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#11 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:28 am

It was very clear that the guard was very afraid of what this Dante "CarmesíHoja" would do if he failed his task, this however, only made D'gerik want to know who it was even more. As the guard began charging, D'gerik couldn't help but let loose a smile. {"I think I will toy with this one for a bit"} he thought to himself. This was going to be fun.

Instead of answering with his blade, D'gerik merely began dodging the halberd thrusts at speeds one would normally think abnormal. As the dance of blades continued on, D'gerik's own after-images began to differ slightly. It wouldn't take long for anyone nearby to realize that he was talking. Clear as day, his taunt resonated. "Kekeke! What's the matter? Can't hit a moving target? Come now, I wouldn't want to make this any harder on you than it already is. Come on! Come on! COME ON!". Not once did D'gerik make an attempt to block the attack, he was faster, and he was sure of it. D'gerik chose to continue the dodging and the taunting until the guard tried something else, curious to see if that was the best he could muster up, or if this fight would be disappointing after all.
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#12 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:37 am

Sora let the halberd impale her feeling the weapon enter her stomach. "You Bastard" she said full of rage "That pole is going up your arse" A smile crossed Sora's face, She felt a second Arrancar nearby, knowing who it was she held the halberd in her stomach and charged a Cero with a free hand.

"Eat this or let go" Sora said with anger in her eyes as she saw her beautiful white outfit ruined by the crimson blood. A sly grin crossed her face as the cero grew, it's purple aura seeming to grow in power.
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#13 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:01 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

(From the Guard with Ningen)

The guard watched as the intruder manage to recover himself enough that he landed properly on the sand dune, saying he would make a real challenge as while he was charging his cero, the intruder started charging his own grey cero, saying that he was going to lose his head if he used his cero, the guard snorted and replied.

"Losing my head is better then the punishments our lord will give us for failing him but I won't lose to you, take this" The guard cried out as he fired his cero along with the intruder firing his own, only for them to dispel and explode against each other, causing the sand to blow up around them, the guard using his free hand to shield his eyes from the sand and moving back to avoid the blast radius of the explosion, he had briefly noted that the intruder's cero was unstable, like it wasn't even a finished cero yet, but he cared little for such details, he only cared for his master's orders, he used the smokescreen created by the explosion and the mass of sand now scattered around the area to sneak up on the intruder where he would trust his blade on the halberd into the intruder's back before charging a stronger cero.

"Now then intruder; surrender or die" The guard growled at the intruder, his cero charging inside his opponent, giving him the choice of surrendering to him or being killed by the cero he would shot once it charged...

(From the Guard with D'gerik)

The guard growled at the intruder as he dodged his attacks and taunting him, getting him angry in the process with his taunts.

"Fine, let's see you dodge this" The guard growled before using sonido to come directly behind the intruder and where he would stab him in the back, hopefully taking the cocky intruder by surprise, D'gerik would then feel a pressure build in his chest as the guard charged a cero into his back.

"Now intruder, you have two choices; either surrender and come with me to my lord's castle or die with a hole through your chest, now choice, intruder" The guard growled at him, one way or another, he was going to pay the intruder back for mocking him...

(From the guard with Sora)

The guard smiled to himself as his blade connected into his stomach, making the female intruder yell in anger and curse at him before grabbing his halberd and charging a purple cero at his face, saying to let go or die, the smile on the guard's face left him so he decided to do something the female intruder wouldn't be expecting.

"Then I will die then fail my lord, trust me, death is more preferable then what punishment lay in wait for me if I fail, once you meet him, you'll understand and in that moment, you'll wish you let me kill you..." The guard before leaping into the air and getting blasted by the cero the intruder was making, getting disintegrated until his ashes fell to the ground, the halberd falling out her stomach and impaling the soft white sand beneath her, staining the white sand a bloody red...

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 522
Tags;; Luke, Akuma, Ningen, D'gerik
OOC;; D'gerik, Ningen; the ceros I'm using against you are charging in this post, I haven't fired them yet but I will be firing them next time I post so think fast

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#14 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:47 am

D'gerik's opponent wrote:
"Now intruder, you have two choices; either surrender and come with me to my lord's castle or die with a hole through your chest, now choice, intruder" The guard growled at him, one way or another, he was going to pay the intruder back for mocking him...

Despite the fact that D'gerik was able to successfully dodge his stab by simply stepping forwards quickly, he had not expected the guard to follow up with a Cero that quickly. However, upon realizing the guard did not intend to fire yet, he gave a sinister-looking grin. "Surrender, or die with a hole in my chest, eh?". D'gerik could not help but let loose a light chuckle, which slowly turned into much darker.

D'gerik slowly turned to the guard, his blade at his side, rather than in a battle-ready position. "My, my. . . For a second there, I thought I would never find a cure for this relentless boredom. But you, my good sir. . . his voice deepens as he nears the end of his sentence. It can be felt in the air that D'gerik is about to go full out on the guard, that he was done toying with him. ". . . well, let's just say this Dante fellow is going to need a new soldier when I'm done with you." Not wasting a moment after having finished his short monologue, he sprung to action, using his Sonido to position himself slashing distance from the guard, a meter away from the side of the halberd; immediately afterwards, swinging his blade at full speed, aimed directly at the guard's leg.
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#15 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:20 am

Sora felt her body begin to quickly regenerate. Looking at the ashes with disgust "You bitch" she said "I was actually having fun and then you commit suicide!" She charged a cero and fired it into the air making it explode. "You fear your master that much, that you would commit suicide" she shouted.

"Why the shouting?" came the soft voice behind her. Sora turned around to see Kagaku standing 6 meters away. "Now why are you still here I sense 2 more Arrancar fighting these guards. Bonewing and Wasp are observing them both." She said looking at Grimlock the hollow which was hit with a cero. "I say we go see them"

"I agree" Sora said standing and beginning to follow Kagaku. Grimlock who had recovered followed on
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#16 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:13 am


Akuma sighed in complete and utter boredom.He had purposefully stayed still so as to allow the man to stab him but the simple halberd wasn't going to be enough.Sure, he was bleeding slightly but with just a backstabbing he could already feel his hyper regeneration kicking in to recreate the tissue around this foreign object.Akuma slowly shook his head.'Why do I always overestimate them?I never end up happy in the end.Maybe I should just go with the guy and see if his boss is worth anything....'

Akuma simply turned his head to face the guard.He gave an intense grin to the other hollow."I will never surrender but I'll make you a deal.I'll willingly accompany you to your boss.I'd like to meet this...what did you call him again?"

#17 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:31 pm


Dante CarmesíHoja ;; 2-1 ;; Arrancar ;; Male

(From the guard with Ningen)

The guard wasn't really bothered when his opponent took in his blade into his back, seeming not caring about the cero that was charging into his back and talking to himself before turning his head, telling him he wasn't surrendering him but would come with him to his boss but insulting him by asking what his boss's name was, he drew his blade part of his halberd out his back, the cero fully charged, shining a deadly red light on the intruder's and the guard's face, his face formed into a angry look of the intruder's lack of respect.

"...And maybe I don't feel like blasting you into little pieces, you'll meet Lord Dante CarmesíHoja soon enough but first, you need to learn some respect, maybe some pain will convince you..." The guard growled at him, channeling the cero energy into his halberd, making his halberd glow with power before using sonido where he would smack Ningen extremely hard on the back of the head, normally it would of killed a normal human but for arrancars like them, the best it would do would be to knock him out and when he woke up, have a massive headache, he would then pick up the unconscious arrancar and start walking back to his master's castle, where the intruder would be judged by his lord and master...

(From the Guard with D'gerik)

The guard listened to the intruder as he dodged his attack, although he had by now, finished charging his cero, the intruder was laughing at him in a dark manner, which didn't phase the guard in the least, he had heard darker laughs from his lord as he tore apart his victims or tortured his prisoners until he laughed so hard that he couldn't torture them anymore, the intruder talked about how he had found a end to his boredom in him as he could feel it as the intruder was releasing his spiritual pressure, showing his excitement and that he was ready to fight at last, saying that Dante was going to need a new solider after this, it was the guard's turn to laugh this time around.

"All right, smart ass, defeat me...if you can that is" The guard said as he released his own spiritual pressure, getting ready for the fight as the intruder came as his spiritual pressure swirled around the two combatants, the intruder coming a meter from his halberd at the side, coming lower to slash at his legs, the guard, realizing what he was going to do, swung his halberd and fired the cero into the ground, blasting both of them away with the force, the guard looked at the intruder, his eyes had a aura of blood lust in them as he took up a stance that had his right foot spread forward, his back foot turned ninety degrees and he pointed the tip of his halberd a meter above his armored foot as he started releasing reiatsu.

"Make them suffer...alacrán" The guard said as his halberd glowed a bright red as he was cover in a red mist that expanded outwards before being blown away by a great wind, once gone, the intruder would see that the guard had lost his helmet, revealing a well-aged man with dark brown hair and a rough beard with his mask fragment like a scorpion's mouth around his jaw, his lower arms had now large scorpion pincers on them and behind him, a large scorpion tail with three stingers in a trident pattern swung behind him, the guard looked at the intruder to see his reaction as he smiled through pointed, shark-like teeth and his ocean blue eyes having a blood lust aura in them.

"So, intruder, how do you feel about your chances now? Don't worry, I'll end this in a single shot, all I need to do is hit you with one of my stingers and your'll be paralyzed completely, then I can take you to my master, your cocky bastard, so get ready intruder, here I come..." The guard said in a rough voice before launching into sonido, sending his tail ahead to try and score a hit on the intruder before following up with trying to piece his flesh with his pincers...

(With the squad commander)

The squad was standing under the moonlight, he could feel spiritual pressure fading or growing around him, he noted that one had died already, one had just captured one of the intruders and the last one, his second in command had released his zanpakuto, meaning the opponent he was facing was strong, the squad captain smiled evilly, glad that at least one of his men's opponents was strong, it would make his master happy, he laid his halberd on his shoulder to rest the blade on it as he waited to see which one of his men would return first with their prize.

Location;; The white sands of Hueco Mundo
Word Count;; 937
Tags;; Luke, D'gerik, Ningen, Akuma
OOC;; enjoy dealing with my released guard, D'gerik xD

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#18 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:12 am


"Blah,blah,blah...Etc.Blah blah bladdity blah pain."That was all Akuma heard as the guard spoke.How boring could this situation get?Akuma felt another spiritual pressure begin to spike some distance away.He thought for a moment about leaving this guy behind and going towards that instead.That was when the guard decided to give a knock to his skull.There was a sharp pain for but a second before it almost instantly faded.He wished it had knocked him out because now he'd have to find this CarmesíHoja by himself.

"You really should of accepted my offer but if you want to keep fighting then fine."To Akuma the guard had just challenged him to continue their battle until the other was dead.There would be no more deals or words exchanged from this point.Akuma was too bored in fact.A simple fight wouldn't be enough to sate the boredom.Akuma turned around and gave the man most bored expression as he dragged his zanpaktou against some open skin on his arm."Eviscerate."

He was virtually unrecognizable in his new appearance.His entire body was now covered by thick hollow bone.His two horns had been bent into a new curved shape and moved to the back of his head.His shoulder pads had blended in with the armor and grown outward to create varying sized spikes along their lengths.His hollow hole was clear to see in the middle of his stomach but which took most eyes was the large teeth like design at the middle of his chest.Each of his fingers ended in their own uniquely sized spike.Once he was fully enveloped the armor immediately seemed to pull back from his body and disappear.Once one began to pay attention they would see the small hollow armor band covering a small portion of his chest,back, and arms.Shooting out from it were hundreds of incredibly long spikes each aiming for a possible place that the guard might sonido to and all at heights which would penetrate his skull causing an instant kill.Akuma wanted the fight over so he could go meet the other pressures.Maybe they wouldn't all be this boring.The odds for surviving would confound mathematicians for years to find such a small digit*.

Should of just guided me there, Luke.
Why not add a small amount of humor,huh?Shoot me.......butdon'treallyshootmepls.

#19 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:46 pm

D'gerik's Opponent wrote:"So, intruder, how do you feel about your chances now? Don't worry, I'll end this in a single shot, all I need to do is hit you with one of my stingers and you'll be paralyzed completely, then I can take you to my master, your cocky bastard, so get ready intruder, here I come..."

{Why do they always tell me what they can do?. . . It's just no fun that way}, D'gerik thought as the guard spoke. This, however was no time to argue with the guard about what he though was a stupidity. The guard was annoyed to the point that he bothered to use his resurrección, play time was over.

As the guard launched himself, D'gerik knew to avoid the tail at all costs, and to be weary of any surprises that might be in store. He brought up his blade to stop the tail's advance, but barely noticed the pincers coming in right behind it; and, although he launched himself off, it was not before a pincer managed to have a go at his lower abdomen, leaving small, bleeding gape in place if flesh.

D'gerik stopped for a moment, holding his hand to the wound. This was pain, this is what D'gerik lived for. Deep down, however, he knew what had to be done. *Sigh*" I'll be honest, this is quite enjoyable, but with your level of ability, I might just end up dead. I'm afraid I cannot quite allow that, else my promise to you becomes void." D'gerik allowed his reiatsu to increase further as he brought himself to his max. "I'm a bit angry though. . . I absolutely hate having to use this."
He looked back up at his opponent, his eyes now glowing along with the moon behind him. Releasing his blade which now floated in the air, he aimed his open hand at it's blunt side. "Writhe in eternal agony. . . Ouroboros!" D'gerik became surrounded momentarily by a black and purple cloud of reiatsu, upon it's dispersal, a few things were immediately noticeable. His hair had grown in length, past his shoulders, a once pure white outfit was now black as the night sky, and his blade had been replaced with a quarter moon scythe which floated at his side gently and connected to his arm via a chain of bones. A more inconspicuous detail, the half collar of bone at his neck had completed, forming what appeared to be a snake's outstretched jaw. Additionally, his skin had changed. Although still a pure white, it visible gleamed with the light of the moon; flesh, was now scales. D'gerik's expression was no longer a happy one, he was ready to end this, and make his opponent would wish the soul society had gotten to him first.
He no longer spoke, for the time being. As his final act of courtesy, he would allow his opponent to react first.

Battle theme::
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#20 Re: The Army of Blood OPEN [Arrancars/Hollows) on Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:20 pm

Sora and Kagaku arrived to see an arrancar release his zanpakuto. It seemed that the Arrancar had changed completely. "Bonewing!" shouted Kagaku "I want a report!". Bonewing looked terrified to hear her mistresses voice "Well so far the arrancar which is intruding has been playing with the Guard" She said. Sora was busy watching the intruder when she heard "playing". "Oh I'd let that intruder play with me" she said seeing his strong form.

Kagaku looked at her "Sora, you idiot. stop drooling over him" she said looking slightly frustrated. "Why?" Sora said with a grin "aren't you listening to your minion?". Bonewing was growing very fearful of being near Kagaku. "Continue" said Kagaku looking back at Bonewing. "Uhh... then the guard released his Resurrección and then you arrived mistress" she finished.

"I'm off to help" said Sora and before Kagaku could stop her she used sonido to appear behind the guard and slashed at his back with one hand while her other was charging a cero.

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