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on Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:39 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke was on his way to the squad eight after being told that he was to head to squad eight as someone in their ranks was trying for the third seat's position, although he didn't have much to go on in terms of information as this had been a recent case and no one had seen his capability or power in action yet, he only had a name: Akuryō Nishigawa.

"Man, this is a pain, there's barely anything in the records about him, only a name and basic stats and that he's apparently third seat level, hopefully if everything goes to plan, then I'll be able to get some information on him and test his abilities as well...well, I best get moving, I'd rather get start on my analysis on his abilities so I can get a better idea of whether he's third seat material" Luke spoke to himself before launching into shunpo to get to the barracks of squad eight faster across on the other side of the seireitei.

Once there, he looked at the ever imposing doors to squad eight, a testament to their defensive style of fighting the squad specialized in. He knocked on the door before speaking.

"Third seat Yasenha of squad three, I'm here to see Akuryō Nishigawa of squad eight regarding his third seat test" Luke shouted, hoping someone was on the other side, in a way, he was surprised he was being given the task of testing him, although he was a third seat, he was from another squad and the new lieutenant would of made more sense but they wanted a third seat to test another third seat so he was chosen from the other third seats.

Eventually, the gates opened and a squad eight member came forward.

"Third seat Yasenha, we were informed of your arrival, please wait inside while I fetch Akuryō" the squad eight member said, sounding laid back as he directly Luke to wait in the squad eight barracks lobby while he went to get him, Luke wasn't sure what to expect so he sat on the seat and waited to see what would happen.

Location;; Squad eight barracks, Seireitei
Word Count;; 355
Tags;; Luke, Akuryō

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:10 am


It didn't take long for the questing squadmate to find his target, Nishgawa stuck out in the squad. He was tall, silent, and kept to himself while the rest of the squad enjoyed their drinking and was typically found in the same place - the small garden on the eastern fringes of the compound. And of course, if Nishigawa was there he'd be either practicing his kenjutsu or reading a book. Many in the squad thought him a simple man with little interest in the world around him, but today was the day for him to change their opinion of him. "Nishigawa, the third seat of the third squad is here to see you, you'll find him in the main lobby, near the entrance courtyard." Nishigawa wasn't really one for words, and all the speaker would get was a short nod of acknowledgment. Better get going then... Closing his book, he'd shunpo in the direction that his guest had come from.

There were few things that someone could be visiting him in the 8th squad barracks for, and if it was as he was guessing, it was for the promotional exam he had requested. Who better than another third he thought to himself before his final shunpo left him on the fringes of the main courtyard. He had chosen this spot to get a good assessment of the situation, and to scope out the third seat before he actually spoke to him. Spotting him through a window, waiting patiently for Nishigawa's own arrival, it was time to prove his worth. Always a nervous person, Nishigawa approached the lobby and swallowed the knot forming in his throat.

Anxiety contained and hands pressed firmly on the door, he pushed his way into the otherwise empty lobby. Shutting the doors behind him, he looked directly to the seated third seat, before taking a slight bow. "Akuryō Nishigawa, here as requested."


on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:39 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke looked up as he saw the man he was sent to see enter, bowing and speaking with a slightly nervous undertone, it was understandable, anyone in his position would have been nervous so this was only expected.

He could tell that Akuryō that had been through some suffering, the way his eyes reflected one who had to grow up living on the streets, although that much he had managed to read up on about part of his time in west rukon, if he had to make a guess, Luke would have said a district from seventy above. He had very interesting eyes, one gold, one light green. He wore plain yet humble robes upon himself and had long brown hair that would of reached to his shoulders but it was all neatly contained in a ponytail at the back.

Luke would stand up, he was slightly taller then the man, about three inches in it, Luke's own appearance wouldn't be lacking either but wasn't your typical shinigami uniform either as he wore his usual black karate Gi with red lining with a matching haori and a red silk sash that comfortably wrapped around his waist where his zanpakuto hug from and his thick, black leather boots and horse ridding gloves.

Luke would study Akuryō's appearance, his blood red eyes scanning him like some sort of living computer before he took a polite cough before speaking.

"Ah, welcome Akuryō-san, I'm Luke Yasenha, Third seat of squad three, I've been set to test you for your third seat's position, I've had the kido corps members to cook up a barrier around the area for your test so you won't have to worry if you go full force..." Luke said, a gentle smile on his face before he gestured to Akuryō to follow him outside, if he did follow Luke outside, he would find seven of his fellow squad eight members, including the one who had come to him earlier to tell him Luke had arrived, Luke would turn around and address him again.

"you see, your test is simple: keep all of your members safe within a specific time limit and you pass, that's all there is to it..." Luke said, although he knew there was much more to the test then he let on and if this guy was smart, he might at least suspect there was more to the test then what Luke said.

"Well, if your ready, come and follow us to the testing ground, we can talk on the way if you wish to or if you have any questions" Luke told him before he told the squad eight members he had russled up to wait with him outside the gate, once Akuryō was ready, they would set off out the walls of the seireitei towards the north rukon district, Luke would walk beside Akuryō, waiting for a response if he had any, if not, he would just look around the districts they passed through as they had some distance to go before they reached the outskirts of the most northern rukon district.

Location;; Squad eight barracks, on route to testing location
Word Count;; 513
Tags;; Luke, Akuryo

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:10 am


Nishigawa observed Luke as he introduced himself, noting the crimson colored eyes and even more so the stark contrast between the outfits the two wore. However, Nishigawa wore what was familiar to him - a certain style that lacked dazzle and pizzazz to keep that sense of where he had come from. Uncertainty ran rampant through Nishigawa's mind as Luke explained the reason for their meeting today. The kido corps and a test area were the key words to let Nishigawa know that this was the real deal and his chance at taking the first step to proving his worth had begun.

Nishigawa remained silent through it all, but when Luke beckoned for him to follow him out of the barracks he went without questioning. The test SOUNDED simple but nothing was ever as easy as it seemed. He never had a name for this wisdom himself, but in the academy he had heard the world of the living did - Murphy's law. Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong and it was this wisdom that helped him survive the war-zone of the lower rungs of the Rukongai.

Once Nishigawa had finished reviewing the basis of the exam in his mind, he would acknowledge it to Luke. "Understood." A short answer from a man who wasn't big on using many words. It only took a few moments of walking just behind Luke however for Nishigawa to noticed awkward silence that had fallen upon the group. With the exception of the last two 8th squad members gossiping between themselves, no one else spoke. Suzume would want me to be more outgoing... yosh. Here goes nothing he thought to himself, before turning his eyes away from the paved road back to Luke. "Are you a practitioner of martial arts?" He drew this question from Luke's own attire, and hoped that his small talk had hit the mark.


on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:15 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke looked up to Akuryō as he asked him if he was a practitioner of martial arts, Luke smiled slightly before answering, letting the smile settle down as he thought about what to say.

"Well...I do, I used to be a part of squad two and I was trained in hakuda by my sensei, Ryo Suzuki...I learned a lot from him not just about fighting but also about respecting a opponent, no matter what level of power they have...I enjoyed those years with him before he disappeared..." Luke said, sounding sad near the end, taking a cough before continuing.

"I'm not too clear on the details but he disappeared after he was set to assassinate a high ranking target but he never return so everyone now thinks he's dead...I was heartbroken at the time, I had come to deeply care about him, the man who taut me not only how to fight like a warrior but also how to live, I owe him a lot but when I heard he was dead, I was crushed, never would I be able to repay him for what he did for me..." Luke said, his hand tightening to a fist for a few moments before he let go and took a deep breath.

"Sorry, I shouldn't of taking that out on you, that was rude of me..." Luke apologized before thinking of a topic of a discussion, "You come from a high numbered rukon district, right? I can tell by looking at you and what little there is on you from your file, I myself am also from a rukon district, the seventy northern rukon district will be passing through, I can guess you had just as much a rough time as the others...although if you don't want to talk about it, I won't mind, I can understand it's personal and I rather not drag up any personal feelings you any case, I'll be..." Luke told him and was about to say something before his zanpakuto started glowing black, howling like despair, giving the other squad eight members shivers up their backs from the sound. Luke put a hand on the handle and looked at his zanpakuto.

"What's wrong, Zetsubō?...We're here?...oh right" Luke spoke to his zanpakuto in a exasperated manner before he looked up, they had eventually arrived at the place, it was some distance from the last rukon district in the north, a forest lay waiting, thick with pine trees and with the kido corps members waiting for them, dressed in their regular attire for kido corps members, their faces hidden.

"Welcome third seat Yasenha, the barrier is ready, just remember that we can't let anything get out the barrier until your "test" was completed so you better know what your doing" The kido member told Luke, sounding unconvinced of whatever Luke had in mind, Luke rubbed the back of his head.

"Don't worry, it will work and besides, I'll make sure if anything escapes the barrier, I'll take of it before it gets the chance to hurt innocent civilians and I'm sure if I need to pull the test to get Akuryō to help out, then that's what I'll do, now let us in, we have a test to ready" Luke told him, the kido member sighed before putting a hand to the barrier.

"As you wish, third seat Yasenha, I just hope you know what your doing in there" the kido corps member told him before opening a door sized hole in the barrier, allowing the party into the forest.

Once Luke had lead them to the center, Akuryō would see a small wall, encircling a fifteen meter perimeter around the center of the forest.

"This is where your squad members will be standing, organised them as you will but you must protect them until I give you a sign that the allotted time is up, you fail if more then half your group has gone before the allotted time is up, I'll give you a signal when the test has started as I'll give you some time to prepare before I start the test." Luke would tell the whole group but Akuryō especially before he launched into shunpo, standing inside the cover of a pine tree's branch, waiting and watching to see what Akuryō would do in this time he gave him before his test began.

Location;; Northen Rukon districts, Unknown forest testing area
Word Count;; 728
Tags;; Luke, Akuryō

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:27 pm


Nishigawa listend to Luke's story intently, studying every word of the tale of this "Ryo Suzuki". It seemed to Nishi that this man had become Luke's fatherly figure, a teacher and caretaker. He could feel a strange feeling creeping up on him as he read the emotions in Luke's voice as he spoke. Nishigawa couldn't determine what it was, perhaps envy or jealously but he quickly repressed this notion.

Then came his turn to speak, as Luke proposed a question for discussion to give Nishigawa an oppertunity to speak up. "You were fortunate, Luke, to have known a man such as this Ryo Suzuki. But to answer your question... yes. I am from the eightieth district west. It was... it is not pleasant place but it is home. It is a corrupt district run by the corrupt who force their lessers to do corrupt things. A place where men cannot even read or write but rule like kings." Nishigawa would pause his speech, speeding up his gait to stand to the direct right of Luke. Pulling up the sleeve on his left arm, it would be but a brief glimpse into the poverty stricken underworld he had come from. The length of the arm dotted with scars, some small some horrific. Slowing down to return to formation, he'd step just behind Luke again and fall back into the line.

By now, the convoy had passed back into the Rukongai and a rush of feelings hit Nishigawa. This wasn't his direction, it was North, but a sense of nostalgia and fear set in over him. " I was always jealous of the people in the higher districts. I often thought about how I would kill as many of them ass possible if I could ever get out of the hole they'd left me to rot in. But, as I began my climb to escape the maw of hell I called home I came to realize something. Every step from eighty is a step closer to compassion. Each district kinder than the last... with a man who would give you bread if you were starving, a woman who would clean the wounds on your hands if you were beaten for stealing. These districts weren't better simply because of predetermined fate but because of the people's willingness to improve themselves. Then I think back to home... eating off of the scraps of the self-appointed lords of the slums.  I was forced to fight and kill so many people by these tyrants. I often wonder Luke, if the shinigami had cared enough to send expeditions and patrols out that far if things had been different. If the rabble of the Rukongai had been taught to read and write if they'd be more civil. But perhaps I linger too much on the past."

Then, they arrived at the test area and shortly after the brief meeting with the kido corps member he knew what was required of him. In the center of the testing grounds, he set out organizing his fellow squad members into a suitable formation. Two groups of four, in the shape of a cross with a squad member each facing a different direction. Nishigawa called this formation "cardinals", after the four cardinal directions the members of each group would be watching. "Listen, and listen to me well each of you. Though I may be responsible in this test for the well being of each of you, I cannot protect those who are not willing to protect themselves. In this formation you will cover each others back, you are four but you will function as one. Now, draw your zanpakuto and be ready for whatever may be included in this test. The metallic rasping of blades being drawn a suitable beginning to a nerve wracking examination. Adjusting the scabbard of Suzume, Nishigawa would turn his attention to the forest around him and await for whatever was about to come.

[Edit - OOC] Sorry for the late post, a bit of a family emergency kept me away from computer for most of the day.


on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:49 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke watched as Akuryō organised the squad eight members into two sets of four, each member facing a direction of north, south, east and west while telling them to defend themselves and keep a eye out for any attack, Luke nodded his head.

"This is a promising sight, he has potential for sure but I wonder what will happen when his own teammates that he promised to protect suddenly turn against him but first, I'll bait him from my true intentions by becoming the visible enemy, therefore he'll never suspect of the true trap that awaits him..." Luke thought to himself as he went over the plan in his head before drawing his zanpakuto gently from it's nightmare-colored sheath.

"Unsheathe the husked casket, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke whispered before the blade of his zanpakuto erupted into black mist before reforming into a intangible blade of black mist with a small twister of black mist swirling around the blade from the tip to the base of the guard before he willed the mist of his blade to dissipate and flow towards Akuryō and the squad members, he hoped that they wouldn't pay it much attention as this is what he needed to start the test but if Akuryō looked at the squad members as the black mist went past, their eyes would gain a soft black aura, his own eyes would have the same aura before he returned the mist back to his blade and resealed his zanpakuto before he shifted his own form as he spoke a single word.

"Discord..." Luke would speak as his body changed into the body of a arrancar with short, blood red hair and golden eyes, a hollow hole at the center of his chest, he wore a loose white haori with black highlights around the collar and wrists, a black obi and white hakama and white zori with red socks. His zanpakuto now appeared different as it now had a simple circle guard with a whirlpool design on it, grey wrapping and a pure black blade, his mask fragment was like a jester's mask, shaped with several curves like the sun, covering a quarter of his face around his right eye, his face was sharper and more toned then Luke's as well as having softer skin in general. He then looked around and formed a fake Luke from a log before sheathing his zanpakuto onto his back mounted sheath he had created before he fired a Shakkahō into the sky, the real signal that the test had begun.

As soon as the Shakkahō had exploded into the sky, Akuryō would hear roars from inside the forest as several hollows, under the discord illusion of Luke's shikai would sudden start charging the circle as they felt unbalanced and in a state of panic and just rushing towards the circle to try and put a end to their insanity while Luke, in his arrancar form would cry out as if he had been injured as when Akuryō turned to look in the direction, he would see the arrancar standing just far enough away that he couldn't reach with his sword if he drew it, Luke, as the arrancar, smiled evilly and held the log up which to Akuryō and his men, would look like Luke with a blood gash across his chest before he would toss him away before he took a cough, shifting his voice to sound psychopathic yet with a gentleman-like undertone like a controlled insanity.

"Good evening, shinigami, I do hope I'm not interrupting anything but I found that one in a tree and I couldn't help but cut him down like the leaf he was" he said calmly but with a psychopathic smile on his features, his right hand on the handle of his zanpakuto as the fake Luke had hit against a tree and his head rolled, appearing as if he fell unconscious.

Luke, disguised as the arrancar then pulled his sword out with a sickening sound of meat on metal as he held his sword against his side in a casual way, as if he didn't take this coming fight serious as he looked around, his eyes darting around disturbingly, the psychotic smile never leaving his face as the roars got louder.

"Looks like my friends are coming to play, so...shall we dance, shinigami?" Luke spoke as the arrancar, waiting to see what Akuryō would do first.

Luke's arrancar appearance:

Post count:
Post time until the hollows reach the circle where you and the squad eight members are: 0/1

Location;; Unknown testing location, outskirts of North Rukon district
Word Count;; 732
Tags;; Luke, Akuryō
OOC;; Sorry for the late post, hope I didn't disappoint you ^^;

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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