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Sora Kurohiryū

1st Division
1st Division
Item name: Seele Schwert (Soul Sword)
Description: Seele Schwert resembles Seele Schneider, although is longer in the reiatsu blade and can not be fired as an arrow. Some prefer to have a guard on it although it is traditionally used without a guard.
Effect: Seele Schwert is a melee weapon which can be used by Quincy, it is a basic blade which possesses the same attributes as Seele Schneider although can not be fired as an arrow. It can be connected to another Seele Schwert to  make a dual blade Seele Schwert although it is harder to use.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: The amount varies depending on the Quincy's fighting style, usually a Quincy would only use one however two can be wielded at the same time. Some also modify their Seele Schwert to connect with each other creating a dual bladed Seele Schwert.
History: Seele Schwert is not used as often as it's predecessor,  Seele Schneider as the Quincy often use ranged weapon. It was created by a Quincy clan, who unlike other Quincy did not use ranged weapons. Seele Schwert is created the same way as Seele Schneider.

Item name: Kettenstrebe (Warp Brace)
Description: Kettenstrebe can come in many forms, it usually an ornament and can be created into anything wearable, such as a hair pin and a ring although is most common as it's original form of a ring worn around the bicep. To work it must have a Quincy symbol on it, usually the user's Quincy Cross.
Effect: Kettenstrebe is activated when reiatsu is poured into it, when activated it will teleport the user to a location. It can not be used is rapid succession and requires time to recharge, making it an escape tool and not something to be used in combat. It requires 3 posts to recharge.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: You may only wield one Kettenstrebe at a time.
History: Kettenstrebe was created by a clan of Quincy who disagreed with the ways of fighting and would often flee from combat they were often looked down upon for their ways of fleeing, It was created by the second leader of the clan.

Item name: Seele Machen (Soul Render)
Description: Seele Machen are a collection of ancient, Quincy artifacts from whom the Seele Schneider is later derived. They were created with the sole purpose of combating Shinigami during the era of Quincy extermination and vanished into obscurity following the mass genocide. The five swords looks very different from each other and and share no resemblance at all to each other.
Effect: The Seele Machen are weapons forged for the express purpose of combating Shinigami and are the ancestors of the present Seele Schneider. As such, their abilities revolve around inflicting as much damage upon spiritual beings as possible. To begin, their very anatomy is composed of a metal called "Soul-Synthesized Silver", an element employed in Quincy innovations even to the present. This metal is forged through spiritual means and is exceptionally durable, able to withstand harsh punishment from both the mundane and the ethereal.

In terms of abilities, the Seele Machen each house a single skill which is unique to the blades themselves. This ability "pays homage" to the enemy's Shikai ability, and generally revolve around the manipulation of a single element or combat enhancement. Otherwise, each Seele Machen functions the same. Primarily, the Seele Machen house the ability to interrupt the flow of spiritual energies within a target, in particular, the communion between Shinigami and Zanpakutō. Through prolonged exposure to the Zanpakutō, a wielder of the Seele Machen could essentially block the Shinigami's ability to release their Shikai or Bankai and could even revert active Shikai or Bankai back to their lesser forms. Of course, the amount of exposure depends entirely upon the strength of the Shinigami.

Next, the Seele Machen house the abilities present in their derivatives: the Seele Schneider. Their blades are basked in a perpetual aura of aqua; a pure layer of reishi that dramatically increases the raw cutting power of the blade to match that of a chainsaw or greater. In addition, the Seele Machen possess the ability to break down and absorb the energies present in certain techniques employed by spiritual beings, though overloading a blade with too much energy results in unattractive cracks upon the blade. Though the swords themselves are nearly indestructable as far as human standards go, they are capable of being forever destroyed through absorbed-reishi overload.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: there are only 5 in the world and most are hidden extremely well. Be glad if you even find one.

History: Prior to the mass extermination of the Quincy, hostilities sparked with the Soul Society regarding the destruction of Hollows. The Quincy, being Human, felt it was well within their rights to defend hearth and home against the corrupted spirits and completely eradicated them with their unique abilities. The Shinigami, however, saw the potential threats this method of destruction posed to the delicate cycle of reincarnation and made it their ambition to rectify what could grow into an apocalyptic calamity. The Quincy, being proud and distrusting of leaving their fates in the hands of the Shinigami elected to trust in their own hands and ignored the requests of the Soul Society to cease their methods; thus sparking what would grow into an inferno of conflict.

Those wise within the Quincy population set to preparing for the worst possible outcome of these newfound hostilities and devised numerous methods of elevating themselves to the level of their Shinigami opponents. Amongst these innovations was the Sanrei Glove, a devise utilized to dramatically augment one's abilitiesand the Seele Machen: a series swords, five in total, whose internal powers were specifically wrought to combat Shinigami.

Their usage was scarce however. The vast majority of the Quincy population were barely level in effectiveness and much preferred utilizing their spirit bows and arrows rather than master an entirely new form of combat. For this cause, production of the Seele Machen was halted after the creation of five blades. Following the genocide, the Seele Machen, along with most Quincy artifacts, vanished into the realm of obscurity.

Item name: Anlegen Pille (Equip Pill)
Description: Anlegen Pille is used by Quincy, it is a tablet which when swallowed gathers reiatsu around the user it then changes or forms the Quincy's outfit and Equipment on them. It is used to get Quincy ready for battle at very little time.  
Effect: When swallowed the Quincy's equipment and Quincy garb changes or forms on them depending on if they have clothes on. This takes no time to charge and is a one time useas it is ingested. The tablet is designed for one Quincy, if a Quincy was to ingest another Quincy's tablet, the equipmet of that Quincy will form on the Quicy who ingested to tablet.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: You can have as many as you want.
History: It is a fairly recent creation and was created by the Zerstörung so they could quickly respond to a hollow attack. The tablet is formed by solidifying reiatsu and exposing it to the garb and equipment of the quincy.

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