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#21 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:06 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

(From the Guard with Ningen)

The guard watched as he saw that the blow to the back of the head didn't effect him at all, he just looked bored at him as he said he should of taken his offer before releasing his zanpakuto, his form drastically changing to something he didn't even recognize as a arrancar, it was like another spies all together, enough that the guard had to take a step back from the monster that was the intruder's released form.

"What the hell?! what the fuck are you, fine, since you showed me yours, I'll so you mine...Take flight...águila celeste" The guard cried out in shock at first before taking the same stance as the guard fighting the other intruder as his halberd glowed a celestial white before releasing his zanpakuto, clearing a space from the spikes the intruder's spikes, making a clear circle in the sand where the spikes were blown away, once the smoke had cleared, he had large, angel like wings with black tips at the end of the feathers, large, black armour with red highlights, glowing a deep red, he also had a massive claymore that was pure black, his helmet had vanished, replaced with a more hollow mask type helmet that was shaped like a eagle, only with the bottom of the beak and lower jaw missing so the intruder could see a cruel smile on the guard's face with a full beard, apart from the side burns, which where missing, he sat on one knee, his sword in his right hand, being used as a support before standing up once the white smoke had cleared, pulling his weapon from the white sand as he stood to face the intruder.

"I have to be honest, intruder, I didn't think I'd had to resort to my Resurrección but your stronger then I first believed so I guess I had to step up my game to defeat you, since you're bored of me talking, let's just stop talking with our voices and start talking with blades and I come" The guard said, using sonido to get into the air, flapping his wings before shooting his feathers at the intruder, each one like a mini dagger, as light as a feather but once fired, as hard and as sharp as tempered steel, which would make small but painful cuts on the intruder before he would fly in and attack the intruder with a battle cry, raising his large weapon, aiming to come down at mark one and slash across his chest, aiming to cut a deep wound into his chest before stopping before him and turning around.

"Don't make the mistake about underestimating me, Intruder, I'm going to make you wish I'd knocked you out" The guard would say after that attack before he would ready his blade and wings to attack once again...

(From the Guard with D'gerik and Sora)

The guard saw the intruder block his tail with his large katana but as he moved away, he got pieced in the lower abdomen by his pincer, the pincer that pieced the intruder's flesh was coated with his blood at the tip, he moved the pincer to his mouth and licked the blood off before looking at the intruder holding his side, clearly in pain but handling it well, the guard smiled at him.

"Does it hurt? Pain is a wonderful thing, isn't it? it's my favorite way of making my opponent suffer before I kill them or take them to my master, both are deadly but I love to see that expression of pain on your face, it's most pleasing to me" The guard said, smiling evilly at the intruder as he responded that he was enjoying the fight but at his current level of power, he might end up dead, although saying he was angry for having to use something, the guard wondered what before the intruder released his zanpakuto, going into his Resurrección, his form had changed with his outfit becoming black, his blade becoming a quarter moon scythe, it's blade as black as the things nightmares are made of, his hair had grown longer to about waist length as far as the guard could tell, he could see a bone necklace like the bottom part of a snake's jaw and if he looked really closely, under the moon of Hueco Mundo, his skin was now had white scales like a snakes, which fitted in with the whole snake theme, the guard didn't care for this detail however, he was just excited to see his opponent's released form.

"This is more like it, now we are equal again but no need to be so upset, we should have some fun, let me show you my special cero I keep just for a special occasion, just for you..." The guard told the intruder, smiling before aiming his two pincers in front of him towards the intruder, opening them and bringing his tail just above his head, aimed at the intruder as his tail and on the inside of his pincers; charged a dark red cero before some red lightning charged between the three ceros, forming a triangle before he charged one, big cero in the middle of the triangle.

"Cero Tres Pinchado" the guard called out before the large cero that had charged in the middle of his others fired, sending a large shock wave out, blowing sand away from him, unintentionally knocking away a second intruder from attacking him from behind, which would send her flying into a dune while the cero heading towards the intruder would put in some heavy damage as his strongest cero, it would explode violently on impact, he turned his head to have a look at the other intruder.

"If you wish to die then wait your turn, intruder, after I deal with your friend here" the guard told the other intruder before looking back the the one in his released form to see if he survived his special cero...

(With the Squad commander)

Things were certainly heating up with both his men in their released forms, so it seemed that the intruders had also released their zanpakuto too, the squad commander sniffed the air, sensing the amount of reiatsu being released into the air, he felt that the intruder that his first man was defeated by had tried to join the fight with the second intruder, only to be knocked back by his second in command's Cero Tres Pinchado, he was rather bored of waiting, he did feel a small and weak group of spiritual pressures hanging back from the battle, he decide to go find the weaker intruder and investigate why she was here, he knew it was a she since as a natural thing, there was always a slight but noticeable difference between male and female arrancar; male arrancars tended to radiate their hunger and power in their reiatsu, where females tend to release just enough to tell other hollows and arrancars to back off as a natural defense, they also tended to smell slightly sweeter then male arrancar's reiatsu, which tended to be more overpowering sour, so it wouldn't take too long to find the new intruder, he just wondered how much resistant she would put up if he found her, he smiled under his helmet as he started walking, his halberd still resting on his shoulder as he walked to the weaker of the new spiritual pressures to see what or who he would find.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 1,235
Tags;; Luke, Ningen, Akuma, D'gerik
OOC;; @Ningen: and you should of gotten knocked out Razz now enjoy having to deal with my released guard as well Razz Razz Razz

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#22 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:44 am


Akuma had the mindset of a child.He could go back and forth from boredom to excited on a whim.This instance was no different.Maybe there was something to this guard....or not.Once Akuma grasped the full form of his opponent and his powers now they were kind of borrrriiinnnggg.

Akuma sighed to himself as his armor immediately retracted and reformed.As Akuma turned around to begin his travel to the other group he shot out a group of thick spikes which caught each and every feather effectively leaving Akuma without injury.Akuma paid this no mind though and continued walking away and as he did he heard the sounds of rushing air and figured that the creature was making some sort of banzai attack.The spikes on Akuma's back pulled back and shot back out in a matter of seconds, more than likely stabbing various parts of the bird-arrancar.Afterwards Akuma would retract the spikes and make his slow walk to the ever-growing group of arrancars.

#23 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:03 am

D'gerik could feel the pure power loaded into his opponent's Cero. In any other occasion, he would have been very happy. This time, however, would be very different. The first thing he noted was an additional intruder attempted to take his opponent from behind. This made him slightly angry, he would have been furious had it been a kill, or even a hit for that matter. But that's that; now he had to focus on his opponent. At this distance, D'gerik has a speed advantage, but if the Cero hits, there'll be trouble.

Immediately, D'gerik began thinking, and in a split second, he reacted; jumping forwards, and using his scythe to propel himself upwards, he knew what was coming next... a shock-wave. He positioned his scythe bellow him in such a way that the shock-wave will launch him forwards, but he will not not lose balance. Having done this, he then brought himself into a spin, using his natural speed to form almost like a saw-blade, the interconnected chains allowing the scythe to reach even further. D'gerik was now hell-bent on ending this soon. Besides, he had to scold the newcomer as well. . . As he spun forwards, he began gathering energy at his hands and the base of his scythe.

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Eviscerate: 0/2
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#24 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:55 pm

Sora saw the distasteful look that D'gerik gave her. "Male Arrancar, so angry if someone else goes for their target." She thought while stepping back and laid down on the sand watching the fight continue. "Ugh" Sora groaned "I'm so frustrated. I haven't slept with a male in ages and that bloody guard killed himself. How long must I wait?" she said angrily to herself.

"A strong reiatsu is approaching us" Kagaku said to Bonewing "It is very strong although it smells bitter". Kagaku stood waiting for the owner of the strong reiatsu to show up.

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#25 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:47 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male    

(With the guard with Akuma)

The guard was getting quite annoyed at the lack of interest in the fight as he didn't even bother to turn around when he fired the spikes from his back.

"I'm not some pushover, intruder, DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!" The guard growled in anger as he focus his white reiatsu into his claymore and slashed through the spikes that came his way and then flew down across the sand where he would slash at one of his legs with his claymore, hoping to cut into one of his legs before flew up and stopping him, appearing in front of him with his wings folded.

"Where do you think your going, intruder? we are not finished yet, I haven't even begun to play with you" the guard snarled at the intruder, rather pissed off that he had been ignored by his opponent, he then charged a white cero into his free hand, his face twisted in anger.

"Take this; cero cielo" The guard, firing the cero at the intruder, when it hit, the intruder would find that he would be blinded, similar to the effect of a flash bang, blinding him for a couple of seconds but those seconds would be all that the guard needed to take revenge, he raised his weapon and flew forwards but, at the last second, using sonido to come behind him and slash at his back, then moved back in front of the intruder so he didn't get hit by the back spikes, the guard looked at the intruder.

"You know what, Intruder? I'm quite disappointed with you, I went to the trouble of going into my Resurrección but I don't think your even worth the trouble, this fight is so boring that I might of well leave you to help the others, you not even worth fighting but I sense someone in the distance who will make a fine opponent, the one that Escasez is fighting; so see you around, coward" The guard said mockingly before flying off using sonido to jump start his flight towards the battle, once he had gotten there, he just about heard a female arrancar, judging by voice and spiritual pressure, he smiled and decided to get the first catch for his commander, he swooped down towards her but from behind her, where he would pick her off the ground and into the air, far above Hueco Mundo.

"Sorry miss but your coming with me and if you value your life, you'll stay quiet, if you try anything, I'll drop you hard and break your legs, then I'll pick you off the ground again or I'll break your pretty little neck if you say anything, nod your head if you understand me" The guard said, still a bit pissed from his opponent not fighting him but at least getting another usable hole for his master that he would be pleased with him and hopefully not kill him as he flew the female away from the battle between his fellow guard, now identified as Escasez, and the other arrancar as he flew overhead.

"God damn lucky, I get stuck with a gutless fighter when you get the interesting one, damn you, Escasez" The guard thought as he started to fly to where his squad commander was...

(From the guard with D'gerik)

Escasez saw his partner, Guerra, take the female away, which he was thankful for, he'd rather not deal with the female and the other intruder at once but speaking of the intruder he was fighting, he had lost sight him, when the cero hit, it caused a blast wave that created a small mushroom cloud to rise, sending sand everywhere like a mini sand storm, Escasez covered his face with his right pincer to shield his eyes from the white sand that spun around the area from his Cero Tres Pinchado until he felt the intruder start to charge spiritual pressure from above him, spinning around towards him like a demented saw blade, Escasez couldn't use his Cero Tres Pinchado again for a little while so he charged a single cero from the tip of his tail before firing it at the intruder, aiming to use the cero to cancel the intruder's attack before, while he would trying to recover from the attack, his tail would follow straight away, aiming to stab him anywhere it could, all he needed was one hit and his opponent would be done for, all he needed was that lucky shot...

(With the squad commander)

The battles raged on, he felt that the opponent facing Escasez was truly a worthy adversary, being able to counter blow for blow with him in his released form, although he felt Guerra getting closer to him with the first female arrancar, he smiled evilly under his helmet.

"It seems we have one already, thanks to Guerra, although his opponent is still alive but telling from the spiritual pressure, Guerra looked to be the only one doing anything, he must of gotten the short straw as the human saying goes but I need to find the other female that was with her, maybe using her friend as bait, maybe she'll be more...reasonable to coming quietly with us" The squad commander thought evilly, almost licking his lips but not doing it in the end, he was a sadistic killer to the most evil and strongest arrancar in Hueco Mundo but it wasn't like he didn't have standards of his own, even as a psychopathic killing machine, he had to follow the orders of his master and bring them back alive or at least, partially alive, in a way, the squad commander hoped she would fight back, it would make it more the sweeter if he could break her fighting spirit and beat her until she pissed herself on the white sand, the thought made him smile as he continued.

"Not too far, I can smell it in the air, I'm looking forward to this" The squad commander smiled as he walked towards the other female spiritual pressure, hoping that Guerra was following above him in the sky.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 998
Tags;; Luke, Akuma, Chiyemi, D'gerik

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#26 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:54 am


Akuma had stopped listening to the guard's words some time ago.They didn't matter anymore.All Akuma wanted was to find someone interesting to fight and he knew exactly who to go for.Someone who from what Akuma was sensing had decided to stay out of the fights so far.Akuma could feel his spikes being destroyed as the guard had finally began his actual attack.'It'd take too long to walk there anyways.'Akuma thought to himself.By the time the guard's blade had reached the back of Akuma's leg he had already begun Mueva Través de Todo Lo.His body turned to white sand and the black circle appeared where he once stood.It wouldn't stay there for but a second as Akuma rushed straight for the squad commander.

Akuma was there in a matter of seconds.His speed in this form being much greater than in his normal form.He had moved behind the man so as not to alert him with the small black circle.His spiritual pressure could of course still be felt but it could only be sensed to be below him.Akuma wanted to sate this terrible boredom that the earlier guard caused and decided to try out something new.Akuma focused as much as he could and sure enough a large spike of dense sand held together by reiatsu shot into the air and at the guard.Oooooh....what fun this would bring.Akuma quickly shot up surrounding spikes in an attempt to stop any possible dodging the commander might try but as he continued to create more spikes the new ones seemed to be less and less dense.

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Mueva Través de Todo Lo: Akuma is currently happy-Total 4 Posts for use/1 Used

#27 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:50 pm

Sora smiled as she was taken off. "Well." she said beginning to laugh "Looks like I'm going to be able to get rid of this frustration". Sora grabbed her zanpakuto and whispered "Slice the Air. Viento Razor". Wings of Razor like blades shot out of her back, blades came from her forearms, up her shins came razor- like spikes. The guard would be lucky to dodge her wings shooting out, she then used sonido to appear by his side and grabbing his left wing and aiming the razor on her arm, filled with reiatsu as she readied a strange cero. "In the human world there is a saying" she said cruelly "A downed bird is A dead bird".

Sora looked at the Arrancar "so are you ready to fall?" she asked, not waiting for an answer. She slashed downwards if she connect with the wing she would continue and turn her arm and fire the cero which came in a horizontal line which was razor sharp at his neck.

Kagaku looked surprised "So... You've used your resseccion" Kagaku said to herself while looking at Sora, still sensing the reiatsu although sensing another presence "Another one?" she asked herself. She looked at Bonewing "Cast away your form" she said chucking a pill to Bonewing. Bonewing looked at it stunned that she was given the pill. "Give this one to Grimlock" Kagaku said to her.
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#28 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:52 pm

"How lovely. . . now I have to worry about a fight that may ensue overhead as well" D'gerik thought, not really happy about having to share a battlefield with ANYONE. Regardless, he couldn't care less about the other two combatants; and if they got caught in his cross fire, so be it. D'gerik's current target was and still is Escasez, and he was hell bent on breaking his new toy at any cost.

In his spin, he noticed Escasez had fired yet another cero. This one was much smaller, but he had to be sure to avoid it regardless. For all he knew, that damned tail could be coming up right behind it. And so, with little hesitation, D'gerik released a few extra feet of the chains connecting his scythe to himself, allowing the blade to hook into the ground; using then his momentum to spin and launch himself to the left. His speed causes a small wall of dust to fly up behind him. No longer spinning, it has become noticeable that he started charging a Bala in his hand, but this one looks like it's bigger than a normal one. Having put distance between himself and his opponent, D'gerik again hooked the scythe into the ground, this time slowing himself down and catching his footing. He simply stood there, ready to dodge or defend against Escasez's tail at a moment's notice, now holding his scythe in a defensive position.

Eviscerate: -/2 (Interrupted)
Bala, Infinitas: 1/3
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#29 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:30 am


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male    

(From Guerra's prospective with Sora)

Guerra was quite pleased with his capture until the female starting talking about her release of frustration, Guerra gritted his teeth as he looked at his captive.

"I told you not to speak, intruder, now...what the?!" Guerra start to growl at his captive when she released her zanpakuto and a pair of razor bladed wings came out her before, he let go to move away but the sudden release caught him off guard and her left wing tore into his left shoulder through his armour, getting a decent wound in his shoulder before he moved out the way entirely, he growled at the intruder as he felt blood running into his armour and some of it out his armour, coating it in the crimson paint of his blood, Guerra touch his own blood off his shoulder, letting it coat his finger tips on his left hand, he stared with hatred at the intruder.

"Damn you" he snarled at her before she used sonido to grab his left wing while moving a razor that was coming out her arm to charge a new cero, saying about a human saying that a downed bird was a dead one, from this, Guerra started to laugh and look his opponent straight in the eye.

"And maybe you'll be a better fight then your friend earlier, I just your not just a waste of time like he was...speaking of which, there's a saying on the battlefield; those who lose their sight of the battle is doomed to fail...just like you will experience first hand" Guerra explained, smirking before using his right hand with the claymore to slash at the arm grabbing his wing, which would force her to let go unless she wanted to lose a limb before using sonido to move to the side as Escasez's cero that the other intruder had dodged now came at the female intruder, Guerra laughed, if she dodge or got hit by the cero, exploding and putting in some heavy damage, Guerra ruffled his feathers as he then shot a barrage of feathers from his wings, although light and fluffy while connected to his body, once fired, they became as hard and as sharp as tempered steel, aiming to give her little time to recover from the cero if it had hit her or even if it didn't, he would let up the barrage of attacks on the intruder he was fighting, after half a minute of him firing his feather blades, he stopped and turned his head to Escasez, fighting the stronger opponent below him, although the one he was fighting now had more fighting spirit then the one before her but he had a issue he wanted to say to the second in command of the group.

"Hey, Escasez, thanks but next time, warn me before you start shooting your cero at me, if I didn't get out of that, you would of killed me, you long tailed idiot and from now on, stay out my way" Guerra told him out loud, yelling at him for firing his cero without telling him first, although he managed to redirect his partner's cero to his opponent, he rather fight his battle his way and without his partner's help since it would make him look weak if he needed the help of his fellow guardsmen to finish off a opponent as he turned his head back to his opponent, seeing if she was able to counter attack and if so, he would take a ready stance to meet her head on with his claymore in hand...

(From Escasez's prospective with D'gerik)

Escasez watched as the intruder managed to dodge his cero at the last minute by using his momentum to move to the side, although breaking his spin, he managed to avoid his cero but he saw that his cero was going for his partner, Guerra as the female had gone into her Resurrección, injuring Guerra with bladed wings and holding onto him, he could see her charging a cero but from her hand or somewhere else on her body, he couldn't tell from the angle he was standing but in the nick of time, Guerra managed to break free of her grip just enough to sonido to the side as the cero hit but he didn't watch to see if she survived it as Guerra was yelling at him, as he spoke, a anger vein appeared on his forehead, his pincer shaking in anger.

"What did you say, Guerra, your feather brain bastard?! don't make me come up there and tear you to pieces but I'll save you for later, right now stop distracting me and focus on your fight, I'll come for you later" Escasez yelled back at Guerra before focusing back on his opponent had now stopped, using his scythe as a makeshift anchor as a blue ball started to glow in his palm, slowly getting bigger but he still had time to stop him as he drew his scythe back into his free hand, taking a defensive stance with the scythe to prepare for his attack, Escasez look as his opponent across from him and smiled.

"I don't know what your planing to do with that energy ball but I won't let you use it because the simple matter is that I plan to stop you before you can use your technique" Escasez smirked at him before using sonido to bridge the gap between him and the intruder, instead of sending in his tail, he went close combat, aiming to use his pincers to grab the intruder's scythe by the handle, then move his head close to the intruder's face so he could see the murderous smile on his face, showing him his shark-like teeth up close.

"Let's see you dodge me now that you can't your toy to move out the way" Escasez smirked before now sending his tail behind the intruder's back before it would make and fast, thrust towards him, aiming to stab him in the back, where his venom could take effect and paralysis his body enough that he could be transported by him to his lord but that's only if his stingers managed to piece into his body so he waited to see if this was so...

(From the squad commander)

The squad commander was getting very close to the battle now, seeing that Guerra was now having to deal with the female intruder, now in her Resurrección, although Escasez's cero was coming straight at her but he didn't care for the small fry so he didn't watch to see what happened to her as another spiritual pressure coming underground was coming behind him, which stopped underneath the sand as the intruder flared his reiatsu, telling the commander straight away that he was the weakest of the intruders that had entered the realm to the west under Dante's command, spikes of sand erupted from the sand but what the intruder didn't seem to realize is that he was far out his league if he was using such a slow and weak attack as the spikes shattered apart just from hitting his reiatsu before he used his left hand, turning it behind him and firing a black bala shaped like a flaming skull head at the spot where the intruder was hiding in the sand, marked by a black spot, if the intruder stopped being a coward and turned back into himself, he would fire another skull bala at him, that would hit him directly in the chest before the force of the blast would send him flying into the nearest dune, the squad commander turned around, looking rather disappointed.

"Sorry, intruder but your nowhere near my level, your so weak that I'm surprised you lasted this long in Hueco Mundo if that's all the power you can muster, you not worth my time, go find someone else to bother because the simple fact is that your not good enough" The squad commander told him, saying the brutal truth of the matter before turning around and walking away, determined not to be held back a random intruder would properly wouldn't make it another week and continued to the source of the other female spiritual pressure that would service Dante's needs very nicely.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 1,367
Tags;; Luke, Chi, Akuma, D'gerik

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#30 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:33 am


Akuma sighed to himself as his opponent was able to destroy all of the spikes without action.It was interesting to meet someone so powerful but even Akuma knew that the fight would be over too fast for any enjoyment to come out of it.He thought about moving over to the two who had been fighting for a while but then he remembered all the spikes in spiritual pressure from that area.Akuma didn't want to have to fight people who would only use cero after cero.He didn't even want to think about returning to the boring bird-man.Everyone else in the proximity was seemingly staying away from fighting and that realization only bored Akuma futher.At this point Akuma decided it just to be best to move on and try to find something amusing.So he sped off in a random direction away from all the fighting in hopes of sating his newly regained boredom.

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