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on Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:37 pm



NPC Guide

This guide will contain rules, tips about NPCs about using them in the right way.

First thing's first, which NPCs can be role played by anyone and which need a staffer's permission:


- NPCs at leadership positions are to be role played either only by staffers or by permission of staffers.
(Leadership positions includes the leadership positions of the organizations created by members)
- In terms of tier, any NPC higher than 3-3 requires permission.

-Members may only RP as NPCs who have active Player Characters.

How To Role Play NPCs

- First thing's first:
- Read the NPC.
- Understand it completely(in terms of personality and appearance, habits, likes, dislikes. Make a mental picture)
- Understand the abilities and techniques.
- If you have any queries regarding the NPC, clear them up. Ask the one who made the NPC or if that person is no longer in the forum, ask a staffer.
- There are plenty of NPCs that have the potential to be OP, doesn't mean they have to though.
- Always make sure that you're not power playing, continuously ask the member your role playing with. Discuss the NPC, your strategies, the way you intend for the NPC to fight. The communication among participants in a thread is extremely important, whether it's regarding an NPC or any other matter.

Note: In order to ask for permission, do NOT pm a staffer instead a thread is made and maintained for that very purpose. You'll find it here.


on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:32 am



"Members may only RP as NPCs who have active Player Characters"

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