devolves and forms a large blanket of think, white mist.
This Mask's main power is the ability to switch between Byakko's "Mist Form", in which the Mask and Cloak dissolves into a large blanket of Mist, And his deactivated "Cloaked" form, when the Mask becomes Solid, and his Reiryoku leaks out of the Scars on his back, forming a protective Cloak.
Mist Form:
In the Mist form, the Mask and Cloak dissolves into a large, Thick blanket of Mist, and Byakko's body takes on a Ethereal, almost ghostly appearance, Perfectly blending in with the surrounding Mist. Because the Mist is made up of Byakko's Mask and Reiryoku, it masks his Reiatsu almost perfectly, allowing him to easily hide and attack from within, controlling the Mist at will. In this form, Byakko gains a large boost in speed and agility from the lose of his heavy mask and cloak, but is more vulnerable to physical attacks. Because of it's Mist like nature, powerful winds or strong flames can quickly disperse it, leaving Byakko exposed. (1 post "recovery" for dispersed Mists, all Mist based Techs are disabled for this post).
Cloaked Form:
In His Cloaked form, Byakko's Mists become much thinner, still able to distort vision, but no longer able to completely hide him or others. Byakko also looses much of his speed and agility, however, with addition of the protective cloak and heavy, hard mask, and more solid body, Byakko is able to both Hit much harder, and take more Hits, relying more on sheer, raw power, vrs the more Stealthy, agile approach of his Mist form.


  • Allows Byakko to move concealed within the Mist, his presence hidden in the Reiryoku laced Mists. (Opponent takes a -2 RA Hit towards their ability to sense Reiatsu, increasing his Stealth when both Byakko and them are in the Mists. When either is outside the Mists, reduced to -1 RA).
  • By shaping the Mist into different forms, Byakko can greatly increasing his attack range and potential. He is able to use this trait to actively "chase" targets with his Mists, though the farther the Mists spreads, the thinner it becomes.
  • The Think Mist dampens Sounds and Light, reducing the power of Kido or abilities that rely on them. (-1 RA to Light and Sound based Techs that pass through the Mists).
  • Weaker Winds (-1RA) or things like Aerosolized Poisons or Oils are overwhelmed by the Mists.
  • While in Mist Form, Byakko becomes more wraith like, blending into the Mists and becoming more agile and stealthy (+1RA to Stealth). His Wraith like body allows him to more easily disperse Energy based attacks. (+1RA defense against Pure energy attacks)
  • While in his Cloaked Form (Dormant Mask), Byakko's more Solid body allows him to strike harder, and take more Hits (+1RA Physical Defense and Attack).
  • The Mists surrounding Byakko impair Normal Sight, limiting viability for those without advanced sight to 10 feet in Mist Form, and 25 feet in Cloaked form.


  • Like true mist, the Mist of Kirino Nakano Kemono is easily dispersed by Wind and Heat. While Strong Winds or Flames (+2RA, Mists reform in 1 Post) can dispel the Mists, and Mild Winds and Flames (+1RA, active post only) can temporarily part sections.
  • Lighting and electric based attacks power are multiplied greatly within the mist, harming all within, both Byakko and the User, though any such energy can not escape the conductive environment. (+1RA to Electric based attacks within the Mists, and gain a 20% range boost. Damage is spread out to all within the Mists)
  • Condensed spirit particles may violently explode under certain conditions such as intense heat (+3RA Fire based Techs, Fire Based Kido #85+. Mist Destroyed in this manner take 2 posts to reform, and count as Mask Damage if in Mist Form) or immense pressure.
  • While in his Mist form, Byakko's Softer body, and loss of His Mask and Cloak, makes him more vulnerable to Physical attacks. (-1RA to Physical Defense)
  • While in his Cloaked form, Byakko's Mists become thinner, preventing him form hiding effectively, and reducing its dampening effects. The Heavy Mask and Cloak also slows him down, making him Less agile. (-1 RA towards all Dampening effects)
  • Because it takes time to Gather or Release the Mists, there is a slight delay between Forms (1 post Cooldown on Form Switch).
Techs used
Cero Niebla (Zero Mist)
Range: 2m ~ 20m, no closer than 5 feet near a target
Cero Color: Mist grey with glowing white cores.
Description: A form Cero that allows Byakko to form Cero within his Mist itself, wrapping a core of Cero energy in Mist and directing it towards the target. Because the Cero does not need to be formed in his main body, Byakko is able to use this skill to attack stealthily from the mist. This Cero's main benefit, other than it's mobility; is that, unlike most other Cero, Cero Niebla does not disperse the Mist when fired.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Powerful blast, causing major wounds, enough to remove a limb
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Powerful blast, causing major wounds, and throwing the target back
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Strong blast, causing serious wounds, breaking their guard
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Strong blast, causing minor wounds and breaking their guard.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: large blast causing minor wounds and pushing them back.

#2 Re: The Call of Justise (Private/Yuri) on Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:55 pm


Quick question. You listed that in the technique used you launched a cero. I do not see anything about a cero in the actual post. Maybe I missed it. Can you clarify for me, bro.

#3 Re: The Call of Justise (Private/Yuri) on Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:26 am


Bujoro legs moved one after the other step by step with his body moving against the opposition of the wind. His long ebony hair bounced up, and down with every pace that he took. Today was another day in the life of Mr. Tawara the Shinigami. Bujuro continued his expedition down the road of Seireitie until he finally reached the outskirts of the city. He stopped at a merchant who seemed to be selling meatbuns. Something that looked, but tasted better than a hot pocket with various aromas flowing from each steamed bun. The Shinigami’s nose tickled a little as he inhaled the odor of flavor, and began to exhale through his nostrils. The god thanked the merchant for his trade as his tender was exchanged for a clear satchel of provisions. The Shinigami had begun his slight once again into the out marvelous unknown. The sky seemed calm with clouds holding no presence or authority this day, they seemed elusive. As Bujuro made it to the outskirts of west rukongai district he noticed a small sliver of illumation that made a solid impact about three miles deep into the forest. It seemed clear to the LT of the Eight division that whoever was destroying these nest wasn’t doing the job correctly. All destruction seemed to do is agitate the hollows further, maybe they should be sealed off. Maybe that was the best course of action, but first the Death God would have to gather more information before he made such an important endeavor. As the Shinigami entered into hostile lands he noticed a mist inside of the forest that seemed to slowly swallow the environment. Bujuro cautiously entered into the wood lowering his reiatsu with each step, as his goal was to avoid combat but at least survey, and gauge the unknown. However after about six minutes it seemed that he had discovered a possible hostile. He seemed angry, and bothered with the actions of certain individuals. Most likely it was that of Shinigami, enemies of one another locked in eternal combat. However Bujuro did not act with malice towards his foe that seemed so eager for a fray. The thing that threw Bujuro off was that this Hollow seemed to boast about destroying the next in the area. Bujuro simply watched his friend or foe from afar he tossed his arms over one another, and placed his cord against the bark of a tree.

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