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#31 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:23 am

D'gerik took note his opponent chose to enter close-range. As an answer, he switched his scythe to a forwards defensive pose. But it was just shy of too late; as, before he could swing, Escasez had gotten hold of the scythe's lower handle. As he quickly calculated his next move, the scorpion taunted him, having previously ensured D'gerik that he wouldn't be able to finish charging his ability, and now calling his scythe a toy. D'gerik stared him straight in the eyes, a blank look upon himself. He was annoyed that he had to use his resurrección in the first place, but this guy just wouldn't let up!

Despite D'gerik's lack of answers to Escasez's taunts, Escasez felt the need to continue his rambling, yelling out something about not escaping without his scythe. D'gerik simply smiled at him and said: "You would do well not to underestimate my speed" D'gerik could sense that the tail was coming, it was simply too obvious, since his opponent's pincers were occupied. D'gerik let go of his scythe. Now reliant on his body alone, he dashed to the side in order too evade the stingers. As he did, he heard a slight ring by his right ear. He had almost forgotten the chains that connect him to his scythe. Rather than disconnecting them, however, D'gerik saw this as an opportunity. He used sonido to get in front of his opponent, in the air, his legs in a drop-kick position in front of the curved tail. As he did, he began to retract the chains, forcing himself towards his opponent. He would either kick the tail into Escasez; or, should the tail be moved out of the way, kick his scythe and drive the blade into Escasez. Both scenarios providing that his opponent not move to prevent otherwise. And so he launched himself, and waited.
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#32 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:44 pm

Sora swiftly parried the claymore with her arm blade. She then dodged the cero with sonido. When the feathers were shot at her she grinned. "so.. Your technique matches mine" she said "I'll send those right back at you" she said and began spinning causing a tornado to form during this blades began to fall off her wings and get caught in the wind. When the feathers hit the tornado they were forced into the rotation adding them to the spinning tornado. "Die" she said and pushed her arms out sending Blades in all directions which would effect D'gerik and his opponent and Kagaku.

After the blades were fired in all directions she instantly used sonido to follow them into her opponents she put her arm up aiming for the shoulder wound and readied a razor cero. If her plan worked she would stab him in the wound and spin her arm around causing intense pain to the shoulder she would then fired a razor cero inwards towards his right side.

Kagaku barely had any time to react when Sora used the tornado, she turned her back and formed a bone shield which forced it's way out her back. Feeling drained of reiatsu she took another white pill instantly refreshing her. Meanwhile Wasp and Cerebro appeared with sonido. "Mistress" Wasp said "do you want your report?". Kagaku looked at them both "No. But take this" she said chucking them the same pill that she had given Bonewing and Grimlock.

Grimlock and Bonewing had already taken the pill that was given to them. Both of which took on transformations. When the other two took the pill there were no longer four Adjuchas where they stood they had become Arrancar. "Our true forms" Bonewing spoke slightly surprised at seeing her body again. Bonewing had become lean built and had grown long black hair, Grimlock had grown masculine, his hair looking wild and ragged. Cerebro took on a small child like appearance with dark green hair, Wasp had become very thin and frail looking he had hair which reached his shoulders and was bright yellow with a black pattern dyed into it. Although they were naked because the pill can not form clothes on them. "Prepare yourselves" Kagaku said looking at them and seeing the zanpakutos "Now we are ready" Kagaku said to herself waiting for the owner of the strong reiatsu to show up.
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#33 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:15 pm

Erida Seika

By the light of the moon, a female arrancar was quietly observing everything around her. The reflective thin fabric around her was like a mirror, meaning she create an illusion of the desert around to the place she was standing, meaning she was undetectable by optical means. Her body was emitting special aura, that would affect victims in range of several miles, making their spiritual sensory and intuition blind for her presence, making her completely out of touch. Simple technique, really. And this way, she could analyze the surrounding land, that she was surveying for potential experiments.

She had been watching over these currents and tracks of hollow migration for a while, calculating that this would be the exact place where her chosen packs would meet each other, making her a potential meal or an experiment on the groups. She would see these groups of hollow coming to area and be killed by some pesky arrancars, that would happen to be more than fine experiments for her than the hollows would have been, thought it meant they were harder to catch. Maybe she would even be forced to put some effort on the capture, or really think how she should catch them, which was something she rarely was to use. It was not unusual for her to crush her targets without paying attention to them.

The lab-coated beauty knew that one of these arrancars were called "the King", and he apparently had some arrancars as his guards, since they traveled in pretty close proximity of each other, systematic and well-organized around their commander and lord. Others were just some random arrancars, naturally drawn to the area, and since it was about experiments, the scientist had made sure, that she would be aware of the powers, that these pesky butterflies in her unnoticeable web of deceptive masterwork could possess and use against her. Their reiatsu was not that remarkable, but most of them were certainly over the age of hundred, and they had been eating a lot before becoming an arrancar. They would do for a short while, knowing how durable arrancar were.

She observed the ordinary arrancar getting in the fight with the guards, organized and trained arrancars, when a disagreement was made for not meeting their king. The guards kept fighting back hard and it was almost boring, how heroically the arrancar would battle for their own freedom, how the other side would fight for the favor of their lord. It was about the time for her to make a move on the scene.

She stripped of the illusion of invisibility, allowing her reiatsu to leak everywhere within miles, and probably freaking everyone out by suddenly appearing in the middle of battlefield, too suddenly for anyone to change their tactics or react to the situation. It would follow with disastrous confusion in everyone, if the woman had calculated it right. Her location was not far from the squad commander's, when the scientist opened her pretty mouth and revealed herself to all nearby hollows and arrancar.

"I am Dr. Sai, but you can just call me Sai." She said smilingly, perfectly innocent expression on her face, the words echoing sweet in the area, so that anyone could hear her talking, before continuing her introduction with a devilish smile. "I am going to do a little experiments on you, if you do not mind." And on that instance, she glared the guard commander, throwing something like a small pill, that would vanish into the air before it would land him. Soon he would be surrounded by a specific fume combined with pale-white powder, almost like he would be inside a cloud.

Sodium cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide. Quite a combination, stunningly beautiful mix of poisons, that would kill the commander in no time, before he would be able to sonido away from it or realize that he was surrounded by a biological weapon. His cells would respire the poison as the gas would invade him within a nano-second, instantly starting to reject oxygen and causing him to die within fully ten seconds. The lasts scent that his brain would record was the almond in the poison, a flavor that Sai had been eager to add, since the victim's face turned peaceful as he would die. If he would endure it and last for the 10 minutes, absolute maximum of how long a person could stand the poison in their system, after which they would meet an inevitable death, or if he would be able to dodge; Sai had a reward for him in the mind.

Now she would wait him to response or die off, but the act was to make some sort of impression to everyone around her, more specifically to the King. She was not in the mood of fighting and if others would not back off, she could force them to do so; all she wanted to do right now, was to meet this famous lord, carrying the name Dante, or that was what she had heard. Smiling and winking her right eye at the direction of the King of Western Regions.
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#34 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:06 am


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

(From Guerra's prospective with Sora)

Guerra was smiling as his opponent not only managed to dodge his partner's cero in the nick of time but managed to counter his feather storm by spinning around and sending them back, he brought his wings to shield himself from his own feather blades before coming round using sonido but Guerra just laughed and moved out of her way as she tried to grab at his injured shoulder, what happened to his partner and his opponent mattered now, he was happy that now he was getting a proper fight at long last.

"Like I said, you're much better then your friend earlier, you have a decent amount of fight in you but I won't be taken down so easily, now take this..." Guerra told his opponent before raising his left hand towards her and charging a bright, white cero in his palm, "...cero cielo" Guerra spoke before firing his special cero at the intruder, even if she countered it, she wouldn't be ready for his cero's secondary effect that would blind her just long enough for him to come behind her, slicing at the right wing at the key joint where the wing connected to her shoulder blade, as he brought his claymore down to slice at the joint, he would say this line.

"There's another saying: A bird that can't fly is easy prey" Guerra shouted at her as he brought the claymore down to slice at her, if successful, it would cut off her left wing, severally damaging her ability to fly, Guerra wasn't really much of a lover as he was a cold bloodied killer, although some could say that blinding someone then attacking when they couldn't see was a coward's way to fight but to Guerra, you did what you needed to win, he watched to see if she recovered as he felt sudden, strong spiritual pressure coming from some distance away, near the squad commander but it wasn't his own but someone else's, his brow fussed in worry about who this new intruder was.

"What is this spiritual pressure? it doesn't belong to the squad commander and it's no one I know, but it doesn't matter, we need to clear up here before we go to investigate this one" Guerra thought for a few moments about the strange spiritual pressure before turning his attention back to his opponent, he had to get past this one first but as he fought about fighting the female, he smiled, glad that he was getting a good fight at long last with her, he readied his claymore in his right hand, staring through the eye holes of his mask as he waited to see if she had taken the hit or not...

(From Escasez's prospective with D'gerik)

Escasez heard the intruder talk about not underestimating his speed as he moved away by letting go of the scythe and rolling to the side before using sonido to get above him in a drop kick, using the chain to increase his descent but whether the intruder realized it or not, his plan worked both ways and since Escasez was still holding onto the scythe and therefore, the other end of the very chain he was using to increase his descent towards him, he smirked, showing his shark-like teeth again.

"And let me remind you not to underestimate me, Intruder!" Escasez shouted at the intruder before he violently tucked on the scythe in his right pincer, which would cause the intruder to jerk to the side, avoiding his kick and bringing him close at the speed the intruder was going but now to his own scythe as Escasez raised it up, the black curved blade of the scythe shined in the moonlight.

"I guess then that your greatest strength was also your greatest weakness...goodbye, intruder!" Escasez told him before yelling at him as he brought the intruder's own scythe down at him, aiming to slash the intruder across the chest with his own scythe while he brought his tail round to attack him from behind once again, putting the intruder literally between a rock and a hard place, leaving him little chance of getting out, although even with a victory, Escasez himself had to admit that the intruder was a great fighter, in that way at least, he had Escasez's respect, even if the intruder fell to him, he was a worthy adversary, he noticed that the intruder Guerra was fighting had reversed his attack and shot his own feathers back at him, some of them coming his way, this added another dimension to the intruder's problems as he not only had to deal with his own scythe and his tail but now the feathers of his partner, which because of how they were fighting, Escasez's opponent would act like a accidental but quite convenient meat shield, although some might hit his tail, his tail was armored enough to avoid damage, although he had noted the new spiritual pressure entering the area but paid it barely a second of attention as his focus was on the opponent in front of him as he waited to see what happened to him...

(From the Squad commander)

The squad commander had just arrived where the weak spiritual pressure was only to find that the number of arrancar present had more then doubled, all of them weak but now because there were more of them, he was about to say something when a large spiritual pressure was released from close by him, he turned to see a pink haired female arrancar who introduced herself as Dr.Sai, before saying she wanted to do a little experiment with him, with this, the squad commander tensed up, sensing something bad was coming as Sai threw what looked to be a small pill that vanished for a moment before landing near him, he moved away just before it released a cloud but the cloud of mist was larger then the squad commander would of thought could be inside such a small device as the cloud of mist caught up with him but what she didn't know was his special reiatsu would kill off the poison she was trying to use, he walked towards her, unaffected by her poison as he walked straight through the cloud to Sai, where he stood just far away enough that she couldn't pull a dagger from nowhere and stab him, he couldn't be too careful.

"Doctor Sai, eh? not a name I hear often, seeing as you don't find many people coming to the lands of the west but since you were so polite to state your name, I shall say mine; I am Muerte, one of the squad commander's for lord Dante's army, what business does a scientist what in the lands to the west? only those with permits can enter into the lands of the west by our lord, surely as a woman of science, you must of know this" Muerte told Sai, keeping his halberd rested on his shoulder, the woman in front of him was strong and out of Muerte's league in terms of power, although by the looks of it, she wasn't much of a fighter and it was reasonable to assume that she had come to the lands of the west for something to toy with, scientists are always looking for something new, Muerte really didn't care want she was seeking, he wasn't into science nor cared to, he just liked to fight so he wanted to sort this quickly so he waited for her response...

(From the Throne room of Dante)

Dante was sleeping on the throne before he felt a strong spiritual pressure wake him from his slumber, opening a single red eye that glowed with pure evil intent, he snapped his armored fingers to summon a guard to him.

"Yes, My lord?" The guard responded without a pause nor delay, Dante grinned at him, making the guard shake slightly under his lord's primal evil gaze.

"I have sensed a strong spiritual pressure coming from where my guards are fighting now, go to the source of this strong spiritual pressure and bring her to me, do not return without her, understand?" Dante said, growling the last part, making the guard snap to attention.

"Yes, Lord Dante, I'll return with her as soon as I can" The guard said before running out the throne room, out the castle gate and running to the waiting sea of white sand, he could feel spiritual pressures smashing against each other but he was too far away to see them, only feel them, it would take him a little while to reach them but reach them he will or face the punishment of his lord if he returned empty handed so he focus on getting there as soon as he could, hoping not to disappoint his lord.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 1,453
Tags;; Luke, Sage, Akuma, D'gerik

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#35 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:53 am

As his opponent tugged on the scythe in an attempt to move D'gerik out of the way and hit him with his own weapon, D'gerik simply scoffed and with a calm smile said: "I warned you. . ."
Not long after this, the full ten meters of chain finally ran out, and D'gerik's course would begin to change starting from his shoulder where the chains connected. After a slight angle change, D'gerik detached the chains, launching himself away, yet again; only this time, he didn't have his scythe. D'gerik tried to create distance between the two of them again, but not before being hit on his left leg by the scythe, and again at his sides by a few of the flying razor-blades. This, however, was nowhere near enough to stop him. With now less than ten meters separating the two, D'gerik turned himself around, his smile now shaded by his right hand. Upon looking down from his face, Escasez would notice the blue ball of reiatsu had become an eerie purple. And without giving a moment's rest, D'gerik exclaimed:

"It's over. . . Bala. . . Infinitas."

Escasez would see the sphere disappearing from his hand, and suddenly multiplying in the air in front of D'gerik, firing Bala with a ridiculous firing rate, almost eclipsing the moon entirely with the sheer quantity. At this distance, D'gerik was certain it would be difficult for his opponent. Nothing to do now but watch the fireworks.
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#36 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:45 pm

Sora just managed to dodge the cero although couldn't see. She couldn't see but the moment she went blind she headed in a random direction just missing the incoming blade, but the way she flew made her go down slightly until she hit the ground and began coghing as the sand entered her throat. "Ohh.. That wasn't good" she said looking around still slightly blinded.

Kagaku watched the scene take place after having to waste her reiatsu creating a shield of bone from her body at a quick rate to avoid being hit with the blades and feathers. "Bonewing and Wasp go and help" said Kagaku "Release your power". Wasp drew his zanpakuto "Sting them to Death, Aguijón" called Wasp. He became enveloped in reiatsu, his mask which looks like an insect eye crosses over to his second eye and thin horns form which resemble antennae, Insect like wings sprouted from his back and he grew 2 little blades on the undersides of his wrists. His sword becomes a lance with a longer shaft than the point.

"Soar through the sky, Aire Murciélago" Bonewing called afterwards also going through a similar transformation. Her mask which originally was just bat-like ears covering her normal ones became much slicker and had curved out the back more. Her long bat like wings come out of her back and she gains longer nails which resemble claws her canines also extend.

After they were finished they were much stronger now that Kagaku's seal on their power was gone. They stood up and followed Kagaku's order and went in to help. "Hello" they said at the same time to the guard. "We're your opponents now" they said again.
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#37 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:53 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male
(From Guerra's prospective with Sora)

Guerra looked smug as he saw his opponent dodge his attack but only to end up flying into a dune due to his special cero's effect of blinding his opponent, he then felt two arrancars appear, both in released forms and told him they were his opponents now, Guerra laugh in a dark manner.

"It is not for you to decide who it is I fight, anyway, fights are fought one on one here in the lands of the west, if you don't like it, then get out my way, insects" Guerra told them, making his body glow extremely bright with his white reiatsu, enough to blind the two new arrancars as he he took off at mark one, landing with a loud thump next to the intruder, his body glowing so brightly that it be the same to looking at the sun, he grabbed the intruder by the neck and lifted her up, where he would start to choke her, Guerra having a evil look in his eyes.

"Your friends cannot save you, just give up and die like the bitch you are, maybe after your dead, I should tear those god damn eyes out, the way you look at me like your better then I am, it makes me sick or maybe..." Guerra then suddenly got a very dark and evil smile on his face as he put his claymore into the sand and took out one of his feathers, the feather suddenly becoming flat and sharp as he lifted the feather blade to her face, "...I should start gorging your eyes out right now so you can suffer through the pain" Guerra said, smiling but as he started putting the blade slowly towards her left eye, he felt that his partner had just been defeated, he smiled a bit more at that.

"Serves you right for insulting me earlier" Guerra thought as he pressed the feather blade near her eye, waiting to see the look on her face and her reaction before he started cutting her eye out...

(From Escasez's prospective with D'gerik)

Escasez watched and smiled slightly as his opponent managed to dodge his own scythe but only just as he heard the steel digging into the flesh of his leg, the sound was music to Escasez's ears, to hear the sound of his enemies blood running down the cold steel was wonderful, not only that but he enjoyed the sight of his opponent with Guerra's feathers stuck in his back, making him look like a porcupine, but he then noticed the ball of energy in his hand had turned a dark purple, he said it was over under baited breaths before he fired them by shooting the ball into the sky, then came the rain of bala, so much that it blocked out the moon from his sight, Escasez smiled once more, looking his opponent straight in the eyes with his own.

"Good...job" his opponent would hear these two words before he was hit by several exploding balas, that erupted into the sky, blasting sand everywhere, Escasez was sent flying out the back of the explosive clouds, his body smoking as his body glowed red as his Resurrección melted off him and returned to its halberd form before he smashed into the ground, his halberd spinning and stabbing the sand about two meters away from his face, his helmet was still missing and he had a cut just above his left eyebrow, the blood from the wound running across his left eye and down his face, his breath was heavy as he look at the moon of Hueco Mundo and smiled.

"That was...a great fight...can't say I didn't enjoy it" Escasez smiled as he laid defeated on the white sand, he had respect for his opponent now, for now he was sure of it, even if he had lost, it was to a worthy foe, the intruder's scythe laid two meters to the other side of him, lying slightly buried in the white sand but the curved blade still stuck up towards the moon as his opponent's blood still coated its black steel as he watched a single drop of blood drop from the tip of the scythe, falling onto the sand and coating it and bloody red as he waited for the intruder to come claim his reward...

(From Muerte's Prospective with Kagaku)

Muerte noted that his second in command had been defeated, judging by his weaken spiritual pressure and the large amount of bala explosions that came from his side of the battle, although it looked like Guerra may succeed in his battle but he couldn't see as Guerra was using his flare reiatsu to blind the two arrancars that had tried to interfere with his fight but he had also detected another guard's spiritual coming from some distance away, he turned to the doctor once again.

"It seems my lord has sent one of his dogs to see to you, you must of woke him up, anyway, he'll deal with you, I have my own business to finish here, good day...Witch" Muerte told her before turning around, muttering Witch under his breath as he came over to the other female intruder, she had two male arrancar with her; one was a tall, decently built man, the other a child.

"Excuse me but your intruding on these lands without permission, either come with me quietly or I'll drag you by force if I have to, although it will be more fun for me if you do resist, it will make the more rewarding when I break your spirit, so please, come on and fight me, it will make it all the more sweeter" Muerte said in a dark tone of voice, like death himself had come for her, what he said was the truth, it would be more amusing to have her resist, if she came along of her own free will, it would save him time though in fighting her, although she must be able to tell how strong he is, even her little group of arrancars must sense it too; especial the feeling that they will die, courtesy of his death reiatsu, he wondered, being exposed to his reiatsu, how much fight they would give him, only time would time as he waited for a response.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 1,041
Tags;; Luke, D'gerik, Akuma, sage
OOC;; D'gerik, Akuma, you can know refer to the guards by their names since they had introduced themselves earlier in the thread

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#38 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:57 pm

D'gerik walked over to his opponent, his injuries barely even making him flinch. This is what he lived for; this is what he had hoped for! Having gotten his wish, his boredom had been sated, and D'gerik would be sure to reward Escasez. "It's been a long time since I had a fight that good. upon entering ten meters range from his scythe, chains flew from his left arm, once again connecting the scythe to its master. As D'gerik closed in, Escasez would see a gentle smile upon his face. "I originally intended to torture you once this was over, however you have earned otherwise. Besides, you managed to sate my boredom, and I am feeling quite nice tonight. I suppose it would only be right to tell you my name as well. As he was within striking distance of his opponent's neck, D'gerik raised his scythe high, its black steel glowing along with the light of the moon as blood dripped from it. Bringing his scythe back down, resting it on his shoulder, D'gerik stared Escasez in the eyes and said. "My name, dear boy, is D'gerik Blackheart. Now then, if you will excuse me, your little friend interrupted us a second time. I'm afraid he simply will not get the same mercy I so rarely show people."

With this, D'gerik turned towards Guerra. He noticed the bird had blinded the female arrancar, as well as her companions. In just about any other occasion, D'gerik would have allowed this to proceed. However he felt angry at the avian arrancar for his interruptions, and SOMEONE had to die tonight no matter what. Without any hesitation, D'gerik used sonido to close the gap down to somewhere bellow 10 meters distance, launching his scythe at full speed at Guerra's now extended arms. He watched to see if he hit as the clanging of chains could be heard.
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#39 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:54 am

Sora looked up at Guerra with a look of hate even though she was partially blinded she could sense the reiatsu of D'gerik incoming. She reverted to her Arrancar form and her zanpakuto formed nearby. She looked him almost scared although her ability had been activated the moment she reverted. "Please don't hurt me" she coughed "I was looking for a male, it's been so long since I've had a partner" She knew that his senses would be dulled and he would be filled with lust. "Perhaps you could give me a release" she coughed again feeling the air leave her lungs, as she set the trap.

Bonewing was surprised when she was blinded although due to her bat-like hearing she knew everything like she still had her sight she rushed backwards to Cerebro and Grimlock instead of continuing the fight. Wasp followed on also able to see due to the mask covering his eyes and the ultra-violet sight it grants him.

Kagaku looked at the two arrancar who had returned "stop that one" she ordered indicating D'gerik "Cerebro and Grimlock, help out" she looked at Sora sensing her ability. "Yes" they replied. " Slash, hoja Whip" called Grimlock he grew more slick and slender, his hair became longer and also white, his claws extended and her grew two tails, one with a cruel looking curved blade at the end, and the second with a short scythe attached to it.

"Crush their minds, trituradora de mente" Cerebro called afterwards. His hair grew longer until it was bigger than himself, his mask curved up his scalp until it covered the top of his head it's markings resembled a brain, He grew tendrils from his back which stuck into the ground. "Heehe"  he said "this is going to be fun" he followed Grimlock, who was following Bonewing and Wasp. They intercepted D'gerik "Please do not get involved" said Bonewing "This is not your fight".

Kagaku looked at Muerte and contemplated what to do. "Hello, that is fairly rude" she replied to his comment "You reiatsu is fairly interesting... You will be an excellent test subject or perhaps a nice meal"  she said "I'm sorry, but I've got to go" before a second passed she disappeared with sonido in the direction towards her mistress, sensing the reiatsu of another arrancar she sped up. "Another one?" she asked herself.

Sora's Ability:

Overpowering Lust

In her arrancar form Sora can release reiatsu which clouds the minds of males. It dulls their senses and fills them with lust depending on how strong they are they fall in love.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Massive Infatuation.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Severe Infatuation.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Fair Infatuation.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Little Infatuation.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: No effect.

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#40 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:30 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male
(From Guerra's prospective with Sora)

Guerra was about to stab out her eye when he suddenly smell something really sweet, making his eyes water, making him have to rub his eyes under his eagle-shaped mask helmet while still keeping a grip on the intruder's neck.

"You witch, what are you doing?!" Guerra growled feral as he half listened to what she said and started laughing as he looked at her, half killer intent, the other a primal lust as he laughed at her as his grip tightened around her neck.

"you see, Love, there's something you have to know about me; I have a very particular fetish, it's called asphyxiophilia and I'm getting really off on this" he said before laughing in a twisted way and a really creepy smile as he continued to choke her, her arrancar friends doing nothing to stop him and accidentally helping him by seemingly stopping the intruder his partner was fighting from interfering, making him laugh louder.

"Do you see, Love? even the people you called your friends have abandoned you, they are helping me, do you see them coming to your aid or stopping the other intruder from getting in my way? It's a pity but this time, there is no one to save you" Guerra told her, calming down from laughing to just smiling evilly, he had dropped the feather blade on the floor to choke her with both hands, he stared into her eyes, waiting to see the last breath of life leave her lips...

(From Escasez's prospective with D'gerik)

Escasez watched the victor of their battle come over to him and retrieve his scythe, still stain in his own blood on the cold, black steel as the chains reconnected themselves to his side, joining him once again as he lifted the curved black steel above him onto his should, the moon appearing under the great scythe, focusing the moonlight onto his face, the intruder had a gentle smile on his face as he explain that he was going to torture him but had changed his mind for giving him a good fight to release his boredom before he introduced himself as D'gerik Blackheart, Escasez smiled, showing his shark-like teeth.

"D'gerik...Blackheart, eh?...well then, I'll remember your name, D'gerik, you were...a great opponent and a great fighter..." Escasez told him as he looked to the moon under D'gerik's scythe before he said about dealing with Guerra, Escasez laughed slightly with a cough at the end.

"Go kick that asshole's ass, D'gerik..." Escasez told him before he used sonido to attack Guerra, only to be stopped by four, different arrancars in released form, Escasez grunted before lifting a burned left hand and charged a bala.

"Time to repay the favor, D'gerik, make it count" Escasez said to himself before firing four bala in quick succession, where they would hit the four arrancar blocking D'gerik's scythe so he could get his hit in, he only hoped he could use the window of opportunity he gave him to take his partner out because, if he was honest to himself, he didn't care about Guerra, he was a constant thorn in his side since the beginning and he'd rather have D'gerik as a partner then Guerra so he waited to see if D'gerik made his last attack count...

(From Muerte's prospective with Kagaku)

Muerte listened to the intruder talk to him like a superior would, telling him he had interesting reiatsu but she had to go as she left using sonido, although at her level, he easier caught her up using his sonido, grabbing her neck and forcing her to the ground, where he then place the blade of his halberd close to her throat.

"Pardon me but who gave you permission to leave? if you so much as move a single muscle, I'll cut your pretty little neck open until you become a bloody water fountain, do you understand me?" Muerte told her with a growl as he pressed the blade tight against her throat, making sure she wouldn't be leaving in a hurry, he felt his second in commander firing bala at the intruder's group of arrancars, he didn't turn though, he was sure that the battles would soon come to a end, he stare into her eyes, she would see only her own death in many ways in his eyes and the death of countless others killed under the name of Dante CarmesíHoja.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 721
Tags;; Luke, Akuma, D'gerik, Sage

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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