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#1 I'm'n Out Bro! on Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:53 pm


Green eyes narrowed at the beast before him, the bodies of fallen comrades littered the field, and he was the only one remaining. The Ronin fallen from heaven reached for the hilt of his katana that was in its sheathe, the Demon Lord Ba’al had to fall. The fallen angel took a step towards Ba’al, challenging the mighty demon, he was fearless, he was determined. After that initial step forward the Ronin picked up his pace, darting towards the mighty demon lord, intending to finish the clash that had occurred for over an hour in one mighty blow!

Ba’al opened his greedy maw, spewing hellfire forth at the lone fallen hero as he rapidly traversed what little ground there was between them. Deftly the Ronin dodged the all-consuming purple flames without slowly his charge! His left hand gripped down on the hilt of his katana in preparation to strike, a cocky smirk appeared on his face moments before the strike happened!

“Shinobutō: One Sen Anhōrīkatto!” The Ronin cried before becoming almost intangible, this was his ultimate technique, his final stand!

The Ronin darted around the Demon Lord Ba’al, slicing him apart with his unholy katana until nothing remained but ash and the demon’s severed head! As the severed head collapsed atop a pile of ash, the fallen angel, the Ronin returned to tangibility. He took two steps forward before locking his right foot down to bring his body to a stop and cast a glance over his right shoulder at what was left of the smoldering corpse of the once mighty general of hell behind him.

Achievement Unlocked: Lost Your Head?
Finish off Demon Lord Ba'al with an Ultimate Ability!

Appeared on the screen in front of Koji, a smirk appeared on the young man’s face, he had finally done it! For months he and his guild had been prepping to take down Ba’al the last Raid Boss of the current tier of Raiding in the popular “Lore of Angelcraft” franchise! Koji heard the pings of his livestream chat in his headphones, he quickly switched over his screen to read what his viewers and subscribers had to say.


That’s nothing, SlowpokeMarathon downed Ba’al as a Heaventouched Ranger! Doing it with the Hellborn Ronin is so easy >.>

Forreal, Koji! Show us something actually challenging for once!

Donation received from: SlowpokeMarathon
Come on Koji! My guild is prepping for the next raiding tier and your’s JUST downed Ba’al? #kidsplease

Koji’s eyes narrowed at SlowpokeMarathon’s donation message, he hated that guy so much. SlowpokeMarathon was Koji’s rival both in “Lore of Angelcraft” and on as a livestreamer, but it hadn’t always been that way. At one point the two had been online friends, running a guild together and everything, however SlowpokeMarathon had gotten greedy and thought that he should get priority rolls on all the loot because he was their guild’s main tank. Koji had never liked the role priority loot distribution system as it put the healers on a lower tier of gear distribution, something that could end in disaster for a raiding based guild. As such, Koji disagreed and SlowpokeMarathon left the guild, taking a little over half of their membership roster with them.

He wasn’t quite sure as to why SlowpokeMarathon had been watching his stream lately, especially since the guy’s guild had already completed their progression raiding for this tier and was focusing on getting geared up for the next tier. Either way, he must have made it his mission to make Koji’s life a living hell by spreading rumors that Koji played the easiest class in the game and had ridden on his coat-tails to attain success. When in actuality, the Hellborn Ronin class was one of the more difficult classes to play in this current raiding tier as most of the enemy units were either Dragonkind or Demonkind, both of which had resistances to Hellfire based techniques! However, the masses loved the drama; especially the trolls and they ensured SlowpokeMarathon’s rumors continued to spread like wildfire no matter what the professional gamers said.

“Thanks for the donation, SlowpokeMarathon!” Koji finally stated with a half-faked smile, he was considering taking the high road. “I heard your guild cleared Ba’al last week man, congrats! Must have been a breeze with all those Holy Spells you have been training…” Koji couldn’t help it, he had to slip in something underhanded to the guy, it kept the drama going and the masses opening up his channel after all.


You tell em Koji!

Kylehugspedobear has just subscribed

#shotsfired has just subscribed

Icantbelieveitsnotbutter! has just subscribed

“Works every time.” Koji thought to himself as the list of subscriptions started rolling down his screen.

*Ding dong*

The sound of Koji’s front doorbell ringing drew the young man’s attention from the growing list of subscriptions. He leaned towards the right side of his computer desk to see the window in front of his door to see who was there, it was a pizza guy. Koji’s eyebrows furrowed at the sight of a pizza-man standing there, he was pretty sure he hadn’t ordered any pizza but he had better go check it out.

“I’ll be right back guys, someone’s at the door.” Koji stated before taking his headphones off and heading towards the door to his apartment.

As Koji reached the door to his apartment he got an odd feeling, something he couldn’t really put his finger on but it felt like a warning. Opting to listen to his instincts on this call, Koji looked through the tiny peep hole in his door to get a better look at this weird pizza delivery guy. However, when Koji looked outside he didn’t see anyone there, the pizza delivery guy had just vanished.

“Odd.” Koji thought as he walked back towards his computer.

If only Koji had looked how his window to the left, he might have seen the “pizza guy” standing on the roof of the neighboring complex, his body attached to the long lure line of a masked demon. Something had driven it away; it felt the pressure of something it couldn't best nearby. So it would slink back into its hole, it would hide in its lure and blend in until it could get at the tasty meals within the apartment, it needed them, it needed growth!

#2 Re: I'm'n Out Bro! on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:57 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

It had been a while since Luke was ordered on a mission to the world of the living, not since he had gone without permission to seek the answers of his past as they shined, clear as day but now was not the time to be thinking on such sad thoughts, he was depressed enough as he was and didn't want to give them time to spread in his mind so he exited the senkaimon in a quiet alleyway in Tokyo where he entered his gigai, although this wasn't his own gigai as he had long abandoned it due to faults with the left leg playing up so he was using Kurai's gigai as he always found it freeing to be inside her gigai, mostly because he wished he was female so anytime he was set to the world of the living, he would always "forget" his own gigai and take Kurai's instead.

as of today, "she" was wearing a sleeveless dress with black straps and top with a red dress on top that went down to her knees with a little rim of black lance around the bottom of the skirt and a black belt around her waist with a little black bow at the back, her breast pushing the material out, although she managed to be tasteful and get a pair of black bra and panties with red furry lance, she didn't know why but she felt in the furry mood today and of course, wore her plain red high heels.

She looked around with her blood red eyes, adding a rose to her hair that reached down to her waist.

"Well, I'd best go find the human that the soul society set me to find...although I wonder what humans here do for fun?" she wondered to herself as she walked out the alleyway, the hell butterfly hanging around a pot of flowers to await her return. She walked around and found a internet cafe and entered it, where a bunch of people around the cafe were watching the same thing; a video stream of a human playing a game, she came over and looked over the people's shoulders; there was a guy in a webcam in the right hand side of the screen with the gameplay taking up most of the screen they were watching, although it amused Luke to see that a human was playing a game with a character that was similar to a shinigami with what looked to be zanjutsu techniques as he used a strong attack to defeat what humans gamers refer to as a "boss".

as soon as the creature the boy had defeated touch the virtual ground, they went wild, typing into the keyboards, commentating on the stream, Luke sighed.

"This is the human they want me to babysit?" she thought to herself before she felt someone touch her from behind, on instinct, she rapidly turned around and slapped the creep trying to touch her, although she had restrained herself in both strength and spiritual pressure but he still went flying into a nearby seat before another guy, this time more of a gentleman then the other one came up to her.

"You interested in Lore of Angelcraft as well? it's nice to see that Koji-san appeals to a female demographic" he told Luke, Luke simply bush her hair back a little and smiled at him.

"Yeah, I am, although I'm supposed to meet Koji-sama later, does anyone know where he is?" she asked out loud and the men blushed, mostly because they were thinking with their pants and not with their brains, young human males were so predictable but it did the trick as the guy replied.

"Yeah, he lives out the way of the city, around in the rim of the city but everyone knows he's close enough to get the super fast internet here, he's in Kōtō, just across the bridge, he's in one of those big apartment blocks you find at university halls, not bad in size and relatively cheap too and before you ask how I know, let's just say that Koji-san has a lot of fangirls stalking him" He finished explained to Luke, how nodded every so often so he knew she was paying attention before thanking him before getting on her way, although with high heels on and while being inside a gigai, she couldn't use her shunpo to get to where he was living that quickly so it gave her time to look around tokyo and enjoy the sights and smells, especially once she was crossing the bridge, it was quite a pleasant view to see over the bay before eventually reaching the apartments where she thought she felt a hollow nearby but it suddenly vanished, possible due to sensing her large spiritual pressure which was fortunate to be sure, it wouldn't help that hollows could smell his spirit energy and were coming after him.

She then saw a pulse of a pizza delivery man press the doorbell, holding a ghostly pizza box in his hands, he would feel eyes on him and turn to see her, a shocked expression came onto his face and he almost dropped the pizza.

"W-wait a minute?! you can see me? and who are you?" he called out before she put a gentle hand on his hand.

"Don't worry, sweetie, you'll be going to a better place, I'm here to help you, if you trust me, I can help you pass on to the soul society..." she told him softly, temporary manifesting her zanpakuto, after getting over his shock, he seem quite relieved to be given the chance to pass on so she press the handle of her zanpakuto against his hand, placing the mark on his forehead that glowed a bright blue before his body start to phase into the ground before it disappeared, becoming a hell butterfly and flying away, she then heard footsteps coming from inside the apartment, possible koji as she felt him coming and she doubt that anyone else living in there had spirit energy to begin with, when he would turn to get back to his stream, he would hear knocking at his door once again and this time, he would see the buxom female standing at his door.

"Hi, Koji-sama, I'm here to talk to you about moving in with you, I tried to call you but I don't know if you got my message, I can be such a klutz sometimes, sorry, I should introduce myself, I'm...Fauna Yasenha, nice to meet you" she would tell him if he opened the door, giving him a beaming smile while offering to shake hands with him, her blood red eyes fixed on his own light blue eyes as she waited for a response, wondering if he would let her inside or even let her on the stream that she saw earlier.

Dress appearance:

Location;; Kōtō in Tokyo, World of the living
Word Count;; 1,142
Tags;; Luke, Koji
OOC;; Enjoy Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#3 Re: I'm'n Out Bro! on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:01 pm


Koji had made it approximately halfway back to his bedroom, where his computer and livestream waited for him when another set of knocks echoed from his door. The young man closed his eyes in frustration, images of him attempting to strangle that poor pizza delivery guy to death danced in his head. However, Koji took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down, after a few seconds he began to feel far more level headed. He let out a sigh of relief and rubbed the back of his head, chuckling slightly that he had let a silly delivery guy get on his nerves. He rubbed the back of his head, causing his medium length green hair to become jostled slightly before turning and making his way back to his front door.

That was when it happened, another set of knocks from the door! Koji flinched slightly, whoever this guy was, he was sure insistent on either delivering the pies or messing with Koji! The young man began to slowly make his way towards the door, shuffling his feet along the carpet floors as he went. Whoever this was, WHOEVER kept messing with him while he was trying to stream, they were going to pay!

When Koji reached the door he reached out and twisted the door knob and jerked it open without checking to see who was on the other side in a single fluid motion. Whoever it was on the other side of the door would be faced by Koji, his green hair slightly shrouding his eyes adding a layer of “darkness” to his already clearly irritated demeanor. His torso covered by a plain red v-neck shirt, with a pair of grey pajama pants that had a red plaid pattern on them, and a pair of black socks on his feet. He would stand there motionless for a moment, his eyes closed, breathing deeply, before his head suddenly jerked down, to what he believed would be eye level with pizza guy.

“JUST WHAT DO YOU THI-“ Koji shouted as he leaned forward, his voice being cut off as his face landed directly in Kurai’s chest.

The sudden feeling of something squishy around his face shocked Koji, he opened his eyes but all he saw was darkness. Where ever he was and whatever was on his face it felt soft and warm, kind of a pleasant feeling in all honesty. However, there was an odd rhythmic beating that Koji could hear inside of the soft and squishy object. Without thinking, Koji reached up and grabbed whatever it was on either side of his face and pushed against them.

With his face free of whatever it was surrounding them, Koji’s vision was no longer clouded by perpetual darkness, he could see! But he hadn’t stood up from his leaning position yet, so his first sight after about a second or two of wondering what was surrounding his face was a pair of breasts! Koji’s eyes grew wide with shock as he stared at them, his eyes slowly tracing up whomever it was collarbone, neck, and finally to her face.

Koji wouldn’t say a word for a second just stare at the black haired, red eyed woman for a moment in complete silence. After a moment Koji would throw himself backwards a few feet into his room, landing on his posterior he would scoot himself back away from the girl. Once his back hit the kitchen counter he would be forced to stop moving, instead he would raise his left hand up and point at Kurai. His mouth agape as he tried to form words but found himself unable to.

“Y-y-you’re a girl!” He finally managed to stammer out as he pointed at the woman at his door.

Instinctively Koji brought his right hand up and turned his left hand over. He began to stare at his palms in horror, he had violated a woman! Almost instantly Koji went from a state of shock to bowing incisively to the young woman, chanting over and over.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

But midway through the third bow he would stop, a thought had suddenly crossed his mind. How did she know where he lived? At that thought he leapt back up to his feet and pointed defiantly towards the woman once more. His brow furrowed, his light blue eyes no longer with a terrified or panicked look in them but righteous fury.

“How do you know where I live?” He shouted!

"Hi, Koji-sama, I'm here to talk to you about moving in with you, I tried to call you but I don't know if you got my message, I can be such a klutz sometimes, sorry, I should introduce myself, I'm...Fauna Yasenha, nice to meet you" Came the  answer to his question almost immediately.

Koji’s angered expression suddenly dropped, his face dulled suddenly at the girl’s response, an audible noise escaped his lips that sound an awfully lot like he had muttered “huh”. After a split second of surprise, Koji gave a soft chuckle of embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head which caused his green hair to be tossed about into a tangled mess. Koji slowly walked back up towards the woman who had just introduced herself, his eyes closed and still giving an obviously faked embarrassed laugh.

“Hi, Yasenha, Fauna!” Koji stated in response to her introduction. “My name is Guchieiji, Koji.” He continued, introducing himself in a formal Japanese manner while shaking her hand and hoping she wouldn’t slap him. “I am really sorry about that, you see I stream for a living and I THINK someone sent a pizza guy to my house to prank me…” Koji explained. “I saw him through the curtain but by the time I reached the door he was complete gone!” He continued, releasing Fauna’s hand and continuing to rub the back of his own head with it in embarrassment once it was freed. “I thought you were him, so it was an honest case of misidentify you see!” Koji stated bringing his introduction and explanation of their more than awkward introduction to an effective end.

“About that room though!” Koji stated quickly, hoping to be able to change the topic quick enough not to suffer Fauna’s wrath, should she prove to be one of those “types” of girls. “Um, it’s still open if you can pay the rent and your share of the utilities…” Koji began explaining as he turned and walked back into his apartment, motioning with one hand for Fauna to follow him in. “…but due to our…unfortunate introduction I think I can let you stay for you first month free of charge.” Koji stated, hoping to bribe the woman out of any last thoughts of retribution. “Does that sound good to you, Fauna-san?” He asked.

The beast across the street had fully pulled its bulk into the lure that dangled from its forehead. The lure would serve as a temporary disguise for the beast and allow him to interact with living mortals inside the World of the Living. It was an ingenious disguise and defense mechanism that took the form of the last soul the beast had consumed, in this case it was Koji’s landlord. The beast known to Shinigami as a Hollow made a mental note to request a private audience concerning Koji’s newest tenant. As it turned and walked away the landlords face appeared as an illusion, but it was blank, expressionless, and it’s eyes were wide open with the shock the man had felt in his last moments before his soul was ripped from his body.

#4 Re: I'm'n Out Bro! on Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:25 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched as he opened the door, shouting at him like he was expecting the pulse of the pizza guy to be there before he fell forward as he wasn't looking where he was going and fell into her chest, which made her blush a light pink across her cheeks before what he did next made her cheeks turn a bright red as he grab her breasts to get his head out of her large orbs of flesh and slowly looked up to her face, blushing as red as a sunset but with a bemused expression on her face before he suddenly shot back a few feet and fell on his behind, moving away a little before shakily raising his right hand, pointing at her, stuttering out a rather obvious statement about her gender, Luke made a giggle at him, his cheeks red from when he touched her body earlier and cocked her head to the side with a smile on her face.

"Of course I am, silly, what else would I be?" Luke said, she found the human's reaction to her buxom body amusing, especially what he did next as he bowed towards her, saying sorry over and over again before he suddenly realized he didn't ask her how she knew where he lived so he suddenly got back onto his feet and asked her how she found him but her response seemed to give her his most amusing reaction yet; his mouth opened like a goldfish and out came a noise like "duh", the sound and his face made her laugh really hard, her laugh was like the sun coming in after a long night, it had a warm feeling to it.

"Why are humans so amusing like this? it's hilarious" Fauna thought to herself before Koji came forward and introduced himself formally, shaking her hand and listened to his explanation of what he thought happened, Fauna giggled.

"Oh well, I guess he managed to pass on...I mean he must of left in a hurry to another job...sorry, I tend to say things out loud when I'm excited" Fauna told him before rubbing the back of her long, silky black hair before he told her about the rent and as long as she did her part, she was allowed to stay but due to what happened, he would let her stay the first month free.

"That sounds wonderful, thank you, Koji-sama, although please use the proper honorifics please, it's chan, not san, anyway, I'll go unpack in my room, I didn't bring much with me as I thought I'd go shopping later for some cute clothes and stuff I'll need for my room...hey, how about you show me around Kōtō, I'll be honest, it's my first time being around here but thanks to that nice boy who was watching your stream earlier, he told me how to get here, he said something about you having fangirls that stalk you or something, anyway, I'll head to my room, you get back to your stream, Koji-sama" Fauna told him like a excited schoolgirl, it was like she bubbled with energy before heading to the room she would be sharing with Koji, the room was as the boy said, not a bad size, her bedroom was on the other side of koji's so she entered and closed the door to take a breather.

"My goodness, how does Kurai have this much energy? it's tiring to act like her but I can't help it, it's good to feel alive in this body, I'll put Zetsubō on the windowsill and go see what koji is up to" Fauna thought to herself before she remanifested her zanpakuto and placed it lovingly on the windowsill, although it would be possible for both the hollow and Koji to sense the despair-filled spiritual pressure leaking slightly from her zanpakuto, although Fauna did this deliberately to make sure that the hollow would keep its distance from Koji if it could still sense that the strong spiritual pressure was still around, it would hesitate to attack, at least, that's what Fauna hoped it would do before she looked around her bedroom one more time before going into Koji's room, if he was back on his stream, she would sneak up on him, making his face the filling for a booby sandwich while waving to the camera.

"Hey boys, how are you all?" she said with a beaming smile on her face, grinning from ear to ear before looking at the gameplay on the screen that Koji would have been trying to play.

"I love your character, Koji-sama, is he a shinigami?" Fauna bust out, by now, the comments on his stream were going haywire but he was getting a lot of subscriber pop ups as well, whatever that meant and donations from various people.

Once either he had push her away or she released his head from her breasts, she would take a seat from her room and sit next to him, her cheeks a rosy red.

"Hey, Koji-sama, can I try this game? it looks so cool" Fauna asked him, smiling seductively, although she wondered if he was looking at the comments section as she wasn't paying attention to them to really notice what they were saying as she waited for a response.

Location;; Kōtō in Tokyo, World of the living
Word Count;; 879
Tags;; Luke, Koji

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#5 Re: I'm'n Out Bro! on Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:41 pm


"That sounds wonderful, thank you, Koji-sama, although please use the proper honorifics please, it's chan, not san, anyway, I'll go unpack in my room, I didn't bring much with me as I thought I'd go shopping later for some cute clothes and stuff I'll need for my room...” Fauna exclaimed, her voice showing her excitement and general cherry nature in Koji’s eyes.

A sense of relief washed over Koji as the girl seemed to not be the type to seek retribution for his previous unintentional defilement of her body. He expressed this sense of relief by closing his eyes and letting out an audible sigh. The tension that had previous been running high in his body seemed to easy off almost instantly as the girl had accepted his proposal and technically his “olive branch” peace offering. However, something struck him as odd about the girl, most females would have given him a slap across the face regardless of their views on him, Fauna didn’t.

“I really hope she isn’t one of those creepy stalkers that she mentioned.” Koji thought as he sat down in a chair which was in front of his dining table that sat off to the left most side of the room, right in front of the window.

Koji’s eyes snapped open when Fauna mention the fact that he should call her by the proper honorific of chan instead of san. A feeling of dread crept up his spine, chan was a title used to show familiarity and closeness. Koji had no idea who this woman was and as such used the honorific of san to show their acquaintanceship instead of a close friendship. That realization caused him to raise up a single finger, it pointed straight up in the air, his eyes closed almost as if he was an instructor teaching a student on an important detail of a lesson.

“Actually, the term san is used when first meeting someone! It denotes sex and a new familiarity between people. Chan is a title of endearment, used to describe either a young female or a lover of some ki-“ Koji began to explain but his voice was cut off as Fauna continued to speak

”…hey, how about you show me around Kōtō, I'll be honest, it's my first time being around here but thanks to that nice boy who was watching your stream earlier, he told me how to get here, he said something about you having fangirls that stalk you or something, anyway, I'll head to my room, you get back to your stream, Koji-sama" She stated as she skipped back towards the only room in the house.

Koji’s face dropped and the finger he had extended towards the roof bent at the first knuckle at her interruption. Slowly his head dropped and his arms folded across his chest in dejection, he was beginning to see how the relationship with his new room-mate was going to play out. Fauna would be the dominant personality in their friendship/relationship and he would be the more recessive/passive personality. This of course shouldn’t have surprised Koji, he had always been more willing to conform to the whims of others then show any form of backbone, outside of certain circumstances that demanded he stand up for either himself or another person.

Koji slowly stood up from the chair he was sitting down in, his head still dropped and his arms hanging limply at his side as he made a deliberately slow approach towards his room, his computer, and his awaiting stream. He took the time during his painfully slow journey towards his room to respond to Fauna’s request about him showing her around Kōtō and taking her shopping. Koji let out another sigh before speaking, this time it was used to express his dislike for being asked for a favor he couldn’t simply decline, especially since the sun was beginning to set.

“Well, I can’t very well let you go out on your own can I…” Koji stated, his voice drifting away slightly as if he was musing over something. “…Fauna-chan.” He continued, giving in to the young girl’s request of using the Chan honorific when speaking to her, just to be sure she didn’t feel rejected or distant from him. “Just let me know when you are ready to go and I will log out of my stream for a while, alright?” He asked her to clarify that he was willing to leave on her timetable.

When Koji finally made it back to his computer, Fauna had already begun unpacking what little she had brought with her and examining the room she would be calling her home for a time. Koji slumped back into his computer chair which was in front of the small desk that his desk-top, high powered, gaming computer resided on as well as all the equipment he needed to run an effective and quality stream. Shock set in on him as he read the chat-log of his stream channel’s chat.


Oh damn! Koji-sama has a girl over!


The Chatroom has been locked by an administrator, no messages can be sent at this time.

Koji’s face was red with embarrassment and horror as he stared at the chat messages that had been flying in. Thankfully, he had managed to enable a complete chat lock down before any other suggestive messages happened to come flying in. Koji turned his web camera off for a moment before he placed his elbows on his desk and rested his face in the palms of his hands out of embarrassment. He knew having a girl live with him would cause all of those horny, young male viewers to go wild and the lustful, female viewers to fly into a jealous rage but he was at least hoping to be the one to break the news to them. Instead, Fauna had walked into his room before he could reach it first and turn off his web camera and had been standing in the background of his room examining everything inside the room.

Koji let out the fourth or fifth sigh over these unforeseen circumstances that night and went to lean back in his chair to think about what to do next. As he leaned back he felt the sides of his face encompassed by the warm and squishy feeling he had experienced earlier. Koji’s eyes widened by the shock of accidentally defiling Fauna’s body once more, his jaw dropped, a small line of blood trickled out of his nose, and Koji felt the headphones that had been on his head fall off into his lap because Fauna’s chest couldn’t encompass their bulk. He didn’t even have time to mute his microphone before the cheery voice of Fauna shouted out a greeting to his channel.

"Hey boys, how are you all?" She shouted out in a cheery voice to the stream, who thankfully couldn’t see Koji’s predicament nor could they respond to her greeting due to the chatroom lock down before she took a seat next to him.

“W-w-w-why meeeeeee?” Koji thought as the shock his body was experiencing because of the entire situation gripped down on him.

Donation received from: Yolo420blaazeitttt

Donation received from: Mudkipz
If she defiles Koji-kun, I WILL DESTROY HER!

Donation received from: SlowpokeMarathon
Enjoying the little treat we sent to your house Koji-kun?

After reading SlowpokeMarathon’s message, Koji scrolled up to the small “x” at the corner of his web-browser and clicked it. His Stream’s web-page disappeared, signifying the end of his stream in a rather abrupt fashion. He was sure the viewer-base wouldn’t be too happy about it but he could deal with the online fall-out for his actions later, he had a real life problem to deal with currently. While the stream had ended, he was still logged into his “Lore of Angelcraft” account as such his Hellborn Ronin avatar had been doing rotations of his idle animation and the “Away” next to the avatar’s name “Doragonsureiyā”.

"I love your character, Koji-sama, is he a shinigami?" Fauna asked, expressing interest over his character and curious about his class. "Hey, Koji-sama, can I try this game? It looks so cool" She continued, her voice taking on a more…sultry tone.

The initial question Fauna had asked caught Koji off-guard, while he had known many girls enjoyed playing “Lore of Angelcraft” because it had A LOT of character customization features, he didn’t figure Fauna was the type to play the game. But it was the tone of her voice in her second question that caused Koji to blush in embarrassment as he slowly turned his head to face her in a rather rigid fashion. While he was embarrassed, Koji’s facial expression was a mash up of shock, outrage, and embarrassment, he didn’t really know HOW to respond to that question or if it was Fauna’s first attempt at seducing him or not.

“Um…” Koji finally managed to state after he swallowed down some saliva to wet his dry throat. “…Fauna, maybe we should just go out shopping now, what do you think?” Koji asked, completely avoiding the questions she had asked and dodging her advance, hopefully.

Before she would have a chance to respond, Koji would jump out of his chair and make a B-line straight to his closet. He grabbed out his standard “outing” attire which consisted of, a black button down shirt with a thin lime green vertical stripe pattern on it, a lime green tie, his faded grey skinny jeans, and his white and black pair of “Cars” skating shoes. Koji would quickly dash into the bathroom which was connected to the bedroom while giving her a wave and shouting.

“Give me ONE minute to get ready and we are set to leave!” He was clearly not going to give Fauna an actual choice in the matter.

As Koji got ready he couldn’t help but think what COULD happen if he just stayed in the apartment, alone, with Fauna-chan. He shook his head to toss aside such lustful thoughts and focused instead on which shops she might like to visit in order to buy new clothes, several came to mind. After about a minute and a half Koji would emerge from the bathroom, dressed and ready to head out!

“I don’t have a car, so we are going to have to walk into town.” Koji stated in a kind of ashamed voice. “Sorry about that fact Fauna-chan.” He apologized. “But I am ready when you are!” He stated, trying to brighten the mood as he walked towards the living room and the front door.

Once he reached the door, he would wait for Fauna before opening it to start their trek into town.

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Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

If Fauna didn't know any better then his reactions to her presence just got more and more amusing as his latest face from her asking about trying the game was one of shock, a bit of anger and embarrassment, it made her giggle at his reaction, despite herself.

"This human will be the end of me..." Fauna muttered to herself before realizing she said out loud, even though it was only a whisper and blushed a light pink on her already rosy cheeks.

He asked her, once he had calmed down a little and swallowed some of his own saliva if she wanted to go shopping now, she was about to respond before he went rushing to his cupboards to get dressed in some addition clothes for going out in; a simple black shirt with a lime green stripe down the middle and a similarly colored tie, faded grey jeans and a pair of shoes, decorated with some sort of cartoon cars on them before he came whizzing passed her towards the bathroom, waving as he passed, telling her to give him a minute and then they would be able to leave to explore the town.

"Ok, Koji-sama" She purred before closing the door to her bedroom as her zanpakuto that she had resting on the windowsill was now releasing some spiritual pressure, making the sword and the nightmare black sheath in was in glow as dark as the night sky, the sound of its release was like a man laughing after finding that one of his friends had a crush on someone, when Fauna heard Zetsubō laughing at her, she blushed a deep red, pointing a shaking finger of barely contained furry and started shouting at Zetsubō.

"Hey! what's up with you, Zetsubō?!, I don't like him...hey, those times with Dre-kun was a one-time thing, ok?, I don't want his Coc..." Fauna yelled at her zanpakuto for the time it took Koji to be ready, when he came in, saying that he was ready when she was, she turn towards him before scrabbling for her zanpakuto, touching the hilt to seal Zetsubō's spiritual pressure and to shut him up, her face as red as the rising sun.

"Erm...yeah, sure..." Fauna replied awkwardly, trying to hide her zanpakuto behind the window curtain before hurriedly heading to the bathroom herself to quickly pee and check herself in the mirror before coming out and heading with him to the front door where she opened it and headed out towards the town, her high heels clicking every so often as she had a arm looped around Koji's left arm.

"It's peaceful near nighttime and it's pretty too; so many lights and sounds and smells...Mhmm, let's check this out first, I wanna find a cute outfit to wear and have a look around this place" Fauna told him as they walked before she saw a cultural festival in one of those areas that's a reconstruction of what the older Japanese buildings used to look like back during the days of samurai and for Fauna/Luke, the place familiar to her since living in the soul society is like living in the glory days of feudal japan as she would drag Koji over to the festival and they would start looking around with Fauna leading where she eventually dragged him into a kimono store and not like a dead end one, this one was fancy with expensive looking silk and hand weaved kimonos with exotic designs on them.

Fauna looked around until she found one she was looking for; a simple yet beautiful black kimono with red lace around the wrists and across the various folds of the clothing and a wonderfully designed obi belt that was black with the red lacework around the rims with a rose at the center and a butterfly bow knot at the back, with it came red medium heeled zori footwear, Fauna went over to the counter with Koji in tow as Fauna, in her clothing engaged mind, had forgotten she was still holding onto Koji.

"Can I have the kimono over there?" Fauna asked excitedly as she pointed to the kimono she was just looking at, letting go of Koji at this point if he hadn't gotten out already and looked Koji with a innocent look on her face.

"You wanna choice a kimono, Koji-sama? I'll pay, then we can go look at all the cute and wonderful activities there are to do here" Fauna said, giggling at him again in a cute manner before waiting to see what Koji's reaction was. As a human, he had the most amusing reactions to what she said and did and she was almost tempted to grab his head and stick it into her breasts like before when she did it on the stream.

Once or if he had made and choice, she would pay for them and she would get changed into her kimono, although like her dress and many of her clothes, her breasts stuck out at the top because of how large they were, she felt amazing to wear it, enjoying the gently tap of her shoes as she walked around, she was carrying her clothes in a little carrier bag the woman at the counter had given her, she would wait outside for Koji.

"Come on, Koji-sama, don't be embarrassed, it looks good, I promise" Fauna would call to him if he was taking his time getting out the shop before she would look around once again, finding a shop that sold noodles and other tradition savory Japanese food and bought some for both herself and Koji, she had sweet chicken balls and traditional stir-fry noodles as she watched people pass, although there seemed to be more then just the living around the festival but wandering pulses of varying ages and genders, walking within the crowd, only two things separated them from the living; their semi-transparent bodies and the chain of fate attached to their chests, coming here to enjoy the festival and try to remember what it felt like to be alive. Fauna would wait for Koji to come sit with her, hoping food would convince him to sit with her at least before she would try to make small talk, feeling nervous with all these pulses around and their earlier introduction.

"So...tell me about this Lore of Angelcraft game you were playing on your computer?" Fauna asked, the hand holding her chopsticks were shaking a little as she asked, she felt uneasy, like she was being watched which didn't do much as she was already hanging on to the barest amounts of sanity anyway she could so she focused on Koji's face, something to take her mind off the doubt and uneasy boring into her mind.

Fauna's kimono appearance:

Location;; Festival grounds, Kōtō in Tokyo, World of the living
Word Count;; 1,128
Tags;; Luke, Koji
OOC;; Hope this is good >.<

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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Koji had heard Fauna shouting about something as he finished up getting dressed and ready for their outing in his, no their bathroom. While normally he wouldn’t have eavesdropped on another person, much less a girl that he had already gotten “familiar” with through a series of unfortunate circumstances, something was odd about thing she was yelling about. Last time Koji checked there was no one else in the house but Fauna and himself, so he wasn’t quite sure WHO the woman could have been conversing with or yelling at. As such, Koji naturally assumed she was yelling at him, telling him to hurry up and get out of the bathroom or something, so as he opened up the door he called out.

“Okay, okay! The bathroom’s all your-“ His voice was cut off as he walked out of the restroom into the oddest of situations and the worst of times.

“, I don't want his Coc-"

Koji’s body instantly went rigid, his face taking on an expression of pure shock and horror, his eyes widened in a mix of confusion and terror. He would simply stare at Fauna for a long period of time, in complete silence, unsure how to handle the situation or what to say. Eventually, Koji would just exit the room in a very rigid, almost robotic fashion and make a B-line straight to the front door, calling out what little he had to say to Fauna as he went.

“What have you gotten yourself into Koji?” He thought as he waited for Fauna to emerge from their room.

It would take several minutes for the young woman to appear, Koji assumed that she was fixing herself in the mirror of the bathroom and doing whatever it was that women did in there. It wasn’t necessarily BAD that Fauna had taken a bit of time to get ready, it gave Koji time to recollect his composure through a series of deep breaths and focusing on anything other than the words he was clearly NOT meant to hear. As such when Fauna did exit from their room Koji wasn’t rigid or embarrassed anymore; the flush had faded from his cheeks completely.

Acting as a true gentleman, Koji opened the door for Fauna and allowed her to exit before he did and used the key to their apartment to lock the door before they set off. As they began their journey from the relatively peaceful countryside to the main city, Koji felt Fauna slip her right arm underneath his left. A soft smile appeared on his lips, he allowed her arm to remain there as they walked.

It was a quiet evening just outside Koto, it gave Koji a moment to enjoy something he rarely got to enjoy, the serenity of the setting sun. He took a deep breath in through his nose, savoring the scent of fresh air and all the smells of nature that filled it. However, Koji wouldn’t be able to enjoy that clean and fresh air long, as pair grew closer to the inner city of Koto it would fade away and give way to the pungent odor of car exhaust and pollution. In response to the disgusting stenches violating his nostrils Koji allowed a small frown to appear on his face and a saddened sigh to escape his lips.

“Pity,” He thought. “It was such a beautiful evening.”

It wouldn’t take long for Koji to lead Fauna to the Market District of Koto nor would it take the young girl to find a high end kimono boutique. Koji had always been impressed with a woman’s ability to find clothing stores, particularly expensive stores. It was almost as if the shops were fugitives and the women were bloodhounds that had locked in on the scent. However, Koji wouldn’t be able to muse over his thoughts long as Fauna jerked him into the Kimono shop, dragging him along behind her by the link their arms had formed.

"It's peaceful near nighttime and it's pretty too; so many lights and sounds and smells...Mhmm, let's check this out first, I wanna find a cute outfit to wear and have a look around this place" Fauna had stated as she entered the Kimono boutique.

Koji followed the young woman around in the store as she browsed some of the more expensive dresses within the store. She took the time to admire design, coloration, and the quality of the silks used in the Kimono’s conception. All Koji could “admire” was the price tags of each individual dress, he couldn’t believe how many zeros were on their price tags!

That’s when it dawned on him, the realization that would cause his stomach to twist; he had promised to take Fauna out shopping! He began to wonder if this meant the young woman expected him to pay for everything for her or not? It didn’t really matter though, the more the girl looked at the greener Koji’s skin got in return until she asked a dreaded question that seemed to confirm his deepest fear!

"Can I have the kimono over there?" She asked, pointing up towards an elegant black kimono with red patterned trim.

Koji unwrapped his arm from Fauna’s before he walked over to examine the dress more closely. Upon reaching the kimono Koji reached out with his right hand and ran it over the smooth silk fabric, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasant feeling of the fine cloth. He continued to run his hand across the surface of the kimono until it reached the end of the left arm, it was then he blindly traced the coarse string which the price tag dangled off of. He snatched up the small piece of paper, his eyes snapped open as he leaned forward to inspect the tag in far more detail then he had been inspecting the kimono.

“That’s not so bad…” Koji thought as he looked at the price tag.

Feeling a little better he dropped the small piece of paper, but it was then his curse of observation broke free from its restraints. As the tag swirled down from the grasp of his fingers, three more zeros appeared from underneath his thumb. Koji nearly fainted at the sight of them! He didn’t understand how a person would be willing to spend THAT much money on a single article of clothing!

Koji turned around to tell the girl no but was met with pleading and innocent eyes, she was begging! In response Koji simply gazed back at her, his own eyes conveying a single message “Please, no…” was what they communicated wordlessly. Despite their wordless conversation, Koji knew he would eventually cave to Fauna’s silent pleading and sighed before he reached for his wallet. Koji opened up the leather bill-fold to see how much money he had on him as cash; he knew his bank account was nearly dry as his monthly donations hadn’t been transferred from his PayBud account to his checking account yet. Much to his dismay, when he opened up the wallet a single fly buzzed up from the empty confines.

"You wanna choice a kimono, Koji-sama? I'll pay, then we can go look at all the cute and wonderful activities there are to do here" Fauna asked cheerfully, almost as if to dispel all his concerns about financial repercussions on the price-y purchase.

“Erm…” Koji replied to her question, it was an instinctual reply to a question he hadn’t been expecting. “…I guess?” He stated questioningly but still accepting Fauna’s kind and generous offer.

Koji walked to the back of the store, glancing around to the different “fancy” and “stylized” masculine kimonos but paying closer attention to their price tags. Not only did none of the appearances of the kimonos strike him as desirable but neither did the prices of them either. That was until he finally found a section that was entitled “On Sale”, then his conscience settled a bit and allowed him to browse more freely.

After a few minutes he found a kimono that he both liked the appearance of and the price of it wasn’t outrageous either. He plucked the largely plain white kimono with a green patterned coat from its display and took it to the front of the shop for Fauna to inspect and purchase. Once this was done the pair would split off to change into their more traditional garb.

It didn’t take long for Fauna to change, she clearly had experience with Kimonos and traditional Japanese clothing but Koji didn’t and it took him far longer to change. The only time Koji had worn kimonos like this was as a child and it was to either funerals or weddings. Needless to say it had been a while since he had worn one and he was having troubles with getting dressed in it. But after a several minutes he emerged from the dressing room, clothed in his traditional garb and the clothes he had been wearing in the boutique’s plastic bag, shoes included.

"Come on, Koji-sama, don't be embarrassed, it looks good, I promise" Fauna called out to him as he made his way to the front of the shop.

When he emerged he would extend his arms outward for Fauna to inspect almost playfully.

“Well what do you think?” He asked in a teasing yet playful voice with a small smirk on his face.

After the small exchange, Koji would extend his arm for Fauna to take, if she wanted to that was. He figured it would be safer for her if they maintained the illusion of a relationship between them; it would deter possible perverts from attempting to make moves or harassing her in general. With the festival of the New Year in full swing inside the small city of Koto, Koji knew it was better for others to think they were together rather then simple acquaintances or friends. After all, the streets were crowded with hundreds of faces, some might not be hiding the friendliest of personalities.

He would allow Fauna to lead him about the small city and towards the food vendors and restaurants. Internally, Koji wished that he didn’t have to rely on the woman to pay for this outing but until the middle of the month he was flat broke. Fauna quickly chose a small restaurant for the pair of them to dine in and pulled him into it. There she ordered some noodles and Koji opted to copy her order, once the food was cooked and served the pair found a small window booth to sit at and eat.

The whispers, Koji could hear them more clearly then normally inside the main city of Koto. He didn’t opt to live on the outskirts of the city for no reason, he had been in an asylum for the things he had seen as a teenager, and he could sense and make out the translucent outlines of the dead. That “ability” had earned him a stay inside of the crazy house where he was medicated and treated with anti-psychotics for a little over a year, it was a very dark time in Koji’s life, one he had largely blotted from his memory to save himself from actually going insane.

Tonight it was different though and not in a good way, for some reason Koji could hear the voices of the dead more clearly, he could make out more than just barely tangible phantoms, and he could actually FEEL the spirits around him in the city brushing against them physically. This distracted Koji as he gazed out the window, staring at a spirit that was pleading with people who couldn’t see it, couldn’t hear it, and didn’t even know it existed to help it. He felt pity for the lost soul, he felt like it was an unfair curse for the person to have to experience for all eternity just because of something holding it back.

"So...tell me about this Lore of Angelcraft game you were playing on your computer?" Fauna asked, her voice sounding almost as distracted as Koji presently was.

“Hmm?” Koji questioned as he pulled his attention from the ghost that stood on the other side of the window and gazed at him.

“Oh! Um…” Koji started, fumbling over his words as he tried to think of a way to abridge the lore of the game to Fauna. “Well you see, it’s based off of different religious mythologies and set in the spiritual world, one people like us normally cannot see.” He stated, explaining the gist of the setting to her. “The story follows two different sects of angels, the High-borns, the angels that are still in the service to the Almighty and the Hell-borns, the angels that were cast from heaven but do not follow Lucifer.” He continued, explaining to her the two different “factions” as it were. “Both factions war with each other while trying to stop Lucifer’s armies from conquering the world and damning humanity to a literal hell on earth.” He stated, explaining the general plot of the game to her. “There are other enemies you fight as well, such as necromancers, witches, etcetera but mainly it is dragon-kind and demon-kind.” He said as a rough conclusion. “But how’s about we get out of here and I let you experience what it is like for yourself?” Koji offered hoping the young woman would take the offer so he could escape the spirits that were becoming ever more clearer in shape, louder in sound, and beginning to realize that he could see them.

Kimono appearance:

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Luke Yasenha ;; 3-1 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Fauna would look at his kimono that she had bought him from the kimono shop, it was simple yet modest, it suited him well, although she didn't think he would believe where she got the money to buy all of this but she would save that explanation when it became relevant to tell him. In a way, she pitted this human in a way, he wouldn't know of the pressures and responsibilities of the things he could barely grasp, let alone conceive and understand and in some ways, wished she was a human once again but she knew her time as a human was long passed, way back in feudal Japan all those centuries ago.

She had been so lost in thought that she didn't realize she was staring at his chest before he asked her how it looked, she shook her head and smiled at him warmly.

"It looks fine, Koji-sama, I told you would look fine, it suits you" Fauna told him before he offered her his arm, which she smiled again at him and took his arm, taking him to the restaurant that she had found to get them their meals.

She had noticed he was staring at the pulses and her question seemed to take his mind off it a little as he explained the story behind the game he was playing with high and hell born and how they fought each other to stop the devil from taking over earth, it sounded like a good story and he offered to let her play it, Fauna looked excited...before she remembered she had never played a game or used a computer in her life, not counting the Denreishinki and the technology that was in the soul society, a human computer was alien to her so she rubbed her head.

"Erm...yeah, sure...just I been wondering something; you keep staring at those souls walking passed the window, does it bother you that you can see and hear them?"Fauna asked him, she knew he could see them and it was a bit of a insensitive question to ask but she wanted to know if seeing them bothered her, although her question would also let him know she could see spirits as well, although the feelings of unease were getting stronger before she started feeling some less-then-friendly spiritual pressure from nearby, Fauna cursed herself.

"A hollow, of all the times it had to come, it comes when I don't have my zanpakuto and worse still, I can't get back to the house in this gigai fast enough to get it...damn it, I've only got one opinion..." Fauna thought to herself as she listened to him finish what he would be saying to her before replying.

"I wanna try to help and I'll explain myself later, back home but could you excuse me a moment, I need the bathroom" Fauna told him before awkwardly excusing herself to the women's bathroom where she sat in the toilet stall and took out a red soul candy, this was Kurai's soul candy and what allowed her to leave this gigai and return to the body of a shinigami, she raised it up to her lips and swallowed it, ejecting herself from her gigai and returning back into Luke and the form of a shinigami while back in the stall, the gigai was sitting on the toilet for a moment before her eyes opened, full of energy and life.

"Hi Master, what can I do for you?" She said in a cheery and loving voice, although Luke would know that Koji would notice the change in the voice, he didn't have the time to worry about it now.

"Go handed Koji for a while, keep him busy while I deal with the hollow...please remember what happened last time, I don't want to have to deal with the results of you trying to "take him", understand?" Luke told her, warning her about the time that were on a similar mission and he had left her in her gigai, only to find that the target he had left her with, she had been making love with the whole time in public view of everyone, which got her arrested which meant that Luke had to come and pay for her release in Arthur's gigai. Kurai nodded and went back to Koji in whatever state he was in and tackle glomped him.

"Koji-sama! don't be sad, I'm here for you" Kurai would yell out as she came flying at him to try and hug him tightly while Kurai grabbed his head and stuck it into her large breasts again.

"You can stay in there and have a hug with me, sweetie, I won't let anything happen to you, promise" Kurai said calmly and sincerely like a mother reassuring her child that everything was going to be ok while Luke ran passed them and out the door, although for most people who didn't have the gift that Koji and Kurai had, it would have appeared as if the door swung and slammed open and closed very quickly but they were distracted by what Kurai was doing to Koji.

Luke, now in his shinigami form could finally use his shunpo to quick reach the house and grabbed his zanpakuto before looking around for the source of the hollow reiatsu and found it a few blocks away from the restaurant where Kurai would be keeping Koji occupied, it was a regular hollow, a bug from all appearances, it was trying to attack a little boy pulse who was terrified out his mind.

"No no no! get away from me! I don't believe in monsters! mommy said they don't exist and that they hide under the bed!" The boy pulse was crying out through tear-damped throat while the hollow, which sounded female, mocked the little boy pulse.

"What a spoiled brat you are, mommy isn't coming to save you and now your my dinner, little brat!" the hollow screamed at the boy pulse, lifting a claw up and aiming to slash up the boy, the boy covered his eyes and cried out for someone to save him before he heard a large clash and looked up to see Luke standing in front of him, holding the hollow's claw back with his zanpakuto, causing sparks to fly before he broke the clash.

"Sorry kid but you know what they say, the hero always gets here last minute or so I've heard..." Luke told the boy pulse before turning to the hollow, "As for you, your done hollow, how dare you attack a child who can't even fight back, you disgust me, I bid you farewell" Luke said before launching into shunpo, faster then the hollow could even try to understand, let alone see before it's head came flying off and it screamed as it was purified and it's hollow body turned to ash.

Luke leaped down and looked at the crying boy pulse, rubbing his head gently.

"It's ok now but those things will soon return and I won't always be here to save you, if you let me, I can send you to the soul society where you can be at peace and where there won't be anymore monsters to worry about, ok?" Luke said softly to try and comfort the child, the child looked up sadly before wiping his tears and looking into Luke's deep red eyes.

"O-Ok, mister, I don't wanna see those monsters anymore" the boy pulse told him, Luke sighed softly and placed his zanpakuto on his forehead like he did before, the boy's forehead gained the kanji as his body disappeared and turned into another hell butterfly as his soul was sent to the soul society before Luke ran back to the restaurant and found that Kurai, after she aimmed to kiss Koji full on was now trying to go to the next level in public, Luke pushed the door open, blushing a deep red.

"Kurai, no, I told you not to, come with me right now" Luke shouted at her and she looked sadly at Luke then looked to Koji before getting off him, looking teary eyed.

"Sorry, Koji-sama, everyone" she said, bowing and blushing a deep red before Luke escorted her to the bathroom and he took out her soul candy and reentered her gigai and walked back into the restaurant with everyone staring at her.

"I'm so sorry, Koji-sama, I'm so embaressed, let's go home..." Fauna told him, looking upset for what Kurai had tried to do in her body before she would take Koji out and walk with him home.

"I'm really sorry, Koji-sama, I haven't been well lately and I snapped a little back there, I'm truly sorry, is there anyway I can make up for what I have done?" Fauna begged him, looking teary-eyed herself, she felt bad about coming onto Koji in the restaurant that way, hoping he wouldn't be too angry at her and she hoped she could find something to ease his pain as they got back to the house, it was a thin hope but she hoped he would show her the game he loved so much and maybe try to relax that way, but it was a thin hope but she couldn't help but pray that is what they would do for the rest of the evening and try to forget what had happened.

Location;; Kōtō in Tokyo, World of the living
Word Count;; 1,552
Tags;; Luke, Koji
OOC;; That went well xD

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