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#21 Re: Mötet på natten PRIVATE on Mon 6 Oct 2014 - 19:30

Dre followed the woman to her barracks, wherr she fell asleep. He on theother hand was a feew feet away from her lingering in the dark. Dre wandered why he had follow her. Ehom rejected him. But he found something that intrested him.more.

Dre did not want to sneak on her and tie her up and rape her. No, he was not going to go that road because he.disliked it. He simply sat on the cold floor, waiting.....

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#22 Re: Mötet på natten PRIVATE on Mon 6 Oct 2014 - 19:41


Midoru fell asleep although woke up because she felt a reiatsu near her she opened her eyes and saw the guy from the bar a few metres away from her, "What the.." she exclaimed and got up drawing her zanpakuto. "Why are you here?" she said the drunkenness had left her through all the adrenaline in her. "You fucking stalker" she said her voice was quieter now. She held her zanpakuto in a defensive stance although began to wobble as the adrenaline began to leave her system.

#23 Re: Mötet på natten PRIVATE on Mon 6 Oct 2014 - 20:07

Dre grinned as he said slowly, "your not going to hurt me." As he made a quick flash step behind her, and grabbed her and hityed the sword, only to let it fall down. She had no power to struggle or resiste. Because of the fact that she was heavily drunk.

Still grabbing by her hand Dre moved firward only to faceher face to face.

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