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And yet the snow continues to fall (Private)

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on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:44 am

Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke saw Yuki coming over to him.

"Good, your here, ok, here's a special lesson from me since you did as we agree, now pay close attention to what I say and what I'm doing" Luke would tell her before he would face towards the target and raise his hand towards the target, charging a Shakkahō like before.

"Normal, forming a kido relies on the control of one's spirit energy to form their unique energy structures but this isn't always true..." Luke said and as he explained, the Shakkahō core started to shake, becoming unstable before turning a dark black and spreading to the outer layer of the Shakkahō, "...if you can control your reiatsu enough, you can allow it's unique nature to enter and alter the way the kido forms by using both reiatsu and spirit energy, although what addition affects it will have will vary depending on the nature of your reiatsu and what kido you use it on but it can take people by surprise, especially when they won't expect you to have unique kido like" Luke explained before aiming the black Shakkahō at the target and fired, it shot out his hand like a bullet, much faster then the one he fired earlier and much faster then a normal Shakkahō in general, it smashed into the target, exploding and disintegrating the target plus sending black flames onto the other targets, also causing more damage then normal before he turned to Yuki.

"The type of reiatsu I have is a infectious-type and my kido then becomes what I call "Kansen kido" or infected kido because of the way it infects and changes my kido by itself...I suggest for making your first custom kido that you start with Shakkahō as it's only a number thirty-one hado so it can be contained within the firing range if something wrong were to happen, if your successful, you would have created your first custom kido, maybe possibly something only your clan can do or someone with the same reiatsu as you...go ahead, give it a go" Luke said, gesturing to the firing range so he could watch her and see what would happen, if something did go wrong, he was on hand to contain anything that could hurt her as he waited to see what she would do.

Location;; Shinigami academy, Seireitei
Word Count;; 390
Tags;; Luke, Makoto

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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on Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:10 am


Yuki ignored his greeting, after all she really only came for the lesson and she wanted to get underway as soon as possible.She walked over to him and started listening intently to Luke as he explained the nature of one's reiatsu can add properties to a Kidō spell and she watched as his Shakkahō turned in a deep black, starting from the unstable core to the outer layer.

As he fired the Shakkahō she saw the black ball of fire shoot off like a bullet, as it collided it caused a explosion and sent black flames onto the surrounding targets. The time came when he told her to try after explaining how his Reiatsu is the "infectious type". She stood steady holding her hand out and summoned to core, it was pure white no longer being red like it usually is however the white core was becoming unstable and she quickly formed a white outer layer to prevent a premature explosion. The Shakkahō was fairly small though and as she fired it it shot of building up velocity as it went only making it faster and then it collided with the target and a small flash occurred but as the smoke cleared the target had a thin layer of frost on it.

Yuki looked at it with a smile, she however felt drained after that mainly due to the concentration it took to keep it right leaving her drained mentally and Reiatsu wise as she was constantly adjusting the flow and control of the Shakkahō. Yuki sat down laying back as she did so at first forgetting Luke's presence and remembering and sitting back up turning towards the third seat and waiting for his response to the Shakkahō.

on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:00 am

Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke watched as she prepared her Shakkahō as it slow turned the core white before forming the outer layer to contain the unstable reiatsu within the Shakkahō's core, although even this flickered slightly with how unstable and chaotic her reiatsu nature was.

The Shakkahō itself was slightly smaller before she fired it, sending it flying towards the target, creating a white flash that hurt Luke's eyes so he covered them for a moment before the flash died down and he was able to look, the fire created by his Shakkahō had been put out as stream was around the area and if he looked carefully, there was frost coating the target where her Shakkahō hit, he went for a close look as Yuki rested, looking worn out from the first use of a custom kido of her own creation, with help but not a bad attempt either way.

Luke made notes in his notebook about both the kido and it's possible effects before coming over to Yuki and sitting next to her.

"You feeling alright? I guess that must of taken more out of you then I thought, in any case, you managed to form a kido using your own reiatsu...I wonder what we should call this new kido of yours... Luke said before thinking for a moment before snapping his fingers, "Ah yes; Hakusōhō, it would fit with this new kido of yours well, what do you think?" Luke would ask Yuki before giving her time to respond.

Location;; Firing range, Shinigami academy
Word Count;; 248
Tags;; Luke, Yuki
OOC;; the name means "White Frost Cannon" if you were wondering, and would you add this as a replacement hado #31 on your app I wonder? Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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