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#1 Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:11 am

[size=32]Who are you?[/size]

Name: Mei Tsaki
Alias: Ko-chan
Age: Unknown
Age of Appearance: 21
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Shinigami
Character Alignment: Good

Appearance: Mei's hair is an orangish brown color. She almost always wears half of it up in braids that wrap around both sides of her head and ties into a ponytail at the back. The other half she leaves down. Her hair length is halfway down her back and always has a smooth and shiny look. Mei's eyes seem to match her hair perfectly. They are a wonderful dark brown that most would describe as a chocolate looking color. Looking into them, it is almost as if you can see pure love and joy but that's if you can get past their beautiful shine. Mei's nose is small and short. Mei's lips are small but they are a cute light pink color. Mei's skin color is a lovely peach that looks as if it ties everything together. She is also quite petite. Her height only being 5'3" and her weight being 120 lbs. Even though she may seem rather small and fragile, her strength is quite astonishing. Also, her reiatsu color is white.

Outside appearance and attire is not the only thing that you can see by looking at Mei. Her emotions can always be read just by looking at her face. The one feeling that can be seen most often is happiness. It can be seen in the sparkle of her eyes, the brightness of her smile, her straight posture, and the small bounce in her step. However, there is always a chance you can see anger. It is shown by the darkness in her eyes, the straight, course line where her smile should be, her tenseness, and the way she walks as if she owned the place. When there is happiness and anger there can also be sadness. The way her eyes look to be glazed over, the way her mouth stays straight and soft, the way she slouches, and the way she walks as if the sky turned gray and the world could fall apart at any moment are all clues about what she feels at that specific moment. With every emotion comes a different look, and they are all evident by these small little factors.

Style/Clothing: At one point, Mei's attire was that of the normal female academy student. The red shitagi (under shirt), the white kosode (shirt) with red stripes, red hakama (pants), white socks and sandals. With the emblem being on both breasts of the outer shirt. Now, Her attire consists of the standard shinigami uniform or Shihakusho. Her zanpakuto is tied to the left side of her obi sash. This is mostly worn when Mei is busy and has business to take care of. She does not wish to get into any sort of trouble for not wearing it. However, she does not wear it all the time. There are times where Mei will wear whatever it is she feels like, which is her favorite dress and shoes. The color of said outfit is a light pink, which is her favorite color. The dress has white layers of lace from the tops of the shoulders to just under her chest area. It also has sleeves such as those of a tank top and the bottom stops mid-thigh. Her shoes are the same light pink color and have a heel on them making her taller, which she enjoys. They also have a small flower on the outsides of both shoes. Mei also has attire she wears for special occasions. It is a pink kimono with peacocks, flowers, and a few other designs on it. There is also a matching sash that goes just under her chest area. Her footwear is a darker pink sandal.

Favorite Dress:
Favorite Shoes:
Elegant Wear:
Elegant Shoes:

Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: Mei has one tattoo that is on the right side of her stomach. It is a tattoo of the moon in the middle of a flower with two identical dragons on the left and right sides of it. This tattoo is a rememberance of her "family" ,which are now deceased. The flower represents a young girl named Kiyomi. The moon represents a lady, who's name was Asami. The twin dragons represent two young boys, with the names of Hitomshi and Hisoka. These were their favorite things so this is what Mei did to keep them close.

Personality: Mei is a very nice and caring girl. She is always putting others before herself. She will almost always help anyone who needs it with anything. Mei is always ready to fight for anyone, whether they want her too or not. She will always stand up for others and is always kind to even the people that she dislikes the most. This is one of her more likable characteristics and it always pulls through for her when she needs help. This also helps her make new friends, which is one of her favorite things to do. Mei also always wants to find the best in people and show that she doesn't give labels like others do.
However, it is very difficult for Mei to appear kind when she speaks her mind. Sometimes, things that come from Mei's mouth are not the things people wish to hear. They can come out sounding rather rude or vulgar. Most of the time, Mei feels regret for what she says and the rest of the time she doesn't even notice she had said such a thing. However, there is also a good side to this. It also helps her express feelings or say things that she would be too nervous to say. It also helps her speak to new people and look like she feels comfortable around anyone, which gives her a more trustworthy appearance.
Mei is also a very determined woman. Her determination keeps her hard at work and willing to do anything she is told. Of course, it has to be by the orders of someone of a higher rank. With her determination, Mei hopes that she can set an example and get others to work that hard. Her determination keeps her wanting to get stronger and do things she would have never done before. Though, she does have the intelligence to stay out of trouble. Her intelligence also keeps her alive as well as others.  
These are basically the four things that make up Mei. However, these are only the ways she acts around the seireitei and when everything is normal. Mei is a very different person when she is the middle of a battle or outside the seireitei. During these times, Mei is rather serious and keeps all of her thoughts inside her head. Mei doesn't want to give anything away because she can't keep her mouth shut. Her face will look blank and her eyes will look cold. This is where the determination comes in. Mei will have her mind set on victory or completing her task. Mei will do anything and everything it takes. Mei will also mix her intelligence in with the determination, so she can keep herself alive and not do anything stupid. The only time she needs to be caring is when she is with others. With this, Mei will be determined, intelligent, and she will do everything she can to help others. Mei always wants everyone she leaves the seireitei with to come back alive even if that means she must lose her own life.

(For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


• Mei loves to make friends and help others. She is always hoping to meet new people and hopefully make a bond with them in some way.
• Mei loves looking at the moon. It makes her think about all the wonderful times she had on the roof of her small little home. It reminds her of her best friend.
• Mei also loves her Zanpakuto.
• Mei likes the human world. She finds them rather interesting. The things they have, their words, and basically anything different that she has never seen or heard before.  
• Mei also likes to take walks at night. She finds it rather calming and peaceful.

•Mei dislikes the rain and tries to stay out of it if possible.
• Mei doesn't like people who are disrespectful and rude. She believes that nobody deserves to be treated in such a manner.
• Mei doesn't like when people slack off. There are many others who try hard just as Mei does and she believes that everyone should be doing as they have been told.
• Mei doesn't like to let others down. Mei has been told for many years that all she does is mess up, so when she does it brings back bad memories.
• Mei doesn't like when fights happen for no reason. Many can get hurt and possibly even die and with no reason it makes Mei sick to think about.
• The one thing Mei hates the most is fights among friends/comrades. Mei has seen friendships be torn apart and end up in fights that many have ended up regretting. It is also very hard to work together if you have conflicts with one of the others you are working with.

• Mei's first goal is to become someone who is loved by many members of her squad and maybe even some outside of that.
• Mei's second goal is to become someone of high rank or maybe even a captain.
• Mei's biggest dream is to make her best friend proud and show everyone that she can do whatever it is she puts her mind to.

• Mei is always determined to do her best. The only thing she thinks about is her family and not letting them down. Her eyes are always on achieving her goals.
• Mei is a very caring individual, thanks to the help her family used to give around their district. She is always there to help anyone in their time of need.
• Mei is a very intelligent girl, whether she notices or not. She knows how to make great decisions even in the middle of chaos. She is also very good at analyzing opponents.
• Mei is always willing to do everything she is told, as long as her orders come from a higher rank.
• Mei is also tries to be a very respectful individual. Most people do not have a problem with her because of her respect for others.

Fears & Weaknesses:
• Mei has a fear of heights, which she believes she will overcome.
• Mei fears not being able to reach any of her goals because it means she has ruined the promise she once gave to her best friend.
• Mei fears that for the rest of her life she will have the same nightmares over and over. Her nightmares are real life events and that is what upsets her the most. She watches her loved ones die repeatedly every time they occur.
• Mei fears that she will be alone for her whole life span. She cannot do everything on her own and hopes she can find others to help her through rough times.
• One of Mei's biggest weaknesses is that she always speaks her mind. This makes it a bit hard for her to be respectful at times but everything she says she tries to make sound nice. This can get her in trouble at times considering she never thinks before she speaks.

[size=32]Battle Specs[/size]

List of 'Known' Skills:

• Shunpo
• Basic Reiatsu Detection
• *If more need to be added let a Mod/Admin know*

Fighting Style: Mei is the type of girl that likes to fight close range and she is also very agressive. Still even with her agressive nature, she is intelligent enough to not get herself killed. Although she likes to fight closer range, she doesn't use the dagger part of her Zanpakuto that often but it may come into play a bit. Usually at the beginning of a fight, Mei will keep her hands in the same position those with normal length Zanpakuto would. However, as the fight progresses if Mei needs more length will she move her hands further down the handle but if she needs less length she will pull out her dagger. If fighting close range is not an option at anytime Mei will use kido. Most of the kido Mei uses, are hado. The only other kido she will use are bakudo that bind and/or immobilize her target.

Personal Abilities:

(Shinigami may not start with more than ONE personal ability. Personal abilities are special powers unique to your character. They are obtained at birth or through freak occurrences. These cannot be things you would able to teach others or simply obtain through hard work along.)

Name: Pain-inducting reiatsu
Effect: Mei has a special reiatsu that causes any part of the body that touches her reiatsu to trigger the pain signals in that part of the body that touched; similar to a spinal reflex when you touch a burning candle with your finger and you pull your finger away before the signal even has time to reach your brain. Although, depending on how many tiers above or below Mei's own one is depends on the level of pain they will feel. If a target is substantially lower than Mei, they would obviously feel more pain than one who is the same as her. The effects can only last for a total of 3 posts with 3 post cooldown.

General Techniques:

(Shinigami may NOT start with more than four general techniques. Techniques are not extra abilities, but rather, skills which use your abilities in more extreme forms beyond their basic use. For example... let's say I can shoot fire from my fingers. A technique might be gathering a whole bunch of fire for a few minutes and then shooting a fire-laser from my fingers, doing much more damage than what my ability normally would on it's own. Other special or basic techniques using your normal control over your spiritual energy can also be added here, like adding reiatsu to your punches to inflict more damage, and things like that. Think of abilities as special powers - and think of techniques as moves which use the powers you already have. These are moves your character was taught or trained and developed on their own. They are things anyone would be able to learn and perform unless they are dependent on your unique race or abilities. Examples are custom shunpo variations, hakuda/zanjutsu techniques, and using your reiatsu on an object to simulate telekinesis.)
These are not used for extra shikai or bankai techniques, elemental techniques, extra abilities and powers.
Limit 4.


[size=32]Shinigami's Partner[/size]

(I would like to give credit to Luke Yasenha. He made my Zanpakuto and did a great job I might add)

Zanpakuto Name: Kyōyū tōtsū (Share Pain)
Zanpakuto Element: Injuries transfer/absorption, extending/retraction
Sealed Weapon Appearance:
The zanpakuto while in its sealed stated is a katana of a standard length (Two and a half feet) with a colbolt wrapping around the handle and a thick plus guard (+), similar to what's on a doctor's or nurse's cap, although inside the handle, there is a secret dagger about six inches in length that makes the handle longer then normal, all that needs to be done to release it is to simply pull it out, it should make a clicking sound when released.

Spirit Appearance & Personality:
Normal Appearance:
Kyōyū tōtsū normally is quite friendly, having a sort of cutie's blush on her face with shoulder length black hair, chocolate colored eyes like her wielder while sporting a white nurse's outfit that shows off her modest but well proportioned body, she enjoys keeping birds around the hospital inside her inner world to keep her company, in regards to her wielder, she's quite friendly and polite, having excellent bedside manner, although as a nurse, she doesn't really like to hurt others, what angers her is anyone messing with her feathered friends or when she sees large amounts of blood, having a form of hemophobia (Fear of Blood), after too long, she turns into...
Angry/enraged Form:

...this form, in this form, blood runs from her eyes, mouth and from a hole in her side, just under her left breast, this form is far move violent, very eager to harm anyone and anything that comes near her, she also becomes more aggressive towards her wielder, she talks with a double voice, she has a more sad expression but she is also berating of her wielder while in this state, although once she has calmed down, she'll return to her normal appearance and personality.
Inner World:
Inner world Appearance:
Kyōyū tōtsū's inner world is a large traditional Japanese manor house on the outside, with a lush garden and plenty of ponds for relaxing by, while inside, it is equipped like a modern human hospital, with several wards, emergency rooms, operating theaters, a spa, a RECOVERY suite for people that are recovering from a operation and need to train to walk again and so on, there is even a large, well cleaned and looked after morgue and this hides a dark secret: inside the morgue lay the bodies of every person/hollow/arrancar/etc the wielder has every killed; these are not the real people but like a mental representation of everyone the wielder has killed up to this point, although Kyōyū tōtsū doesn't allow her wielder down there while in her normal self as she is scared of what she will think if she saw them, although like the morgue, the whole hospital inside her inner world is kept clean and tidy by Kyōyū tōtsū herself as a daily routine while looking after all the birds she keeps around the hospital like her patients to keep her company while she works, although the injuries to the birds may have been caused by her other self without her realizing it, the hospital shares a similarly split aura: while Kyōyū tōtsū is normal, it feels calm and welcoming while if Kyōyū tōtsū has lost it and changed into her angry form, the hospital becomes dark and unwelcoming as well as having a general dark aura.
Shikai Release Phrase: "Suffer..." (Kōmuru in Japanese)
Shikai Appearance: Upon release, the katana shrinks down to the size of a tantō (Japanese dagger) with about a ten inch blade but retains the same guard and handle but the handle is shorter but still just about fits to hand.
Shikai Abilities: Injury healing/transfer & Extending/Retracting

(Shinigami may start with ONE shikai ability; you may have two shikai abilities only if you can get the tier of 3-3 or stronger. If you have two anyway and fail to get that tier, you will simply have to lock one of the abilities so you can't use them until you hit the appropriate rank. Shikai abilities are only usable in Shikai - they do not APPLY in bankai or your sealed form.)

Name: Ketsueki Saiken ha (Blood Reconstruction Blade) (unnamed IC)
Effect: This is a two stage ability:

Stage one:
The first stage of Kyōyū tōtsū is when the wielder stabs a ALLY; she can heal their wounds via regenerative healing, she can choose to heal one wound at a time or heal all the wounds at once, although something cut away from the body like a severed arm or leg is beyond Kyōyū tōtsū's ability to heal it; the wounds also increase the length of the blade; depending on the wound, if the wound healed is small or minor, the blade will only gain an inch while larger wounds will increase it by a foot to a maximum length of four-and-a-half feet. ALthough she can this to heal herself she is limited to doing so once per theead. She can heal her ALLIES or anyone she considers an ALLY at least.

Post time for wounds to heal:

  • Small/Minor Wound: one post to heal
  • Medium sized deep wound: two posts to heal
  • Medium sized wound with bleeding: three posts to heal; one to stop the bleeding and two to fully heal
  • Large sized deep wound: four posts to heal
  • Large sized wound with bleeding: five posts to heal: one to stop the bleeding, four to fully heal

This is a chart for how much is gained in terms of length per wound:

  • Small/Minor wounds: one inch
  • Medium wounds: six inches
  • Medium wounds with depth or bleeding: eight inches
  • Large wounds: one foot
  • Large wounds with depth or bleeding: one foot and two inches

*keep in mind that this chart for how much is gained is for when the wounds are completely healed and absorbed into the blade, also, just in case: twelve inches makes one foot*

The Second Stage is the following:

Stage two:
This is the secondary stage of Kyōyū tōtsū; this is APPLIED when her blade cuts into a opponent; depending on the size and type of wound she inflicted, she is able to transfer a wound of equal size and type to the opponent; this does mean she has to have a matching wound stored inside her blade, if she doesn't have a matching wound, she cannot transfer wounds to her opponent until she causes a wound on her opponent that matches one she has healed from someone, if she does have one stored that matches one she caused, she can transfer that exact wound to her opponent, either in the same spot that the wound was when it was on the person she healed or in a completely random spot, transferring is a optional ability as she doesn't has to transfer if she doesn't want to as with every successful transfer, her blade shortens by what sort of wound was transfer by the amount she gained from it (see stage one chart for how much is lost in length) until it returns to its original length of ten inches, at this point, there is no more wounds stored in the blade to be transferred.

In basic terms; if stage one isn't done, stage two cannot function as the transfer ability requires injuries to be stored in the blade to be transferred, without them, the wielder needs to heal more ALLIES in order to regain the ability to transfer once again.

Shikai Techniques: (Shinigami are allowed to start with no more than SIX shikai techniques)

Technique Name: Ketsueki Kesshō Ha (Blood Plasma blade) (unnamed IC)
Technique Description: This technique is very similar to the main ability of Kyōyū tōtsū; only that upon stabbing a ally; it restores the reiatsu and spiritual energy of the patient; depending on how much was restored via this technique; the blade becomes coated in Mei's reiatsu; forming a reiatsu blade from the amount healed, the chart for this is down below:

  • ten percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: one inch of reiatsu energy blade is created
  • twenty-to-thirty percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: eight inches of energy blade is created
  • forty-to-fifty percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy restored: one foot of reiatsu energy blade is created

this does use the post count from the primary ability to apply how long it will take to restore small amounts to large amounts:

Post times to restore Reiatsu/Spirit energy:

  • Ten percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: one post
  • twenty-to-thirty percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: two posts
  • forty-to-fifty percent of reiatsu/spiritual energy to be restored: three posts

also to add one post to that if the patient has unusual reiatsu or reiatsu stronger then Mei's current amount of reiatsu, the blade of reiatsu forms from the top of the ten inch blade, the same as how the normal blade would grow, the energy blade's length limit is the same as the normal blade which is four-and-a-half feet in length, during combat, if this blade attacks her opponent, Mei can choose to drain her opponent's reiatsu by the amount of damage she causes, if she caused a small cut, she can choose to drain away ten percent of her opponent's reiatsu at the cost of a inch off her energy blade, like the primary ability, she must have a matching amount of reiatsu absorbed into her blade that matches the injury she caused in order to transfer.

also, the primary ability cannot be used at the same time this technique is being used, Mei must use up all the reiatsu damage she absorbed until it runs out and it returns to the normal blade of ten inches before being able to switch to her primary ability and visa versa if the primary ability is in use, the technique cannot be used until there are no more injuries inside her blade and it returns to its starting release state of ten inches.

Once the technique has used up the reiatsu stored within the blade, the technique requires a cooldown equal to the time that the opponent takes in terms of a AR-1 plus any addition time to heal the specific type of injury this technique requires to function, making the cooldown longer depending on how long it takes to heal and restore a target's reiatsu.


(You may posses up to 10 hadou and 10 bakudo. You may give up some of one for the other for example, a character with 5 hadou and 15 bakudou. Custom Kidou also go here. Spells do not have tier comparison charts as their power varies greatly depending on the caster. YOU MAY ONLY START WITH 1 CUSTOM KIDO. The exception is if you are starting as a kidou corp member. Then you may start with 3 custom spells.)

Spell Name: Shakkaho
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: #31
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!
Spell Effect: The user forms a ball of red energy in their palm or finger. Depending on the power level being used it can be given off as an explosion or beam of energy. This also contributes to the size. This can result in burn damage or even be used to create holes in walls.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: #4
Spell Incantation: Not used
Spell Effect: The user gathers energy, which is sent through the users finger in a concentrated bolt of lightning.

Spell Name: Sokatsui
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: #33
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws.
Spell Effect: The user gathers blue energy in the palm of their hand. The power level being used contributes to the size.

Spell Name: Sho
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: #1
Spell Incantation: Not used
Spell Effect: The user gathers a small amount of energy into their index finger, which is then dispelled with enough force to push a target back a few feet.

Spell Name: Fushibi
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: #12
Spell Incantation: Not used
Spell Effect: The user creates a kido net, which entangles opponents. The user then makes the net explode.

Spell Name: Sai
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: #1
Spell Incantation: Not used
Spell Effect: The user points their finger at the target, whos arms will then lock behind their back. Can be used on one or many people.

Spell Name: Hainawa
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: #4
Spell Incantation: Not used
Spell Effect: The user creates a yellow rope of energy, which is then thrown toward a target. It the wraps around them immobilizing them.

[size=32]Are you a Visored?[/size]

Inner Hollow Appearance:(What does your inner hollow look like? What's its personality? Does it have a name?
Mask Appearance:(What does your Mask look like?)
Mask Duration:(How long does your mask last in # of posts?)
Mask Techniques:Limit 4 (These will be things like Bala, Cero, Sonido, or your own variants or even knew techs altogether.) Vizards do not get Hierro, Gran Rey Cero, High-Speed Regen, or Pesquisa.

Technique Name:
Technique Description:(Include any cool-down or charge times needed. Times are based on posts.)


[size=32]Tell me your story...[/size]

History: The story of Mei starts with a young girl that looks to be about the age of 7. Waking up in district 72, alone and no memory of anything. She couldn't remember her name, where she was, her age, or anything about her past. It was quite scary for her considering there was a girl standing over her starring. However, she didn't move all she did was stare back. Then, the girl finally spoke telling her name, Asami, to the young clueless girl on the ground. When she was asked for her own name, the young girl had no clue what to respond. So, together the two girls gave her the name Mei Tsaki. Tsaki was Asami's last name and told Mei that she could use it too. The reason being Asami had said they would be the best of friends but also family. It made Mei smile for what seemed like the first time considering this is where her memories began. This was the very start of the good and the bad that the two would face together.

It was the same day the two met that Asami would introduce Mei to her friends. This small group of children would consist of two older boys, that looked about 10, and another small girl,  that looked about 9. She basically would guess their ages since they had never said anything about it. All the small orange hair child could do was stand behind the older girl, that seemed to be about 12 at the time, and stare. However, that wasn't what Asami would let her do. Asami would make the small child stand in front of her and speak. Everyone would smile and tease her for being so shy. Little did she know this would be the small group of friends she would be staying with for a long time. Their small little home was only two room. One being girls and one being boys. Though, they mostly all slept in one room. Even with the small home and shaggy clothing, Mei was happy and so were the others.

The small group of pint sized children would be together always and play shinigami during the day, while they helped anyone that needed it in the district. The group always walked in pairs from oldest to youngest or what seemed that way considering nobody ever truly gave up their age.  Mei was always in the back of the group with the young 9 year old girl, Kiyomi. Her favorite things were flowers. They were both very quiet, but they still had a unique bond. The two young 10 year old boys were twins, Hisoka and Hitoshi, and they were always ahead of the two younger ladies. Their favorite things were creatures called dragons.They had heard about these things from some of the other children and adults in the district. The "leader" or oldest "sibling" of the group was Asami. Her favorite thing was the moon. She was always at the front of the group telling them what they had to do for the day or leading their game of shinigami, where Asami and Mei had both shown they had spiritual power. Asami was definitely the most responsible and was always there to help the other young pint sized children whether they be apart of the group or not. So, nobody ever rejected to her being leader and everyone around the district knew her. Most of all she was the girl Mei looked up to and always wanted to be like and Mei was a child that Asami loved more than anything.

It had been one night after the young group had spent much of the day working and only a small amount of time playing that Mei decided to go outside. The moon was bright, the sky was dark, and the night was peaceful. The small orangish haired girl had heard a slight humming noise coming from the roof of the small home. So, she decided to climb up and see what the noise was. It was Asami and she was staring at the moon, while humming what sounded like a lullaby. Before the young girl could climb down, Asami would invite her to come and sit. Asami would speak about how wonderful and bright the moon was and how it would brighten even the darkest nights. Mei would listen as she look towards the moon herself. The young Asami would then relate that to how she wanted to be. She wanted to be just like the moon and brighten even the darkest places of peoples hearts. She wanted to be able to shine through the dark times and be the light people would look for. It was something Mei admired about Asami and it drew her closer. It made her want to be just the same. So, every night after that Mei would sit on the roof with Asami and listen to her many stories. One night they had made a promise, "One day, it's going to be just us. When this happens I think we should become shinigami. It would be wonderful. We will grow together and try our best. We will become the greatest and live for those we love. I believe in it and so do the others. Promise me you will become the best you can and I will too." These were the words Asami spoke that night and Mei had agreed. This would be the place that the two bonded and became more than just best friends. They became family.

It had been many years that the small group lived together group lived together but along the way the small girl, Kiyomi, had gotten sick. The group had thought it was just a small cold or maybe just a harmless sickness. However, they soon came to realize it wasn't. It had been a week and the girl only seemed to be getting worse. They couldn't find anything that could help the girl and everyone knew it was only a matter of time. For a couple nights, Mei stayed up and watched Asami sit by Kiyomi's side as she held the girls hand. Then, the tears came flowing down Asami's cheeks as Kiyomi's hand went limp and her breaths stopped. It was sad for them all but mostly Mei. They had been together a lot considering their ages and even if they didn't talk much their bond was definitely strong. That night they buried her under a beautiful cherry blossom tree not too far from the place they once used to play shinigami. They would get older and although they were still together and having fun. It wasn't the same without Kiyomi.

A few years passed and things only seemed to be getting harder. Mei couldn't get anything done right and she seemed to be getting more bitter. The twins were becoming more distant and Asami was trying her hardest to keep everyone together. However, that's about all she could do. They weren't doing the good deeds they were known for anymore, more people in the district were starting to worry, and it seemed that everywhere they went people were giving them odd looks. One day, the whole group had broken out into an argument. Words were said about Mei that she didn't like and she had stormed out. As she walked along the streets with her arms crossed, her eyes looking colder than ice, and her mouth in a course, straight line Mei had bumped into someone. Soon enough, she was sitting in a corner with her face bruised and blood drawn from her lip. She sat that way cursing to the three people standing in front of her. They were about three years older than she was. At this time, Mei looked about 13. Just before she was hit again, one of the three had been hit from the side. Beside him was Asami, her fists were balled and her eyes full of anger. The twins stood behind the other two not moving but they were not very happy. As the third member picked themselves up off the ground, a small fight broke out. Mei sat in the corner and watched everything happen. The ending was not in their favor. Her eyes were wide and her jaw had dropped. The three from the other group ran and one of the twins layed on the ground covered in blood. That day they visited Kiyomi, while they buried the twin. That night Mei sat on the roof blaming herself for what had happened. Although it was partially true, it wouldn't help her any to sit and dwell on it. After a while, Mei had went back into their home and slept in a separate room than the other two.

A few more years passed, there were only two left, Asami and Mei. The last of the twins had taken his own life after not being able to live without the other and was buried in the same place as the other two. Once again, Mei had blamed herself for the loss of others. However, she stayed strong for Asami, who through it all took the most of the pain. Mei couldn't let herself disappear like the others. She couldn't put Asami through any pain because of her. They started to sit on the roof at night more and more this had kept them together and made their bond stronger, even if everything was falling apart. However, all they did now, during the day, was sit in their small home and keep themselves alive. One day, Asami decided that they couldn't stay the way they were anymore. There was no benefit in it and they couldn't move forward this way. They started to practice with their spiritual power more and more. It was about this time that Mei had remembered the promise the two made years ago. After much time and consideration, they both decided to become shinigami, while standing under the beautiful tree that their family was buried under. It was the happiest Mei had been in a long time. However, she didn't know her worst day was soon to come.

The girls had both passed the exam to enter the academy. It was only a day until the two girls started and they were very excited. Many people around the district had heard and they were very happy for the two. They had finally decided to get out and do something with their lives. That day the two girls had went around the district helping everyone that needed it. It seemed like nothing could ruin the happiness they had. It seemed like the day couldn't get any more perfect nor could it get any worse. However, late that night the two were walking toward their small home. They were laughing and talking about how glad they were that the academy was so close. Then, noises were heard and everything went black. Mei got up when she felt cold drops of rain on her skin. She looked around with a blurry vision and a bit of blood on the side of her head in the temple area. Her eyes landed on a body not to far from her so with a bit of wobbling in her step she moved closer. When she saw who it was, it was as if her heart had stopped. Her best friend, her family, her life was gone or was soon to be. Asami moved just a bit with a gasp of pain. Mei sunk to her knees and moved Asami's head so that it was on her lap. All the girl could do was apologize and even if it wasn't her fault she believed it was. She blamed herself for being weak and she should have known that someone was there. However, Asami spoke, "Don't blame yourself. You're not weak everyone will be cheering for you. We will all be watching and waiting for you to show us that you can accomplish our dreams. We believe in you. You won't be alone as long as you can still see the moon." Soon after, she faded away and Mei was left in the rain holding the girls head in her lap. Her tears started to fall and in that moment she knew what she had to do.

Mei sat alone under the tree, where the four graves now stood. It was the day that she was supposed to enter the academy. The girl had been in this place all night, except for the few hours she took to get ready in the small home. Mei knew that it was time to leave. She would have to do this for them. Before she knew it, Mei was sitting in a room full of academy students. By the way these people spoke and looked, Mei could tell she was different. However, that wouldn't get to her because she had other people to be thinking about. For the next six years, Mei studied hard, trained hard, made a few friends, and even created a wonderful Zanpakuto. Mei had been in the academy for six years and hoped to be assigned to a squad soon. She seemed to be about 21 at this time. She hoped she could finally be able to begin to make her family proud. Mei would try her hardest to achieve her goals and dreams. She would always keep her eyes moon hoping one day she could also become just like Asami had once dreamed. Mei was ready for anything that would stand in her way.  

RP Sample:
My RP Sample is in the link below. It may be a little different, considering it was started before I had made my character. I hope that's alright.

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#2 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:27 pm


Bumping completion for Mei as her phone won't allow her to bump currently and have been given permission to do so ^^

#3 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:21 am

Appearance: Roughly 2-3. The paragraphs are very big so technically I can count three.
Personality: 3+
History: 10+
RP Sample: 8+
Overall Quality: Nothing stands out as incredible about the character itself, and there are some short, choppy sentences through. However, I think this was an awesome effort and the app is mostly free of any grammar and spelling errors.
Ready for Approval? Almost, I want a second opinion on your ability.
Tier Grade: 4-1 or 3-3 depending on the next staffer to grade.

Name: Ketsueki Saiken ha (Blood Reconstruction Blade) (unnamed IC)
Effect: This is a two stage ability: the first stage is that in shikai is that it absorbs injuries from allies by stabbing them anywhere on the body and the injuries given to that person is absorbed into the blade and the blade increases in size, depending on the depth of the wound and serious it is as minor wounds like cuts will only increase the blade length by a inch per cut while more serious wounds like a gapping hole in the body or a deep, bloody wound will increase the blade's length by a foot per each wound of this type (Max length of four and half feet), the secondary stage is when the shikai cuts/stabs/slashes/etc a opponent, she can transfer the injuries she absorbed into the opponent, depending on the damage she did; if she only cut a opponent slightly, if she absorbed a small cut from someone, that wound would appear either in the same place on the body or on a random part of the body to if she did a large amount of damage against her opponent, causing a large wound and she had absorbed a large wound previously, that wound is transferred to the opponent, but this means that the blade shortens every time a wound is transferred by how much it gained while absorbing injuries (A inch at a time per transferred for small wounds while loosing a foot at a time per every transfer of large wounds) back to the original shikai length of ten inches at the maximum as it cannot loose anymore then the original length of the shikai.

Cooldown on this? I also want a second opinion on the next staffer to grade. C: Just to be sure it is not OP.

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#4 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:15 pm


The shikai abilities are two phase, in other words these are two different abilities that apparently rely on one another. However, they are still two separate abilities, two shikai abilities can be obtained at a minimum tier of 3-3, so first it'll depend on whether she gets that tier or not, only then can both the abilities be gained.

Now as for the abilities themselves, I believe they are an extension of Zabuza's legendary sword: The Executioner. The wounds transfer to an opponent when the opponent is cut, irrespective of tier correct? Assuming the opponent is 1-3 and this character is 3-3 or 4-1, after absorbing a wound that can cause a large cut right across the body, would this character be able to transfer the entire damage by just simply cutting the 1-3 opponent? Cutting/piercing an opponent of such great tier is very much impossible for this character, so this needs to be explained how it'll affect characters of higher tier. Also, in case of opponents of lower tier, if the character absorbs larger damage like a cut that can almost sever one's limb, upon transferring the damage to that opponent would that mean the opponent's affected limb is now severed? This has the potential to be OP. So it needs to be nerfed down.

I haven't read the app, and only looked at the ability, after Yuki's approval, I'll read the entire app and grade it later on.

#5 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:39 pm


Epizon wrote:Now as for the abilities themselves, I believe they are an extension of Zabuza's legendary sword: The Executioner. The wounds transfer to an opponent when the opponent is cut, irrespective of tier correct? Assuming the opponent is 1-3 and this character is 3-3 or 4-1, after absorbing a wound that can cause a large cut right across the body, would this character be able to transfer the entire damage by just simply cutting the 1-3 opponent? Cutting/piercing an opponent of such great tier is very much impossible for this character, so this needs to be explained how it'll affect characters of higher tier. Also, in case of opponents of lower tier, if the character absorbs larger damage like a cut that can almost sever one's limb, upon transferring the damage to that opponent would that mean the opponent's affected limb is now severed? This has the potential to be OP. So it needs to be nerfed down.

May I explain this as the creator of said ability: you maybe right about name but Zabuza's blade regenerated when it absorbed the iron in the blade to rebuild it, this is more a hybrid between Hisagomaru: for her zanpakuto's ability to absorb and heal wounds on allies to inflicting that damage onto opponents and Shinsō's ability to extend and retract based on the wound type she heals to looses by how much of those injuries she gives to her opponents, now, giving your example (unrealistic or not), her ability relays on being able to cut someone and, by the size and type of wound, she can give that sort of wound to the opponent if she has absorb one of a equal type and size, this shikai also cannot regenerate limbs, only wounds of all kinds that are not severed limbs but if I used your example of using her shikai against a opponent of 1-3 (this case being the head captain), her shikai blade would either break or be useless as although it will have the length (this of course being if she has healed any of her friends or allies), she wouldn't be able to cut him at all and therefore, unable to transfer a wound of equal size and depth to him, this is in the ability description that she requires wounds from her allies to even start to use her secondary stage of her ability (this being if she can even cut them in the first place) for example, if she was fighting some of equal tier and someone she could more likely cut like Luke; if she had absorbed a small wound (like a scratch across someone's cheek for example) if she gave Luke a similar wound, she could transfer the scratch to him, it wouldn't work if she tried to give Luke like a massive cut across his chest using the same small cut, the injury she can transfer is equal to the wound she gives others, hopefully this is helpful when grading, although I do suggest that you reread the ability, Epizon because all the information is there, although if Yuki doesn't mind if I ask what requires a cool down or if the ability requires editing, let me know so I can edit and give Mei the new version, thank you ^_^

#6 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:48 pm


If you are the creator of this ability than you should be the one using it, instead of popping into someone else's app and explaining it. I will not be reading this explanation since you nor any other member is allowed to post in apps. This is Mei's app, she should be the one explaining it, if she wants us to read this, she should post it. This is your first time posting in an app so I'll let this slide, this is not a conversation, nor this is a suggestion thread. Do not post here and do not reply either.

#7 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:01 pm

I'm sorry that would be my fault. I had given Luke permission to explain for me but if you would really like me to then I can repost it.

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#8 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:56 pm


Wouldn't re-posting what he said suggest that you are unable to explain it? If so, how could you use an ability that you are unable to explain. You should explain it to yourself, and Luke doesn't have the right to post, he may have your permission but members are still not allowed to post at other's apps. Please keep this in mind in the future and post your explanation for the ability. If you find this a bit strict we have our reasons, a few messes have come up because of this and we have lost members because of it, thus my strictness.

#9 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:06 am

Like I said before.. This may not be a very good explanation but I will try my best.

Of course, the ability is just basically an Extension/Retraction and Healing/Transferring mix. So, she has to be able to cut someone in order to transfer a wound and she also must heal a wound before using her transferal stage. Considering that an opponent of a 1-3 tier and Mei's 3-3 or 4-1 tier have a huge difference between them she would either not be able to cut them or her shikai would basically break. Now concerning someone of her own rank or lower, she will more than likely be able to get a cut in somewhere making it easy to transfer wounds. The wounds she transfers however must be equal to the wound she can give her opponent. An example would be if Mei gave an opponent a small cut she would be able to transfer the same wound if she had one stored in her shikai. The same applies to large wounds. Now, with length the measurements are based on the size of the wound. A small wound will add one inch to her zanpakuto and a large one will add one foot. However the max length is only four and one half feet. The same applies when wounds are transferred and the length is decreasing.

Also, for Yuki I added in that last appearance paragraph she asked me for.

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#10 Re: Mei Tsaki [Finished] on Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:40 pm


First off, there's nothing wrong with this explanation, it's not as bad as you said it would be lol I'm still confused a little bit though but I believe those left out details in your explanation are partly my fault for not clearly stating my questions and doubts. Allow me to do that again:

- Assume the zanpakuto of this character has absorbed an extremely large wound, let's say a wound that was deep and it's length ran over the entire body; the result of which would be the extension of the zanpakuto to it's maximum length. Now, with the zanpakuto in this state if this character catches an opponent of two tier higher, off guard and manages to cut just a little; let's say a minor cut on the cheek or a small cut on the finger; by your explanation that makes the opponent now eligible to receive that much damage. So, a little cut would incur that much damage. That's what I really don't like and it's extremely OP. Correct me if I'm getting this wrong.

- Healing abilities appear as a weakness to some, I know they did to me but they are always a nuisance to deal with when someone keeps healing themselves and keeps coming back at you while your character just keeps trying to put them down. Eventually the one with the healing abilities is the one standing tall, now to have the healing abilities combined with such a phenomenal ability of transferring wounds; don't think it'll make it any easier for those who are role playing with you. Hence, these abilities are two separate abilities and can only be attained at once if your character get's the tier of 3-3, however if that's not the case you will have to choose one ability among these two. In which case, the other ability will be sealed and then after attaining the tier can be earned IC via the training system.

I believe this should make my perspective clearer.

P.S: Please don't think of this as meaningless nit picking, I'm only trying to make sure that your character's abilities aren't that OP. An OP character is poison to both the member and those who are role playing with that member, the one who has an OP character loses interest because it's not that challenging and those who are role playing with that member lose interest because no matter what they try their character's end up losing and taking all the beating. I hope you'll understand and will bear with me.

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