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Yuki Akies ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Female    

It was hard to pick up much reiatsu signature from the mist, but based on her reiatsu release and the man's smirk and unfazed behavior, Yuki deducted that he was not all he seemed to be. But whatever he was, it was definitely not Shinigami or mortal. And that meant she did not necessarily have to be careful. Her subordinate was correct. He could very well just be a distraction. Whether a bount doll, mirage or illusion, or some Hollow's trickery, things were set to be quite obvious. The mist was thick, but the vice captain could just barely detect something out there, but it was faint. Something was hiding.

Keeping her guard up, Akies listened on unimpressed to the man. What was he going on about? Was he implying that the death gods could not prevent the deaths of everyone? Too bad. Death was just an everyday thing everyone would come to meet. And as much as she would like to, defending every single soul from every Hollow was impossible. She personally did her best, as did any other Shinigami, but didn't cry too hard upon failure. If she did, she might as well hang up her zanpakutou. Focusing on what had happened never worked for anyone. If she wanted to defend people, she would look to the future. This guy obviously could not see that though. Just what was he meaning? Two comrades killed off or something? Boo-hoo.

Still, when it came to monsters killing for their own sick enjoyment, it truly was infuriating, and something the woman was not planning on forgiving anytime soon. Her sister was one like that- a monster. And she planned to deliver justice upon her. But right now, they had some mysterious and depressed person to deal with.

"So what you are saying is, my kind isn't welcomed here because two people died an untimely death?" Yuki said flatly, still in an emotionless and non-implying manner. "Innocent people die to unjust causes, and you take it out on the first people to show up here, hm? Who are you, anyway? Who are you to tell us who we should protect and what we should or shouldn't do?"

Unfazed as ever.

Location;; A wooded park in Karakura Town.
Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;; 373
Tags;; Yuki Akies, Yuki Iseiki, Byakko Ramiel training

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Byakko Ramiel ;; 3-3 ;; Adjuchas Hollow ;; Male    

As the young girl Answered him, Byakko could feel His anger rising again, like a boiling pot that was not allowed to settle. What was it about this girl that got under Byakko's skin so? Her cold demeanor, the arrogance (or maybe confidence?) in her voice? Or even some jealousy of the power the girl held, Power he himself once wielded before his fall? He did not know, but one thing he did know, was that he did not like her here, not so close to the one place he had come to think of as "Home", in centuries. As she spoke, the Mist Doll's force grew cold and plain, though a glint of the fiery rage of before could still be seen in its eyes. Byakko's voice echoed through the Mist, "Yes...Innocent. Do you know what it is like, to see two children destroyed before your eyes? No, not just Killed, not just tortured, but erased; Mind, Body and Soul, reduced to Nothingness...". As he spoke, Byakko's real body fluttered with anger, and he moved closer, as the Mist Body's voice range louder, "...and you DARE reduce it to nothing more than a accident, a mere Tragedy?!"
As Byakko drew near, something snapped, and Byakko stealthfully closed the small remaining Distance, raising His paw to strike down at the small girl, still hidden by the Mists. But in that moment, a voice split the Mists, stopping Byakko's blow, even before the downward strike, "BYAKKO!". From the Mists, a small, Elderly man approached the gathering. Though the black priest suit he wore seemed like it was 2 sizes to big on his small, hunched frame, he held himself with a confidant air, and his eyes held the glint of authority. Turning to face the old Priest, the Mist Doll gestured towards the young girl with a pleading looks "Father Dominic! These Shinigami...". With a wave of his hand, the old Priest dismissed Byakko's words "These Shinigami where doing their Jobs, until a Fool interrupted them! All I saw was a grown Man about to strike a child!". Turning towards the Shinigami girl, the old Priest bowed deeply, his voice at once grandfatherly and comforting, "I apologize for my Companion, young Miss. He is not normally so....Disagreeable. I am afraid that grief has clouded his better judgement." At this last comment, the Priest straighten up and looked not towards the Mist Doll, but deep into the Mists past the girl. "And You, Byakko, no more game, do not insult me, and our guests, with this Doll...", as he spoke, the Priest gave exaggerated flourish towards the Mist Doll. "Speak to me Face to Face, or will you make a old man entertain his guests alone? ".
There was a moment of silence in the mist, before the Mist Doll quickly dissolved into Nothingness. Over the next few seconds, the Mists gently rolled away, revealing the large, White, Tiger-like creature, only a few feet away from the young Shinigami, its head hung in shame. Brazenly, and with surprising speed, the Old man approached Byakko, stopping just short of his massive head. They stood there in silence for moment, before the Old man raised his hand and struck Byakko, hard against the head. While Byakko felt no physical pain, he felt the blow run through his spirit like a bolt, and his head dropped farther. The Old Priest looked down at the Hollow with sad eyes, before turning back towards the young Shinigami and spoke in a Quite voice.  "Once again, I apologize for my companion. Now, how can this old man make it up to you?"

Location;; Karakura Town
Word Count;; 624 words
OOC;; .

Template (c) Yuki Seika
Mist Form Deactivated
Escondido Deactivated

Yuki Akies ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Female    

Yuki stood and watched the doll unblinkingly and with little reaction to his outburst. At least in her mind, it was quite immature, but she honestly cared less for his feelings or personality. What she was more focused on was what in the world was he. Of course his behavior and actions were mildly annoying, and the vice captain began to feel he was slowly getting more and more dangerous as he went on. Keeping her guard up, she scanned the mists out of the corner of her violet eyes, slightly tuning him out, or at least his words.

And right as she expected, it approached from behind. Quickly unsheathing her zanpakutou, Yuki confidently held the long crude blade up and behind her in a defensive posture, aiming to defend with hardened reiatsu against the beast that was attacking her. A hollow? She should have known. Only they would use as cowardly of a tactic as human-formed bait. But in the end, it seemed that she had no reason to defend. The voice was completely unexpected, but it rang out nonetheless and Akies felt the mist-cloaked monster cease his attack.

Just who was he to respect a human? He was definitely a Hollow, an Adjuchas, but where were his morals coming from? It was the doll talking, but the priest held obvious authority, and the Hollow seemed to respect the elderly mortal. Naturally she held back the need to flinch at being called a child. Her physical growth rate was not in her control, and despite being centuries old she still appeared smaller than most. Thankfully her power made up for it.

Hearing the old mans' apology, the Shinigami gave a small respectful nod, but was secretly still quite unsure and confused about the entire situation. In all her experiences, she had never encountered anything like this before. It was truly a first, and Yuki was having a hard time taking it all in. Wasn't he the enemy? Hollows ate souls, so why wasn't he eating this one? Why did the human and the beast seem to be on friendly terms?

Now her suspicions on the Mist Doll had been confirmed. Narrowing her violet-hued eyes at the tiger-like being, Akies watched with hidden surprise as he hung his head further and further. What in the world was happening? Finally choosing the right words to say after carefully discerning and taking in the situation, the vice captain replied in an unfazed but polite and respectful manner. She was not the most forgiving person, but she could at least act as so before the man. "No need to apologize," she began with a small and casual sigh. "Your friend seems to have been distraught over the death of some companions. His anger and reactions are understandable."

She planned on holding back the endless stream of questions riddling through her head. The spiritually-aware priest seemed like a pretty forthcoming fellow, and the girl could only hope that he would share the scenario and his this "Byakko" was with her. Thus she introduced herself, and left a small edge in her voice for the duo to fill in the blanks. "My name is Yuki Akies, Vice Captain of the Third Division. You seem to know of Shinigami and of Hollows."

Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;; 551 after hiatus. Not bad.
Tags;; Yuki Akies, Byakko Ramiel, training

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