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on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:04 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke took noted that the quincy was leaving, it seemed that the quincy was smart enough not to get involved, considering how weak he was, he would of only gotten in the way of their fight anyway, he had to keep a eye on his opponent: the butler who, a few minutes ago, he was talking to quite normally, in a sense, Luke wished he could go back to that and be secretly interrogating him without him even realizing it but the hollows ruined his day and he couldn't forgive that, for a precious few minutes, he was happy and the hollows had ruined it all so he was quite annoyed now, from the butler's speech, he could tell that he was familiar with intangible weapons like his Zetsubō or least, so it appeared to be, telling him to observe as he created red reiatsu blades by snapping his fingers, manifesting three of the blades that shot towards Epizon before butler used a well practiced sonido to come up behind him, although he was very fast, Luke was very aware of the speed, being a master of shunpo, although he could barely track him, he still could and this gave him enough time to dodge the shoulder grab by twisting away, using shunpo as he did so and doing a back flip, he then used the momentum of the flip to slash at Anamist, if it hit any part of his body, Anamist would see the blade pass through any body part hit, but he would feel a coldness and see the skin turn a dark blue, this was the way someone could tell if they were hit by Luke's shikai or not, although he didn't have time to sort to Epizon but Luke knew Epizon enough that he could take care of himself, Luke's face was serious in thought.

"If I'm correct, We'll have to take this guy like we took Reyes but like before, I'm going to need Epizon's help to keep him busy long enough for me to get enough strikes in to fully effect him, just hope he's up for it" Luke thought, it was the only plan he could think of that would work, it had only been done once before by Epizon and Luke but it was possibly the only thing that might work against him, he just had build up enough hits to properly effect him properly, if Epizon came up next to him, he wouldn't look at him before speaking.

"You know we have to do "that", right?" Luke asked him seriously, referring to their plan against Reyes, he hoped Epizon got what he meant and hoped he would help him out with what he was planning...

Kurai ;; 4-3 ;; Mod Soul ;; Female    

Kurai had fled after the release of very strong spiritual pressures, this was not a fight she should let herself get involved in, instead she went after the cute quincy she saw running out the school yard, she watched the quincy go into a clothes shop and buy and wear a simply yet cute dress, Kurai could help herself but follow her, she walked after her, once she got close, she would put her hand on the quincy's shoulder.

"Hey, your outfit looks adorable, who does your hair? you look fabulous, you have excellent taste in clothes, oh sorry, I'm just so excitable when I meet new people who look as cute as you do, I can't help myself" Kurai started talking very quickly and cheerfully, very unlike the first time the quincy had meet her in the bistro, Kurai's body buzzed and she giggled in a cute way as she waited for a response.

Location;; Paris, France
Word Count;; 606
Tags;; Luke, Epizon, Anamist, Kiri, Kurai

Template (c) Yuki Seika

on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:21 am


1st Division
1st Division
Weiblich Lange ;; 5-3 ;; Quincy ;; Male

Weiblich looked happily up at the sky, "seems like I got away" he thought. He then felt a hand placed upon his shoulder. He heard the woman's voice and was slightly confused. She talked so fast he could barely understand. He turned around and looked her over. "Oh Hi, I never got your name, your from the bistro" he said while looking at her features again except noticed a resemblance between her and one of the shinigami she saw.

He looked at her and began trying to think of something to say about her. "Umm, you look very nice the red really brings out your eyes" he said making his voice sound excited. "So, miss" why are you here?" he then asked and was glad he put his quincy cross in his bra. "Is she related to the shinigami? and does she know I'm a Quincy?" question kept popping into Weiblich's mind.

Location;; Paris, France
Word Count;;
Tags;; Luke, Anamist, Epizon

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:11 am


Normally the decision lies with the thread master so if Anamist did this he would be well within his rights to do so but he has asked me to do this as a general staff and a community mod.

Considering the tier difference Luke will not be able to avoid Anamist's attack, despite his shikai release. His shunpo mastery doesn't come into play either, in other words in the current scenario tis ineffective. So Luke will end up thrown in the trajectory of Anamist's propagated attack. However, whether he gets hit by the attack completely or not will depend on Epizon's response and I will be explaining that in my IC post.

Due to some RL matters I'm unable yo post IC atm, but will post by tomorrow. I ask for your patience in that matter.


on Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:40 am


Thread Update

The last couple of posts have been out of order due to personal reasons. The new post order will be, Epizon, Anamist, Luke then Kiri. Along with that, this thread was intended to be a 3 against 1 fight; If Kiri does not wish to fight, I would ask you to exit the thread so someone else who wants into the thread may participate.


on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:28 am


Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

”And so it begins.. a battle the product of the centuries old enmity between arrancars and shinigami. Who will prevail and who wil fall? Only time will tell.

May be if Luke hadn’t rushed it Epizon would have had a chance to introduce himself and ask his opponent’s name. Wasn’t that customary among warriors to introduce themselves before they engaged in a honorable battle? Luke apparently wasn’t a fan of being patient and so he rushed it, thus forcing their opponent to do the same. Now Epizon faced this predicament, 3 strange projectiles headed his way and Luke being hurled in their trajectory. ”Tch.. this limiter..” he thought to himself for a moment as his mind went to the squad 6’s emblem on his right shoulder, that was a symbol of that limiter set in place. The limiter was enforced only on vice captains and captains, however in case of Epizon even though he didn’t have that rank the limiter was still enforced on him. It limited his ability to release and also limited most of his reiatsu(80%). Despite the fact that he always had a greater reiatsu than others, it was still a problem. Their opponent only needed to release his zanpakuto and Epizon would be overpowered immediately.

As Luke was set in the air, flying in the direction of the trajectory he had a limited number of options. Whether he could use Luke as a shield and avoid all of the damage after which he would have a chance to attack this arrancar or he could try and nullify the attack but that would put Luke in the lines of his attack not to mention it would leave him wide open for his opponent. From his first attack he had deducted that the enemy relied on speed and distance, more ever he was also able to alter the form of his reiatsu and use it to attack them. That would prove as a very difficult ability to fight against. Making up his mind, he moved with all his might and speed, ”I suppose I don’t have much of a choice.. “, with that thought he appeared in front of Luke and thus in the line of the projections but just before those projections hit, Epizon did two things: one was kicking Luke on his shoulder pushing him further away from the trajectory and then spinning he slammed his sheathed zanpakuto into the air underneath his feet, resulting in a gigantic reiatsu based explosion. The explosions was of 10 meters in length and spherical in shape, with Luke right next to him, he intended to shield Luke from his attack but that didn’t exactly nullify the attack of his opponent.

The projectiles moved right through being right in front of them Epizon was hit by the projectile in the center, which wrapped right around him. However, the strength of the attack was not as it originally was. The reiatsu wrapped around him, tying him like someone tied in a strait jacket kind of manner. Raising his shoulders and his chest, utilizing just his brute strength Epizon slammed his arms open, breaking through it. ”Luke… he has a hostage, keep that in mind” he said without taking his eyes off the formally dressed opponent. Even now, Epizon’s face was still half covered by his shuhakusho’s hood and until now his zanpakuto was still sheathed.

”Let’s see if my assumption is correct then.. after his release he stared at his opponent’s face and thought to himself while his body bent a little and he disappeared. Charging with his speed appearing right in front of the arrancar, a few feet above his foot hold and aimed to kick his face with his left foot, then rotated irrespective of the fact whether his foot landed its mark or not, launching another kick at aimed at his shoulder; a combination of a simple flying high kick followed by a spin kick with his right foot. He wanted to see whether short range was his opponent’s thing or not, there was also a reason why his zanpakuto was still sheathed, he had a plan but he intended to use it once he had no other options.

Location;; On top of the school, Paris, France.
Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;;673
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist, Luke, Kiri
Name: Enormous Reiryoku.
Effect: Epizon has an enormous reiryoku, limiting his control over his reiatsu. Rendering him almost useless at kido, but having more reiryoku, he's not easy to damage, as any attack needs to have greater reaitsu than the reaitsu that his body posses to cause any actual damage. Epizon's reiatsu is therefore equal to one rank higher than normal.  
Technique used/Reiatsu Shockwave:
Technique Name: Reiatsu Shockwave
Technique Description: Epzion strikes the ground with his zanpakuto, releasing a huge amount of reiatsu, being uncontrolled, it causes a huge explosion in the shape of a sphere, anyone caught in it might be knocked down. This technique also deflects long range attacks. The range of the explosive reiatsu shockwave is 5 meters. The technique has a cool down of 2 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The affected area of the opponent will go numb for 2 posts, that is he won't be able to move that specific limb, the effected limb will take moderate cuts and bruises. Ranged attacks of this opponent are completely deflected.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The opponent's affected limb will go numb for 2 post and takes little cuts on that limb. Ranged attacks of the opponent are completely deflected
Opponent is Equal Tier: The opponent is knocked off his feet and takes little damage. Affect of ranged attacks is halved.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent takes minor damage. Affect of ranged attacks is reduced a little.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The opponent's affected will be slightly number, reducing the speed of that specific limb and also taking minor cuts and bruises. The range attacks if not heavy, will have their affects reduced.
Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:22 am


Perhaps he had spaced the blades too close to each other when attacking Epizon, he was too sure of his abilities over the last few centuries and had underestimated the shinigami. Using an interesting technique and display of reiryoku, Epizon had thwarted his attempt to steal their movements in a quick succession. Firstly, he had kicked his shinigami ally out of the range of the attack and then countered with a swift shockwave to reduce the overall force of the Kankou blades. Despite the intent of the blades for binding, Epizon broke free with brute strength; Anamist knew his mistake then. Having Luke freed from harm, Epizon went on the offensive. He shunpo'd to Anamist with an impressive speed and aimed a well-placed kick to the face. Anamist attempted to raise his arms in defense, but the first strike struck him solid in the face and followed up by a second kick to his shoulder- both struck home and knocked Anamist backwards several paces.

It was not without merit though, as an arrancar Anamist possessed "steel skin" have +1AR in defense only, simply kicking Anamist would cause pain to Epizon as well if he intended to have a melee fight. Even with his steel skin though, it was not without harm; his face bruised where Epizon struck him and swelled a bit. His shoulder ached from the solid hit and he rotated his arm to ensure that it was not damaged terribly. Quite a kick you have there, sir. Please, tell me your name- I would prefer not to fight you without exchanging our identities. I am a wandering arrancar, Anamist Souigetsu, the Red Butler. I have been around for 4000 years more or less..

He would remain stationary and listen politely, his red eyes began to glow brighter as two small orbs appeared in the reflection of his glasses, A pleasure I am sure. he said, having charged up his cero and releasing it suddenly straight in the path of Epizon in a linear direction in the air. This was to prevent damage to the land and not further his own regrets. The cero was released, heterochromatic in color as the two ceros fired from his glasses, one cero crimson and the other cero a deep purple in color: the projection was fired on both sides of Epizon and would close in around him on both sides. Anamist was not a rash person however, as he fired the cero, 5 red orbs 2 feet in diameter each as they circled around behind him.

If Epizon attempted to get in close again, two of the orbs would turn into long swords and counter his strikes; if he responded with a ranged technique, the orbs would respond in a group of 3 and overwhelm the spiritual attack with a counter-attack of spiraling spears.

Technique Name:Teladro Mirando Cero(Twin Auger)
Technique Description:Using his bone glasses on his face, he charges two ceros from his eyes that fire in a spiraling linear direction and combine in the center of the attack to create one massive cero. The color of the cero is violet and crimson red mixed. This cero is capable of being concentrated into thin beams used for piercing objects and barriers. 1 postcount & 2 post cooldown

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Direct hit causes severe damage such as burns and loss of appendages, also renders opponent unable to continue fighting.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:Direct hit causes severe damage and renders opponents unable to continue fighting unless they have sufficiently blocked(with a powerful counter-attack or a barrier)
Opponent is Equal Tier:Causes serious damage such as heavy burns, cracked bones & bruising.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Severe bruising and broken bones.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Moderate bruising.

Technique Name:Scion's End
Technique Description:Condensed red reiatsu orbs appear floating around Anamist which change from physical & spiritual(object shape and size-shields, spears, etc etc) compounds based on his will. These balls respond differently to his will such as, Example: Enemy gets to close, orbs explode. Enemies cast a weak spiritual attack; orbs negate the attack with a similar one. Orb size is normally about 2 feet in diameter with a maximum number of 5 orbs. Enemies that he has previous touched become "beacons" for his spiritual attacks. This technique has a 3 post duration and a 2 post cooldown.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Explosions will repel weaker tier enemies or over-powering their spiritual attacks.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:Explosions will repel weaker tier enemies or over-powering their spiritual attacks.
Opponent is Equal Tier:spiritual attacks of same tier will negate one another
Opponent is One Tier Higher:stronger tier will overwhelm his defensive attack and bruise heavily from offensive attacks.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:stronger tier will overwhelm his defensive attack and bruise slightly from offensive attacks.


on Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:15 am


Thread Update

In regards to the recent differences among members, as Thread master, I am removing Luke from this thread so that it can progress. If Kiri wishes to post, then Kiri is next, but Kiri has greatly veered off the intent of the thread. If you don't intend to fight Anamist, then I'd request you leave the thread so those intending to follow the thread request may continue & possibly others who might want to join this thread can.


on Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:56 am



Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male
Identities: finally revealed. Warriors engage in an honorable battle, the sacred ritual of bloodshed continues.

Epizon’s attack was intended as an experiment, he was mentally prepared to accept complete failure however, that wasn’t the case. His attacks hit their mark, they weren’t really meant to cause much harm, he wasn’t expecting much but just verification of his assumption. As his feet met with the opponent’s face and shoulder, pain soared through his feet. The skin of this opponent felt as hard as steel, after hitting he flipped and landed back on his feet, stumbling just a little because of the pain.

Finally the arrancar decided that it was only appropriate to introduce himself, actually his way of speaking and the way he had addressed Epizon reflected a gentleman like manner. He was proper, formal and it also meant that this person had high regards for the concept of battle as Epizon, not just that he had accepted Epizon as a worthy opponent; that must be why he introduced himself. When told that this person had been around for 4000 years, he couldn’t help but be impressed. The arrancar had managed to live for such a long time in the world of the living and remain undetected by the soul society, that was something. That also meant that soul society wasn’t as proficient as they wanted everyone to think that they were. So how could they think of themselves as the sole protectors of humanity and other beings that fell under their protection? It was a hoax, a self proclaimed title and Epizon was one of those self proclaimed protectors, unable to protect a little girl.

”You’re defense isn’t that bad either sir. I too wouldn’t prefer to fight in such a manner, Mr. Anamist Souigetsu. I am Epizon “Oneiropolos” Psychi, 4th seat of squad 6, second in command to Juni’chi Nakamura”. That was the unjust rank of Epizon, not exactly suited to his strength but that’s how worthy the soul society had considered him to be. Before they could indulge into the conversation, Anamist launched another attack. Another ranged attack, Epizon had also noted some strange floating orbs near his opponent but those orbs weren’t moving towards him like the two ceroes that narrowed towards him. He had little options but one thing was for sure if he got close to Anamist it would be his domain and if he stayed away from him that’s Anamist’s domain; or so he thought.

”So that’s what your planning, then so be it” he moved towards the projected cero but before they got too close, he raised his zanpakuto saying ”hado #32: Okasen”,a yellow orb appeared in front of it, slowly stretching along the sheathed zanpakuto and then projecting from it. Launching and colliding with the ceros, resulting in a large explosion but the explosion was close and Epizon got caught in it; though he didn’t expect to get out of it unscathed. As the explosion happened he had covered his front with his arms and curled into a ball like position, so the result was his shihakusho’s sleeves burned to his shoulders, revealing his glove and his arms were bruised from the wrist to the shoulders. The lower part of the shihakusho was also burned and torn, but due to his position only his legs below the knees were bruised heavily. ”I’m no fool, I know I can’t win this battle but that’s not really my objective either. Even if..” he landed on his feet, breathing heavily as the smoke from the explosion had still to settle, he used it as an advantage and moved towards Anamist. ”…I can’t win it, that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to save her. If her life demands the sacrifice of mine… “

He appeared suddenly, in close proximity of Anamist, only a few meters away. The two orbs near Anamist turned to swords and attacked him before he could do what he intended to do, raising his sheathed zanpakuto he blocked the attack from piercing right through his chest. His position was a bit lower and the orbs were pushing down on his hand because he held his zanpakuto from his right hand with his left hand still to spare. ”… then it’ll be an honor” he said as he raised his left hand and pointed his left index finger aimed at Anamist’s head, ”hado # 4: Byakurai”. High density reiatsu gathered at the front of his index finger and propagated with the speed of lightening towards the direction the finger was pointing at: Anamist’s head.

He didn’t know whether the attack would land or not, neither did he knew if the other orbs would turn into swords and pierce him, he was right there in front of Anamist so he knew that the outcome would be grim but he also knew that his attack at such a close range would prove troublesome to deal with.

Location;; On top of the school, Paris, France
Muse;; 8/10
Word Count;; 807
Tags;; Epizon Psychi, Anamist Souigetsu
OOC;; Luke's removed and Kiri's gone for the week so let's get this thread moving.
Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: #4
Spell Incantation: Uses without incantation.
Spell Effect: Fires a ray of energy, made of lightening, from Epizon's finger in the direction he's aiming, in a straight line, of small radius, thus having piercing affect.
pell Name: Okasen
Spell Type: Hadou,
Spell Number: #32
Spell Incantation: The eagle’s nest, The bear’s cave. Light everything that comes your way. An ant’s struggle, crushed by a foot. Torment and destroy those who don’t see, what the horizon’s may conceal. Race to the depths of souls, elimination now the salvation.Okasen!
Spell Effect: From the user’s finger a yellow colored energy is generated, that head’s in the direction the finger is being pointed. The form of the energy is in the shape of an arc. The kido has a greater chance of exploding at point blank range.
Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:44 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke got tossed away by Anamist towards Epizon before Epizon kicked him in the shoulder, sending him flying into a tree with a broken right shoulder, turning a tree into splinters as he crashed, once the dust had settled, Luke got up slowly, his haori having a few small holes where some of the wood splinters had torn the material, he held his broken shoulder, using his kaido to heal the worst of the damage, at least to the point he could move it with only a little bit of discomfort, he would have to go to squad four to have it fully reset as Epizon's kick had also popped his shoulder from his arm, he used his right hand to hold it while using his left hand to heal, as he did, he watched as Epizon dealt with the blades as he knew he could, using a type of reiatsu blast wave to destroy them, Luke knew Epizon had high levels of reiatsu for a fourth seat, he still held onto his released zanpakuto before he finished healing his shoulder enough to move it gently before he slid his zanpakuto into its sheath, the black mist returning into the solid sealed form before giving a satisfying clicking sound as he watched the two strong warriors battle, Luke lowered his head, his eyes becoming shaded, his hand that was around the handle of his zanpakuto tightened, making his leather glove make a squeezing noise that if Luke wasn't annoyed, he would of found most enjoyable.

" fool; don't you realize the truth that this guy is that girl's father? she was never in danger to begin with, your recklessness to do battle with a worthy foe has blinded you to the obvious truth; this fight is meaningless and pointless, I won't be part of a unnecessary battle and I haven't the heart to kill a little girl's father in front of her..." Luke thought sadly as he watched the battle between Epizon and Anamist; Luke already had collected a ton of information just from their little battle; his reiatsu blades, his reiatsu, personality type, some of his combat abilities and style of fighting but most important; a name; Anamist Souigetsu, going by a fitting alias of the red butler; Luke moved out the school, looking at the girl before he left the soon-to-be battleground, she would see the sadness in his eyes, the deep regret he had for fighting her father as well as the cold despair that reflected so clearly in his blood red eyes, he looked away after he walked through the gates, he shunpoed around, quickly finding Kurai with the quincy he had met earlier that day, he gently put his hand on her shoulder to get her attention as she turned around to see him.

"What is it, master?" Kurai said cheerfully before noticing the look of sadness in his eyes, her expression look sad as she knew she now had to leave Paris but she knew with Epizon and the arrancar around, it wasn't safe for her, Luke took her hand into his own and lead her away from the quincy, down a alleyway before drawing his zanpakuto.

"Let's go home, Kurai..." Luke said before inserting his zanpakuto into the air and turning it like a key, letting two Japanese sliding doors manifest in front of them, the hell butterfly that had shown Luke through the first time flew to his shoulder and with Kurai in tow, the two returned to the soul society where he let Kurai go off to see her lovers and go shopping to cheer herself up while Luke went to squad four first to have his shoulder reset before healing him fully before discharging him back to the squad three barracks, he reentered his quarters he had gained from becoming the third seat, he took up some paper and began to write up the mission report.

"'s clear the arrancar; designated as Anamist Souigetsu, who also goes by the name of the red butler, has extensive history, covering four-hundred years, possiblity to study his history if captured, although I recommend captain-level shinigami to capture him as he possesses captain-level reiatsu, the reiatsu, from the limited time I had to analyze it; it possess a hunger-inducing effect to any hollows within the arrancar's area of influence, unknown about what happens to shinigami, although guarding with reiatsu is the simplest way to avoid any potential effects of such a reiatsu, he possesses high amounts of combat ability from my short fight with him, possessing captain-level speed while using sonido, being able to hurl most shinigami with a single hand while using his reiatsu to produce blades, possibly other types of weapons but remains unknown for now, personality is that of a gentleman who is also a father to a little human girl, likelihood of being able to capture him for study is greatly increased, especially if he is willing to parley with shinigami sent for his capture...Additional; fourth seat of squad six, Epizon Psychi...I grow more concerned for him with every mission I'm with him; he is still fighting the enemy as I write this without knowledge that killing him would leave a little girl without the only family she has ever know, I don't know if anything should be done but recommended to keep a eye on Epizon during future missions before any action is taken against him, report end..." Luke wrote, he had written a great deal, the last bit of the recommendations, he hoped Epizon was doing ok without him to back him up, although the rule of fighting one-on-one was around, even if it wasn't really a rule, it was customary to do so, Luke sighed before putting the finished mission report in the case file before taking it to the captain's office, of course, his faceless captain was there, he placed the case file on the desk, bowed and left without saying a word but Luke couldn't help but hate his captain, his captain barely even stayed in the barracks, being away on missions almost constantly, in a way, Luke felt sorry for him but mostly, he hated the fact that his captain didn't act like his captain; he was never here when his squad needed him the most, never showing his face, never even telling anyone his name, a really ghost and Luke hated it; no one could live like that but their captain did, full of spite for his captain that lacked humanity, he retired to his quarters, sitting down to watch some squad members training in the courtyard, wondering if Epizon would be able to win against his foe without using his shikai, that he should of used, even if his shikai lacked it's normal strength, it would have been better then using his sealed weapon, he sighed and decided to nap to rest his mind from the day's events.

Location;; Paris, Squad three barracks
Word Count;; 1,155
Tags;; Luke, Anamist, Epizon
OOC;; Ok, exit post made, please don't nurf/void my post, it's quite necessary, thank you

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:54 am


OOC:(It is sort of my fault for dropping this when it first happened, due to what happened afterwards... but I originally told you Luke, that you wouldn't know that Anamist was Rui's papa- your character arrived after they had conversed; where which you slew a hollow near them.

Saying what you did in your exit thread, is a bit metagaming, not to mention using information which causes the whole intention of the thread to be nullified. I would have replied sooner, but I have been away for the weekend on my National Guad duties, where I had a Flu shot Sunday evening & I have been sick for a couple days now.

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