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#31 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:41 pm


OOC: Sorry for the late reply!~ I have been dealing with stuff, but now I can reply properly.

What an unusual shinigami. Normally in a situation like this, the death gods would have totally underestimated him and have been killed by one of his spiritual attacks. They often liked to rush in, thinking they could cut him down quickly or get him with some nasty effect; of course which, he then would quickly finish them off with his tactics. This shinigami was playing it a bit safe and testing Anamist's limits- a smart man, better to test your opponent and then strike their weakness.

The butler couldn't help but smile to himself when his opponent emerged from the explosion of his cero still alive; his body had burns and his shinigami clothing was ruined, but he was still alive. It had been a long time since he had had a decent fight, and he found himself happy that his foe hadn't died. Epizon had been mumbling something which Anamist couldn't quite hear, but his expression told Anamist all he needed to know. This shinigami was a true warrior with a pure heart- a pure-hearted warrior was capable of going above and beyond the natural laws and make sacrifices to complete their goals.

Anamist was a smart man though, once Epizon had attacked him close-range, the shinigami would know close-range was his weakness. Hence why he made the pre-made plan for another close-range encounter to discourage his opponent from coming in close. Just as predicted, Epizon used shunpo to bring himself in close with high-speed, an impressive high-speed; Anamist barely had enough time to react. Fortunately, his spheres blocked Epizon's sword strike; they would have finished him by piercing him through, if he hadn't followed up with a spiritual attack.

An attack which Anamist hadn't planned for, reishi condensed into Epizon's fingers and aimed at his face. Anamist's red eyes glowed as the spiritual energy was charged and released. His Scion technique was useful, but it could also be very detrimental in the wrong circumstances. Two of his spheres had transformed to block Epizon's attack, while the other three remained- now that he was firing a spiritual attack, his remaining two of three spheres took action. Firstly, one sphere transformed into a crimson transparent shield over Anamist's body; the second sphere took action and turned into a spiritual attack similar to Epizon's kido and collided with his attack at point-blank range between Anamist and Epizon.

The impact of the explosion rocked Anamist's shielded form backwards as their spiritual attacks combined into a devastating explosion; despite his transparent shield, he couldn't see through the large blast to tell what happened to his opponent. He glanced down to ensure Rui was still safe, she was- she had shielded her eyes and hid behind the closest tree to avoid any damage. Good girl.. He sighed with relief. That was the first time his spheres had done something double-edged; fortunately his technique acted on its own based on his desire and had provided him with a counter-measure for defense.

As the explosion passed, his shield shattered and a blast of heat passed by him; it was hot indeed. The fragments of his shield evaporated into red whisps of rieatsu and one sphere remained floated behind his back as he floated in mid-air, fully expecting his opponent to be dead from the explosion. He placed his hands in his pocket and started to descend towards Rui. A shame that shinigami died, I was rather enjoying that fight.

))OOC: Epi, your next post can be devastating if you so wish since Anamist is offguard with his hands in his pockets.

#32 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:48 pm


Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    
The dark blade finally unsheathed, the injured shinigami uses his last resort.

In the large smoke cloud still alive and breathing was Epizon, kneeling on his left knee as the pain surged through his entire body. The left half of his face burnt, the top of his shihakusho complete burned off and his chest, arms and shoulders also burnt. Not only had he suffered burns but also internal injuries, small droplets of blood made their way out from his body through his mouth and his nose, a few broken bones and damaged organs must’ve caused that to happen. Rewinding to a few moments back, what exactly happened?

Epizon had calculated that his attack would be difficult to avoid but he had based that on the limited data that those spheres around his opponent were capable of only launching offensive techniques. He had considered that getting so close to Anamist would be equivalent to a suicidal attack but truth be told, he didn’t knew that he would end up taking such amount of damage. Just as soon as he got close and launched his attack while holding off the counter attack launched by the spheres, events unfolded and it was so fast that he could only move his face to the right, turning the left side of his face towards the explosion. The explosion happened and the sheer heat formed as a result burned his face, his clothes and his skin. It also caused blunt damage to his body resulting in internal injuries and bone damage. While Anamist was safe behind his shield, Epizon had nothing but only his reiatsu to depend on and that reiatsu was limited by the limiter. So that one thing he could rely on was not to its full strength, most part of it was limited and for the time being, nonexistent.

Now as Anamist descended, Epizon was kneeling on his left knee, the smoke slowly cleared and Epizon could see his opponent; elegantly descending towards his ‘prey’. ”Either he thinks I’m taken care of or he finds me weak, not even worthy to divert his attention towards me. In both cases, I believe I can use to my benefit” he thought to himself as he wiped the blood that had now made its way to his chin. Placing his left hand on his knee he struggled to his feet and breathed deeply, he was having trouble breathing which suggested that one or may be two of his ribs were broken. For now though, he couldn’t pay attention to that; the situation demanded that he pressed on.

The time had come for him to reveal his plan, there was a reason why he had kept his zanpakuto sheathed. When the battle began and he sheathed his zanpakuto, right before he did so he went into a flash back: ”You unsheathe your zanpakuto without a purpose and you wave it around like a toy. What can you achieve if you keep doing that?” said Juni’chi Nakamura to a defeated Epizon Psychi.  Epizon was being trained in zanjutsu, to be specific Juni’chi Nakamura was giving him training in Iaijutsu(quick draw sword techniques). That day Epizon was taught a bit about Iaijutsu, though he didn’t knew much and did his best to learn but he was still far off from attaining the expertise of the likes of Juni’chi Nakamura. At the start of the battle when he gauged himself against his opponent, he knew that the fight wouldn’t be an easy one and he needed an ace up his sleeve. The ace being his little knowledge of Iaijutsu with one of his techniques, if it happened that would produce devastating results. Until now, he had paved way for that very attack; twice had he launched close range attacks, once only to check whether it would make any difference and then the second time to see if it could actually do some serious damage. Though he hadn’t been able to cause much damage but he had established the fact that getting close was possible and causing damage would need a little bit of an extra punch. The current circumstance were most favorable, his opponent’s guard was down and he had the element of surprise on his side.

”well, If I’m going down… I’m taking you with me, Anamist Souigetsu”, Epizon took the formal stance that represented Iaijutsu, then he disappeared. A warrior would never attack another warrior from the back, even if it was too beneficial, Epizon was a warrior and he considered Anamist one as well. Instead of appearing behind him he appeared in front of him using all the speed he could muster, then with a sudden jerk of his right arm he unsheathed his zanpakuto revealing the dark black blade. The movement was sudden and right at that moment he focused his reiatsu at a single point on his zanpakuto, which upon impact would cause the damage that he sought. The zanpakuto was swung with great speed in a right direction upward diagonal slash, starting from Anamist’s right side of his abdomen to his left shoulder. As customary to Iaijutsu, the act of unsheathing his zanpakuto was fast and right after the attack Epizon would sheathe his it with an equally fast movement, giving it the extra kick.  

Location;; Above the school, Paris, France.
Muse;; 9/10
Word Count;; 872
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu
Explosive Strike:
Technique Name: Explosive Strike
Technique Description: Focusing a huge amount of reiatsu to a single point on his zanpakuto, Epizon swing his zanpakuto, upon contact with anything a huge explosion is caused, throwing any opponent, causing a lot of damage if it's blocked by a zanpakuto, if the strike lands undefended it'll throw the opponent off his feet and far away. Will cause bruises and might numb the affected limb.
The technique has a 2 post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: : If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, it will cause overall moderate burns over the entire body, if the attack lands on a limb, the numb won't function for 2 posts
Opponent is One Tier Lower: If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the opponent takes minor burns over all his body, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb won't function for 2 posts.
Opponent is Equal Tier: If the attack is blocked by a zanapkuto, the opponent's zanpakuto will be deflected, that is pushed back ward, providing an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands directly on a limb, the limb will receive minor burns, and won't function for 1 post.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the zanpakuto will be deflected a little, it might provide an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands on a limb directly, the limb's effectiveness will reduce, that is if it hits the foot, the speed reduces, if it hits the arms, the strength of the attacks done using arms are reduced.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent's zanpakuto receive minor burns over his arms, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb's effectiveness will be reduced accordingly.
Template (c) Yuki Seika

#33 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Sun Oct 05, 2014 6:41 am


Too much released reiatsu was in the air for Anamist to sense his opponent properly, he wasn't careless... but he was confident; too confident though. He had gracefully began to descend in a relaxed pose with his hands in his pockets, his eyes fully on Rui. She was smiling and happy to see her papa unharmed after the scuffle, even if he did possess bruising on his face. He smiled at her, glad to be done with the nasty business; the two had gone through scenarios like this in the past where the butler had to kill shinigami to get them to leave him and Rui alone.

His little girl attracted lots of attention, wanted or unwanted. Anamist knew he would outlive his daughter's lifespan, but he couldn''t always protect her... soon she would have to learn to control her spiritual powers and conform it into a dependable power to defend herself. The spiritual interruptions between shinigami and hollows alike were becoming more and more frequent; he knew that soon he wouldn't be able to be around his daughter for the attention she caused.

He had lived a very long time though, he had helped cultivate a couple spiritually aware people in the past generations and now there was an organization that called themselves Espers. Rui would do well to learn from the people like her, to control her powers; Anamist hated to think about it, but soon the two of them would have to separate for a bit. Still, he smiled warmly at Rui as he descended. Rui smiled back, unaware of how her powers greatly troubled the world around them.

Suddenly his view of her was distorted and then fully blocked; he frowned and then looked up- realizing he was looking into the eyes of his previously thought deceased opponent. Epizon had performed a high-speed movement and had gotten close before Anamist could fully react. By the time his mind registered at Epizon wasn't dead, the shinigami had performed a high-speed sword skill. Anmist recognized the pose immediately but lacked the proper reaction time to evade.

In the blink of an eye, Epizon's sword came down across Anamist's torso; his body tensed up at the assault and his last remaining sphere took effect. By the time his sphere took effect, Epizon had already sheathed his sword in a quick motion. His sword had sliced through Anamist's neat clothing and had cut a deep gash diagonally across his chest. He stumbled backwards still in the air and yelped in surprise, sensing he might be wounded fatally. His last sphere would shooting around from behind his back and transforming into a shield, then launching in close to Epizon and attempt to encase him. If successful, it would slam him hard into the ground and shatter upon impact.

Anamist pedaled backwards sereal feet while clutching his chest with one hand, his other hand consciously residing on the hilt of Kaiho.... that made him pause for a moment, he hadn't drawn his blade in thousands of years. If he released his power, it would surely heal him from the terrible wound; but he was a bit fearful of releasing. Secretly he was glad that his foe, Epizon hadn't died in that violent explosion... though his clothing was mostly ruined and he bore many burns. He couldn't let himself get separated from Rui though, and if he continued to go easy on his foe, he would surely die.

His hand tightened on the grip of his sword and he breathed heavily as he slowly pulled the sword from it's sheathe. Awaken from your slumber, my hunger! He exclaimed as his sword was drawn and his spiritual pressure was released from it's slumbering state after thousands of years. A wave of hunger reached out in every direction as his spiritual powers rapidly expanded and began to weigh down the entire area. The weakened integrity of the school building combined with his spiritual energy forced the large building to collapse on itself. Rui had been standing, but the weight of his spiritual energy forced her flat on her butt as she tried to regain her footing.

Anamist's appearance changed rapidly, overcome by a mixed crimson and pitch black spiritual energy as it changed his charming charismatic appearance into a vile and heartless beast. He was showing his true colors now, his red eyes glowing hungrily from his mask and a second set of eyes staring hungrily at Epizon from the split mask on his shoulders.

Anamist's two tails began to thrash behind him impatiently as he gained control over his hunger, he had to fight it a moment before he was able to control his own body. Such an insatiable hunger, embracing it and forcing it to be repressed was nearly impossible; anything around him and affected by his spiritual pressure would feel very hungry, painfully so. They would feel his constant agony and punishment. He roared out a beastial roar with his monstrous mouth as he regarded Epizon.

Blood dripped from the hole in his chest, his previous injury fully gone; blood dripped from his knees as well, but not fully giving away that there were mouths in his legs as well. He gripped his fists tight and brought them up in the air as if grabbing at the setting red sun behind him. He would dash sudden while his arms were raised up over his head, he would Sonido right in front of Epizon, giving him the same courtesy of a frontal assault as he would bring both of his arms down together in a closed-fist over-head slam. He would tower over Epizon by a good foot and a half, making it easy for a height vantage, aiming his slam down towards Epizon's neck from behind, having Epizon inside his arm's range.

It was a risky move, allowing his opponent to be so close, but Anamist was a heartless and reckless beast in this form; though he still possessed a ken intelligence, he often took more chances. As his arms came down, his two powerful tails would lash in from the sides and attempt to trip Epizon up if he tried to escape backwards. He let out another blood curdling roar of agonizing hunger as he followed through with his attack.

OOC:(Anamist used Ressurection, gaining +2 to ARs and healing his previous injury by using his Ressurection.

#34 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:26 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
Is this.. the end?

The top of Epizon was torn and his right shoulder was in plain sight, the emblem of squad 6 that signified the limiter was still there. His only salvation was his enormous reiatsu and that was sealed away, the reinforcements were nowhere to be seen; not just that the limiter wasn’t removed either so the comrades back at Soul society didn’t even know what was happening. He could’ve retaliated, he would’ve put up more of a fight instead of just trying to survive and be a distraction. He wasn’t satisfied with how the fight had turned up, the task that he had assigned himself was yet to be achieved.

Epizon finally threw in his trump card, finally managing to cause damage to his foe. Until now, his formidable foe was unscathed so this was some sort of victory but that didn’t last long. Of course there was meant to be a counter attack, he knew that this was his last push if it didn’t do substantial damage; he had little hope. Sadly, he was right about that. The shield hit Epizon directly, he was caught off guard and the result was even more painful. His body slammed into the ground, the ground that was quite a distance from his current position. He seemed as lifeless as a rag doll as the shield carried him down to the ground with rocketing speed. The impact resulted in a large crater, even more of his bones were broken as a result; the internal injuries further increasing in number. The blood flowing from his mouth no longer held back, it came gushing out and defiled the ground underneath his feet. Struggling he had only managed to sit up when he felt the burst of reiatsu.

Epizon raised his head and witnessed the horror; the arrancar had probably decided to eliminate his opposition. He turned his head and looked at the little child who was still quite a distance from his location, the feeling of protecting an innocent life once again gave him strength; his body no longer had any energy, his limited reiatsu was now equivalent to a few drops. There was no way that this shinigami could fight back, no more trump cards up his sleeve, no more attacks that he could use and no more power to use them either and yet, he struggled and stood up. Despite the fact that the overwhelming spiritual pressure was burdening him to stay down, it felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders but still he struggled and stood. His eyes fixated at his opponent’s new and horrifying form, may be the outcome that Epizon was expecting was staring him plain in the face. He was ready to give his life in this fight, now was the time to prove true to his intentions.

After standing up, he once again tilted his head and looked at the little girl who was now on the ground; pressed against it because of Anamist’s reiatsu. The feeling that his reiatsu comprised of, hunger, gluttonay; Epizon could now feel it clearly, it was as clear as day. ”I’m sorry..” he said in a tone that was audible only to himself right after which his head collapsed with the ground. The force was too much, the speed was overwhelming and Epizon’s body was no longer able to keep up. He could only hope that some kind of a miracle happened, something like his limit being removed or reinforcements arriving.. something, anything that would save the life of this innocent little girl. Even in his apparent last moments, he was still thinking of that little girl instead of himself. His face was buried into the ground, few of his facial bones also broke because of the impact, his body laid on the ground: lifeless.

Location;; Paris, France
Muse;; 9/10
Word Count;; 636
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#35 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:04 am


His slam hit solid, so solid that Anamist felt a crack when his fists connected and bashed Epizon deeper into the crater his shield had already made when slamming Epizon into. He had attacked without mercy, albeit he hadn't even used any of his devastating techniques. There had been no need for an opponent of his caliber, even if he did possess a notable Reiryoku. Anamist let out a beastial roar of victory and began to stomp away from the corpse of the shinigami, some lucky hollow would likely find his body and get a boost in power.

Anamist began to stomp away, his tails swishing excited after a kill in such a long time; it had been ages since he had released his Resurrection and it felt great. He stopped in mid-step though, he heard the ruffles of staggering and heavy footsteps behind him. He set his foot down and turned his head to see Epizon staggering and struggling to stand even though he was beyond his limit already. Anamist turned around, enraged that after two brutal attempts on his opponent's life, the shinigami refused to die. Anamist hardly ever spoke while in Resurrection, his beastial self tended to do the talking through roars that only hollow could understand.

You should learn to stay dead, shinigami... He had spoken in a deep booming voice that sent chills through the air as he chuckled and stepped towards Epizon slowly. I'll teach you to accept death when it's given you to... His arms hung loosely at his sides as a large red orb began to form between Anamist's horns on his head- the horns were directed towards Epizon as he began to charge a devastating cero. His charismatic self and finesse gone, instead was replaced with pure beast mentality and the desire to obliterate. Releasing a cero of this caliber on the ground could obliterate the area in a linear direction from which Anamist faced.

The area darkened and began to glow crimson as he charged the cero, hell-bent on releasing the shinigami from his suffering. His tails swished excitedly as he reached full power and nearly released the cero right in Epizon's face. His gaze was brought lower though as a movement caught his eyes, Rui had crawled her way across the ground despite the painfully heavy spiritual weight on her. She crawled between the two of them and staggering and struggled as she stood up and faced her papa's scary form that she had never seen before. Fear showed in her eyes, but there was also love there as she spread her arms out wide to shield Epizon from the massive cero being charged.

Anamist paused, startled and surprised- more fearful than anything, as he inspected the bruises and scrapes on her skin from crawling across the grass, rocks and broken glass from the area. Not to mention her standing right in front of his deadly cero; Papa, please don't kill Mister...Let's go home.he gritted his teeth, fighting the urge to kill as he clenched his fists and used willpower alone to suppress the cero away until it completely disappeared. The area around them returned to normal and the heavy spiritual weight gradually disappeared as Anamist forced his Reurrection back into a dormant state. His bestial form disappeared and the normal attire returned; fully dressed in impeccable finesse.

His face was ashamed though, saddened and tearful as he looked at the pain he had caused his little girl; she wished for him not to kill the shinigami so badly that she had endured his painful spiritual weight an had fought through broken glass to save the stranger. Anamist ignored the shinigami for a moment as he knelt down in front of Rui and hugged her, supporting her weight as he knees buckled from exhaustion. He cried softly, looking down, not wanting to look up at the shinigami. Papa's sorry, Rui.. Let's go home. He looked up at the shinigami and gave him a look of no negotiations.

He picked Rui up and set her back on his shoulder, she rested against him, tired and safe again. Anamist stood tall and impassive as he regarded Epizon who was still struggling to stand. You're blind obsession to protect a human girl is praiseworthy, Epizon of 6th Squad. But know today, despite all your power, accomplishments and years... today, your life was saved by an innocent little girl. Not by your "perfect" Soul Society or yourself.

Anamist smiled at the shinigami, there was something about this man that Anamist respected... and hated at the same time. He liked the shinigami though, the first one in many many years that he had found any respect for. It was an honor fighting you, Epizon. Perhaps one day we can talk without the need to fight; my little girl has forbid me from killing you, so at the least, your life won't be in danger... now, go back to your Soul Society an get yourself healed up. Your death would only add to my guilt. After saying that, Anamist raised his hand and snapped his fingers. A large Garganta appeared, a rip in the sky- and Soul Society was revealed on the other side.

Anamist would grab Epizon if he didn't resist, he'd support his weight on his shoulder as he walked him over to the Garganta and pushed him inside. Till next time, Epizon of 6th Squad...

Rui waved cheerfully at Epizon as she leaned against her papa's head. Bye bye Epi! I'm sorry Papa hurt you, he was just protecting me... She said, somewhat sad but also cheerful as the Garganta began to close and conceal him from their sight. Let's go home now, Papa... Do you think Epi will be okay?

Anamist put one hand in his pocket and supported Rui's legs on his shoulder with his other hand, he inspected Rui's injuries and nodded morbidly, I think he'll be okay sweety... He kept getting back up every time, so I doubt that he'd die just yet. Now.. let's go get those injuries of yours cared for. Anamist and Rui began to travel towards the nearest hospital, after getting her injuries bandaged up, they would disappear through a garganta to another part of the Human World.

#36 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:45 pm

Weiblich Lange ;; 5-3 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

After the female let Weiblich had begun to head for the airport he would then get a ticket for the next flight to Japan. "What a wonderful trip" he thought "now I just have to give a report to Master Ritter, then I can relax and contemplate on these events, like who was that woman who was allied with the Shinigami?" small questions kept popping into his head. when his plane finally arrived he boarded happy to leave Paris, the fight with the Hollows had left him tired and restless.

With all his equipment stored away he felt the plane take off and head towards Japan, there he would continue till he reached the The Zerstörung's headquarters once there he would head to his quarters and begin working on his report. After it's completion he would hand it to Master Ritter and walk away leaving the head Assassin to read in peace.  

Location;; Paris
Word Count;;
Tags;; Epizon and Anamist
OOC;; This is an exit post, also sorry it's a bit small I was doing it in a rush

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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#37 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:53 pm



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
A broken shinigami’s resolve; holding on to the last flickers of life.

For a few moments Epizon body laid lifeless on the ground, he was in pain but he couldn’t scream. Blood was gushing out of his mouth and his nose but he didn’t have the strength to wipe it. The limiter that had made all this happen was still in place and so he was helpless, his body had no more strength left in it; the limited reiatsu was all but gone, he was hanging on to his consciousness by a thread. Everything went dark but then, suddenly the darkness was shattered by a small, gently but piercing light. His body moved on its own and somehow grunting and clenching his fists, he stood on his feet. ”I will protect those who can’t protect themselves, for those who can’t stand ; I will stand for them. For those who can’t resist, I will retaliate for them; hear me, Anamist Souigetsu, I refuse… I refuse to die, I refuse to fall, I refuse… to give in”. He had tried to say those words out loud but they had only echoed inside his mind. By then he was standing and his eyes were barely open.

He could see that because of his persistence the formerly classy and now animalistic opponent was outraged, he was pissed and now Epizon was about to have it. The reason why he had become a shinigami was to become strong and fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves; if he was going to die fighting for that very purpose, that would only be fitting. He barely made out that the arrancar was charging some sort of attack, slowly he felt that the reiatsu focused on that attack grew and grew; he was right, this was it for him. Epizon closed his eyes, a small smirk appeared on his face; he had accepted his fate. Right then when he had accepted death, he heard a gently voice. The little girl, he could no longer see but only hear, she said something. ”No… what.. I can’t do anything!”, he didn’t initially hear what she said. Anxiously he struggled to move himself but his body just didn’t respond; he tried saying something but the words just won’t come out; he was, helpless.

He couldn’t hear what the little girl said but he kept focusing on his hearing, just so he could hear the next thing she said. It wasn’t her but Anamist’s reply that he heard, ”wait a minute… papa? But.. how can that be?” he listened carefully, while just standing there like a lifeless statue. The reiatsu attack he had sensed earlier was gone and now he knew why, this unexplainable relationship between the arrancar and this innocent little girl; that was why it had disappeared. The girl since he had seen her standing in front of him, it would be safe to assume that the girl asked his ‘father’ to let him live. His suspicion was confirmed as Anamist praised him and told him what had happened. So all his training, all his strength, everything that he had done so far: was for nothing. ”Soul society did nothing, no reinforcements came; none of those so called strong shinigami or captains or vice captains, not even the seated ones. No one came? If the relation between this arrancar and the little girl wasn’t the way it was.. and if a human was actually in danger.. would they still do this? Would they still … do nothing?”. The pain these feelings caused him were far more than what his body was in, a tear made its way out from his left eye down to his cheek.

Epizon couldn’t help but feel the same feelings as Anamist about their duel, the both of them had fought with all their strength and Anamist had emerged victorious fair and square. Having a limiter was only an excuse and he wasn’t going to use it, he had lost and that was all there was to it. However, he was happy that the little girl wasn’t exactly in danger; his life being spared just came as an added bonus. This encounter that he had with this arrancar, he didn’t intend to forget it. Now that he knew that this arrancar didn’t really mean the little girl any harm, he too wanted to meet him and if it was possible, he wanted to avoid fighting him.

Anamist helped Epizon and threw him into a garganta that opened up in the soul society. Epizon didn’t had much strength but before he was thrown he managed to say just a few words while opening only his left eye to see Anamist and the little girl: ”Till next time, Anamist”.

Epizon’s lifeless body appeared in seireitei, the passing by shinigami came running after seeing a shinigami’s body covered in blood and lying on the floor. He was rushed to the squad 4 barracks and the captain was asked to attend to him, his life was in danger and he had received grave wounds. Wounds that may have proven fatal if only someone else was attending to him but the squad 4’s captain was no normal person; she had performed miracles countless times. After seeing Epizon’s condition she released her shikai and began to heal his wounds immediately, Lara Dirk had begun surgery on him immediately. Before his consciousness left he looked at those attending to him with a touch of disgust and disappointment. Now they came rushing to help him? Where were they when they were really needed? May be Anamist was right, this ‘perfect’ soul society; was only a fake system made to mimic perfection.

Word Count;; 937
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#38 Re: Antecedent Ressurection PRIVATE on Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:32 am


This thread has ended(Thanks for the participation!)

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