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#1 Anomaly on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:06 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
The Rogue Begins To Move

Being the lazy shinigami that he always was, Epizon was resting in a roof top in the world of the living. He knew that he was in no danger of being discovered since soul society considered him dead already. Things had gotten pretty slow after he had become a rogue. Every now and then he would happen upon a hollow and make short work of the poor fellow. He wouldn’t target a hollow roaming around aimlessly but only the hollows that were a danger to someone or something. Sometimes he would notice a few shinigami moving around but his reiatsu was hidden well enough to be discovered by any of them. He was far too experienced to be traced by simple unseated members of his own squad or any other squad for that matter. No captain or vice captain ever visited the world of the living under normal conditions any way.

”I wonder what’s Anamist doing?” he thought as he looked at a child with a familiar face. The same child that was the reason why he was still alive. The girl who Anamist had taken under his care: Rui. Epizon came around to look over her quite frequently as he felt indebted to the child and also because she was quite a cute little girl. Being aware of her unusual reiatsu, he thought it wise to keep a watch for her and take down those pesky hollows that kept coming for her. He also thought that the soul society might figure something out about her and then try to use her to get to Anamist. As long as Epizon was around, he wasn’t going to let any harm come to her or his arrancar friend.

It was then when he felt it, a large source of reiatsu. ”What’s this? Reiatsu? So dense, so powerful. Where is it coming from?” he questioned himself as he stood up. He wasn’t using a gigai so normal humans wouldn’t be able to see him. The source seemed to be at quite a distance from his location but it was powerful enough to be felt all the way from here. ”I have to check this out” decided Epizon as he turned to cast a last gaze at Rui. The girl was already looking towards him but didn’t say nothing. Epizon waved to her and she smiled one of those cute little smiles as she ran away. ”May be even she felt something. This means that my former allies won’t remain still either. I wonder what kind of nuisance would they be sending to investigate. And those pesky hollows, they would most certainly swarm this thing. I need to be fast.”

Epizon touched the hilt of his dark blade, it had been a while since he had to use it. May be it wouldn’t be long now when his comrade would be unsheathed again. Things will certainly fall into disarray if that happened but it would only happen if there was no other choice. That would come later, the first task was getting there. ”Alright then, time to move” nodded Epizon as he disappeared using shunpo, he was now headed for the source of the reiatsu.

The source had appeared in the desert, a small village was located nearby. It had a small population as well but that population had now withered away. It had only been a few moments but the reiatsu was already too overwhelming for normal humans. Gargantas had begun to open around the source as swarms of foolish hollows headed for it. Like flies attracted to a light source, these mindless creatures headed straight into death without a moment’s hesitation. Some remained around it, possibly having no clue what to do or having no control but to remain there for no reason at all. The desert wind blew as the silent song of death played its melody. Supposedly the sun in the desert was meant to be merciless, the situation was now changed because of this anomaly’s appearance.

While the hollows circled around the reiatsu source, Epizon arrived at the village not long after he had set off. He entered a house where human bodies had withered away and only ash remained as a reminder of their existence. This reiatsu was unusual and its effect on normal beings was very unusual. Hiding his abnormal reiatsu Epizon peeked through a window and looked at the swarm of hollows. It wouldn’t be long since shinigamis would begin to arrive. ”Obviously you won’t leave such power to anyone else. Sadly for soul society, I won’t let it fall into their hands”. Epizon dragged a chair near to the window and sat in the darkness of the small room. In the darkness, he was wearing a black colored cape with a hood on his head. Only a few with an exceptional reaitsu detection would be able to detect his presence; detecting his reiatsu was a different matter though.

Location;; Small Village, Desert
Muse;;8 /10
Word Count;; 823
Tags;; Epizon Psychi,
OOC;; Entry Post for Epizon

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#2 Re: Anomaly on Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:51 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Darkness. It was the only thing he saw, nothing but a blank void in the veil of eternity, only to be shattered by the screams and the fire of those who called him "Monster", "Demon", "Murderer of the innocent". These voices went around in the darkness, never allowing him peace as the fire illuminated the darkness and came to him, burning his flesh and turning his body to ash...

Luke shot up from his covers, taking heavy breaths to the point of hyperventilation, his hand holding his chest uselessly in a attempt to keep the feeling of his chest about to exploded but he managed to calm down enough to stand up, only in his black but rather feminine panties and go to the bathroom and have a drink of water from the sink and looked into the mirror, his right hand was bandaged in sealing bandages that kept his infection in his right hand isolated in his right hand while on his left lower arm, was the tattoo of a silver wolf, a last parting gift from Mercry before he had passed on, fortunately, since there was no body, no one could press charges but it was something he regretted and no amount of time would ever replace the friend he had lost.

He turn the faucet and let the cold water fill the basin up until it was near the hole at the top before dipping his hands in the water and splashed his face with the water to wake himself up, shivering a little from the coolness of the water on his skin, he wiped his face was a nearby black towel and got dressed into his black and red Gi, loose red trousers and black haori as well as his black horse ridding gloves to cover both hands, he didn't want anyone finding out what hid behind the bandages until his right hand, the only people that did know was lieutenant Iro from the kido corps, Seiko from squad four, the man who had found him the night he fought the black hollow from squad four and Epizon had briefly seen it when it had regressed but he hadn't seen it fully formed like he imaged it to be under his bandages.

He had about gotten his zanpakuto in place, tucked in comfortably at his side in his red silk obi when a hell butterfly came to his window.

"A hell butterfly this early in the morning? this had better be good" Luke spoke softly to himself as he pulled his boots on and went to the hell butterfly that then flew to his shoulder and relayed its message.

"Message for Lieutenant Yuki Akies and Third Seat Luke Yasenha, unknown and unstable spiritual energy has been detected in the world of the living, the two people that this message is for are required to come with squad twelve to the site in the world of the living to analize the spiritual energy and what is causing it, the energy, whatever it may be, cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the hollows as we believe this has negative effects on humans coming within range of this energy, message ends" The hell butterfly finished its message and flew off, he looked around.

"I need to be going then, although the lieutenant is busy with dealing with filling in for the captain so I don't want to bother her now with this, I'd better go, she can always come if she needs to" Luke thought out loud to himself before heading out through the garden door and headed to the squad twelve barracks, using his shunpo to get there faster.

Upon reaching the gates to the squad twelve barracks, he saw a squad made up of varies unseated members, although he wasn't too fond of them, he saw one of them turn to him.

"Oh, Third seat Yasenha, so nice of you to come, you got the message at least, now, we have a device for you to help you track down the source of the spiritual energy that has suddenly appeared in the world of the living..." he told Luke before handing him a pair of what he recognized as a pair of type-01 reishi goggles, with a red slit down the middle and a black Matt finish on the visor and a thick strap on the back with some material that would come down to the tips of his lips like teeth. "...The device has been modified to be able to find and locate a more definite source for the energy, we'll be at a safe distance, analyzing the data received by your goggles, Third seat Yasenha, do you understand?"He asked Luke and he simply nodded, wanting to get away from them as soon as possible and took the goggles and put them on, seeing the HUD boot up with various devices for detecting reiatsu and spiritual energy, a GPS and targeting system when he was getting nearer the strange energy and would then start to point him in the right direction.

"Thank you, now let's get going to the senkaimon, every second that passes, more people will die and our enemies get one second closer to the energy" Luke told them, ordering them to follow him before launching into shunpo they couldn't even see, let alone follow but it wouldn't take long for them to get to the central senkaimon, giving him enough time to show the guards at the senkaimon the mission report and getting them their passes until they eventually arrived and Luke was able to walk through the senkaimon as his vision filled with light.

They came out in a small village, although it looked deserted and a sick feeling was coming to Luke's stomach, he could just about feel the strange reiatsu so he left the squad twelve guys to set up their equipment while he started his journey towards the large desert that was in front of him, he put his haori together and took a piece of thick cloth from his inner haori pocket to wrap around his mouth to prevent sand from getting in his mouth. Although once he had gotten onto the first sand dune and had a look around, he realized that he had a lot of walking and searching to do if he was to even have a chance of finding it in time; the area was massive, beyond Luke's physical sight could see, although the HUD was giving him a general directly which was north east so he decided to get on with it and headed in that direction.

"This's not hollow and it's definitely not like a reiatsu memory fragment or even a infected type so what on earth is causing such dramatic effect on those around...did it even cause this desert itself? I guess the only way to find out is to press on and hope I find something before anyone else does" Luke thought solemnly to himself as he took his first steps into the unforgiving desert, hoping he wouldn't have to deal with anything on the way to finding what secret was within the sea of sand and death.

Modified Reishi Goggles appearance but with the orange strip across the goggles red instead of orange:

Location;; Desert, World of the living
Word Count;; 1,197
Tags;; Luke, Epizon
OOC;; Entry post for Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#3 Re: Anomaly on Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:53 am


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta3-2|===-

Word Count: 1090

Shujinta slowly opened his eye as the light of a new day broke through the cracks of his house. He had no real means of judging the time here and relied mostly on guessing and instinct. So far he had not been disappointed. 'Is it really time to stand up again?' He whispered, more to himself than to anybody who might be listening in on him. Obviously, he didnt receive an answer. The boy rose from his outdated bed and took a look at the room. All around his sleeping place were papers, half opened books and sketches of fighting stances and kido spells that he had been practicing the day before. He yawned for another few minutes before finally standing up and stretching. Something is telling me that this day is about to be really really busy...fate must have something special in store today... As usual his first action was taking his Shikai into his hands and doing a few small morning practices that involved one of his books accidently being cut in two pieces. 'Shit...' He frowned and put his weapon away again. He was not so keen to tidy up his room at the moment, something that hadnt changed in the past near 200 years since he died, and so he left his room through the back door. Still wearing his rugged sleeping pants, that also served as his practice pants, he moved through his small backyard and watered his plants.
...really hope i wont have to do the same basic "monitoring" again as the past few really is getting repetetive... Altough his thoughts were somewhat negative he smiled. Taking care of his plants sure helped him relieve some of his stress.

He was almost done with his usual morning task when he felt a small disturbance in the room behind him. Knowing that feeling he sighed and put down the watering can. The last few plants would have to wait until he came back. Then he turned around and took a look at the black butterfly that had landed on his window and was patiently waiting for Shujinta to acknowledge it. 'Now, now, what is it?' the boy asked, trying to sound not allto displeased with the sudden appearance of the messenger. The butterfly left ground and flew towards the young shinigami. When the two touched Shujinta could hear the recorded message.
"Message for: Shujinta Tsuranagai, currently assigned to the... Shujinta flinched. This was not the voice of his usual supervisor but his captain speaking. That was not only rare, it had not happened to him before. Suddenly he could feel his pulse rising and he quickly put on his clothes and wrapped himself in his mantle. Taking his weapon into his hands gave him the final feeling of being prepared for the message so he continued listening.
...take care of you. This will be your first mission in the world of the living so be well prepared. The source of the reiatsu has not yet been declared harmless, so i would advise you to be very cautious in your approach. Since this is a basic recon mission you are not to undertake any offensive activities unless you see yourself or another allied Shinigami in danger. Good luck! Message ends.   Suddenly exhaling made Shujinta realise that he had been keeping his breath in all the while listening to the message. The butterfly was leaving through his window and it was highly doubtfull that it would wait for him and the boy was still staring at it.
For Real? I am to go into the world of the living? Already? I thought that was only for the higher ups! Quick, i have to remember all the stuff about the world of the living and the procedere! He started moving almost instantly, digging through his notes for all the necessary information, before he decided to hope for the best and moved out of his house, following the butterfly. Fate has yet to leave me hanging...  

Shujinta left the Senkaimon with slightly shaking feet. It had been a long time since he had last been in the world of the living. 173 Years to be exact and he had not exactly pleasureful memories of the last time. He did not know the location he was at and still, he had the feeling that the world had changed a lot since his last time. The air tasted different, the sounds seemed strange and the whole feeling the world gave off to him felt weird and... almost plain.
Except that one strange sensation as if a burning needle was located at his neck.That must be the source of the reiatsu that i am to check out...feels weird and somehow...i dont know...weird. What do you think about it Kiryotama Nomumigiri-sama? As usual, his Zanpakuto did not answer when asked directly like that. Shujinta turned and faced the direction of the reiatsu source. While his one eye was scanning the surrounding area he slowly adjusted his feelings to the source. This revelead several slimy objects moving all around the area. Probably hollows?... Shujinta had yet to meet more than the usual practice hollow that were shown in the academy and could only guess at the origin of those feelings. For a second he blinked. Is there something else? I could swear that tingling sensation was not here a second before...  He blinked again and shook his head. Must be my anxiety...relax Shujinta, you are well prepared for this mission, otherwise you wouldnt have been sent off just like that, right? Suddenly he could feel a firework of feelings, all more or less similar to the creepy sensation of the hollows and the burning hot sense of the source, pop up all around the area. Some were familiar and he guessed those were the other Shinigami that he was told about while some had a texture that he had never felt before. As he was not explicitly told to meet up with other Shinigami he decided to stay back for now and tried to block his reiatsu from leaking out as much as possible while at the same time moving in the shadows of the small buildings he had landed in between off. He held his Zanpakuto tightly and close to himself, ready to flee whenever something should come to close to his position. Slowly he approached the edge of the desert, monitoring the emotional dots of reiatsu all around him. 'I wont let this chance slip by me that easy...' he whispered.

#4 Re: Anomaly on Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:08 pm


To all people involved in the plot.

This plot is going to continue now, Skip Koji until he becomes active. Epizon has left meaning that he will not be RPing anymore so he for some reason had to go away from the plot maybe involving leaving the light on or something.

Refer to the plot joining area to see the posting order, minus Epizon and Koji until he posts.

Please hurry this along also so Yuki can start the Simetera plot which will get the arrancar and hollows all happy. That is all.

#5 Re: Anomaly on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:26 am

{Damnit…} thought D’gerik {the last thing I wanted to do . . . spending my time looking for things to make Dante even more powerful. . . Like hell. I want the bastard dead is what I want! But, if I don’t do it . . . .} D’gerik sighed lightly as his superiors continued lecturing him about his orders and his seemingly negative work ethic. Just like every other scouting mission he’d been sent on, D’gerik had silently complained to himself about it, and once again Muerte caught wind of it.

“I’m getting tired of this attitude of yours, Blackheart . . . I know you know your place, and I know you’d much rather live to fight another day in glory than suffer what punishments would await you otherwise! Now get up, get your gear in order, and let us be moving. The reports said that it came from the world of the living, so perhaps you’ll get to have some fun after all. . .” D’gerik simply looked at Muerte, sighing once more before replying in the only way he possibly could. “Yes sir. . .”

“Fun”. D’gerik thought about Muerte’s words. He used to take so much pleasure in battle, in fighting, in murder. Everything about it called to him. The cries of agony from his victims, that reminded him why he was the way he was in the first place. He got his revenge on the families that wronged him and more, and he came to enjoy his title, “Blackheart”. Yet slowly, this feeling, this lust for death and destruction was slowly fading. . . Why? This was the question beating at his mind, and the one question he could not find the answer to. Perhaps it was due to his reason for fighting having changed? Because it was no longer about revenge or survival? Whatever the cause in the end, D’gerik knew for certain that one factor of his current misery was that foul creature known as Dante, the arrancar king who essentially enslaved D’gerik because he happened to stumble upon his grounds. And now here he stood, upon the foot of the very king’s throne, listening on to his rambling about the object they were being sent to find.

“The anomaly is, in its current state, unstable. I however, plan to fix that. So you will retrieve it, and you shall bring it to me, I will take care of the rest.” said Dante. And like humans ready to fight for their country, all but D’gerik answered, “Yes my lord, Dante!” And with those orders in hand, they walked in formation towards the center of the throne room, and made their way through a Garganta, and into the world of the living.

Greeting them upon their arrival was a massive desert, expanding as far as the eye can see, human or otherwise in every which direction. “Pestilencia” called out Muerte. “Since you are so excited about this task, I’ve decided to nominate you as our scout. According to Dante’s sources, it should be directly north of here.” He instructed. “Well go on then, we’ll catch up, I doubt you will encounter any detours. . .”

{Nothing but a nuisance.} D’gerik thought. Hatred for his new masters aside, he might as well get moving. At least it would have been the perfect excuse to get away from everyone for a while. D’gerik wasn’t planning on doing his job, other than actually reaching his destination. He was sure that there would be unwanted interruptions, be it Shinigami, or other hollow, but he would much rather watch and hope that one of his own “comrades” get removed from the equation. If necessary, he would pretend to fight. {It’s not all that bad I suppose. . . I don’t really HAVE to fight, after all. . . And who knows; maybe I can find a way to increase my own power while I’m at it.  Anything to end that . . . thing.}

He continued forwards, through desert sands, at a pace the others would love to be able to match. D’gerik knew he was making excellent time, and knew that he was free to do what he wanted for the next twenty minutes or so, knowing the others. He continued for some time before coming across what looked like a human made structure. A sort of look-out post, and behind that a now abandoned, fenced in area, littered with tents, sandbags, and other seemingly random items. He looked back, seeing nothing but the empty sands, and thought {Might as well. . .}

Upon further inspection, D’gerik noticed that this encampment was not abandoned, but annihilated. Even with all the sand, there were visible layers of dust, and human litter scattered about and evidence that there was movement there not many days ago. The camp was bustling. And now . . . it’s just . . . dead.{What is it you have sent us after, Dante CarmesiHoja?. . .} It was then that an idea sparked within D’gerik’s head. He had no reason to inform his companions of this location, much less inform on what he found there, he didn’t really care, so why bother, perhaps knowledge that he possesses but others do not will come to serve him later on.

D’gerik would rest for a moment, “tidy up” to be rid of the evidence, and be on his way. For the rest of the trip, he would find no other such encampments, making it just an unpleasant stroll through a flaming hot desert at high speeds. However, being armed with the knowledge he had just obtained, D’gerik smiled lightly beneath his deformed mask and thought aloud; “Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. . .”

Location;; Desert, World of the living
Word Count;; 960
Tags;; Luke, Shujinta, D'gerik
OOC;; Entry post for D'gerik (Sorry it took so long)
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#6 Re: Anomaly on Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:07 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
Beware of the dark

There were numerous weak reiatsu roaming around that one big source of reiatsu. Those hollows were really like swarms of flies, hovering around the food and making irritating noises. Epizon couldn’t help but admit that he had the urge to jump out there and go crazy, slaughter each and every single one of them. He was sure that some shinigami from the soul society would come in sooner or later to play the hero. He would do something similar to what he wanted to do in the name of ‘justice’ or something similar. So he had no need to move a muscle, he just had to sit around and watch. If it came to a point where someone could acquire it, only then he would make his move.

”It’s not just you flies, there are more” he thought as more reiatsu began to appear. He was only sitting there, in a dark room of a house whose residents had died because of the reiatsu source. The lighting of the scene enabled him to see outside from the window but there was no light inside the room, so from outside it would only appear as a dark room. The hooded cloak that was wearing also helped to hide him since it too was black. ”Shinigami..arrancar, they have begun to notice and like hunters to their prey, they have begun to move. Are they really the hunters though I wonder” he thought with an evil smirk on his face.

”Oye dragon.. yeah you, ya dumb dragon” a dark voice echoed in his inner world, audible only to Daimanos. The dragon didn’t reply but that didn’t stop the evil being from speaking, ”You know it don’t you? It won’t be long now. He’s drowning in darkness, look at him, look at that evil face, those eyes, that smile; he’s going to be mine and you know it” said the voice provoking the zanpakuto spirit. Again, there was no reply but he suppressed the presence of the source of this voice before Epizon could notice it. ”The one who wields me can’t be weak enough to fall to you” thought Daimanos to himself. He had noticed that Epizon had altered after meeting with that arrancar. He didn’t wish to admit it but there was something dark about Epizon now and that only seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

His presence was still hidden and only the most skilled would notice where he was. Even if he was noticed, would someone wish to confront him though? He was hoping that no one would disturb he, he was here merely as a spectator.

Location;; Dark room, near the reiatsu source
Muse;; 9/10
Word Count;; 437
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Side plot, Anomaly

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#7 Re: Anomaly on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:07 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Just as Luke got down to business and started his journey, a sandstorm started to surge around him, although he was glad that he had put on the fabric around his mouth so the sand didn't get into his mouth but he then heard a loud bang go off near his ear but he didn't have time as the HUD inside his goggles went out for a few minutes, causing him to walk straight into a sand dune, making him cough before getting up and pulling the goggles off his face; when he looked at it, he found that a small part that was properly the modification the squad twelve members had made had shorted out from the sand. he tried to put it back on and although the HUD had been restored, the tracker for the unique spiritual pressure had gone along with whatever device was used to power it.

"Damn it, stupid piece of junk..." Luke muttered before pulling the goggles over his eyes, they would still provide some protection from the sand towards his eyes so he could see more clearly, although when he tried to move out, his hand felt something metallic and, by digging at sand around the dune, he found that the sand had covered a metallic doorway, covered in symbols Luke couldn't quite read straight away before he tried the goggles radio to the investigation squad.

"Hey, I just found a door, it could possibly lead to where the energy is but there's no obvious way to access it, the area is clear for now and I'll transmit my location to you" Luke spoke, hoping that the radio worked and that he wasn't looking like a complete idiot by talking to himself in the middle of a desert but fortunately, the silence was broken by the voice of one of the squad twelve members.

"Third seat Yasenha...trouble...only one left...I'm on-route...require assistance..." Came a voice that Luke hadn't heard before, it wasn't the guy from before but a female but Luke had a bad feeling that something had nearly wiped out all the members of squad twelve investigation squad beside one who was running towards him as fast as her legs could carry her as a swam of hollows chased her, Luke, feeling that they were regular hollows that his goggles confirmed, he flash stepped much faster then the woman could see and by the time she turned around, she would see him and the hollows had been dealt with, his faceless visage scaring her till he pulled the goggles up and his mask down.

"You ok?" Luke asked her, at seeing his face, she relaxed and regained her composure quickly.

"Yes, I'm fine, Third seat Yasenha, I'm afraid the others were not so fortunate to survive getting jumped by hollows and I was counting myself lucky that I got away from them so you could take care of them" the woman said scarily coldly for someone who just watched her entire investigation squad get wiped out but he decided not to ask anything else and lead her to the door, she looked at it and touched it, getting a spark of spiritual energy when her hand made contact.

"Oww, damn, there's a barrier around the door but it's not one from the soul society nor one that hollows or arrancar would use, it's almost like its..." She lifted a laptop-like device from under her arm and opened it up, extending a stand and attaching a small monitoring device on it.

"Whatever the barrier is, it's quite old so it's not a recent one, if you give me some time, I'll find some way to break through it" she told him, already reading through the readouts and going through the process of going through the data.

"Go ahead, I'll make sure your not interrupted but just to make sure..."Luke told her before sliding his goggles back on and turned his radio back on.

"Attention all shinigami active in the current area, we've found a possible entrance into what might be a underground section of the desert which can lead to the anomaly, if you are receiving this, respond on my channel and you'll get the current location, this message will repeat every half a hour" Luke spoke into the radio on a open channel to any shinigami that were also deployed here in hopes they could come aid him in defending the last remaining squad twelve member and hopefully, beat their enemies to the source.

Location;; Desert, World of the living
Word Count;; 744
Tags;; Luke, Epizon, Shujinta, D'gerik

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#8 Re: Anomaly on Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:26 am


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta3-2|===-

Current Tier3-1

Word Count: 797

A sudden earthquake made the ground tremble beneath Shujinta's feet and forced him to crouch in the shadow of the house he had been walking in. Just a few mere seconds after that he saw a few shadows above him flash-stepping across the sky and land on the roof on the opposite site of the street.  'Oy!... ' He started his sentence, but was interrupted by a sudden flash of red energy that cut through the air above him and punched a hole right through the Zanpakuto of the first shinigami. The man was blown back in a small cloud of dust and small stone pieces and let out a small shout of pain. A hollow!...Two...three... and even more coming! Shujinta's concentration had been disturbed by the sudden appearance of the Shinigami but now that he got his focus back he felt the enemy forces approach.
So you feel like taking some shinigami life's eh? Ill show you what a real shinigami can do!
His hands tightened around Kiryotama Nomumigiri and he put some pressure into his legs as he prepared his ambush. Just before the first hollow crossed the roof and stepped into the air above Shujinta, the boy crossed his eyes with the first two shinigami, signaling them to support him. Then he released the reiatsu he had built up in his legs in an explosive jump while extending his weapon at the same time. The spear released his energy and cut straight through the stone before piercing the hollow. The creature gave of a high shriek as Shujinta turned around to face the other two evil spirits. One of them was closer than he expected and its claws were approaching his side faster then he would be able to dodge. Luckily the other two shinigami had not forgotten their task and two bright red orbs of energy flew past Shinigamiand exploded as they touched the hollows skin.
The boy averted his eye and raised an arm to shield himself against the dust and debris that was thrown in the air by the explosion. Lured by his obvious inability to see the second hollow used the cover provided by the dust to dash at Shujinta. What it did not expect though was how the young shinigami was able to see without using his eyes, and as the Creature came close to the boy, it could feel the sharp tip of his poleweapon piercing its skin and skewering the hollow in the process. You should not have done that, foul creature. Your fate never had anything good for you in store. Be glad that i freed you from that existance. He pulled back his spear and watched as the wind blew through the new hole in his bagworm.  'Are you guys alright?' The 7th seat of the first division turned around and gave the surviving members of the shinigami squad a furious glance that made his words seem like irony. They seemed to have been here longer than him, since their clothes were already torn and two of the three survivors already had wounds covering their bodies.
The shinigami did not get the chance to reply as suddenly a voice came from the bag that one of them wore. "Attention all shinigami active in the current area, we've found a possible entrance into what might be a underground section of the desert which can lead to the anomaly, if you are receiving this, respond on my channel and you'll get the current location, this message will repeat every half a hour"
In an attempt to pinpoint the location of the emitter Shujinta extended his senses but apparently more hollows had appeared over the past few minutes and all he could feel was a whole mass of turmoil around him.
'Okay guys, lets get going. You...' He pointed at the man who owned the bag and was frantically searching it for the transmitter. 'Answer them, make sure to get the correct location.' Pfhmm....yeah, yeah i know, i am already going for it!.. The man seemed not exactly happy to have been resuced by a boy and his eyes were shooting sparks at Shujinta as he turned on the small radio and began to send an answer message out. The other members too, seemed not to happy about Shujinta's appearance and quickly turned their backs to him to discuss the situation.
After a few more minutes in which they disposed of another two Hollow's one of the women looked at him and spoke. Weve received their position, you wanna come along? Make sure to stay away from Jinko though, he doesnt seem to be quite fond of you. She waved her purple hair at the man behind her who was still working around with the radio and nodded.

#9 Re: Anomaly on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:46 am

{Oh how lovely . . . a sandstorm. Oh well, I suppose this means I don’t have to worry about dealing with those three for a few minutes longer. I am quite content with the modifications that creature made to the helm. Not that I enjoy wearing it or anything. . .} D’gerik thought to himself, a bored mind buzzing with activity as he walked through the desert which was now shrouded by a cloud of sand. Luckily for him, the modifications D’gerik had made to his helm included a proper filter for such occasions, as well as a proper visor to help him see in rough environments. It looked like a gas-mask for the most part, but had a much more sinister feel to it. D’gerik had been wandering straight ahead for several minutes now, slowing to a casual walk, thanks to the storm, but still straight and true.

Some time later:

The storm had begun to clear, but it still clouded the area just enough to impede vision for those without the proper headgear. D’gerik continued as usual until something came into sight that was different. His infra-red visor was picking it up . . . a life form? A Shinigami most likely he thought. As he walked up the small dune to get a better look at the Shinigami, he was met with a surprise he found most pleasant. Most signatures were fading or gone all together. He smiled beneath his mask, armor clinking and clanking in the otherwise empty desert and now apparent battleground. He could tell there were others nearby, though not with this bunch. And lastly, he felt that there were definitely more than just Shinigami around. Rather than just thinking too much about it, D’gerik approached the poor, severely damaged creature. All the Shinigami would see was what looked like a man in white armor, a cloak equally as so. He bore a strange marking on the shoulder pad of his left arm, the only hint of black on his armor, a flame as dark as the blackest night. Finally, and only when D’gerik had come close enough, the Shinigami would notice his helm, white, just like the rest of his armor, in the form of a skull, but with something quite unique. It had attached to it what was clearly a gasmask at its sides, and the eye holes of the same helm glowed a deep purple. The storm had just about completely cleared now, giving the injured and disabled Shinigami a very clear view of what stood in front of him now.

Ready for his death, the Shinigami had closed his eyes, bracing for what surprisingly did not come. Instead, the Shinigami would open his eyes to see the masked entity crouched at just above his own eye level. The lad was leaned against another dune, a tad taller than the last, which is how D’gerik was able to spot him in the first place.

”How rare, a still living being in such a dead place, albeit one without much time left, it seems.” D’gerik exclaimed, muffled slightly by the mask.

“And just who are you? You seem to be the rarer sight right now, hollow…” replied the Shinigami. D’gerik wasn’t even close to afraid of him. The Shinigami was crippled beyond repair without a proper medic, and given that there were three very bloodthirsty arrancar following his trail, there was little to no chance of help arriving any time soon.

”Oh dear me, how could I have forgotten my manners?” D’gerik would remove his helm, revealing a creature almost as white as the armor he was clad in, and with eyes just as deep purple as his helm’s. His skin seemed to gleam in the sun, as if it wasn’t even human flesh anymore. ”Unfortunately, I cannot reveal my identity to you at the moment. I wanted to know more about you, however. To my knowledge, there were no others coming along me. Might I be inclined to ask just how many of them there were?”

“. . . Most likely more than you’ve ever taken on at once . . . Just look around you, hollow. There were enough to take us all on. . . *Cough* we never stood a chance. Although, I can assure you we got rid of as many as we possibly could.” The Shinigami smiled at D’gerik, almost as if he expected D’gerik to feel bad for the existence of lesser creatures. This, to the Shinigami’s discontent, what he was replied with was a smile too kind to belong to any hollow.

”Is that so? Sounds like you had fun, hehe. It also looks like you managed to bite off more than you could chew! *chuckles*  Now then, he stared the Shinigami square in the face, leaving himself in a lazed, bored stance. down to business, I suppose… I assume that your people are here for the same reason I am?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

”Oh please, do not play this game with me, I beg you. You’ve no clue how tired of this I am right now… I don’t feel at my fullest today, so I will make it simple; given your body language when I was approaching, you aren’t so fond of the concept of death, and are currently terrified of the fact that I am anywhere near you right now. This having been said, you are in such a pathetically vulnerable position right now, that the only way you could possibly make it out of this alive is that a medic manages to reach you in time. There are, however a few issues with this…” D’gerik stood up for a moment, looking around the carnage, hoping it would spark a smile from him, yet nothing would happen. Disappointed, he crouched back down.

“The first is that the nearest medic to this location is most likely one of these corpses, or worse yet, one of the ones that aren’t quite dead yet, but in a worse condition than you are. . . The second problem is that I am not exactly as alone as I seem. *He smiles* You’ve already realized that you are going to die here, there is no denying it. However, I can ease your pain. You see, the one on his way now has the strangest fetish I’ve ever seen. That which gives him the greatest pleasure is forcing those who are already hopeless to feel more pain than should be allowed for any creature good or evil before finally killing him by letting the pain increase until the body simply crashes. You would feel every bone in your body crumble, and every nerve you have left will seem to increase in sensitivity ten-thousand-fold. You wouldn’t like that, would you? No, I can see it in your eyes ~♫. I am offering you an alternative, lad. Help me find what I’m looking for. I promise you, I do not wish to bring harm to anyone, and offer you only mercy. What is your choice?”

The Shinigami’s eyes said it all. He was absolutely terrified of what Muerte would do to him, and he would much rather die painlessly. Every part of him wanted to stay silent, knowing that D’gerik couldn’t have possibly been up to any good. But an even bigger part of him couldn’t bare the thought of being tortured for goodness knows how long before being ended in the most painful way his mind could possibly conceive. And with eyes filled with regret, he said; ”T-take my radio from my pocket.”

D’gerik smiled and did as he was asked. At that moment, a message played through the radio. "Attention all shinigami active in the current area, we've found a possible entrance into what might be a underground section of the desert which can lead to the anomaly, if you are receiving this, respond on my channel and you'll get the current location, this message will repeat every half a hour" The Shinigami stared at the radio for a moment, hesitating greatly, a tear forming at his eye. Eventually, he turned a knob on the device before saying into it; “This is Kirin Satomaru, squad twelve, requesting target location…” *He hands D’gerik the radio with the transmitter turned off from his end.* “I beg you . . . make it quick. . .”

D’gerik smiled kindly, transmitting however a an aura that brought pure fear to the lad, the radio in one hand and his halberd in the other. “I am a man of my word, Kirin Satomaru. Once he replies with the location, I promise you won’t even feel it… Now that I think about it, you’re just about to die, so I suppose it doesn’t matter whether you know my name or now, and I would much rather you know the name of the one who ended your currently miserable existence. My name is D’gerik…” *he stood up, aiming the point of the halberd at the Shinigami’s head, one thrust from there, and the Shinigami’s nervous system would be completely destroyed, the Shinigami will die instantly, and painlessly.* “D’gerik Blackheart. . .”

Appearance of the helm (Only white and with purple in the visor):

Location;; Desert, World of the Living
Word total;;1542
OOC;; Took off the post box cause I couldn't make it long enough for these posts.
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#10 Re: Anomaly on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:38 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched over the woman working on the barrier when his radio started buzzing with replies and so, he sent out the automatic GPS data to them that would lead them to his location but he felt something wrong with the second response as it was one of the members of the research team that had just messaged in; Kirin Satomaru. it seemed that there were a few still alive but Luke knew just from the message that he wasn't going to make it before Luke got there and he knew it, especially since now he was starting to feel the spiritual pressure of arrancars entering that area, even if Luke could do anything, he wouldn't have made it back.

"This spiritual's strong and there seems to be maybe three to four of them, it's hard to tell with all this spiritual pressure but they are definitely strong and and I'd rather not fight them all by myself, even my odds of winning won't be good if I have to fight all of them at once, I'll have to use "that" but I'd rather not unless I have to, I'll radio the first group that messaged me and see what's going on with them" Luke thought to himself, pondering the thoughts of battle before returning to his radio and put in a private channel to the first group that had responded, instead of his research group where the enemy might overhear it.

"Hello, this is third seat Luke Yasenha of squad three, calling backup squad, we have arrancars that might be heading our way and I can't defend this place by myself, there are too strong for just me to deal with me here alone, requesting that you get here as soon as you can, flash step if you have to but I require assistance to reinforce this position, if you can hear me, respond" Luke called out over the radio to them. While he waited for their response, he turned to the woman working on the barrier.

"What's the progress on the barrier? we have possible arrancars incoming so I hope you have something" Luke asked her, she turned her head to look at him, looking annoyed.

"I'm going as fast as I can but it would more helpful if you leave me to it, I'm well aware we have arrancars coming, I can feel their spiritual pressure from here but since you asked, this can be broken but I'm going to need some time to fully break through the barrier and don't ask me how long because to be honest, I don't know, it could take a few minutes to a hour so don't pressure me and let me do my job" She barked at him before setting up what looked to be a remote controlled plasma torch against the barrier before tapping away at her computer and it fired up with a super concentrated reishi flame as she looked at the possible time frames but nothing concrete yet so Luke went back to the radio to see if the backup squad had responded to his earlier message.

Location;; Door site within the desert, World of the living
Word Count;; 517
Tags;; Luke, Shujinta, D'gerik, Epizon

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