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#21 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:00 am


"..three,four,five..."She hadn't expected him to be so goddamn fast!He was taking the hollows out faster than she could count.It was even more frustrating that he seemed to be going after the same hollows as her.It was very unsportsmanlike.Completely fair but just rude in all aspects.Though, Chiyemi had to admit it, the guy was strong.To be able to kill so many hollows in so little time?She was really surprised.

The surprise wasn't a very nice one.In depressed her.What use was it to even try killing these hollows?He'd obviously get there, ready to take her kill, before she could even process his presence.Maybe, she thought, she could call up Vermin or Bella and they'd be able to teach the guy a lesson after killing the hollows themselves.'No...'She thought.Her depression soon turned to anger, anger from her own weakness and inability redirected at Luke.No shinigami would show her up, not today.

Chiyemi, having regained her composure, looked back at the hollows and noticed...more?Did more arrive when she wasn't looking?She looked at two halves of the last hollow the shinigami had cut before heading for the stronger one.It had been split perfectly down the middle, cutting through the mask, wasn't disappearing.In fact, it seemed to be regenerating!Not just back together with it's original half two entirely new beings.This..this couldn't be right.From what she was sensing these things were even weaker than she was.How could they have such a god-like ability?!Two possibilities were immediately brought to Chiyemi's attention.One was that these were illusions, not regenerating but simply reforming from the nothing that they already were.The other...was that these were puppets being controlled by someone even stronger than Luke.Both thoughts had to take a back seat to the impending danger this posed to both Chiyemi and the shinigami.

"You idiot!"She screamed as she slashed at a hollow bounding towards her.She tried her best to not cut all the way through it so as not to create any more of these things.The hollows the shinigami had cut were all heading straight for her and she had to move fast if she didn't want to be overwhelmed.She used her bringer light to hop backwards in the air."You didn't even think to make sure the first one died before going after another six?"She yelled at the shinigami,"You're just giving them more numbers!Either destroy them entirely at once or stop attacking them."She slashed at another two hollows coming her way before jumping to the side.

#22 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:58 pm


After seeing the great speed that Luke had taken care of the hollows with Shiawase had decided to make some observations. He new that the shinigami was a lot more but powerful than him but he wanted to gauge how much more powerful he was. He also wanted to observe the hollows who were attacking, despite his first thoughts being that the hollows were most probably drawn by the concentration of the large spiritual pressures their arrival seemed co-ordinated and timed, as if someone had planned this attack. As he was making his observation he noticed that the hollows that were taken down by Luke had started to regenerate and multiply.
While they were coming at V he shot a water through one of their masks, and then used is kiri technique to condense the moisture in the air into a fog around himself and V. "This should buy us some time, it'll impair their vision and make it easier for us to figure out how to finish them indefinitely." While he said this he lunged at a nearby hollow he sliced at it's mask. He gripped his hilt so that his blade would run parralel to his arm, extending past his elbow. His intention was to slow down the hollow by damaging it and forcing it to regenerate without multiplying.

#23 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:49 pm


Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

”I kind of feel bad for the human girl but I guess it’s for the best. Luke won’t take much long to finish off these nuisances” he thought as Luke charged into the swarm of hollows. Though his thoughts soon faded away as he noticed the multiplying number of hollows, for whatever reason the hollows didn’t disappear instead multiplied. Attacking them any further would prove fatal, not for Luke but the two strangers would be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. ”I’ve never encountered such a ridiculous power before but the situation is grim. I may have to step in after all”, his hand reached for his zanpakuto as he prepared to charge.

Meanwhile at a distance from the battlefield, three shady characters were keeping an eye on the entire situation. ”They’re pretty dumb aren’t they? Bahahahaha” the bigger one among the trio spoke,”Urusai.. just tell me what is that guy doing? Don’t comment on them, you don’t have the brains for that baka!” replied the thin one among the group as he smacked the back head of the bigger one silencing him, the bigger one complied obediently. ”Nyahahahaa.. you two are soo… kawaiii!!!” laughingly commented the lady among the group, apparently she found these two pretty cute for no particular reason. ”It’s time, let’s move you two. Don’t fall behind too much” said the thinner guy as he disappeared with great speed and appeared above the battle field, right above Epizon, whose hand had just reached his zanpakuto. Before departing the trio will do a strange kind of ritual or something like a battle dance, the female hollow and the sharp tongued hollow will stand on the shoulders of the larger one, the female hollow swung her hips to the left, the sharp tongued swung it to his right and the large one did a 360 degree twist, then they disbanded. This was referred to as the “battle dance of the strongest trio of Hueco Mundo”. However, that was a self proclaimed title and there was little truth to it.

”No no no, we can’t allow that to happen, now can we? Die, you arrogant bastard!” he shouted with his hand raised high in the air, suddenly a strange kind of light appeared on his hand, comprising of three differently colored reiatsu without a moment’s pause he fired the reiatsu at Epizon; the shaking of his arm resulted in three different colored lines of energy to emit from his hand and head straight for Epizon with lightening speed leaving little to no time for him to respond. Though the other three(Luke, Shiawase and Chiyemi) wouldn’t have time to observe that because just then the other two would have also appeared in the battle field. The gigantic fellow would appear in front of Luke and the lady hollow would appear in front of Chiyemi, the second strong hollow among the swarm of hollows would appear in front of Shiawase.

”Ahahahaha.. Hello puny shinigami” said the large hollow that appeared in front of Luke, ”You dance good but now you die.. you like dancing? You die dancing!!! Hahahaha” with those words the gigantic hollow charged at Luke, though he was large his speed was pretty good; almost as much as Luke’s speed. Just when he will get near Luke, he’ll have his arms already spread wide open, upon getting close the hollow will try to strangle Luke in a bear hug, if Luke is able to dodge it; he’ll reveal that tentacles can emerge from any point of the hollow’s body.  Whenever Luke will try to get close to him, the tentacles will emerge and try to grab his arms and hands, to restrict his movements.

The female hollow standing in front of Chiyemi had large sleeves like clothes covering her arms, she kept placing those to her lips and giggled as she looked at all the men there, not just the hollows that had come with her but also the male shinigami. Then her gaze turned to Chiyemi, ”ewww what is that? A woman?” she said as if she had seen some kind of rodent. ”Go away, shu shu” she said as she shook her hands actually trying to drive her away like someone drives a wild cat or a dog. Though she didn’t attack Chiyemi, if Chiyemi moved or launched an attack on her, she’ll find out that those clothes covering her hands and rather large sleeves can actually stretch to extremely large lengths. The sleeves can act like whips and have the ability to cause piercing damage like any blade or zanpakuto.

The hollow that appeared in front of Roshi was even larger than the one attacking Luke, it was 30 feet tall and had a shape resembling a silver back gorilla, the hollow roared as it ran on all fours towards Shiwase, just when it got closer it raised both its arms like an impulse and struck them with all its might aimed right at Shiawase’s head, if it hit it could cause considerable damage, if it missed it’ll result in a large crater and a slight earthquake.

Location;; Karakura Town
Word Count;;851
Tags;;NPCs, Luke, Epizon, Shiwase, Chiyemi
OOC;; Alright, the sharp tongued fellow is tier 3-1, the one fighting Luke is 3-3, the female hollow against Chiyemi is 3-3 as well, the one fighting Roshi is 4-1. If there’s any questions about their abilities, send me a pm. If you wish to control the NPCs in your post, feel free to do so, give them names, no problem, leave the fast one though. I intend to make him battle Epizon but if you wish to take him on, feel free to do so.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#24 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:02 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke had moved back, having detected that the hollows had indeed split apart into two new hollows, V was calling him a idiot for not checking while she was repeating what he did to split them by slicing through two of the same hollows that appeared, these hollows would then split into four new hollows to attack V once again, he was about to move to save her when strong spiritual pressures enter the area, with a massive hollow landing in front of him, knocking the hollow leader he was fighting back where he laid, dying, he told him in a rather mocking tone that he danced good but would die dancing, Luke could tell his opponent wasn't very smart in the fact if he had checked, he would know he wasn't just any shinigami, Luke stared at him with piecing blood red eyes as he came at him at a speed that was impressive for a hollow of his size, almost at his level...almost, that was the key in the fact that although fast, he wasn't faster then Luke, not by a lot but enough for it to matter, Luke sighed as he raised his index and middle finger towards the hollow.

"If you wish to dance, then I'll will comply but not here, even though you have strength and are no match for me; Bakudo number sixty-one: Rokukurayamibō" Luke called out as a spark of darkness flickered from his fingertips of his extended fingers before six, pitch black rods would slam into his torso with extreme force, more then normal, enough to break some of the bones in his body but also leave him unable to move his body, Luke then took a fencing stance with his zanpakuto, pointing it towards the sky from his waist and twisting his left foot ninety degrees to the left, Luke lowered his head, his eyes becoming shaded to the giant hollow's viewpoint.

"Power without control like yours is just wasted, one must be smart enough to be able to use all the power you have, maybe while I dance, I can explain this to you in words you can understand...Unsheathe the hushed casket, Zetsubō no Sākuru" Luke said, speaking the release command for his zanpakuto, the blade erupted into black mist with a howl, forming into a six feet long intangible blade of black mist, he swung it to the side as his body glow with his reiatsu, the giant hollow before him would see the world drained of color and any plants like flowers or the leaves on the tree would sudden wilt or fall and die like their lives and continued existence no longer had any meaning, also, any of the regular hollows within range of his reiatsu or anyone vastly under his power would be forced to their knees upon release, his eyes glowing with a deep red aura, he would then slice at the giant hollow's face, Luke was confident he could hit a target that big, the chances of him missing his target were small if any, although he would be surprised his the hollow could break such a high level bakudo like his Rokukurayamibō, once the blade had passed through his face, Luke would place his hand on the hollow's forehead.

"Pleasure..." Luke spoke before the hollow would be caught within Zetsubō's illusion and by using dreamwalker, he entered the illusion with him; the hollow would find himself inside a nightclub for hollows and arrancars; with buxom female arrancars pole dancing on a stage while a band of hollows played classic dancing songs with Jazz, popular human dancing songs like can't touch this by MC Hammer and, for one reason or another, Dubstep made by a hollow with speakers covering its body, the giant hollow would be wearing a tuxedo that fitted his massive frame, if he opened his eyes and looked to see who he was sitting with, he would see a beautiful female arrancar; she had long, silky black hair that went down to her waist, deep blood red eyes, a cute yet daring face; showing a woman of sophistication yet playful and seductive when she wanted to be; she wore black eye shadow and lipstick a color to match her blood red eyes, her fingernails and toenails were painted in a similar color; she was wearing a black silk cocktail dress with cheeky slits down the sides and pointed, black high heels; her hollow hole was out of sight under her dress, a small one at the center of her torso, just under her D-cup breasts and her mask fragment covered her right eyebrow; following the curve of her eyeline with a pointed tip towards the right side of her hairline; this was Luke's form he had changed into using the ability of his dreamwalker technique, although it wasn't strictly necessary to change his form like this, secretly, he rather enjoying having a female body and this would increases his effectiveness of getting information from the hollow if he was talking to a pretty face, he sat with his legs together against the giant male hollow at a candlelit table with two martini glass, filled with special mixes; alcohol for the hollow; ice tea for Luke since to the hollow, it would look like high quality whisky, he gave a polite cough, making sure he did his voice to sound female properly before speaking to the hollow, giving a quick giggle at him.

"Wake up, sleepy head, don't tell me that one drink is enough to lay you out? you should at least take me dancing" Luke told him in a proper female voice, thankfully, his time practicing the voice was paying off as he did his voice as a cute female but with the sing-song like way females speak and with a alluring undertone before waiting for a response, while outside the illusion inside his mind, the two would appear to have stopped moving, just standing there with Luke's hand on the hollow's forehead, both their eyes would be closed, although while inside the hollow's mind, he was quite vunruble to outside attacks but if he was correct, the hollows had enough problems with Epizon, V and the Substitute shinigami, only time would tell if his plan would work.

Techniques Used:
Spell Name: Rokukurayamibō (Six rods of darkness)
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #61
Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a spinning wheel. With Darkness, Manifest this into six!"
Spell Effect:to perform this technique, Luke extents the index finger and the middle finger, upon finishing the incantation or simply the name of the technique, creates a spark of darkness from the tips of the two fingers that summons six, thin but wide beams of Darkness that slam into the target's midsection, causing some bones to break because of the increased force of the technique, also causing complete paralysis, even to the parts of the body not struck by the beams of the technique, can be used with Hainawa to generate the rods from the rope.

Technique Name: Dreamwalker
Technique Description: This technique is available in both shikai and bankai, this allows the user to enter the illusion of the target when hit and can fight them inside the illusion, he also has some abilities to change the environments like creating mazes, parks, cities, etc, anything within reason as well as walls to defend against basic long range attacks as well as other illusion based ability.

Location;; Karakura town, Luke's illusion world
Word Count;; 1,048
Tags;; Epizon, Luke, Chi, Roshi
OOC;; Hope this is good enough, Epizon Razz if this works, Luke has to go dancing with the hollow, all for your entertainment XD also, gender bending Luke while inside the illusion to as a female arrancar XD

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#25 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:24 am


'How the hell are you gonna survive this?' She thought to herself. She had been dodging the hollows that came after her. She didn't want to increase their army anymore and was doing her best to formulate a strategy. She thought that if she could lure them all into a central location and spray some Piel that she might be able to dissolve them enough for their healing abilities to be too busy repairing their single bodies.It would take time though and from the appearance of this new woman...she wouldn't get that time.

"Who are y..." She managed to get out before being interrupted by the hollow woman. She was told to...leave the area...and she was lowered to the status of a dog or rodent. That...that was just rude, even for a hollow. It infuriated Chiyemi and she would of launched straight into a blind attack but she knew that these enemies were not to be taken likely.She thought about how she might be able to distract the woman as she made at least a little Piel.The mechanism on the back of her table began to quietly spin and after a few minutes a incredibly light blue liquid began to move through the tubes and into the small vial, quickly filling it up.It'd be needed no matter how effective her distraction would be.

"I'll go, but first, who do you think is like the...cutest guy here?Hehe~" She said as she tried to mimicked the tone of a normal air-headed schoolgirl. Those words physically hurt Chiyemi as she spoke them. Before the hollow had told her to leave, she did see her eyes bouncing back and forth from males all around the area. Hopefully, Chiyemi's ability to lie would be good enough to fool her.Without giving away the appearance of it, her stance did begin to change.Chiyemi manipulated the souls in her legs and rooted herself into the air.She was making sure that if her trick did fail that she'd be ready for an attack.

Techniques used/Charging abilites:

Creating-Comer Enfermedad Piel, Small Vial: 0/1 posts.

Technique Name: Rooting
Technique Description: Chiyemi manipulates the souls within her legs to increase the strength in her stance.Making her much harder to forcibly knock away when in it.The technique lasts five posts with a cooldown of three.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: They will almost never knock her out of her stance.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: She will rarely be knocked out of stance.
Opponent is Equal Tier: She will occasionally be knocked out of her stance.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: She'll normally be knocked out of stance.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The increase in strength for her stance makes little difference;allowing them to knock her away easily.

#26 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:19 pm


Epizon "Oneiropolos" Psychi ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

As the tri colored attack landed it resulted in a huge cloud of dust, just before the attack had hit its mark Epizon had noticed the incoming reiatsu signature. However the enemy had arrived at quite a speed and the only thing he could do was reinforce his upper area with his reiatsu, that should be more than enough to prevent any intended damage. However, that was a miscalculation the attack wasn’t meant to cause damage.  After being launched the reiatsu spun around in a spiral formation and before hitting it just split landing on the ground around Epizon, spinning fast then it collected around his waist and propagated to his neck. The three strand like reiatsu now were spinning around Epizon, enclosed around his waist and his neck. Annoyed by this strange phenomenon Epizon tried to unsheathe his zanpakuto. Just as he tried to move his hand, many tiny arms came out of this cage like structure and grabbed his hand preventing his intended action.  

”You think you can get out of this just because you have that strong reiatsu don’t you? WRONG! You can’t. The more you put into it, the more stronger it gets. Now you will be trapped in this and I’ll rip you into pieces, after that I’ll kill these weak little friends of yours and there will be nothing you can do about it” After foolishly explaining the working of his strange technique the hollow started to move again, disappearing and then reappearing around Epizon. Running around in circles as it had its long claws projected outwards, with sudden bursts he kept coming closer to him slashing in a different direction with each slash hitting its mark. Epizon was helpless, he couldn’t move his hands, even though he tried to dodge using his feet, the arrancar was keeping up with his speed only lagging behind a few moments. The situation was grim and his body was being cut from all direction in very little time, normally anyone would panic but Epizon was already thinking of ways to get out of his predicament.

Meanwhile, Luke’s opponent was now helplessly caught in Luke’s illusion the creature was quite dumb the only thing he had was muscle power and that doesn’t prove to be much useful when you’re caught in an illusion. The hollow woke up inside the illusion and stared at the “pretty lady” in front of him, it was more of a confused and lustful stare; the woman in front of him seemed too gorgeous to be true, she seemed to be exactly his time. He completely forgot that a moment ago he was about to indulge in a fight and now he was in a party, all dressed up and ready to dance. ”Take you dancing? Yeah yeah pretty lady, let’s dance” he replied as he scratches the back of his head nervously, he actually didn’t know how to dance.

The female hollow was a bit startled by Chiyemi’s question, how could she even dare to ask such an outrageous question? ”What do you mean who’s the cutest?” her voice had contained her anger and rage directed at the female just as soon as she spoke all of the hollows around them turned and faced the human. It was as if this female hollow mattered to them, the way the turned felt almost like they cared for her in a manner like slaves do for their masters. ”they’re all men aren’t they? So all of them are the cutest!!!” she shouted as the nearest hollows charged blindly at Chiyemi roaring and shouting in anger while the female hollow continued to stare at the other male. She had noticed that Chiyemi was preparing to attack her that’s why she had sent her “children” to attack Chiyemi. The hollows that were continuously regenerating were actually part of her body, the regeneration was her true ability and these hollows were a product of her ability.

Location;; Karakura Town, World of the living
Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;;659
Tags;; Epizon Psychi,Luke, Chiyemi
OOC;; Skipping Shiawase, for the time being assume he’s indulged in a fight with his opponent. Don’t interact with him IC, or mention him IC, for now let’s pretend he doesn’t exist, but he can rejoin whenever he’s able.

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#27 Re: So This Is Where They're From OPEN on Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:02 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke giggled, taking hold of the massive hollow's hand and bringing him up to the dance floor where hollows and arrancars alike were dancing, Luke slid his other hand into the hollow's other hand.

"All right, sweetie, this is what humans call a waltz, don't worry big boy, all you have to do is follow my lead..." Luke purred at the hollow as he started to slowly guide the hollow around the dance stage, the only sounds that could be heard was the clicking of glasses, the music coming from the band of hollows and the soft clicks of Luke's heels as the music turned to gentle waltzing music, Luke decided to start his "interrogation" of the hollow as a cheeky grin appeared on his face.

"You know, I was wondering; I didn't catch your name before you drank yourself to sleep and I was wondering who your friends were..." Luke said, releasing a hand to point to another table where both the female hollow and the his bad tongued friend, sitting together at a table; the female eyeing every man in the room with stars in her eyes and the other just looked bored with a glass of whisky in his hand.

"...since I was wondering who you three were, if you don't mind telling me, sweetie" Luke said, continuing to be flirty towards the dim witted hollow as he danced around with the hollow, keeping a eye out in case he stood on his feet, which in all likelihood, might happened, he mentally sighed.

"God, if Epizon could see what I'm doing here, he'd be laughing his face off, I just Luke thought to himself as he danced with the hollow, wondering what sort of answer he would give, considering his lack of intelligence, he tried simple and innocent questions first, rushing it would enrage the hollow, especially considering his look towards his female body, questions like this would be easier for him to answer and hopefully, make him more willing to answer his questions, the more he knew about them, the better, he just danced with him as he waited for a response.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 352
Tags;; Luke, Epizon, Roshi, Chi
OOC;; Ok, Epizon, Luke can't see anything that's going on in the physical world anyway XD

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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