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on Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:44 pm


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta5-3|===-

Word Count: 335

To say the building was big was definately an understatement. Compared to all the other buildings next to it and, making it seem even more impressive, to the buildings that Shujinta was used to seeing the Shin'o Academy seemed like the behemoth of all buildings. The Grandfather of houses and center of the attention of everybody who passed by it. It must be roughly twice the size of the dojo we had in the living at least three times! The usually so composed and calm young boy was standing on the courtyard of one of the most prestigious institution in the whole seireitei and had trouble collecting his thoughts. It was better then when he first came here but still it proved difficult for him to move in the proximity of this gigantic building. The old school seemed to give off a weird pressure all by itself that gave Shujinta the feeling off standing on the tip of a mountain. He was still unsure whether this was from all the Shinigami that had practiced here over the past thousand years, who had charged their kido's all over the place and practiced their Zanjutsu, or from his own personal memories that he had from the world of the living, as faint as they were. Come on Shu, it was exciting the first time but your not some new Soul from the outskirts anymore...get your mind back on the track, fate will not wait for you!... The young boy took a deep breath in and closed his remaining eye for a second. While he pictured the class he was going too his heart stopped racing and the dizzyness slowly vanished together with thoughts about his father. He was a new being now and not bound by what ever life he had lived before.  'Lets do this...' He checked his Zanpakuto a last time and walked across the courtyard. In his mind he was once again going through the basic movements of the first few Hakuda steps.


on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:39 pm



Epizon “Oneiropolos” Psychi ;;Shinigami ;;2-2 ;; Male

”If you ever question your purpose, always remember you chose this and always know why you did so. Now go and do what you wanted to” said his mentor as Epizon departed from him and headed to the ominous building. The Shino academy had its own aura of magnificence and accomplishments. All of the shinigami that were in the squads had gone through it. Everything they knew now, they had learned from this academy. Their brilliant kido, hakuda and zanjutsu skills were all thanks to the basis this academy provided. As promised the shinigami he had asked to help had led him here. Even if he was already learning from his mentor, going to the academy was necessary to become a shinigami.

Today was his first day, he followed through the routine of the day like all the others. Now, it was time for their first class in hakuda and two people were called out. One of them had already walked to the courtyard, the other one was Epizon. His first ever practice spar was just around the corner. ”Epizon Psychi, move to the courtyard!” said the teacher. The other students looked at one another and giggled, the name was strange and funny. Whispers began to move around about a strange kind of a guy. From the crowd of students rose one good looking soul and headed for the courtyard, appearing in front of a fellow future shinigami. They had been taught the basics and now was time to spar and learn from it. He was told by his mentor that he had an unusually large reiatsu, so the more he learned the better it would be for him. That’s why he had been attentive to everything they had taught so far.

”My purpose is to attain strength so that no one suffers like I have. I need the strength to protect those who can’t protect themselves. This soul in front of me, is my first obstacle”, a look of determination was present on his face. He took the stance as one would when preparing for a hand to hand battle. The two were supposed to fight without their zanpakuto and engage in a battle focusing purely on Hakuda. Long range was something he didn’t feel so comfortable at but up close and personal felt just like home to him.

”Keep it fair and simple, strike fast and strike true. With that in mind, fight!” shouted the teacher and Epizon prepared himself. He didn’t want to be the first to attack, he had no knowledge about his opponent. His strategy was to remain calm, have a clear mind and watch for patterns then strike. In order to do so, he would have to wait for the attack of his opponent so he stood still but alert awaiting the movement of the person standing in front of him. The one’s around him looked at him questionably, why wasn’t he moving? What did he plan to do? Was this what they called freaking out? Did he just freeze? Plenty of questions were moving around about the strangely named person.

Location;; Shino Academy
Muse;; 8/10
Word Count;; 517
Tags;; Epizon, Shujinta
OOC;; I’ve made it into a hakuda battle, I hope you don’t mind.

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:48 pm


-===|Tsuranagai Shujinta5-3|===-

Word Count: 777

Behind him he could hear the teacher call out the student he was supposed to spar with. Epizon Psychi...out of all of the pupils i got Epizon... Not Kiriyama not Musashi not Ria but Psychi. Fate surely seems not to be on my side today... Once again he peered at the direction of his zanpakuto. He felt naked without it and somewhat vulnerable altough he had received it just a short while ago. His fists clenching he turned around, squinting with his one eye at his opponent. It was the first day for all of them and yet, Epizon already had made a name for himself. And a strange one even more. It certainly doesnt sound japanese to me altough he looks asian... While he looked older than Shujinta and some of the other trainee's it was said that he hadnt lived for long in the spirit world and yet possessed a larger reiatsu than even Shujinta. In the Background Shujinta could see some of the girls pointing in Epizon's direction, snickering to themselves. He tried to force his face to stay emotionless and not give away his thoughts but couldnt hinder some twitching of his mouth muscles, making it seem like he was trying to prevent himself from smiling.
Why do i always end up with these people... He took another look at the other students face. He seemed calm and collected, completely unlike the thugs that Shujinta used to brawl with in the Rukongai. Arrogant brat... he probably thinks that just because of his reiatsu he will always be at the top... The more Shujinta looked at the man the more he disliked him. But this was not the time to dive into personal feelings, he would have to take Epizon serious if he wished to show that he was capable of becoming a good shinigami.
They had been watching each other for a few seconds now and Shujinta could feel the other students and the teacher grow impatient. I suppose i cant let this drag on any longer...i am already loosing face... Shujinta closed his eye for a moment and took a deep breath before assuming a fighting stance that might have seemed similar to Epizon's on the first look except being lower. None but the Shinigami that had seen him fight in Rukongai and "asked" him to join the academy had seen him fight yet and he had not made the mistake to tell anyone about his experience. When he felt focussed enough he completed the stance by bringing his right fist closer to his face while simultaneously reaching out with his left hand and shifting his weight over to his right leg. Without breaking his stance he slowly started to slide forward without allowing Epizon to leave his field of view. I will show you the strenght of the Tsuranagai style! Shujinta's mind was now void of all unneccessary thoughts. Tapping into the skills he had learned in his childhood and practiced for almost 80 years left his mind with the sole aim of overwhelming his opponent.
Most of the giggling and chatting had stopped at this point. Both Epizon and Shujinta had shown their skills at different times in the pregoing classes altough in different ways.
Finally Shujinta had reached a position mere feets away from Epizon. And you have yet to move you lazy bastard... People like that were limited to either very confident or unskilled ones, and Epizon most certainly did not seem that unskilled. Now that he had moved closer to the man Shujinta could actually feel Epizon's reiatsu like a lead blanket on his shoulders. When his sight started to get blurry he decided to initiate the attack before his movements could get any more sluggish. In order to prevent himself from being distracted he closed his one eye and placed his trust in his remaining senses, most prominently his ability to sense reiatsu. With Epizons big reiatsu pool it became almost hard not to feel him and his movements. Shujinta's knee rose up and pulled his whole body upwards while his whole upper body turned around and bent forward with his right hand reaching for the ground. Using the force of his movement he pivoted his body around the waist while also pushing himself further in Epizon's direction. His lower body rotated and all of his force went into his stretched left leg which was aiming for a clear hit to his opponents head. This was a move that did not exist in the basic teachings of the Hakuda and Shujinta highly doubted that anyone knew that he was merely initiating his main attack using it.

OOC: Totally fine with me, what ever you feel comfortable with =) I sort of assumed weve had basic Zanjutsu and Kido aswell before, so i hope you dont mind that.


on Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:51 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 4-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
A friendly Spar: Begins

Epizon was a lazy soul, he always had been even when he was alive. After being killed his convictions had been changed and so had his purpose for living but some things just don’t change. However, while his opponent made his way towards him he still didn’t move, that wasn’t because he was lazy. It was because this was his way of fighting. He needed to first know his enemy to strike, in order to do though without making a mistake was to stand still. That’s what he did while Shujinta got a bit too close for his own comfort. For a moment, he thought he’d back away, maybe he would even strike but then he decided to do nothing. It was all about timing and knowing your foe, even if the first attack landed he would have the advantage next. All this time his body wasn’t doing anything but his eyes and his mind were analyzing all the little movements that his opponent was making.

His stance feels a bit different then what we are taught. Is that deliberate or is it a mistake? Does he know what he’s doing or is it just a coincidence? Will his eagerness push him into making a mistake? Is he familiar with the feeling of being in battle or is it as new to him as it is to me? “ he continued to question himself while he stared Shujinta. It was only after that Shujinta moved did his trail of thoughts break and his body began to move in response.

The movements were swift, fast and precise, his opponent didn’t seem inexperienced. ”A knee attack?” he thought as he saw the knee headed straight for him. They weren’t taught an attack that would start from such movements, this wasn’t what they knew. Having little information about how to deal with such an attack, he stepped aside to his right quickly. As he stepped he aimed for the knee to hit it from the side and alter its trajectory. Right then, the other thing that he was expecting was a follow up attack. However, since he didn’t know this attack he didn’t know where the attack was coming from. He barely managed to notice the leg heading for his shoulder. So it must be originally aimed for his head, because of his movement now it was heading for his shoulder.

”So you must be thinking I’d block this attack. No, you must be counting on it” he thought as his eyes noticed that he was now balancing himself on his hand and bending. Epizon, took the attack aimed for his head on his shoulder. ”ooo what’s he doing? Is he sleeping?” his classmates were angry at him because he wasn’t moving much from the start. Some thought he was elegant, some thought he was a bit too full of himself and some thought that he was underestimating the opposition. Neither was the case, he hadn’t yet even gauged his opponent’s abilities, this strategy was to know what Shujinta was capable of. After the leg landed on his shoulder, despite being a painful hit he planted his left hand on the leg to fixate it on his shoulder. Holding tightly to the leg, he aimed for the hand that Shujinta was using to balance him with his right leg.

His movement were fast and swift, his grip was tight on Shujinta’s leg and so he spun with as much force as he could muster. His aim was to hit the hand and thus take away his balance, right then since he would be holding on to the leg, he would aim to spin and throw away Shujinta. His plan was bold but this was the counter attack he was aiming for. Despite being a strategist at heart he was planning to use blunt force and finish it with just one move. He was sure that his opponent had a lot more in store but this would certainly foil his plans.

Location;; Shino Academy
Muse;; 8/10
Word Count;; 667
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Shujinta

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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