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#11 Re: Search Party on Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:31 am



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
A different path

Epizon was a bit taken back by Anamist’s word; ”My convictions.. “, he couldn’t say that he saw eye to eye with Anamist’s thoughts about justice. However, he didn’t know what to say; the truth was he didn’t wish to accept it but his newly found friend was only stating the grim truth. For those who believed that hollows were nothing more than mindless creatures roaming around to eliminate the weak souls; then the elimination of these hollows was in fact justice, from their perspective. Quincy who couldn’t stand hollows because of their delicate existence; eliminated them to ensure their own survival, so weren’t they justified as well? ”in their own perception of justice; all of them are following the path that they see fit but in doing so.. they tend to sway from the path of true justice. If we look at it only from their perspective then that’s right.. however, that’s not justice. Albeit, I’m not someone to talk about it; until now I have been following the path that was given to me. I didn’t question nor did I try to understand; now that I look at it, I see the flaws in my actions.”.

Epizon already had the feeling; that day would come. He was questioning the rules, traditions; even the orders of those who were higher in rank, rebellious acts such as these would certainly make him legible for consequences. ”finding new friends..”, he couldn’t help but smirk at that; he never really made friends to begin with, in soul society. Sure there was Luke who was a friend of sorts; there were peers, superiors and other individuals that he knew; but a friend is a lot more than just that. ”Friends.. I’m not sure who to trust and who not to at the moment.. as for likeminded; I find it highly unlikely to find someone who thinks about things in the same manner as I do. You may be the only one” . It was may be because of this that now Epizon had accepted Anamist as a friend; because of the events that had happened so far and the discussion they had till now; he couldn’t help but feel about him that way. Their ideals were similar; the two understood one another, also the two respected one another and in a way cared for each other as well, isn’t that what’s friendship is all about?

He paused a bit, unsure of what his lingering heart wished to do; soul society has been his entire life so far, this was no trivial matter. If he decided to walk away then the rules of central 46 were pretty much well defined about the matter; severe judgment. One decision would decide what his future would hold; the life that he deemed a lie, will he continue living it? or will he choose, a different path. For what felt like centuries, he stared yet again at the table in front of him. Thinking about everything, weighing out his possibilities; considering his options, was this really the right thing to do? In light of the discussion he had so far with Anamist and considering his thoughts that had been questioning everything for quite some time; he was considering becoming what only few dared to become and then survive and live on: a rogue shinigami.

Finally his trail of thoughts were interrupted by Anamist’s question; he raised his head and looked into the arrancar’s eyes, he could sense the sincerity of his new friend. This proved that these two races that were assumed to be foes for an eternity was all just a hoax; it wasn’t exactly the truth but only the convenient truth. It’s true that my convictions are completely different from soul society. I think; I.. “ before he could complete his sentence; the device in his shihakusho started beeping. Epizon took out the device from his shihakusho; pressed the button and answered it. ”Epizon Psychi.. report in?”. He had the device on loud speaker so Anamist would be able to hear the conversation; Epizon didn’t answer and looked at Anamist, he was angry. Not only did they send an injured shinigami for a dangerous mission such as this; they were so much intent on eliminating this arrancar that they didn’t even care about him, instead of confirming whether he was okay or not; they were asking him to report in.

The grip of his fist tightened and the device slowly began to crack; with a sudden jolt he closed his fist and the device was crushed completely. ”There’s your report, vice captain-sama”. ”As I was saying.. I believe it’s about time I altered my path; though I don’t know where I’ll be headed but this time, I will have no regrets”, he said with a grin on his face. The device was destroyed before they could lock on to his location however, the vice captain sensed that this was worth looking at so he contacted the other two and the three having no fruitful results in their search; began to head for the white sands of Hueco Mundo.

Location;; White sands of Hueco Mundo
Muse;; 8/10
Word Count;; 853
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#12 Re: Search Party on Sun Nov 09, 2014 11:44 am


This was definitely an unusual day for Anamist, running into the one shinigami that picked his interest; further going as far as to call the Arrancar his friend. That made the butler smile, such irony that a shinigami would befriend an Arrancar. He chuckled softly, but stopped suddenly as Epizon's device began to communicate to him. Epizon turned it to audible, showing Anamist that he trusted him and didn't have any trickery planned. Looks like their keeping close tabs on him, and not even bothering to check on his physical condition in such a hostile environment..

Anamist sat up straight and listened as Epizon listened in and then crushed the device without even reporting in; a sly grin crossed his lips as he comprehended the heaviness in Epizon's actions and what they represented. He clapped softly to his new friend and stood up, giving the shinigami a slight bow. Well said, Epizon.. You have chosen a hard path, as a rogue shinigami... but you have a friend now. I won't let the Soul Society reclaim you. He said the last statement in a very morbid and serious tone, his eyes telling Epizon that he meant every word of it. Though it was up to Epizon's mind as to how exactly the arrancar butler would keep the Soul Society from retrieving his new-found friend.

Anamist lifted his head, sensing something that made his smile quickly dissipate. The Search Party was headed in their general direction; it was a flat land and it would be all to easy to visibly sight them once in the area. Do you trust me... Epizon? There wouldn't be much time for a reply from the shinigami before his "allies" arrived a short distance away.

Before they could take in the situation, Anamist snapped his fingers and caused the chairs, table and wine to disappear. He grabbed Epizon roughly by his collar and lifted him high into the air and placed Epizon between him and the shinigami. He used Epizon as a "human shield", or at least it appeared that way, using brutal tactics of a monster to make the façade believable. It was irony, now Epizon was being used as the object of importance as yet again, Anamist pretended to be the monster to shinigami so he could protect his friend. Just a few days before, Epizon had been the one standing in his way and intent on killing him; now he was protecting Epizon by repeating his bravado of a monster... the stereotypes the shinigami loved so much that blinded their own judgement and convictions.

He grinned, an evil grin as his eyes blazed crimson. He had to refrain from looking Epizon in the eyes, his smile was real- he was smiling at all the irony that he was sure would be a bruise on Epizon's previous pride. He was a great pretender though, and playing the villain was something he had done for centuries. He spoke loudly, cackling meniacly as he shook Epizon a little, [colored=red]Looking for this? I think you lost it from your hospitals.... this shinigami is too injured to even be in this world; are you shinigami so weak that you need all the help you can get? Even from a wounded warrior?[/color]

He held Epizon up and tested the other shinigami to see what kind of soul reapers they were; he wondered how many kindred warriors were among the handful there. The small group stopped a short distance away, hands on their weapons and ready to strike Anamist down. They hesitated though, unsure what to do about their ally in his grasp.

#13 Re: Search Party on Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:12 pm



NPCs ;; Shinigami ;; Male
Engage the target

Upon arrival the vice captains were confronted with an arrancar holding Epizon’s apparently lifeless body in the air. It appeared that they were already too late and Epizon had lost the battle. ”Argh.. That’s why I specifically ordered everyone, NOT to engage the enemy on their own.. this idiot!”. The leader of the group was enraged seeing the situation. Now that one of his group mates were dead, he would have to go through a routine of investigation until it would satisfy the higher ups that it wasn’t his mistake. A group leader is responsible for the lives of his subordinates and is held accountable if anything happens to even one of them.

”Sir, what about this arrancar?” asked the other shinigami; he too was strong but just lower in rank so he had to keep the formalities in mind. ”there’s no way of confirming this is the target, unless he unveils his identity himself. Regardless, he has taken down one of our own. It’s time he knew his place”. The leader of the group unsheathed his zanpakuto and along with him the other two did as well. The reiatsu of each one of them was equivalent to a vice captain’s reiatsu. It was obvious that the one greater in strength; despite his injuries was the one who was pretending to be dead. The combined reiatsu of all three was indeed overwhelming. However, was it enough to challenge someone like this arrancar? Only time would tell.

”We needed him to identify a certain someone, that’s all. He wasn’t supposed to do any more work than that.. and he couldn’t even do that right. Huh, disappointing. Nevertheless, we will defend the pride of soul society.” Well the leader was a bit too full of himself, he looked at the other two and then decided to attack. They weren’t planning on engaging arrancar in a one on one battle, that would be too taxing. The intended to use any means necessary to take him down so, it was going to be a three on one. The leader charged in a straight line while the other two charged in on the arrancar from both sides. They had decided to consider Epizon dead and disposable.

Location;; White sands of Hueco Mundo
Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;; 372
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#14 Re: Search Party on Wed Nov 12, 2014 6:39 am


Four Vice-Captain level shinigami sent to kill me, I should feel quite honored I think... but I don't. The butler gave a small bow while placing Epizon over his shoulders in a comfortable position. Anamist Souigetsu, the red butler. He introduced himself with a controlled smile, it really wasn't an honor to meet these shinigami, but he respected their power... and wanted to tease them a bit. Now that they knew who he was and was intending on destroying him, they had taken his bait.

Three shinigami of considerable power, it would be a real pain to fight all three of them together... but he was confident he could defeat them; though he was protecting Epizon right now, and didn't think Epizon would see too kindly of him disposing of three shinigami so soon after their resolve of new friendship. Today is their lucky day, Epizon... I believe I could take all three of them, but I don't want to get you involved. He said softly so that only Epizon could hear.

Anamist stared the shinigami in the eyes as the leader charged him from the front, the other two at either side of him. He waited and timed his attack carefully; he snapped his fingers on both hands; four large red vector arrows appeared near Anamist. Three of those arrows appeared underneath the feet of the shinigami and repelled them backwards suddenly, three crimson blades appeared behind the shinigami as they were flung backwards. Instead of slicing the shinigami up, the blades did exactly what they had done to Epizon previously. The crimson blades became elastic and wrapped around the shinigami, tightening and dropping them to their knees on all sides of Anamist.

The fourth arrow appeared underneath Anamist's own feet and sent him flying backwards at a high-speed. While he carried Epizon on his shoulders, five crimson orbs appeared above him and landed where he previously stood, directly between the three shinigami. Anamist flew backwards and slapped his hands together, the three shinigami bound in his elastic blades were pulled to the center and slammed roughly together. The five orbs reacted to their proximity and erupted into a plume of red rieatsu; it erupted above them and cascaded around them, forming a barrier and trapping them inside.

Anamist landed lightly on his feet a short distance away and placed his hands on his hips as he inspected his fine handy work. Those bindings will last a while, not to mention the barrier I just placed you in... this will be plenty of time for me to escape and eat my new-found "meal" that you three brought to me. Goodbye for now, shinigami.. After speaking, a Garganta appeared behind him and he slowly stepped inside the blackness while carrying Epizon. The tear in the space closed up and Anamist & Epizon had disappeared. Anamist took Epizon to a different place, the world of the living, for now.

They appeared beside a coffee shop, invisible to the human eye, but very much there. Anamist placed Epizon back on his feet and dusted himself off of the white sand. Those three were in a rush, I could have killed them efficiently if I had chosen. Anyways... let's find you some more appropriate clothing. Would you care for some coffee before we go? Anamist asked while stepping into the coffee shop and turning visible, he waved to the cashier and ordered a couple cups of coffee and motioned for Epizon to follow him to a table.

#15 Re: Search Party on Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:42 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
A new beginning

All the time Anamist engaged the members of the group that was dispatched along with him, he played dead on the arrancar’s shoulder. His eyes were closed shut and for some reason it felt painful but right so he didn’t say anything and allowed him to do whatever he wished to. ”Disappointment? Well then, you can happily report back that I died. No longer will I be burden for you vice captain.” His loyalty had now been completely altered, no longer did he care about soul society or those who were blind to reality: shinigami.

As the shinigami charged in blindly to attack the arrancar, they didn’t even stop to consider that an arrancar was carrying around a shinigami on his shoulder. Even though he had stated that Epizon was his meal, but still it was more than fishy that he was carrying him around. Blinded by their hatred for arrancars and the orders of the higher ups they just charged ahead. Not even considering the substantial difference in strength between them and Anamist. Thank you for being so considerate my friend. In time, you might not have to hold yourself back” replied Epizon in a similar volume as his friend: only audible to Anamist. After their attack, the one sided battle began and ended in an instant. Indeed, they were nothing for him, if he wanted to he would have killed all three of them.

Finally, the ordeal ended and Epizon made his way with his new friend to the world of the living. Back on his feet he made sure to keep his reiatsu in check, from here on, he was a rogue. If the soul society found out that he was still alive, things would take a turn for the worst. In his injured state, that would be troublesome to deal with. Nothing surprising there, shinigami raring for a battle with an arrancar, isn’t that typical behavior?” A month ago, Epizon was one of those shinigami.

”An appropriate set of clothes, yeah. It’s about time I shed off these clothes just like I have done with my affiliation. This uniform is reminder of the mistakes I have made in the past”. He was still wearing the uniform that he had worn earlier when dispatched for the mission. He had worn this uniform for all of his missions and it reminded him of his past. A change of clothes was most certainly the appropriate thing to do now. ”Coffee?”, he used to sneak to the world of the living for a cup of coffee. A smile appeared on his face, only half of which was visible because of the bandages. ”If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to have one. However, I’m not sure how others would react to a cup of coffee floating in the air”. Epizon followed Anamist to the table, pulling the chair he sat down. The spiritually unaware would obviously see a floating cup of coffee when Epizon drank it. That would most certainly be a scary experience and might prove troublesome for those who worked there. Still, if it was possible somehow, he really wanted to have some coffee. Now that it was finally over, he felt like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

Location;; World of the living
Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;; 545
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu
OOC;; I apologize for the extremely late reply.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#16 Re: Search Party on Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:05 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Eventually, a second garganta tore open near the trapped and injured lieutenant-level shinigami as a bug-like hollow crawled out and ran away as four figures stood in the gateway; Luke stood in the middle and looked at the trapped shinigami inside the red barrier, Luke cocked his head, the reiatsu felt familiar but he hadn't seen this technique before.

He leap down from the garganta, the other three following suit, these three were the lieutenants of squads one, seven and thirteen respectfully.

Meiyo scanned the area, keeping a eye out for any nearby threats before seeing to the barrier.

"This seems the work of a strong arrancar, judging by the amount of spirit energy within this barrier but I should be able to break it with my shikai..." Meiyo spoke before turning to Luke,"Third seat Yasenha, once they are free, treat the leader first, he seems to be hurt the most..." he told him before turning to the two female lieutenants, "and Lieutenants Takahashi and Nakamura, take the rest back to the soul society, we were fortunate that whoever did this didn't seem to beat them too badly" Meiyo said, finishing giving the orders.

"Yes sir" Luke said, nodding in response to him.

"Of course, lieutenant Kasai, leave them to me and lieutenant Nakamura, right Hanako?" Akemi said in a matter-of-fact way before turning to her fellow lieutenant and she was staring at the moon while running on the spot, Akemi sighed before clapping her hands to get the hyperactive lieutenant to pay attention to her.

"Oh, sorry, sure I can deal with that" Hanako said with a buzz in her voice like she was going to explode with energy or something, Meiyo sighed at her before drawing his zanpakuto.

"Alright then, let's get started...Blaze through the heavens, kusanagi" Meiyo spoke the release command of his zanpakuto, pointing the blade to the moon before swinging in a arc before the blade erupted into black flames, surrounding him in a sphere of black flames that burnt the sand he stood upon before he sliced through the sphere with his shikai, a black longsword with a angel wing guard and the kanji for amaterasu (天照大神) glowing a pale red across the blade, the blade also coated with a thin layer of the black flames, Luke had to take a step back at the sight.

"Truly amazing, just what I would expect from lieutenant Kasai's zanpakuto" Luke thought before Meiyo charged black flames into his blade, making it appear as if the flames had before his sword before a slashed at the air in front of the barrier, firing a curve wave of flames through the barrier, breaking it apart and releasing the shinigami, the two female lieutenants picked one of the shinigami and took them through a senkeimon to squad four so they could recieve treatment, meanwhile, Luke had come over to the leader of the squad sent to Hueco Mundo to track down the arrancar he and Epizon had encountered in france, Luke began to heal the leader's injuries; cracked ribs and multiple bruises and what looked to be a concusion from the sudden impact he had when crashing into the other two shinigami but a burning question was in Luke's mind, a single question that he had offered to come to Hueco Mundo to find.

"If you can hear me, what happened to fourth seat Epizon Psychi? please, tell me, I need to know where he is" Luke said, almost chocking up, the leader shinigami opened his eyes as Luke was healing him and looked him in the eyes.

"I...don't know, the arrancar beat us easily but it was like he was holding back, I don't understand, there was enough difference in our powers that he could of killed us easily...if you want a answer, kid, then he's properly dead, the arrancar took him I don't know where and said he was going to eat him, I'm sorry kid but that's all I can gather from what happened..." the leader said before coughing and Luke focused on his chest to restore or at least, stabilize his condition but Luke had his head lowered, covering his eyes in shade as he punched the sand before he had finished stabilizing his condition and look to Meiyo.

"Sir, may I have a moment? I'll catch you up later and make my report...just give a moment" Luke said as he stood up, Meiyo could tell Luke was upset so he took the leader and put him on his shoulder.

"Fine, just don't stay too long, we can't risk hollows showing up now from the release of spiritual pressure in this area" Meiyo told him before taking him through the senkeimon.

Luke looked up to the moon in Hueco Mundo, his knuckle tightening by his side.

"...your not dead, I just know it, there's no way you would have gone down so easily, I vow to become come find you and get back the kind Epizon, the Epizon I knew as a friend and a comrade...just hang in there, Epizon because I'm coming for you, just you wait" Luke spoke as he looked at the moon before turning around and walking towards the senkeimon, a hell butterfly waiting for him, he looked round, half hoping Epizon would be there but no, Luke then walked back through to the soul society, his resolve stronger to find the friend he once knew and return him back to where he belonged.

"...because we are friends..."

Kido/Techniques used:
Luke's kido used:
Name: Ita tensō (Pain Transfer)
Number: Varies
Category: Kaido
Incantation: None
Effect: This is Kaido that is unique to Luke in the fact that his Kaido works in two parts; his left hand heals the patient and also heals mental trauma and takes away the pain from the wounds over the target area; his right hand takes that pain and applies to someone else; making them feel the pain of the patient's wounds like they were feeling it themselves; this only works until the target is fully healed, then the transfer effect of the right hand no longer applies. The right hand's transferring ability is more useful in battle while the left hand is used as battle support and as the way to feed the right hand's transfer ability

Left hand: Heals injuries as well as taking away pain and mental trauma

Right hand: Transfers the pain to opponents as long as Luke is touching them with his right hand

Meiyo's technique used:
Technique Name: Flame slash
Technique Description: by funneling his black flames into his sword, he makes a wide swung which sends a curved wave of black flames towards targets, similar to the getsuga tensho, only with additional burn damage. Takes one post to cool down before reuse

Location;; Hueco Mundo, Soul society
Word Count;; 911
Tags;; Luke, Ana, Epizon
OOC;; Thanks for letting me post, Epizon ^_^

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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