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#1 Story Book: Byakko Ramiel on Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:33 pm



Tell me your story...

Prologue: The Fall

The man knelt down, his arms hanging lumpy by his side, four bloody and torn wings draped over his back as he stared into Absolute Nothingness; single tear traced a line down his cheek till it fell and floated slowly into the swirling ball of non-existence hovering near by. "NO! It wasn't suppose to be like this!" he cried, the sorrow of his voice echoing through the night air. All his work, all his sacrifices, for nothing, all he was and what he had hoped to do where gone, swallowed the Void.
Suddenly a crazed smile crept across is face, no, there was still time, time to right this wrong, he could...."I am afraid not Seraphiel, whats done is done". As the voice spoke, a strong hand reached down and pulled Seraphiel to his feet and spun him around. Wild eyed, Seraphiel quick backed away, almost falling into the Nothingness himself, in front of him stood several winged men dressed in full armor, and though some where injured, each glew with a inner Light. Addressing the largest of the men, the one whom had spoken before, Seraphiel, his eyes frightened and his voice Pleading, "Mikhaḗl, no, you must let me try. You, above all but the Most High, knows what will happen if this mistake is not corrected!"
Mikhaḗl simply Looked down at the broken man and spoke in a sad voice, "Ai, I do, but our orders have been given; We are here to pass the Judgement of the Most High, nothing more." As Mikhaḗl spoke, a cold shiver sped down Seraphiel's spine, It was too late, the Verdict of the Most High had already been past, there was nothing more he could do. With cloudy eyes, Seraphiel feel to his knees and wept; wept not only for himself, but the suffering that would soon envelope all worlds.
As Mikhaḗl removed a scroll from his side bag, two of the winged men approached Seraphiel at either side. "Seraphiel , Chief Seraphim, Prince of the Merkabah, 8th Judge of Heaven; You stand here today accused of great Sin. In your Hatred and Pride, you sought to destroy that which is forbidden, you sought to erase the enemies of Man by your own Will, and in thus doing so, have disobeyed the direct command of the Most High. Thus your Judgment has been set and Sealed; from this moment, you are cursed. Cursed to hunt Those very same that you sought to protect, as on of those very same you sought to Destroy."
As Mikhaḗl finished, he closed the scroll and looked up at Seraphiel, as if expecting him to say something. When Seraphiel remained silent, glassy eyes staring at the ground, Mikhaḗl sighed loudly and raised his hand, looking away as one of the winged men pushed Seraphiel to the ground. When he fell to the ground, the other Winged man reached down and gripped the based of Seraphiel's ruined wings, and then with a grunt, pulled. The wings resisted for a second, but then with a sicking ripping sound, they gave way, and Seraphiel let out a blood curling scream.
His job done, the winged man let the wings fall to the ground near Seraphiel, and walked back towards Mikhaḗl. When Seraphiel's wings hit the ground, they instantly vaporized, producing a thick blanket of mist that quickly enveloped his lifeless body. Staring at the mist, Mikhaḗl whispered softly to himself
"I am sorry my old friend, if only you could have let your hatred of them go. I pray that when we meet once more, you have done just that", then with a tear running down his face, Mikhaḗl turned away, and the three men vanished in a flash of Light.

Chapter 1: The Hunt
Darkness, Endless, all consuming Darkness, as far as the eyes could see, and so close that it seemed it wanted to rob the Air from his lungs. Silently, the Man stood in that Darkness. How long had he stood there? Maybe for only moment. Possibly for Ages. Maybe he had always stood there, always been apart of this Darkness. He no longer knew. No longer cared. Then it was there. A tiny speck at first. A small "something" in the Darkness, something that did not belong. A pinpoint of white amidst a sea of black. The Man looked and wondered at this tiny thing. How small and fragile it seemed, like a dying ember from a ancient fire. Yet, there was a strength to it as well. A strange power that sparked something in the Soul of the Man. This little Ember, this tiny, fragile thing of white, even in this sea of Darkness, stood out like a shining beacon. Genitally, fearing even the slightest cress would snuff it out, the Man reached out to grab hold of the little light.
With a deep growl, the Beast awoke from Its slumber. It was the same Dream as before, the one that had been plaguing his sleep since his Birth, only a few short Weeks ago. The Beast did not know the meaning of the Dream, nor did he truly care at this point. As he was now, each day was a struggle for his very survival. Wasting energy on such pointless things would only see him Killed, if not by his fellow Hollows, then by the Shinigami who had begun to patrol his territory more regularly the past few days. While the Natural Reiryoku of the Outskirts could sustain him, the Beast knew that if he wanted to survive, he had to become more Powerful. And there was only one way to do that. It was time to go Hunting. With a Yawn, the beast stretched out his massive, tiger like body, and stepped out from the small cave he had been using as a Lair, and into the Morning light.
After several Hours, the beast settled into a large tree overlooking the Small clearing near his Den. The Sun was now high in the Sky, and yet all he had to show for the efforts was a few minor Hollows. Tail swishing in frustration, the beast settled down in contemplation. He did not remember much of his past life; not where he came from, what he did, or even his own name, yet one thing remained. The need for Power. He did not know why he needed It, only that he needed to get Stronger. And so far, that was not going as planned, not at all. Lost in his thoughts, the beast almost missed the disturbance at edge of the clearing, as a young girl stumbled into view.
Hidden by the brush, and the thin surrounding Mist, the beast watched the girl with a weary eye. He tended to avoid Humans when he could. Though many of his kind saw them as nothing more than Food, the beast felt sorry for them, more than anything. Other than the odd Shinigami, Humans where Weak and frail, hardly worth the effort. That they even survived at all in this World amazed him. And this girl was no Different. Though she wore the garb of a Shinigami, they where matted and torn, with fresh bloodstains in several spots. Even her posture spoke of inexperience and weakness. If not for the large sword strapped to her back, one that looked to big for her to even swing, he'd and doubted she was a Shinigami at all.
As the girl stumbled into the field, the beast caught the scent of something else on the Wind. Then from the deep shadows across the clearing, immersed a large feline like Hollow, one the beast knew well. This same creature had been encroaching in on his territory for the last few days, blatantly slaughtering anything it could find. It was a greedy and proud creature, and the wicked grin it wore as it approached the young girl spoke of nothing more than a Cat playing with a Mouse.
Silently, the beast watched from the trees. While the Cat Hollow had no business in the Beast's territory, this was not his fight. And if he was lucky, the Young Shinigami girl might rid him of the pest. Or at the very least, make it easier for him to do it himself before She died. With calculating eyes, the beast watched the two face off, the young Shinigami girl, hands shaking as she clutched the hilt of her over-sized sword, and the pest of a cat, slowly circling her, a dark grim on his face.
Voice quivering in both fear and exhaustion, the girls voice drifted on the air as she spoke "N-Nebelung, Yo-Your spree ends here. Did you t-think Seireitei would ignore blatant attacks on the Outer Districts? Your n-not going to get away with this!!!" At the girls words, the Cat hollow burst into a cold laugh, "HA! Girl, What is your Problem. Do you really care so much about some dirty little Peasants? I doubt your high and mighty Seireitei do. Why else would they send some little girl who can barely lift her blade, after someone like ME?! Or could it be.....". At the Hollow's words, even the beast could see her face burst into a bright red. It couldn't be, could it? ".....I'm Right!! AIN'T I!?! Did they even send you? I doubt you are even out of the Academy. Little Girl, didn't they teach you not to go wandering in the Woods. you never know what might be lurking in the Shadows. Heheheh"
the beast furrowed his brow at the Hollows words. While that would explain the girls lack of expeirance, What person in their right mind would come out to the Outskirts without the proper training. The Girl was either brave, or foolish. Having seen the nature of Humans, the beast presumed the latter. None the less, this fight had become more interesting than he had originally assumed. Face still bright red, now more out of anger than embarrassment, the young girl replied "Silence! It is the Duty if the Shinigami to protect people from your Kind! And I am here to bring that Justice!". As She spoke the young shinigami raise the large blade, and with surprising speed, and a swipe at the cat Hollow, only narrowly missing it.
No longer grinning, the cat Hollow's eye blazed as it spoke "Justice? JUSTICE?! What Justice could you ever bring, Insect? You and your kind are nothing more than Food. Stop acting so high and mighty, or..." with a surprising burst of speed, the cat Hollow's form wavered and disappeared, and reappeared behind the young girl, giving a swipe of its paw and sending her flying. "...I'll just have to correct you myself.". Again, the Hollow's form wavered and reappeared next to girl, who was sent flying backwards once more. Again, and again, like a cat at play.
With each strike, the Beast's tail twitched and his frustration grew, then with a deep growl, the beast rose from his perch and jumped softly to the Ground. This was not his fight, but he was beginning to grow tired of this Pest and his games. Preoccupied with the young shinigami girl, the cat Hollow did not seem aware of the thin blanket of Fog that had begun to spread across the clearing. As the Hollow approached the now bloodied and broken girl laying on the clearing floor, going in finally for the kill, its body stiffened, finally noticing the mist that now surrounded them.
Hidden in the rolling mists, the Beast spoke, "Pest, I have Warned you before. These are MY hunting Grounds. Why do you insist on trying my patience?" Eyes forward, the cat hollow replied in a low voice, "Nebelung!! This does not Concern you! Why are you interfering? She is Shinigami! The Enemy, OUR ENEMY!!". Nebelung, there was that name again. That was the name the Shinigami had given to the Beast. but did the little shinigami not called the other Hollow by that name? had she confused them? No matter, the time questions would come later. The beast who was known as the Nebelung began to slowly circle the Cat hollow in the Mist and with a with a growling voice spoke, "And neither is that my Concern! Do not presume to lump me in with you. I AM MY OWN ALONE!! And all I see right now are intruders in my Territory. This is your only warring Pest, Leave. Now."
Several seconds pasted in silence. Though its eyes remained forward, the Cat Hollow's ears twitched violently, seeking any hint of the Nebelung's location. Till finally, it lowered its head low to the ground, and spoke in a warning tone, "Others will hear of this Nebelung!! Do not presume you can go against your own kind!", Before racing through the Mists and back into the Forest. His own kind uh? After watching and insuring that the Cat Hollow had indeed retreated, the Nebelung turned his attention to the young shinigami girl, who was no longer on the ground, but, leaning on her large sword, still bloody and broken as before, eye's glued to his form.
With a Soft Whisper, she spoke "Nebelung..." . In a instant, the girl's eyes flared, and with a supreme effort, she raised her blade once more, pointed at the mist shrouded Hollow before her. Though Blood dripped from hands, and her body shook with both fear and pain, the girls eyes held a fire and a resolve that stirred something in the Nebelung, like a long forgotten memory. After several moments, the two standing eye to eye in the deep mists, the Nebelung silently turned away and walked back into the forest, the Mist following shortly after.
Alone at last, the Young Shinigami girl fell to her knees in exhaustion, and wept.

Chapter 2: The Path
2 weeks later
The beast known as the Nebelung sat on the large branch overlooking His Lair, eyes gleaming in the moonlight, as his mind settled into deep though. Tail twitching in frustration, the Nebelung's mind drifted to the words that the Pest had spoken several weeks ago. His own Kind? Was he really nothing more than a Hollow? True, he did not care much for Shinigami, but neither did he the other Hollows of the Outskirts. He had never felt any kind of Kinship or connection with that ilk. In fact, with each passing day, with each act he witnessed, he felt his disgust for these creatures grow. Greed, Rage, Lust for Power, Death, Destruction, that was all that ever came from their Actions. But was he any different? did he not also desire power? Even now, he could feel the tug of Hunger, the urge to Hunt. Did that make him nothing more than another beast to be slaughtered?
His frustration building, his thoughts racing, the Nebelung rose from his perch and let loose a deep shaking roar, breaking the silent of the night. What was the point of dwelling on such thoughts? It was a waste of his energy. Shaking his head clear, the Nebelung jumped from the tree and turned towards his Den. As he did so, a glimmer of movement from the far side of the near by clearing caught his eye. As the Nebelung, slipped quietly into the Shadows, a lone figure stepped out of the Forest on the other side of the clearing. A small girl dressed in the Black of the Shinigami, a large Sword strapped to her back. The Girl from that time. Annoyed, the Nebelung let loose a low growl that reverberated through the air. It looked like his initial assumptions where correct, the girl was indeed correct. Not only had she returned, even after he had spared her once, but even a fool could see that she was still heavily wounded from before.
Condensing the Mist around him, the Nebelung took on his full Hollow form, reverting it to his near featureless Mask and draping himself in its cloth like Mists, then stepped out from the Shadows. He did not like to take this form often, preferring the feel of the Wind against his Fur and he Hunted, but the Girl needed to be reminded what she faced, what he was. As he approached the girl, the Nebelung contemplated his what he would say. He did not deal with Shinigami often, he found then to be a troublesome bunch, and did his best to avoid them. Though something told him that such would not work on this girl. Better to scare her off. As he neared, the Nebelung stopped and looked the girl over. She was foolish indeed, though he had to admire her some what; very few would be up to walking in her condition, even with the weeks to heal. If nothing else, she was stubborn.
With a Deep growl, the Nebelung spoke, attempting to sound as intimidating as possible, "Girl, why have you returned? Do you seek your death so readily? Or do you think because I showed Pity once, that you will be so lucky a second time?". As he spoke, the girl simply stared at him eyes steady and unblinking. though fear was clearly visible in them, so was that burning fire of before. With a soft voice, as if both asking a question and making a statement at once, the girl spoke, "Hollow Identification Number #334Tr544, Codename 'Nebelung', 'The Creature in the Mist'. A large, Feline type Hollow. Appeared in the Outskirts of the 74th West District, four Months ago. When it first appeared, reports where Minimal, the only early records report a large creature moving through thick Fog in the early Mornings and Late afternoon. No known attacks on Konpaku outside of Its Territory. That is till a month ago, when reports of a large feline Hollow attacking outlaying Rukongai districts at night, began to come in...."
The Nebelung tried not to show his surprise. How long had Seireitei been watching him? Had he underestimated their network? It might be time to relocate his lair. And what was this about Attacks? What attacks? While the Nebelung did not care much for the tiny humans of the near by Soul Society, he had never had a need, or would he have been so foolish, to directly Hunt within the Rukongai's boundaries. He found his fellow Hollow to be much better Pray. Then it hit him. A Month ago. That was when the Pest had shown up. That Foolish creature. Not only had it drawn the Seireitei's attention, he had led them right to the Nebelung's door step. He would have to deal with the Pest once and for all. For now though, what to do with the Girl?
The Nebelung stood silent for a moment, eyes locked on the Girl's, till finally he spoke in a quite voice, "Leave Girl, and count yourself lucky that I have other matters to attend to. If I find you in my territory again, do not expect to leave unharmed".
As he spoke, a glint lit in the girls eyes, and she took a step towards him voice higher and more energetic than last, "But that wasn't you! Was It?! There's something going on here! I...." with a voice that caused the surrounding air to vibrate, the Nebelung roared, "LEAVE!!! NOW!!!" As the air settled into a unnatural silence, the Nebelung turned away from the girl, and towards the forest, he spoke in a softer voice, "This does not concern you Girl. This is my last Warning. Do not let me see you again." Then he speed into the Forest shadows, leaving the girl behind, a look of frustration creasing her brow. In the Shadows across the clearing, dark eyes watched.
Several Hours Later
The Nebelung sighed in Frustration. Several hours of Hunting for the Pest had turned up Nothing. He half hoped that the Pest had moved on. Though he knew it was foolish to hope so. No, something was not right. Not only had he not been able to the Pest, but many of the other lesser Hollows he had come to expect in the area as well. The Nebelung's instincts told him that something was very wrong tonight. Like a shadow was slowly creeping up on him. Even in his Mists, the Nebelung could not shake the feeling that he was being watched, and even as he approached his Lair, he constantly threw glances over his shoulder, as if expecting to find someone there. After several moment, he began to draw near his lair. But when he broke into the outlaying clearing, a scent wafted towards him on the gentle wind. Blood.
Then he saw her, the young Shinigami girl laying in the middle of the field, the grass stained red. Surprising even himself, the Nebelung felt his heart jump and his mind raced. With a burst of speed, he cleared the Distance to the girl in seconds, and looked down at the unconscious girl. Had her wounds reopened? What had she been thinking? Coming to the Outskirts in her condition. No, these wounds where fresh, and their position, they where not random, they where meant to debilitate, but not Kill, like, like Bait.
Instantly, the Nebelung 's mind went into combat Mode, and a cloud of thick mist erupted from his body, quickly filling the clearing. At the same instance, he lept backwards, just as a stream of needle like objects screamed though the air, landing where he had just been. Mind racing, the Nebelung stretched out his senses through his Mists, towards the direction of the attack. Who were they? How many? from which direction? Had the Shinigami finally come for him? No, why use the Girl then? Someone else then? Instantly his mind jumped to the Pest and his warning. A dark rage building in his chest, the Nebelung let loose a roar that shook the surrounding Mists, "PEST!!!". As the Mist settled, a Low chuckle could be heard from within, "Now now Neby, calm yourself, What good does your Mists do you, if your Bloodlust makes you a huge target...." as if to instill the point, the Nebelung was forced to once again step back, as another barrage of needles scream through the air. As he landed, a large Tail came swinging through the Mist from behind, connecting with his hind legs and sending him flying to the side. As the Nebelung struggled upward, he once again sent his senses through the Mist, but could not find anything. He needed to calm down, he needed to determine how many there where, and from where they would attack, and his Hot blood was interfering. Again, a low chuckle could be heard through the Mists, "Why so mad Neby? It could not be because of the Girl? Could it?" Then in a low voice that dripped Venom, "I Warned you Nebelung. Did you think you would get away with betraying your own? Do you still think yourself Human? Ha, what a fool you are."
As his blood began to cool, the Nebelung began to extend his senses once more, more calmly scanning for any sign of the enemy. Though it was faint, he felt as though he could feel four others in the Mist, including he girl. He needed more time. In a calmer voice, though one edged with hostility, the Nebelung spoke into the Mists, "What are you doing here Pest? Did I now warn YOU not to show yourself again within my Territory? I showed pity on you once, but no longer". As he spoke, a low growl, emanated from his Left "I am starting to get sick of your Attitude, Nebelung. Always looking down on Me. Learn your Place!..." as the other Hollow spoke, the Nebelung made a swipe through the Mists at the voice, just missing, as a chuckle sounded, "...But it is not to late Neby. We are willing to forgive you, to 'overlook' this whole mess. But you must first Prove yourself." Suddenly, a high pitched cry broke through the Mist. Turning, the Nebelung found the Pest standing near the Girl, another, Snake like Hollow, wrapped tightly around her, its blade like tail pointed at her Chest.
"Kill the Shinigami, Nebelung, and all will be forgiven." the dark rage once again building, the Nebelung started towards them, his voice heavy with bloodlust "Leave her Pest! she has nothing to do with this!!". With a cold laugh, the Hollow answered in return, "Oh! but she does! This Insect has been a pain in my side for Months now. Come Neby, I am offering you a chance at redemption, what do you say?". As the question hung silently in the air, the Nebelung looked remained silent, anger and hatred burning in his Eyes. "Is that a No? Oh well, I tried...", the Hollow said mockingly, "...Kurohebi, Kill her.". In an Instant, the Blade like tail of the Snake Hollow moved forward, piercing the young girl through the chest.
As the young Shinigami let loose a scream, the Nebelung's own, one not of words, but if pure range and sorrow, mingled with it on the Night air, as he rushed forward, aiming for the neck of the Pest. In his blind rage, the wing was wide, and the two easily dodged, slinking back into the Mist, leaving the Nebelung and the girl alone in the middle of the Mist. As he approached the girl, she gave a small cough as she opened her eyes, blood flying into the air. Even to his untrained eyes, the Nebelung could tell it was not good. With clouded eyes, she looked up at him and smiled, then spoke weakly "We've got to stop meeting like this.". The Nebelung drew nearer, as to hear better, and spoke in a soft voice, "Quite, your lung's been pierced, speaking will only make it worse". Though he said that, he was not sure how her condition could get any worse. Ignoring him, the girl spoke again, her grin spreading, "I knew *cough* I knew it wasn't you....You Know, I've been thinking, Nebelung doesn't fit you. Your not a Cat. Your a Tiger. Kinda silly, *cough* ain't it? It took awhile, but how about Byakko? The Tiger of the West? It has a nice ring to it? doesn't it? " and the girl spoke, she broke out into a coughing fit, the large hole in her chest bleeding heavily. "Be silent...", he said, as she settled, "Rest, I will end this now."
With a smile, the young girl lay her head down once more and spoke in weak voice, "Ya, I-I'll do that." Then slowly, her eyelids fell, and she was still.
The Nebelung stood there for a moment in silence, starting at the girl, before another voice broke through the Mist. "I do hope you enjoyed your little Chat, what was it she called you? Byakko? think of it as my last little gift to you, before I Kill you." As the sound of the three Hollows laughter reverberated through the Mist, a massive wave of Reiatsu, mixed with intense Bloodlust washed over the clearing, stopping them in their tracks. as they watched, the surrounding Mists began to thicken and darken. Then through the Mists, the Nebelung looked at the Pest, his eyes burning with a intense white light, Cold and Hard like that of a distant Star. The Pest froze as a new emotion enveloped him, one he had not felt since his death as Human. Terror. Suddenly, Hundreds of Tiny pinpoints of light begin to form in the Mists, Illuminating the shadows of the Three Hollows, and the Nebelung spoke, "Cero Niebla".

Part 1 Epilogue
The Nebelung stood in the Mist covered Clearing, panting heavily, as the destroyed bodies of the Hollows slowly dissolved around him, the now rising Sun casting the dispersing Mists into a deep red. It felt as though the slightest jar would shatter his body. He had used far too much power. He needed to find somewhere to recover. It would not end well if any more Hollows had been drawn to the Sounds of the Battle. But before that, there was still one last thing to do. Standing up fully, the Nebelung turned and approached the body of the young Shinigami Girl. He could not do much, but he at least owned her a proper burial.
As he approached however, he jumped backwards as two Men, dressed in the Shinigami black, appeared next to her body, Sword readied on Him. The First man Looked up at the him with unshielded anger as he spoke "Crap, It looks like we are too late Captain. Sorry for not catching up to you sooner." He watched the Men carefully as a Tall Woman, and another man emerged from the Shadows and approached the girls body, the Man quickly kneeing at her side. The Shinigami Captain stopped next to the girl, but her eyes never left the Nebelung. Grinding his teeth, the man from before twisted his blade as he spoke."Blasted Hollows!".
As he moved to attack, the Caption stretched out her arm to Block him, eyes still on the Nebelung, glinting as if she was trying to decipher a puzzle. Suddenly, the man by the girl spoke up, his voice louder than attended with excitement, "Captain! She's Alive! We have to hurry, She'll not last much longer!". With a uplifted eyebrow, the Captain for the first time removed her eyes from the Nebelung, and looked down at the young girl with a smile. Even the Nebelung, though his focus was on the Captain, sneaked a peak and his heart jumped as he noticed the slight rise and fall of her chest. Turning her eyes once more to the Nebelung, the Captain again studied Him for a silent moment, before turning around and heading towards the forest.
Mouth agape, the first man spoke out, "But Captain! What about the Hollow!?!. Turing towards the man, the Captain raised a eyebrow, as if asking a unspoken Question. The Man looked up at his Captain with a spark of Fear in his eyes, and then after a killing look towards the Nebelung, followed after her. The Two other men quickly, but gentley gathered the young Shinigami girl, and followed after them as well. Not one to question good faith, the Nebelung Turned around the opposite direction and headed his own way. As he neared the Forests edge, he heard a woman's voice, soft and somewhat familiar, drift across the field towards him, "Nebelung, Remember this. Where we are Born, or what we are, does not define WHO we are. Everyone has the right to choose that themselves."
Stopping at the edge of the Forest, the Nebelung looked back over his shoulder to find the Captain standing alone at the opposite edge, her back to him. Turing back towards the Forest, the Nebelung was silent for a moment, before replying simply, "...It's Byakko.", then disappeared into the Forest Mists.

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Woot! Took a lot longer than I thought it would, but Part 1 is FINISHED!!! Tell me what you think!

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