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#1 Cleaning up the forum! Wheeee~! on Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:34 am

Just posting in here to unofficially let everyone know I am cleaning up the boards and threads. I'm tired of archives and archived threads. On every other site I've roleplayed on, once a thread is completed it is locked and never touched again. That, and people know better than to gravedig threads over a month old. That's common RP site knowledge and on many sites, gravedigging is a rulebreak(not here, but we never have this problem thanks to RP requests). So yeah, taking down boards will hopefully give the server some room to breathe. Don't worry about your threads- they're just being moved into the board they were archived from.

This also means in the future we can make new boards and places based on demand, hehe, so don't complain just yet.

If you have objections, let me know.
This can be undone. I don't want it to be undone, but I think this will be better overall.

*is in the mode to clean up the site. after boards and communal contests, will work on GFXing.*

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