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#101 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:16 am

Hit, after hit, after hit, D'gerik was taking a beating, even if he wasn't showing it. His armor was pierced in several places, which didn't really leave too much visible damage, but it was enough. D'gerik knew he couldn't win without releasing his blade, which angered him deep down. He jumped away, just enough to speak as he readied to give the hollow what it wanted. "Tsk. . . Such a pain. . . I did not want to release my zanpakuto. Not because I think it would be too easy, but rather because it causes me so much ire. . ."

D'gerik stood up straight, holding his halberd to the side before letting it go. The pole-arm seemed to float in the air as the gravity around D'gerik appeared to lessen. "I fully intend to leave with my life, and if I cannot do so without this. . . so be it. . .  I will grant you your wish, and you shall receive it whether you like or not!

It was at that moment that D'gerik's dark purple reiatsu began to engulf him. And so came forth the last words that Mù would hear before the aura engulfed him completely. "Writhe in eternal agony. . . Ouroboros!"

From the shadows of D'gerik's reiatsu came forth a much darker form to the Arrancar, completely shrouded in black. His halberd was now a quarter moon scythe with four additional blades flowering behind the first. Blades which appeared to be shaking violently. The scythe was attached by floating chains of bone to D'gerik's arm, seemingly just going up his sleeve, but clearly something else was afoot. "I suppose this venture was worth more than what I first desired. . . I shall be returning with more than one prize under my belt. . ."

Status:Charging* (0/2)

Word total// 303

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#102 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:07 am


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

Mù watched as D'gerik leaped back from his claws, his armour was torn in various places but Mù felt something was odd about the armour, he looked at his claws.

"This armour isn't normal...normally, my claws can tear through armour like it was nothing but thin paper but this...armour is special, it's nothing I've ever gone through before, I bet that's why my attacks were getting slowed down was because of his armour...damn you, wraith of the west, to think that you can do something like this..." Mù thought before D'gerik started talking about he didn't want to release his zanpakuto because he hated it so much before he started to levitate his zanpakuto by his side, Mù could feel the strained spiritual pressure before he even started releasing it as he spoke about how he was going to grant Mù wish and release his zanpakuto, Mù went into a pouncing position, his golden eyes staring at D'gerik.

"So, you are going to show me your true power? at least I can say you died with some honor if nothing else..." Mù would tell D'gerik before he performed his release as dark purple spiritual pressure flooded the area around D'gerik before it settled to reveal his form, his weapon had changed from a halberd to a bone scythe with a floating chain of bones as well as what he was wearing had turned as black as the night sky, even Mù had to be impressed with it, especially from the spiritual pressure it was generating.

"Very impressive, D'gerik of the blood wraith, your spiritual pressure is very good, let's see if your power can beat I come, D'gerik Blackheart!" Mù growled before he charged at D'gerik with his hollow version of sonido, although D'gerik would be able to keep up with him much easier then before and also notice that his claws were glowing with Mù's spiritual pressure in order to increase the attack strength of his claws as Mù came in to strike.

Location;; The lands of the west, Hueco mundo
Word Count;; 335
Tags;; Luke, D'gerik
OOC;; Mu using his reiatsu around his claws gives it a addition AR+1 in close combat as a heads up ^_^

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#103 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:03 am

D'gerik answered Mù with his own sonido which, being the real thing, should prove faster. That being said, D'gerik didn't seem like he was in the mood for playing around. Essentially jumping upwards, he began to enter a spin, winding his scythe to do the same. As his spin gained speed, he let loose an absolutely blood-curdling roar. And, in mere moments, his spin would reach top speed and D'gerik would proceed to launch himself down at Mù.

Hit or miss, his next move would be the same. D'gerik would then violently swing his scythe straight upwards. If his scythe managed to pierce Mù, it would simply further increase the size of his injury. If the scythe stabbed into the sand, D'gerik's swing would free it as well as force up a cloud of sand in one direction.

D'gerik would then look to Mù, his smile simply wasn't there anymore. He didn't even look anywhere close to entertained anymore. With the flower of blades shaking more and more he stated; "I absolutely detest this form. . . You wanna know why? Because it's black. Now I've nothing against the color for it's appearance or anything of the sort... No, I simply detest that it cant. . . stain. . . RED!" The word red would sound almost like another roar as he charged straight at the hollow, going on a full, high-speed offensive.

Location;; White Sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Total;; 233
OOC;; Told ya you could do it~

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#104 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:26 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

Mù saw, to his horror that his opponent used his sonido and being the arrancar's version of the high speed technique, it far surpassed Mù's own in terms of speed as he leap into the air, spinning wildly before crying out before he came down swinging and due to D'gerik's advantage in speed, Mù could get out the way in time as the scythe blade tore into Mù's side, blooding pour out from the wound, soaking the blade of D'gerik's weapon and the remains of the armour he wore. Mù barely dodged the next rapid attack as it sent a mountain amount of the white sand into the air as he moved away, a blood trail following him as he growled at the injury.

As the cloud of sand dissipated, Mù saw the bloodied and black form of the arrancar emerged from the cloud, his face serious and unamused, unlike before as he growled back at him as he explained his hatred for the color black as it couldn't be stained red before charging at him again, Mù charged back, aiming to slash into D'gerik's side as the two clashed. After the clash had settled as Mù looked back at D'gerik, Mù grinned before his left shoulder burst open, leaving a deep wound and Mù collapsed onto the ground, blood dripping from his body, if D'gerik came back for him, he would growl at him again.

"Go ahead, finish it, slave of the blood wraith and finish this fight" Mù growled at him, asking for D'gerik to finish him off as he would wait for a response.

Location;; The lands of the west, Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 266
Tags;; D'gerik, Luke

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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