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on Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:19 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
It was another day at the Shinigami Academy and quite frankly it was no different than the days before. Most students were hurrying about to their classes, others were communicating in the halls, and then there was Mei, who stood near a window. She was rambling through her thoughts. Many of Mei's thoughts if not all of them were about the academy or had the academy involved. However, from these many thoughts one stuck out and it went something like this. 'I've been here for what seems like forever. When am I going to get to leave? Surely it should be soon right? Anyway, even if it's not I've got to ke-' Her thought would be interupted by a tapping on her shoulder. Mei would turn to a girl she had seen before and spoke a few words with. The girl was very nice and was one of the few people that were not afraid of her after hearing about the incident with Luke. "Someone asked me to give this to you. Looks like some people are still a bit frightened." The girl would smile as she held out a letter in Mei's direction. Mei's hand would grasp the letter and open it after saying a quick thanks to the girl, who would then walk off. She would stand letter in hand however, she hadn't quite decided to open it yet. Mei didn't know what to think about it but she did know that she would have to look at it sooner or later.

With a deep breath, Mei would open the letter and read what was inside. After a moment of reading, the girls eyes would widen slightly. 'Squad Three! Fourth Seat?!' These were the thoughts that now bounced off the walls of the girls skull. Her body didn't move but she sure felt as if she was going to jump out of her skin. Never in her wildest dreanms would Mei ever have believed that she would get to fourth seat so quickly. At first, she thought she must be dreaming because it was the only possible explanations. That is until she pinched herself and realized it was reality. 'Wait! What am I still doing here?" Mei would say these words aloud and rush off to the exit of the academy. She was excited to see the squad three baracks again as well as, Luke.

It had taken some time for the girl to arrive at the squad three baracks but she had made it safe and sound. Mei was starting to get the layout of the Seireitei down whereas, the last time she had met Luke she had no idea where she was. Luke, the last time she had met him she learned a great lesson and so did some others. Mei learned that she should never leave her Zanpakuto out of her sight even if she believed it would be safe and the other had obviously learned to keep their hands off of other peoples things. At the thought of it, Mei sighed and rubbed the hilt of her Zanpakuto, which hung across her back. However, she would shake her head not too long after, "I don't have time to remember such things." With this, the girl would take a breath, smile, and walk closer to the enterance of the squad three baracks.

Mei would be stopped at the enterance by a man, who claimed to be a member of squad three. It did make sense after all that is where they were. The man would ask her buisness noting that she was only an academy student because of the attire she was wearing on this day. Mei had been too excited to change into a different set of clothing. So, politely the girl would hand the man the letter she had been given and stand with a smile as he read it. She would notice the man looking from her, to the letter, and back again. It didn't surprise herthat he looked surprised considering the fact she was very surprised herself. However after a few moments of silence and nervous smiles, the man had allowed the girl to enter. "Wait here. Ill go tell you arrived." These were the words he would speak before walking off and leaving the girl in the large courtyard. Mei would stand with the letter in hand as she looked towards the ground awaiting the arrival of Luke.

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on Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:52 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke awoke early in time with the rising sun above the seireitei, another restless night, tossing and turning in his bed but there was no comfort he could seek nor any remedy to cure his nightmares indefinitely, they always returned one way or another, besides, he was now the third seat of squad three, he had to be strong for his fellow squad members, it wouldn't do them well to see him like this first thing in the early hours of the morning.

He slowly made his way out of bed, grabbing a black dressing gown to keep the early morning chill from settling into his bones, thoughts like those made him feel a lot older then his visible age let on and walked to the bathroom door to take a early morning bath to let the hot, steamy and soapy water relax his tense muscles, it wouldn't due to see the new fourth seat in such a tense and uneased state, as he thought of Mei becoming the new fourth seat, a small smile trickled across his tired features.

"I'll be glad for her company once she's here, the squad really need a moral boost and Mei-chan will be great for the men and women here, her smile is wonderful...I only hope she comes through what I have planned for her with that smile in tact but I need to see her abilities and "that" might be the only way to do it..." Luke thought, using his hands to rub his neck and to click it in place with a unsettling crack before stretching in the bath tub, although it was more like a small pool then a bath tub but the extra space meant stretching was far easier to do, especially with his limbs under the water.

After a good hour of bathing, he got out and dried himself using a black towel and had a look of his right hand, covered entirely in black dragon-like scales and with claw-like fingernails and black skin up to his wrist; a nightmare he wished he could forget, but he had no time to deal with it right now as right now, Mei must of received his letter of recommendation by now, the letter reading as follows:

"To Mei Tsaki, I am hereby recommending you to a fourth seat's position in squad three by the order of third seat Luke Yasenha, report here in a hour's time after you had read this letter for squad briefing, tour round the barracks and abilities test.

A great future awaits you in the thirteen court guard squads and in our squad especially as our new fourth seat.

Third Seat Luke Yasenha

Another small smile broke across the third seat's face as he imaged her surprise and delight at receiving the letter from him. Once he had finished drying himself off, he got dressed in his normal black and red karate Gi, red silk obi and black haori before getting his boots on quickly as he wanted to look over her records before she arrived.

Eventually, about eleven O'clock in the morning, a squad three member knocked on his door.

"Come in" Luke called to him and the squad member came in, a tatty looking man if he had ever saw one, he wasn't surprised though that he was a unseated member of squad three and also why many squad three members lacked the will to go higher into the ranks of squad three.

"Third seat Yasenha, there's a girl waiting for you on the other side of the gate, she handed me this letter saying you recommended her for the fourth seat's position, am I correct sir?" the man asked him, wanting some sort of confirmation that the letter he had received earlier was legitimate.

"Yes, I did indeed send such a letter, tell the men at the gates to open it for her, I'll attend to her in a moment" Luke told him back, at the news, the man seemed to relax slightly, the tense muscles in his shoulders when they relaxed and his expression becoming more neutral seemed to prove it.

"As you command, third seat Yasenha" the man said before rushing off to the gates to get them to open for Mei while Luke picked up his zanpakuto from the sword stand and tucked it lovingly into his red silk obi before heading out to the main doors of the barracks, once Mei entered through the gates, she would see Luke walking down the stairs from the main doors to the barracks, he tried to walk with a air of command in his step, letting everyone know his new position that he held as the third seated officer of squad three, every step for the unseated members of squad three seemed to take forever as his spiritual pressure weighed them down as he had higher levels of spiritual pressure then a normal third seat, it was lieutenant level, although he wasn't as strong as the current lieutenant, Yuki Akies as her spiritual pressure beat his own, although the funny thing was that it felt like lieutenant Akies was the captain of squad three and he was the lieutenant since the captain was never around where he was needed, that very fact ticked Luke off to this very day but he tried to not show such distaste openly around the other members, even though they felt the same way about a non-existent captain, Luke smiled at Mei as she would walk in.

"Welcome Mei Tsuki to squad three, don't worry, we'll get you a squad three Shihakushō once we have finished our business here but first, I want to ask you how are you feeling at the moment and also; where you do you want to go first? we can check the archives, the squad quarters where you'll be staying next to my room, well, in fact the fourth seat's room was my old room before moving into the third seat's room, it should be big enough for you and the mess hall and so, anywhere strike your fancy?" Luke would say calmly but happily, if Mei was close enough, he would pat her head and run his fingers through her soft, chocolate colored hair as he waited for a response.

Location;; Squad three courtyard, Seireitei
Word Count;; 1,046
Tags;; Luke, Mei
OOC;; Ok, I have a few ideas, we can either do each part of the barracks in turn or I can do them all at once, which would you prefer to do? ^_^

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on Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:53 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Mei continued to stand in wait with a smile on her face. Her excitement was too great at the moment it almost seemed as if nothing could ever ruin her day. However, Mei did notice a few shinigami looking at her but she didn't know why. Instead of looking away from them though, the girl would smile and give a slight wave, which seemed to just make them speechless. This would make her smile turn into a face of confusion. Was there something wrong with her? Mei would blink and look down at herself, 'Hmmm. Maybe its something to do with this outfit.' Mei would think to herself. The stares would go on to be a mystery because soon enough the gates were being opened. Mei's attention would turn back to them as she wondered what the day would be holding.

Mei would slowly enter through the gates without a care in the world. Her eyes would dart around the area until they landed upon a familiar face. That's right. Her attention was now focused upon Luke as he descended the staircase.Mei would smile at Luke and continue to smile as he spoke to her. As she did so, the girl would notice that more Shinigami were looking at her from the corners of her eyes. At this point, she would try not to let such a thing distract her. Mei's ears would be focused on Luke's words more than anything but her eyes focused on what seemed like everything but Luke. However, her eyes wouldn't move from his face and even though she was feeling quite odd her smile would never fade. As she listened yo Luke's words, she would sort of giggle inside her own head. It was amusing to her to watch people act with a figure of authority but Mei would keep that to herself knowing it wasn't the best time to let whatever she wanted slip past her lips.

When his words ceased, Mei would feel Luke's hand on her head, which would make her smile more. "I am doing great! I'm very excited.. and surprised.. to be here. Also, fourth seat I still can't believe it -," Her words would pause for a second before they began again. "Sorry, I got carried away. Um I think the archives sound like an adventure so could we start there? I mean I don't mind if you want to start somewhere else-... Sorry, I promise this doesn't happen that often." Mei would stop talking and smile trying to keep her face of embarrassment at bay. She sure did make herself look foolish already but she wouldn't let that bring her down. However, she still didn't understand why people were looking at her! Mei really didn't mind but she sure did want to know the reason. Usually, she could come up with an answer straight on the spot but nobody can guess the thoughts of others completely correct. So, until Luke decided to speak the girl would look out of the corners of her eyes now allowing them to move away from Luke's face.

(OOC: How about we do them one at a time?)

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on Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:43 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke, after listening to Mei's response, gave a hearty chuckle before speaking to her softly, stroking her soft cheek.

"It's perfectly fine, Mei, I was nervious myself upon entering squad three as the tenth seat but don't worry yourself too much, you can achieve so much now your in a seated position and I'm sure everyone here will warm to you and give you a warm welcome, won't you?" Luke said that last bit out loud and the shinigami that were staring at Mei suddenly jumped at his voice before straighting up and taking a polite bow towards Mei.

"Welcome, Fourth seat Tsuki, it will be a honor to serve with you" the shinigami around spoke in unison before Luke gave them a hand signal that they were dismissed and the shinigami shifted away to go about their duties within the barracks, Luke stood up straight, clicking his back in place before gesturing his right hand to Mei, smiling encouragingly.

"Shall we, Mei-chan?" Luke said, if she put her hand into his, he would hold onto her hand firmly yet not tightly to not make her uncomfortable and in a way she could easily take her hand out if she wanted to or not, either way he would lead her into the barracks, leading her through the winding corridors of the barracks towards the archives, Luke had noticed Mei's confused expression earlier and her eye movements felt to him like she was nervous from the squad three members staring at her.

" were wondering why they looked surprised when they saw you, right?" Luke asked Mei, wondering if he had guess correct, if she nodded or did something his theory, he would smile softly and rub her head.

"Don't worry, like I said, squad three have had a lack of moral and our squad not represents the investigation squad but also despair as it's what we fight with due to what we've had to deal with every day with having to monitor on family, friends and even fellow squad members, even to the rich families, it gets a lot of people down here but with you smiling and happy, it's a shock for sure but it will be good for them to be reminded of what happiness feels like, it will do their moral no end of good...oh, here we are" Luke explained before pausing as they got to the archives.

Luke would push the door open for Mei as they entered, they would see a vast array of shelving, filled with hundred upon thousands of files, lined in order and kept tidy by the dedicated squad three members in charge of the archives. Luke then would lead Mei towards a row of files on the shelf.

"You see, since our squad is based on investigation and intelligence gathering, we have a vast archive, only rivaled by the Daireishokairō, the great archive that only the higher ups and central 46 can access but you'll be surprised on how much data we have on people, including you..." Luke placed his hand near the files and they jerked and shuffled around before his hand got close enough to grab one, they would suddenly stop and he picked up the file he wanted, he would show the file to Mei and she would see her name on the file, it was quite full of information already when Luke opened it, she would see recent photos of her in the corridor of the academy to when she got up this morning for classes in her room to other "private" matters of nature.

"Like I said, we monitor everyone, you are no exception to this, my Mei-chan, it's why a lot of people, including me get so depressed quite a lot of the time but how this works is that the files will shuffle around so if you're trying to access a file you don't have the require rank or permission, it will simply hide itself from you within the archive but ones you do have permission like this one, they will find it for you and once your hand reaches it, you'll be allowed to grab it..." Luke said with a sad expression before looking a bit more cheery as he lead in to whisper in Mei's ear.

"...They say that those who have tried to access the file without permission become lost within the archive and die without never getting the knowledge they wanted like that one other there..." Luke pointed to a spot in the darkness, in the depths of the archives where a small window illuminated a white skull, still attached to a skeleton.

"He was the last one to try and we haven't had one since but...I hope you don't hold the squad members for monitoring you, it's their job and they feel bad enough as it is so try to not hold it against them, besides..." Luke put the file back and they reshuffled back together in the proper place..."...only myself has read this file to my knowledge, I know lieutenant Akies hasn't seen your file and our captain is as active as a ghost...come on, where should we head next? the living quarters? the mess hall? the gardens?" Luke would explain, getting sad again as he asked her not to hold the monitoring of her life against them before trying to cheer himself up again as he asked her where they should head next before waiting for a response.

Location;; Squad three archives, Seireitei
Word Count;; 908
Tags;; Luke, Mei
OOC;; Ok, Mei-chan C: alright, where should we head next? C: *cue Dora the explorer reference* xD

Template (c) Yuki Seika

on Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:49 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Mei started to believe that Luke would be considering the position she would be gaining in the squad. However, he seemed to be the same as the last time the two had met, which helped with the calming of the girl. The feeling of Luke touching the girls cheek also seemed to help. She listened as he spoke of himself being nervous upon entering the same squad. Mei noticed he spoke of starting as tenth seat, which made her wonder if the position she would be starting at was right for her or not. Mei would keep that much to herself though and decided she would try her hardest with this position. Her focus would be tired away from herself when she heard Luke speak to the other shinigami around the area. They seemed to be a bit jumpy but she wondered if that was just because of the authority Luke held or if it was something else. Mei wondered if they would be like that when she spoke because she really wouldn't want them to feel such a way about her.

Fourth Seat Tsaki. Mei loved hearing the title but she wouldn't show too much excitement. The girl didn't wish to seem too excited because that might make her seem a little odd. However, she didn't want to seem like she didn't wish to be there either. So, she would try to keep a healthy balance between the two. Men would smile at the squad three members and turn to Luke when she heard a noise. He would be extending his hand as she turned, which would make her blink slightly. Eventually, Mei would take Luke's hand and allow him to lead the way to wherever he wished to take her.

Mei would be led through a few corridors towards the archive room though she didn't know it yet. The girl was already slightly lost but that just meant she would have something to do once she got settled in. For now, she would just try and remember the route they were taking. Well, she would try anyway until Luke spoke. Mei didn't notice how much attention he was actually paying her until he spoke of her looking at the squad three members. This would make her look up to Luke and sort of nod with a bit of amazement present in her eyes. She did have to admit he was good at telling what she was thinking.

When Mei heard Luke's answer to her question, her smile seemed to fade from her face. It was quite saddening what they had to go through but after hearing all of Luke's words, Mei came up with a perfect goal. Starting when Mei entered this squad, She would try and bring happiness to the members everyday. This would make Mei smile as she thought about it. 'Surely, that would make Asami proud. I know it would make me happy to help them all.' Mei would think to herself as her happiness seemed to grow inside her. However, it would soon turn to a feeling of astonishment as Luke opened the door to the archives.

This place was filling with tons of files and they all seemed to be quite large too. Mei didn't even know if she could count them all in a lifetime. The girl didn't even know that one squad could have so much information and for it to only be rivaled by one other archive. However, she would sort of blink as Luke mentioned it was all information on people and that she was in there as well. Mei never realized how many people there were but there was one question on her mind. "Was it just those of the Soul Society?" Mei started to wonder many things about these archives however, she didn't wish to ask them. Sometimes, the girl simply liked to leave things unanswered so she could have something to ponder later.

After being lead to a row of files, Mei would watch Luke pull out a file. However, he didn't even have to look for it. The file just came to him but MeI didn't understand how it worked. Mei believed the archives would be an adventure and she sure was right. It was an amazing place to the girl but what was even more amazing was the file she was looking at. It was her very own file and the most recent picture was of her that very morning. "I didn't even know," Mei would say in sort of a whisper. Then, a thought would hit her, 'I wonder if there is anything in there I don't know about. I wonder if there is anything about me from before that day.' Her mind seemed to trail off on all the possible things that could be inside the file.

Luke would begin to speak but Mei would only be half listening. It wasn't as if she was trying to be rude but her mind was just filled with many questions. It was quite an amazing place she was standing in but she wondered how one created it. Whoever created such a place would need to be rather intelligent or so Mei believed. To her, it was a great system for finding and protection. However when Luke whispered to the girl, her eyes widened. "They die?" Mei would speak with a bit of a frightened voice as her head slowly turned the way Luke was pointing. At the site of a skeleton near a small window, Mei would sort of cringe and make a "Ew," type sound.

Mei would look towards Luke as he began to speak again. She watched his movements as he put the file back and they shuffled back together. However, this time she would notice he sort of started to look sad but then cheered back up. 'What was that?' She would ask herself. She would hear Luke speak about reading her file, which would make her blush a bit. She wondered what he read and how much he knew about her. She also started to wonder why the captain wasn't around too often. However, she would shake it off and begin to speak.

"Of course I won't hold it against them. If it's their job then why should I be upset. Even if it weren't, the information helps people and it could even be of use to me. I just find this to be one big help center really."Mei would then smile for a moment as she thought abut where she would like to go next. "How about we go to the Mess Hall? Might be someone interesting there." Mei's smile hadn't faded but her excitement seemed to be rising. As was her curiosity about her file, which would make the worst burst out of her mouth since she could rarely keep things in. "So, you read my file? What all do you know?" Before the questions could start pouring out she would take both her hands and cover her mouth with them. She hoped Luke wouldn't think she's crazy or something.

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on Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:20 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke listened to her and sighed in relief, most people wouldn't like to know they have been spied on and the issue of mass invasion of privacy would of made most people uncomfortable so he was glad to hear she didn't hold it against them. Although her reaction to what he had said about people dying in the archives made him chuckle a little before he composed himself again.

"That's good to know, it's nice to hear that someone thinks were are doing good at least..." Luke said with a sad undertone before listening to her suggest the mess hall next and when she did, Luke stomach would grumble like a tiger in need of it's next meal.

"That sounds like a good idea, I didn't get breakfast so I'm staving so mess hall it is then" Luke said jokingly, a sweat drop on his forehead while he rubbed the back of his head.

"I knew I forgot something this morning, I hope I don't get stomach pains" Luke thought to himself before his train of thought was broken by Mei asking about how much he had read from the file, although he didn't really expect her to ask so soon, he did expect she would of asked sooner or later but first, he come over to her, running his fingers through her chocolate colored hair before he would lift her onto his back to give her a piggyback ride, for some reason, it felt like a good idea to have her riding on his shoulder before he would walk out the archives, the squad member looking after the archive waved at them.

"Goodbye Third seat Yasenha, Fourth seat Tsaki" she called out to them, shifting her glasses before getting back to work as Luke walked through the twisting corridors of squad three's barracks before he decided to answer Mei's question.

"Well, I know of your history in the district of 72 in the west rukon district from the time you got there till now, it seems you had some good friends growing up, forming a family by yourselves, they must of cared for you a lot and I can see their will still lives on in their living legacy..." Luke would pause to look up at her and smile warmly, "...If they were still here, they would be very proud of their little sister" Luke would say, rubbing her hair before making another few turns and entering the mess hall.

The mess hall was large but simple, with about hundred short legged tables with tatami mats with four per table with the captain's table at the far end of the mess hall, straight in the middle so both sides can see the captain if he was to address the squad for example, to the left of the hall, there was a open plan kitchen where chiefs worked to prepare food for the two hundred plus squad, although the squad members normally comes in groups of hundred at a time so everyone always got a seat.

At this point, once Mei had looked round, he would let her down from his shoulder.

"Well, let's get some brunch, I'm quite hungry" Luke said, gesturing to the food that had been put up so far and grabbing a bowel and took up a disturbingly large amount of scrabbled eggs while getting some toast, bacon and sausages before sitting down at the nearest table, kneeling down and putting his food down. Once Mei had gotten some food, he would gesture to sit down either next or in front of him, depending on where she wanted to sit, although by now, other squad members started to slowly pour in, although it wasn't as much as normally, although this was expected as some people like Luke preferred to eat later on in the day which was why he was having breakfast at half past twelve in the afternoon.

He put his hands together, holding the chopsticks between his closed palms.

"Thank you for the food" Luke spoke softly before he dug into the scrabbled eggs first, he would either look to the side or in front of him, depending on where Mei chose to sit.

"So, how are you finding squad three so far? we still have the living quarters, yours specifically and the gardens which are outside here but how are you finding all this so far?" Luke would ask as he dug into a sausage like a staved wolf since he hadn't eaten that morning, he was quite ready for food, although it was good for her to ask about things, although she was going to be in for one heck of a surprise once she found out what was going to happen for her abilities test but for now, he enjoyed the moment of eating with her as the sunlight turning the mess hall a nice shade of orange as he ate, waiting for a response.

Location;; Squad three mess hall, Seireitei
Word Count;; 815
Tags;; Luke, Mei
OOC;; Two more to go: Living quarters or gardens, up to you where you wanna go :3

Template (c) Yuki Seika

on Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:22 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Mei didn't understand why Luke seemed so down on this day and would have asked him if she hadn't heard his stomach growl. This would make Mei giggle as Luke spoke of not eating that morning. The girl had woken up early so she had gotten her morning meal. However, she could probably go for a little something if she could hold her thoughts in long enough to eat. Mei had so many things to say and so much to ask she wondered if she would have enough time to talk about them. They had only visited one destination and already Mei was having a great "adventure."

Mei's thoughts would be interrupted by the feeling of Luke running his fingers through her hair. She didn't know why but this always seemed to calm her down for the smallest bit of time. The girl loved the feeling of someone playing with her hair it made her wonder if all girls were the same way. Mei would then feel herself being lifted up. She would then be set onto Luke's back more specifically his shoulder. Mei hadn't done this before but she thought it was rather fun.

The girl would notice a woman waving at the two. She didn't know if the woman had been there when they arrived but she assumed the woman was watching over the area. As she spoke, Mei noticed the woman already knew who she was. 'Guess word travels fast.' Mei would think before smiling back. "Goodbye!" Mei would say with a very happy and upbeat tone of voice. She still had the one goal on her mind, 'Always stay positive. No matter what.'

After a moment of traveling through some more corridors, Mei would hear Luke begin to speak. He was answering her question, which she had asked earlier but hadn't meant to. Her excitement seemed to have gotten the better of her. As she listened to his answer, her eyes would widen. Mei wondered how many people could read her file or how many people even took the time to know of her. Certainly, Luke had taken the time to do so and he had remembered a good bit. However, the last few bit was what captured her attention the most. Would they really be proud? Mei sure hoped they would be. She was trying her best after all.

Once they had reached the Mess Hall, Mei would look around at the many mats and the one table at the far end of the room. It seemed to be right in the middle so she would guess it was a table of importance. Most likely the Captain's table. Mei liked the room but she wondered if there were more shinigami than seats. She wondered what it was like to eat in this squad. She wondered what people were like in this squad. The girl would be set on the floor but she would continue to look around as most people did when entering a new area.

"Ok." Mei would reply to Luke with a smile as he spoke of getting food. She really wasn't all that hungry though she thought it rude not to get anything. So, Mei would follow Luke getting a small portion of eggs and some bacon. The girl would pick the seat in front of Luke so she could speak with him face to face. Talking to someone from the side was usually quite uncomfortable. Soon, Mei would notice as people started to enter the Mess Hall. She would study them one by one or at least try to. There didn't seem to be all that many but she didn't think anything of it.

Mei's attention would turn back to Luke for a moment. This was when she noticed him holding his chopsticks between his hands but she didn't know what he was doing. So, she would watch him and then hear him say a thank you. However, Mei didn't know who he was talking to or why. It was a bit confusing to her because she had never seen her family do it before nor had she done it herself. Maybe, it would be something to bring up another time.

After he finished what he was doing, Mei would listen to Luke's questions. She would then speak in a sort of high pitched voice as she struggled not to talk too loud. "I think it's wonderful! So far, it's been sort of like an adventure. New place and new faces I love it. The archives seemed like some kind of magical place. I really liked it but I had so many questions about it. Sorry if I seem like I'm crazy or something. I talk a lot when I'm excited or nervous." Mei would sort of smile wondering if she should continue. The girl didn't even notice she had touched her food yet.

"Oh yeah. Anyways, can we go to the living quarters next? I know I've already seen them before but still. Right now I feel like we're on some kind of adventure." Mei would smile as she'd finished speaking her attention completely drawn away from her food, which by now was most likely getting cold.

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on Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:39 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke chuckled as he listened to Mei speak, she was so excited and eager, it felt like a nice change of pace, the last time he had done this was with Mushami, a pain in the ass unseated member of squad three, strong but hotblooded and without the knowledge of how to control his power, which properly explained why he had gone for a unseated position instead one of rank but Mei was so much more different then mushami, she was pleasent company, was unbelievably adorable, curious, playful and a joy to be with; there was simply more to Mei then her raw power and she was clever in her own child-like way, all these factors allowed him to make her recommendation to squad three as the replacement fourth seat after he had left it all the more easier and he was quite happy, he hoped this would also vastly improve the moral of the squad. Already as the squad members came in for breakfast or lunch, they saw Mei's beaming and award winning smile and they couldn't help but smile back, it looked rusty on them and they had the most amusing but bizarre look on their face.

Their eyes would widen, then blink for a few moments if he or she was trying to work out what had happened in their heads before it finally clicked they had smiled for the first time in a long time, it suddenly became the topic of the lunch with the squad three members feeling confused about smiling for the first time in a long time and how surprisingly good it felt. Luke looked at them before turning to Mei, rubbing her hair again as he gestured to the others around them.

"I'm glad to hear it, although have you seen what's been happening around us? you've only been here a couple of hours but you've already got things going, you have a amazing power, stronger then any zanpakuto or kido: happiness and joy, emotions are a very powerful weapon, remember this always and remember, keep smiling, live long, grow old and die, still with that wonderful smile on your face for that smile is a blessing, I've enjoyed this more then I have anything for a long while, I really mean that, Mei-chan" Luke said, smiling softly, giving her hair another quick rub before noticing she hadn't touched her food, it was still lukewarm though.

"I suggest eating that before it goes completely cold, unless you like cold food?" Luke said with a slight chuckle to his voice, hopefully reminding her to eat the food she was given before standing up, bowing slightly towards the chiefs with his hands together like before.

"Thank you for the meal" Luke said, they did the same back as a sign of respect before Luke turned to Mei, if or when she had finished eating, he would come over and lift her onto his shoulder again, he would note to himself she was very light or he was very strong to pick her up and for her to feel very light to him. In any case, he would take her to the living quarters, more specifically, the seated officers quarters nearby the mess hall, gardens and archives so if anything happened, the seated officers could react and get to whatever needed help and take about the same amount of time to get there, faster if you used shunpo.

Eventually, the duo reached the fourth and third seat's rooms respectfully, he would open the door to the fourth seat's room. Inside the room was bare in terms of nothing of personal value from Luke's time there, there was a desk with a chair with red leather padding, a bed that was traditional as it was laid on the floor with basic duvet and cushions, a large wardrobe and to the door on her left, a modest on suite bathroom with a bath tub and shower and everything a bathroom normally has.

"Welcome to your new room here in squad three, I know it looks basic and that's because I had to move out so I took what I had in here but don't worry, I'm sure you can do this place up how you like and it feel just like home in no time, you've already seen my quarters next door so you know where to find me if you need me...although..." Luke went to the wardrobe and opened it and a body fell out, it looked to be a man with a very British old fashion handlebar mustache and a posh old fashion greaser hairstyle, wearing a simple white robe.

"Oh Arthur, I knew I forgot his Gigai somewhere" Luke sighed, slightly embaressed by this before putting a blue soul candy into the Gigai's mouth and his eyes opened, sky blue eyes looking around before he got up and coughed and pointed at Luke.

"I say, old boy, that wasn't very sporting of you, look what you've done, my joints are all stiff and I feel like I haven't had a drink for a while..." Arthur says with a very well defined English accent with a old fashioned way of speaking before pausing when he saw Mei, he knelt down and looked down.

"Oh how lovely, what a cute little girl we have here, what's your name?" Arthur would ask Mei while Luke facepalmed himself, Arthur could be so embarrassingly silly when he was in a body, he still had nervous flashbacks to when Arthur was in his gigai and he saw himself with a mustache, he thought he would never live down the shame but he allowed Arthur to ask her name. once or if Mei had told him her name, Arthur would stand up, taking a rather silly pose like a child's superhero doing like a pose when they introduce themselves.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Arthur, a mod soul" he said triumphantly, Luke sighed before walking over to Arthur.

"Ok Arthur, head to my quarters and check on Kurai, will you? I'm sorry about leaving you in there, it's just so many things have happened and it slipped my mind...please?" Luke asked him politely, a sweat drop on his forehead. Arthur sighed and wondered to the door but he turned around and flashed Mei a smile, his teeth sparkling in the sun.

"Good day, miss and good day to you, sir" Arthur said before leaving to go next door to check on kurai while Luke walked over to Mei.

"Sorry about that, I should explain: I went to squad twelve for a experiment to see if you can make mod souls from the soul of a shinigami and they are the result of taking my anima, my female side that became Kurai and my animus, my male side which become Arthur so they are literally a part of my own soul..." Luke said apologetically, rubbing the back of his head before returning to normal.

"Once we've finished looking around the gardens next, we'll do the abilities test but while in the gardens, if you want, we can talk about anything you want to, just let me know when you wanna head off but I wanna leave you for a while so you can look around your new room, I'll be waiting outside the door" Luke explained before he would walk outside the door and slide it closed, he wanted to observe her as she looked around the room as he waited and watched.

Location;; Squad three living quarters, Seireitei
Word Count;; 1,247
Tags;; Luke, Mei
OOC;; One to go before your test begins :3 and introducing one of my two personal mod soul companions you'll be seeing around from time to time :3

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Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Mei continued to smile trying to think of what to do next. She could talk about anything really. It was almost as if she could make a week long conversation about anything. Mostly because the girl found interest in most things and couldn't keep her mouth closed. Although the girl did try to keep most of the words she wanted to speak at bay, it didn't always work out that way. When feeling to strong of a single emotion, things just came spilling out. Just lile the emotions she was feeling at this time was overwhelming excitement, which in turn led to many words spewing out of her lips. Meh almost didn't notice the many shinigami looking their way nor did She notice the expressions on their faces that is until Luke started to rub the girls head.

As he gestured to all of the other shinigami in the room, Mei would turn to them all. She noticed much of the chatter and there were even some looking at her. Although Mei was looking at the other shinigami, she was also listening to Luke. His words slipped in her ears and settled in her brain. The girl would smile a shy smile and wave a bit at the others that looked her way. Her attention would then turn back to Luke as he finished speaking his peace. Her smile was now directed at him, "Thank you." Her voice was soft. The girl held back tears as she thought of Her eldest sister. She had always told her the same two words. "Keep smiling." She could hear the girls voice in the back of her head. The girls face showed no signs of sadness because her happiness was too great.

After a few moments, Luke would speak of the girls food getting cold. This would make Mei look down. "Oh I completely forgot!" The girls face would turn red but then would fade as she began to eat. It might have only been warm but Mei knew what it was like to have worse. Every time the girl had a meal she would remember that exact thought. So, she would enjoy every but of it even if it didn't taste quite the best. It was one of the few things that made Mei who she was, which wasn't a bad thing at all.

After Luke had said his thanks, Mei would finish eating and stand. Her smile hadnt faded in the slightest. Mei would then feel herself lifted again and the two would start for the door. Before they had reached the exit, Mei would turn slightly with a smile and a wave. "Thank you!" Her voice was rather loud but you could tell she was happy. So far, Mei was having the best day in a long time and felt as if nothing could take that away. They would continue on with Mei smiling and humming a bit. She hummed a song that Asami had taught her and it was reall the only one she had known.

Soon enough, the two would make it to the fourth seats room. Mei had already seen it so when Luke opened the door it wasn't much of a surprise. However, it looked a lot different knowing it would be hers and it was empty. Or so she believed. Mei would listen to Luke speak his piece as she looked around the room. When his voice stopped, Mei would hear a thud, which would cause her to turn around. When Mei saw what was on the ground, she would make a sort of "Eh!" Sound. Her eyes widened as she stepped back a little. However, when she heard what it was she would sigh I relief. "Just a Gigai. You scared me there for a second. I thought someone had put a body or something in there."

It would then stand and begin to speak, which startled Mei considering she had her eyes closed when Luke put a soul candy in the Gigai. The girl would giggle as she heard the mod soul speak to Luke. Mei really took a fancy to his accent and his appearance. Soon enough, Arthur seemed to catch Mei in his sights and bow before her. Mei would giggle again as he spoke to her and make sort of a curtsying motion, "My name is Mei. Mei Tsaki. It's nice to meet you." The girl would then stand up straight and smile as Arthur introduced himself. She would giggle once more at his pose. 'He sure is something.' Mei would think to herself. She was very much amused.

As Luke asked the mod soul to do something for him, Nor would blink. 'Kurai, who's Kurai?' Mei would wonder to herself. After thinking this, Mei's face would turn red. 'What's it any of your buisness?! Mei your such a snoop.' Mei would hang her head as she stuck her face in her hands. However, she would look up as Arthur started to walk off. "Bye bye now! Take care!" Mei would say as she waved to Arthur with a smile.

Luke would speak explaining to Mei how the mod souls came to be. 'Ohhh. So that's who Kurai is.' Mei would think once again before realizing she had done it again. Her face would turn a bit red at the thought and she hoped Luke wouldn't notice. 'Should you stop thinking like that?!' Mei seemed to be having her own conversation inside her head while she listened to Luke. When he had finished, Mei burst out into her own words. "No need to apologize. That's really cool! I kinda wish I had a mod soul. Thatd be super cool! Plus, Arthur seems very nice and he's funny too." Mei would pause in the middle of her sentence and grin. "Buut if he's a part of you and he thinks I'm pretty. You must think so too!" Mei would then giggle. "I'm just kidding."

As Luke told the girl where they'd go next, she'd listen. Mei would continue to smile and watch as Luke left her to look around. The first thing Me did was walk over to the wardrobe to make extra good sure nothing else was left in there. Mei would then walk over to the bed and lay down on it for a second. From there, she would look at the ceiling and then look around. Mei couldn't wait to see the room filled with her things, which would show she was fourth seat. Soon the girl was up and in the bathroom looking at everything in there. It usually didn't take Mei long to look at things so she was soon done.

Mei would walk to the door and open it. Her excitement only continued to grow. She had seen the archives, which was a great adventure. She had been to the mess hall, where she had also eaten food and made many of the shinigami's days. Now she had seen the fourth seats room, which would soon be her very own. She couldn't think of anything now but the gardens. The rest of the day held lots in store.

WC: 1193
TWC: 3303+1193= 4496

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Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

While Luke waited outside, he thought about what Mei had said, blushing a light red across his cheeks.

"Damn it, Arthur, sure, she's adorable and cute beyond my wildest imagination...Stop it, Luke, get your head together" Luke thought to himself before shaking his head to try and focus his thoughts back on track before Mei came out, smiling from ear to ear, with such a smile, Luke couldn't help but smile back and rub her head. It felt good and strange, in his head, he was imaging him and Mei like a father, daughter relationship which strangely fit with how things had happened with them over current events.

"If your ready, let's head to the garden, I believe the humans have a expression for this, "saving the best till last" Luke told her before he would lift her onto his shoulder again and head back to the mess hall, there were now more squad members then before and all of them notice the smile on their third seat's face, along with the girl that sat upon his shoulder with a smile that could of lit up a completely dark room and they smiled back, the ones that had come in first laughed at their companions confused expressions before explaining what had happened, yet causing another conversation of the new fourth seat as the two would open the doors to the gardens near the back of the mess hall, letting the early afternoon sun suddenly stream in.

The garden was a masterpiece of culture and natural beauty, the garden was split in two; the first half that they were standing on was on a cobblestone pathway with a bunch of cherry blossoms either side, the path leading to a white marble bridge without any sort of railing or wall, on the other side laid a vast range of exotic plants and weeping willows, their leaves sinking towards the ground as if they were in a state of permanent depression. and up top a small hill was a small shrine-like building where one could look over the garden as it housed tatami mats, enough for two to sit comfortably side by side and the shrine was lined with incense sticks that if you set fire to the ends, they release calming smells around the people in the shrine so to help relax them and promote a sense of calm.

"Well, have a look around, I'll met you in the shrine" Luke said softly to his adorable companion before he would set her down so she could go play around in the garden while he went to the shrine and set down on a mat to watch her, smiling as he did so.

Once Mei had decided to join Luke in the shrine and sit with him, she would be able to smell the incense around them before she would feel a hand on her head then fingers running through her hair.

"These gardens are quite important to the squad, it's a place they can come meditate and calm their souls...I do hope that once I become captain, I'll do all I can to improve the moral of the men more then our captain is trying to do...he's never around, you see annoys me so much, it's like he's left us to our own devices and lieutenant Akies has a lot to deal with since the captain is practically never here, it's not fair, these men and women of our squad deserve so much more respect and better treatment then our captain ever has done...I'm sorry, I shouldn't take this out on you..." Luke said while stroking her head, if Mei looked close enough, she could see tears forming in his eyes as he spoke about how the squad three members deserved better before he apologized for saying such personal things to Mei but he felt like he could tell her this and how he really felt about his and now her captain and the current state of squad three before he took a deep breath to calm down.

"Just remember, if you need to talk to someone, you can come to me, I'm always here and you can ask any question you want, I'll do my best to answer them...never be embarrassed to ask a question since gaining information is one of the primary duties of our squad, asking that vital question could mean the deference between someone being saved or someone getting killed...sorry, I'm being too negative, ain't I?" Luke told her softly before realizing how he sound and apologized again, a sweatdrop forming on his forehead as he rubbed the back of his head on reflex as he waited for a response.

Garden appearance:

Location;; Squad three gardens, Seireitei
Word Count;; 784
Tags;; Luke, Mei
OOC;; after your next post, I'll be starting the test, just letting you know :3

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