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#1 Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:26 am


Sada stood in an alley with the sprawl of Northern Rukongai behind her, her single crimson eye scanning the forest before her. It had been quite long since she had been in Rukongai, and as it were, she had never been to these parts since she had passed from the human world and become a spirit. And now she was here, staring into the darkness of the forest before her, as she contemplated her reason for coming here. The whole thing was not as simple as it sounded:

It appeared that a daring thief had actually managed to break into the grounds of a noble house manor, and steal an important item. Sada was told it was a most valuable heirloom, and it had to be returned as quickly as possible. And that raised a question: Sada wasn't in the 'Bounty Hunter' or 'Investigations' Divisions of Seireitei, so the question was, why was she here? It had also been revealed that this thief had actually managed to steal the artifact by using time-manipulating and teleporting kidou to break in and pilfer the item. While stealing was bad enough, using such forbidden kidou was quite an offense, and required the looking into by a high-ranking member of the Kidou Corps, that member being Iro Sada.

She sighed for the umpteenth time that day and shook her head. Sada had a bad feeling about the whole affair. As it were, something just didn't smell right to her. The only thing that made her feel better was that she had been allowed to bring the new Kidou Corps recruit, Mushami Shuuryou, whose previous experience in the 3rd Division had given him investigative skills that would be priceless in fishing out this thief. That, and her reiatsu-tracking ability.

She was currently waiting for Shuuryou to arrive, having gone ahead herself to ensure that there was no welcoming committee that had somehow been alerted of the coming of the Shinigami and was waiting with the usual warm, violent reception. With the coast clear, she waited for her colleague to catch up, and then the actual work would begin.

#2 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:25 am

Two long months have passed since Shuuryou was recruited by the Thirteen Protection Squad’s Third Division and the Kido Corps. His time split between the two separate organizations left Shuuryou with little time to himself, time he would use to research the mysterious case involving his mother’s death. During the entire two month span of time he underwent basic and not so basic training for squad three as well as training in the fundamentals demon magic theory as a requirement for the Kido Corps.

While his Kido Corps training proved easy enough and yielded results which revealed Shuuryou to be a natural when it came to the majority of lessons, his tutelage on the functionality and conduct of squad three left more to be desired. The main points of the extremely intricately designed practice missions were easy enough to grasp, but he couldn’t help but feel he would only truly grasp things after being given real missions.

As luck would have it, the young man was given a mission shortly after basic training was completed. Except, the mission wasn’t an information gathering mission for the Gotei, it was an information gathering mission for the Kido Corps. Shuuryou was handpicked by the Vice Commander herself to aid in seeing this task through to completion. To his understanding, this was anything but a simple mission. He’d be working with Vice Commander Iro Sada to look into a theft which involved the use of illegal demon magic.

Shuuryou had begun making preparations for this mission the moment it was handed to him. He followed standard squad three protocol in devising his plan of action. It was truly a textbook operation. He began with eyewitness accounts of the incident which led to very detailed descriptions of a couple of well known thugs from the outskirts of Northern Rukongai. This is where he was headed now to meet with Vice Commander Iro Sada. The suspects involved frequently visited a rathole tavern popular with many low life criminals.

Shuuryou spotted her uniquely blue hair and small frame hiding in an alleyway. He exited his shunpo appearing next to her dressed in rags that one would expect someone from this district to be wearing. She would likely notice that he didn’t have his zanpakuto on him. “Vice Commander…” He greeted her. “As it turns out their will be a slight change of plan.” He continued handing her a makeshift bag. She would find within it similarly tattered rags only these ones, were in her size. “This will become an undercover mission. After looking into these two men I found that they have no significant kido skill. In fact prior to this incident, they had no experience with the demon magics at all.” He continued. “They are two of several criminals and regular citizens who’ve only just recently begun to show knowledge of kido. This lead me to believe that they are all being taught by someone who does have level of skill high enough to manipulate time and space. If we can gain their trust and get them to introduce us to the person who trained them, I’m almost certain we’ll be in the presence of the actual perpetrator and the real kido master.”
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#3 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:25 am


Sada sensed Shuuryou's presence just as he appeared with the characteristic whoosh that signified a person using shunpo. She turned to face the lilac-haired boy, as he presented her with a bag. She opened the bag, peered inside at the contents and wrinkled her nose. ”Do I really have to?” she protested, giving Shuuryou a persecuted look. She, of course, knew that she did; after all, this was a mission, and succeeding on this mission was paramount. Pet peeves and minor habit issues had to be thrown out of the window. Although Sada loved being clean and tidy, fact was that if she had to end up being dirty to see a mission succeed, she would. ”What rotten luck.…”

As Shuuryou began informing her of the interesting twist to the whole affair, Sada took the time to change from her customized uniform into the rags she had been provided with, not caring to ask for privacy while she did. Well, she would still have her undies on while she changed, and besides, it wasn’t as if Sada had scruples with appearing in minimal clothing. All the same, as she changed, she listened with great attentiveness to the gathered information, as well as Shuuryou’s proposed plan. She wasn’t so sure about having a silver tongue, but if Shuuryou was proposing such a thing, it would be likely that he would have some talents in the arts of persuasion.

”Sounds like a reasonable plan,” Sada commented, dishevelling her hair, so it would appear like it hadn’t seen a brush in the past 100 years. Now she looked more or less like one of the inhabitants of Northern Rukongai’s extreme sector. One more thing was left. Shredding her uniform, Sada rolled them in the dust, and then used them to wrap her zanpakutou, making it appear as a bundle of rags, and not very much like a concealed weapon, which she carried underarm. ”Let’s go.”  The rat-hole of a tavern was easily located, and Sada secured a small rickety table for herself and Shuuryou, pretending to ignore everyone else in the inn, though many eyes had turned to observe the two pretty individuals that had entered the place.

”So, Shuu-chan,” Sada said in a tone too conversational to appear like she was asking a confidential question, but too low to be caught on by eavesdroppers, ”where are our thieves and how do we draw them out?”

#4 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:17 am

This tavern was very nice for a rathole. Of course, the illegal earnings of its patrons was likely what funded the beautifully crafted wooden floors and hanging lamps. The cups and silverware were just as rickety and gross looking as one would expect. A smart decision on the owner’s part, considering anything even a little bit nicer would likely be stolen by the same patrons that kept the business running.

“Well for starters Sayuri-chan, why don’t you call me Asami?” Shuuryou laughed softly while covering his mouth in the most dainty fashion he could, and for Shuuryou that probably meant that he looked like the most delicate young woman in the establishment to onlookers. “As far as your question goes, Ichigi Koga and Ichigi Ken will reveal themselves soon enough.” He continued, waving down the nearest waitress who hurriedly approached the two.

“What can I get for you young ladies?” She asked, kneeling down beside Shuuryou. “We’ll have the golden sparrow, surrounded by crows.” He responded, smiling. Her eyes narrowed, locking on Shuuryou’s own. A slight head nod signalled that she was clear on her orders.

She left the two by themselves and headed into the kitchen. When she returned she brought with her several bottles of the establishment’s finest rice wine. Those who weren’t fixated on the two because of their attractiveness were now fixed on them because of their showy order. If their style of dress was any clue as to the amount of money the two had, then there was no way that they could afford the drinks, at least this is what onlookers would think.

Kneeling, the waitress placed each bottle on the table. She leaned over to Shuuryou and spoke just loud enough for Iro, or rather Sayuri to hear. “Fifteen minutes before agents rush in.” She said before standing and bowing.

“If this doesn’t get there attention, we’ll definitely have it within the next ten minutes.” Shuuryou said. “We’ll make them come to us. Men who think they are as badass as they are can’t help but use their power to rescue attractive young girls like ourselves. For now, let’s drink up.” He said, filling Iro’s cup with the liquid in one of the bottles she just delivered. After sipping it, she’d note that it was merely water. Only one of the bottles contained actual rice wine, with an extra added ingredient.

The plan was one that relied on keen precision not just by Iro and Shuuryou, but by others from Kido Corps who would play temporary roles. Gathering participants was easy enough since the Vice Captain had essentially given Shuuryou a bit of authority for the sake of the mission. He proved himself worthy of it to those who questioned her decision as the planning process went on.
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#5 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:20 am


Sada was quite surprised, and very much impressed by the far-reaching planning of her associate. Shuuryou seemed to have done his work well. Sada watched in silence, as Shuuryou gave a veiled order to the waitress, but while Sada's eyes were on Shuuryou the whole time, apparently ignoring the waitress, her acute spiritual sense gave her all the proceedings, down to the almost invisible nod exchanged between the two, in clear detail. Ichigi Koga and Ichigi Ken, huh? So they were even related. The whole plan seemed to be involved in passing a 'wrong' message across, and inviting bait. One of the simplest, earliest and most effective hunting techniques. Sada didn't really have an idea of the whole plan, but she was confident that she would catch on, no matter its complications. For now, she would just play along and see how things went.

Sada picked her shallow sake cup and took a sip, wondering if the brew of the farthest Rukongai districts were much more potent that what was called alcohol in Seireitei. To her surprise and relief, the substance in the cup was plain water. But then, it should have been. Alcohol could be muddling to the senses, and even though Sada had been considered to be able to reasonably hold her liquor, at least as far as women went, it would be most necessary to be in one's most clear mind on such a mission as this. She took another sip, then looked at her companion and smiled. "Well, it appears we have indeed made ourselves more or less the talk of the town... or shall I say slum, Asami-chan?" Sada asked, her tone low but conversational. Drinking in silence could be very suspicious, so it was necessary to appear as though not expectant or tense. In the eyes of everyone present, 'Sayuri-chan' painted the picture of complacent peace.

#6 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:47 am

Shuuryou found himself impressed with Vice Commander Iro Sada's composure and seemingly natural improv ability. To his knowledge she didn't go through the squad three training that he did, yet she still displayed a level of professionalism one would expect from an experienced member of the squad. Her mannerisms, her speech, practically everything in regards to the way she usually carried herself was altered for this mission.

Only a few minutes passed before the first of several men approached their table. Men of all sizes, shapes, and ages attempted to court the two, impress them with stories which were all quickly cut short the moment Shuuryou realized that they weren't the pair's intended targets. Nearly every man in the shady establishment made a pass at the two and even after rejection, refused to divert their glances. The fifteen minute mark had finally passed when agents from the kido corps made their explosive entrance.

The front door was blown to pieces by a flash of yellow light which also sent both people and tables flying. This was definitely the work of a destructive spell. The Ichigi brothers had yet to make their appearance, and for this reason, things weren't at all going according to plan. This marked Shuuryou's first mission, so their were bound to be some miscalculations. Perhaps this one was due to his overestimating the attractiveness of both himself and the vice commander? Regardless, the plan would go on. The fact that they had yet to show their faces didn't necessarily mean that the mission would end in failure. It just meant that the two would likely have to take a much longer route towards accomplishing their goal.

Everyone jumped to their feet and ran away from the explosion. Before long, nearly everyone had lined the walls of the establishment. Those who didn't immediately draw weapons or pick up broken bottles to make use of the fighting instruments began to cower in fear. Once the dust finally dust and debris finally settled, five members of the kido corp, each dressed in black haoris entered in an orderly single line. "We are looking for two dangerous criminals!" The first among them shouted while reaching into his sleeve pocket. He removed a roll of paper before continuing. "They are wanted for stealing valuable heirlooms from the second most influential family among the noble households!" He finished before unrolling the paper to reveal two separate posters. "Their names are Sayuri and Isami!" The posters depicted incredibly accurate drawings of both Iro and Shuuryou. Needless to say, everyone's eyes were once again fixed on the two undercover members of the kido corp.

"We are also looking for two brothers who performed a similar crime!" The second man in the line shouted, stepping to the right side of the first, still holding up the images of both Iro and Shuuryou. "They go by the names of Koga and Ken Ichigi! They are wanted from stealing from the third most influential family among the noble houses, as well as murder!" He finished, before reaching into his sleeve pocket and revealing posters of the two brothers. Eyes darted from Shuuryou and Iro towards the stairs leading to the only drinking room on the second floor. It would appear as though it wasn't lack of attraction which stopped Koga and Ken from approaching their two pursuers, but the fact that they didn't have a chance to see them.

An loud boom came from the second floor before a steady stream of smoke and debris began to crawl down the stairs. "If that wasn't an obvious escape..." Shuuryou said under his breath before taking the only real bottle of rice wine among those filled with water into his hand. "Hadou number 4, Byakurai..." He said, extending his hand and pointing his finger at the wall closest to them. Electrical currents raced along his hand before condensing at the very tip of his finger. It blew a large hole in the wall providing the two with a way out. "Ready for the accidental meeting?" Shuuryou asked, entering a flash step, literally vanishing from sight.
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#7 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:58 am


Sada mostly let Shuuryou do the talking, as almost everyone in the tavern attempted to win the interest of the two undercover Shinigami. She simply maintained her cool demeanor, taking care to expressly dismiss anyone who approached her personally by gestures alone, with not a single word proceeding from her lips. A slight frown, a closing of the eyes and turning of the head, a dainty snort, informed her attention-seekers that they were not wanted. When she spoke, her words were directed only at 'Asami-chan'. As a particular chap was making his ill-fated attempt at being the lucky guy, the door suddenly exploded in a flash of bright light. Sada did not move her body, although her head turned to the door. The entrance of the Kidou Corps was a little surprising; Sada didn't expect them to come so... undisguised. But the play seemed to be fun. So she sat and watched.

As the first Kidou Corps officer declared the search for the criminals named Sayuri and Asami, Sada's eyes slightly squinted, a gesture that appeared to all that saw it, as an expression of slight irritation. As the boom upstairs announced some 'activity' upstairs, Sada took hold of the bundle and nodded at Mushami's invitation to the 'accidental meeting'. And a moment after the first undercover Kidou Corps Shinigami vanished using shunpo, Sada followed suit, her passing an almost noiseless swish, as she exited the egress which Shuuryou had made.

#8 Re: Uninherited Grudges PRIVATE on Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:26 am

As the two began making their fake getaway Shuuryou once again began used a kido. "Hadou number 4, Byakurai..." He said, pointing his hand up towards the heavens, angled in the direction they were running. "Vice Commander Iro Sada" He continued, as the lightning bolt which raced from his hand and into the sky danced through the clouds overhead. "Things aren't going according to my first plan, but my Squad 3 training has taught me the importance of thinking on my feet, coming up with back ups, and a back up for the back up plan." He continued, at the two finally hit a dense bamboo forest. "The brothers now believe themselves to be wanted fugitives. Because they never expected to be identified this will put them in a desperate and delicate state of mind. Their obvious attempt to escape proves this." He began to slow his pace, knowing that his superior officer would follow suit.

"None of the intel we have indicates that the brothers are shunpo capable. But because we don't know for sure, those with the most developed flashstep among the Kido Corp members know to pursuit and lead the brothers to us." He continued. "We'll make our first impression within moments." He said before he stopped running altogether. Two Kido Corp members clad in regular Gotei 13 uniforms appeared. A simple head nod from Shuuryou to the two new arrivals signaled the beginning of the next phase. They attacked the two in a manner that would appear clumsy to a trained eye, but still convincing to onlookers who weren't subject to rigorous combat training. One attacked the pretty faced young man who devised this incredibly detailed plan, and the other attacked the woman who gave trusted him enough to give him free reign over Kido Corp resources.

Shuuryou began to convincingly tussle with opponent in this staged match. "How dare you touch me!" He screamed, lightly punching and kicking the man. "Get your hands off of me you dog!" He continued. "You picked the wrong girl to mess with! You're finished you hear me?!" He finished. Flashes of red light and lightning could be seen in the distance. It was clearly a back and forth demon art battle and it was coming closer. The Kido Corp had finally engaged their targets.
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