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on Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:42 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Sakura would feel a ghostly hand running down her right arm, touching her pale skin, feeling the slight tremor running through her and then hear Luke's voice from the TV.

"You look...nervous, what could this mean I wonder? I wonder how much you would tremble if you knew the consequence of your...silver tongues as it were, watch..." Luke spoke from the TV before a ghostly arm holding Luke's sealed zanpakuto came from the TV itself to Sasami and he pressed the blade against her arm and cut it slightly, just enough to draw blood before returning the ghost blade, the TV image then shifted to the real world, where Luke was holding their foreheads, the twins in the image looked liked they were in a deep sleep and like if Luke in the real world let go, that they would simply fall to the ground, Sasami would then notice that the cut Luke had just given her had appeared on her real arm, dripping blood onto the grass before it returned to Luke sitting down again.

"I hope you know understand what will happen if you continue to lie...Have you ever heard of the phase "the body cannot live with the mind?" well, basically, whatever happens here, in the mindscape, happens to your real body as your mind translates that into the real version of you, so my question is; what will happen if you don't get out of those traps in time? I don't think you want me to go into the details, sweetheart, I doubt your mind can cope with the horror" Luke smiled psychotically, he wasn't going to remove the traps for them and now, they had another problem to deal with if they didn't do as he asked, he laid back in his chair, his fingers wrapped around one another.

"So, let's try this again; what were you doing patrolling this sector of the seireitei? you don't have much time to answer..." Luke told them, he was sure they found him cute, he knew that from when he was at the lieutenant's meeting when he was made third seat, although he would be surprised to hear of a man they didn't find cute, he would ask that next but he waited for a response before doing anything as he hoped that the terror of their predicament had finally settle into their pretty little minds, he smiled, wondering who would crack first out of the twins lieutenants.

Location;; Luke's interrorgation room, Illusion World
Word Count;; 410
Tags;; Luke, Kiri

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:26 am


The twins continued to hear Luke ramble on about stuff until Sasami felt a blade cut her forearm. Sasami looked at him and spat directly at the face of Luke on the TV. "Let me tell you something you completely cute bastard, You don't have the nerve to kill us because we are two lieutenants of a sqaud, also we are sisters to one of the most dangerous captains of the Gotei 13. Oh and I am not telling you anything!!! Also sorry not to mention earlier if Sakura and I don't return to Squad 2 to report back to Kōga he is going to arrive at this location where we were last!!" Sasami was yelling through most of the context and Sakura actually became inspired by her twins spirit. "Yeah you little brat!! Now let us go or Kōga will come and kick your arse"

Being very aggressive the twins started flailing around with their arms and legs almost as though they discussed it telepathically, Sasami was trying to break the chair by somehow believing that tipping it over will break it, " Let us out and fight us unless your to scared and this is the only way you can fight us, if so I can see why your own squad gave you to squad 3. You are a coward who can only fight with emotions well guess what! I no longer am scared because I know you will die by our brother's hand if you kill us!"

Sakura had begun to try and worm her blind fold down to see what was happening and to them work on her escape. She had begun to try and worm her arms free first she to the spears aiming to plunge into her eyes. "Yeah you are a coward, Not to mention you seem to think a sparring match is a death match, You actually think we were aiming to kill you! If we wanted to kill you it would be done before you even knew what happened" She said after Sasami with just as much anger as her twin.

The twins were even more aggressive towards Luke now, they weren't lying about what they stated with the Captain of Squad 2 and they wanted to see if Luke is willing to kill two high ranked lieutenants and nobles of the Shihoin family. Sasami had started to stare at Luke with her eyes, seemingly a look of anger that he was able to kill them in this illusion. Sasami even extended her leg trying to kick the TV which Luke's face was on. Sakura however didn't move much due to her current predicament of being blind folded which she was working on to remove and escape much like her sister who appeared to have decided to be a pain to Luke.

(Word Count: 470)


on Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:12 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke only listened and watched as they screamed and yelled but in among their cries, it seemed that they had unknowingly told him what he wanted to know. Once Sakura had finished yelling at him, he smiled slightly psychotically before speaking.

"...and yet, if you really didn't want to tell me, you should of stayed quiet but even you haven't yet realized that emotions betray the body to revealing all sorts of captain Kōga sent you to patrol this area of the seireitei where you came across my fight with the tenth seat of squad ten and decided to interfere..." Luke would speak coldly through the speakers of the screen as they struggled against their restraints but Luke simply melted the steel chairs into the floor, making them impossible to fall over and once Sasami had finished calling him a coward, she would feel a hand grip her throat tightly, cutting off anything else she had to say from that point, the same would happen to Sakura after she had finished speaking.

"I am no coward...simply I chose not to kill because I want to but because I must and if I don't train someone as if I was aiming to kill them, then the training is sensei trained me that way...the former lieutenant of squad two...Ryo Suzuki" at the name, the back view of the man who had trained him the way of fighting as well as how to live: the former lieutenant of squad two, Ryo Suzuki, The twin's predecessor.

Luke then regained his composure and wasn't even bothered by the twin's attempts to escape their bindings, her kick was restrained by the leather bindings, holding her legs and arms down to the chair, just like her sister was.

"So, let me ask you one more question; if you answer satisfactory, I'll let you go, if not..." the spikes near her eyes got closer still that the points of the spears were just above her irises, the next time they moved, it would gauche her eyes out and with Sakura, if she didn't answer the next question, her jaw would be ripped open.

"...I won't kill you but I'm going to make you wish I had by turning your world into a living question is: have you in your lives ever seen a man you haven't found cute? and..." Luke smile grew until it stretched from ear to ear like some sort of demented version of the Cheshire cat, "...what is the color of your panties that you are wearing? Luke said, trying to hold back from laughing as he asked that question before saying something before they would answer.

"Although I want to tell you something; you said earlier that you could of killed me right from the start, right? this place, I simply could of killed you, just by willing the room to crush you like what the human's refer to as a car crusher, don't underestimate me, just think very...very carefully before you answer, I'd rather send you two back to your captain in one piece, not several and I'd hate to destroy such a pretty face..." Luke said, his tone of voice shifting to more psychotic and the unearthly smile hadn't left his face, his features distorted and twisted, the poor quality of the TV picture only served to make him even more creepy as he cocked his head a little to the side as he waited for a response.

Location;; Interrogation room, Illusion world
Word Count;; 587
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; Thanks for doing this, Makoto, I appreciate it ^_^

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:26 pm


Sasami looked at him with a look of someone ready to kill Luke, but alas she couldn't being restrained t the seat. She nodded slightly "Yes I have told you the truth haven't I smart arse, I am sooo surprised it took you that long to find out" The words were sarcastic and Sakura had moved her head toward the spears slightly, the girl then moved her head hoping to cut away the blind fold if it was successful she would stare at look with her sister although they both stopped when the chairs somehow melted to the floor. As they both started shouting their throats were grabbed by ghostly pale hands which tightened like a vice, being tight enough to stop talking but loose enough so they could both breathe.

Sakura looked at him, ignoring the spears in front of her face however neither of the two reacted to the name Ryo Suzuki, being the former lieutenant. Sasami actually grinned as though she thought of something funny or found humour in the name. Sakura falsely yawned and pretended to go to sleep ignoring everything Luke continued to say from then on while Sasami seemed to find more interest in the bland, dark and eerie room, she looked at everything aside from the screen which Luke's face was on. After he stated he had one more question he would let them go they both didn't react at all even when he asked the first question of if they had ever met a guy they didn't find cute however at the part about what colour panties they both wore only Sasami reacted by blushing fiercely and shaking herself around madly unable to speak due to the grip on throat that she and her sister were silenced by.

Sakura still seemed quite asleep although it leaned more to the fact she actually was due to her not reacting to the questions like Sasami did, Sasami again spat at the screen and kept shaking herself around as though trying to escape. They both had a plan though; To hold out long enough until Koga saved them from the illusion.

(Word Count: 365)

Post Counts:

Time until Koga arrives - 2 posts


on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:16 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke laughed psychotically as he saw the reaction to his question on Sakura's face, she was blushing adorably but she was mad too.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I touch a nerve there, lieutenant Sakura?" Luke said mockingly, turning their own tactics against them, then as he watched her continue to struggle to get free from the chair she was bound to, he had a idea to further screw with their minds, his mad smile only spreading inhumanly across his features.

"I know what I can do to break them...they are so predicable, waiting for their captain to save...well, I know how to fix that" Luke said, grinning and laughing again before he would stand up on screen before extending his hand towards the camera.

"...But no matter, captain Koga can't get here fast enough to save you, your lives end now like the beautiful tools of destruction you are..." Luke said but before he could close his hand, suddenly, Koga would appear on screen, this was Luke using his dreamwalker to disguise himself as his former captain, Koga as he had left a illusion version of himself in his place.

Suddenly, Luke, disguised as Koga would grab the illusion version of Luke and lift him off the ground, looking coldly into the illusion Luke's blood red eyes.

"Disappointing, you have no right to be doing this, begone with you..." Luke said, as Koga to the illusion of himself before he would break it's neck, the twins would hear the sickening sounds of Luke's neck snapping like a twig by the hands of their "captain".

Once the body of Luke's illusion self hit the ground, Luke in his Koga disguise, willed the illusion to shift to appear to be broken, releasing the two lieutenants from their confinement and their imprisonment or so they might of thought but if they came within range of his sword, without warning, he would draw his zanpakuto or the captain's to the twins and suddenly slash the closest twin that came closest to him, which would hopefully causes a large cut to come across the twin chest he hit and before he would allow the other one time to react or realize that they had been deceived, he would shunpo in front of her and slash again to cut across her chest before he would shunpo so he was centered with them.

"But you two are even more disappointing then I thought, how could you been captured by a illusion so easily, you both disgust me...Death will be your punishment for your failure, just like his, the only question is...will you allow me to end your miserable lives or shall you do it yourselves with your own blade, your choice but don't make me wait too long for your answer..." Luke, speaking as Koga would, giving them the choice to kill themselves or let him kill them for them.

(Meanwhile, in the physical world)

As the physical body of Luke held onto the twin's bodies, their Shihakushō would tear at the front and the cuts that Luke, as Koga in the illusion, would appear on their chests as well as their lifeblood start to run from the wounds down to the ground but only time would tell want would happen next or whether they would live to tell the tale of what happened to them against the third seat of squad three.

Location;; Forest within the seireitei, Illusion world
Word Count;; 560
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; This should put in some trauma if nothing will villian but not bad so far, Makoto ^_^

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:43 pm


Sakura and Sasami seemed instantly alert when their"brother appeared and using his bare hands snapped Luke's neck. The illusion dissipated and they both looked at "Koga" within that of a second he drew his zanpakuto and went to cut Sasami the closest twin however her sister being less than a metre away took note of this action as well as Sasami.

The thing that would surprise Luke would be that the Sasami's zanpakuto had already been drawn as he attacked and her sister in unison used shunpo to appear behind Luke and slash across his back as he intended to do to her sister. "Hmmm, Sakura something's not right. I mean after all we have lived with Koga since we were born and know all his habits right?"
"Yeah, We do and this imposter failed to do it, I mean its the biggest habit Koga does right?"
"Yep, You absolutely correct Sakura" The twins said in a conversation between themselves however to Luke's dismay they used shunpo to get twenty metres away from him before starting their conversation. As to avoid being surprised by Luke with a sneak attack that they could only suspect from the snake known as Luke.

The habit they referred to was whenever Koga drew his zanpakuto he would kiss his tattoo on his hand as he did it, Luke however failed to do so and as such they turned his diabolical plan around on him. "Well now that we know we are in an illusion still, Is the coward going to send us back to a torture room or is he going to fight us like someone with guts?"

The two sisters had taken up fighting stances ready to fight Koga who they had identified as Luke due to his error. After all they grew up with Koga, they knew everything about him. As such the two hated to see Koga's image ruined by such a low life, who had no nerve to fight them. Calmly they waited for Luke to react this change of events. Would he be a coward or would he fight them until the real Koga arrived? Only time would tell.

(Word Count: 360)

Post Counts:

Time until Koga arrives - 1 post


on Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:51 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke saw Sasami block his blade with her own while the other came behind him to slash at his back but he brought his left hand around towards Sakura.

"Hado number thirty-one: Shakkahō" Luke would call out to blast her with the explosive kido, once she was pushed back, he quickly pulled back his fingers into a fist, the trees shifting chaotically before their branches wrapped around her arms and legs before returning his attention to Sasami.

"I guess you still have in you, lieutenant, even to attack the man you look up to more then any man in the soul society, oh well...Guess there is no reason to stay in this body anymore" Luke would tell her before shifting back into his original form to better focus on the clash he was having with the lieutenant, unaware of the powerful spiritual pressure coming towards him in the real world as his consciousness was within the illusion world of his shikai.

He then gave a yell and tried to push her back, making a slash to get her to back off before he would shunpo away to give himself some space to move around before he would raise his hand again and this time, the earth around Sasami would shake violently before various pillars of earth would shoot out the ground to surround her and box her inside a small arena.

Once he had checked she was inside, he would walk through the pillar of earth, reappearing on the other side before closing the roof of the arena.

"This time, your sister isn't here to back you up, you call me a coward and yet you constantly relay on your sister being able to back stab me while concentrating on you, so this will be just you and me, no fancy tricks nor illusions, simply you and me, fighting here, this is what you wanted, this is what you shall receive" Luke said coldly to Sasami before releasing his reiatsu again, the mix of black and white surrounding him as he readied his sword at Sasami, he stared for a few moments before launching into shunpo towards Sasami, launching a Shakkahō at her, although not to damage her but to create a dust cloud from the explosion, at first he would run straight at her before shifting positions to her right side before leaving a speed clone in his place as he rapidly went behind her before once again leaving a speed clone to finally end up on her left side. The three Lukes would then attack; the two at the left and right side would make thrusting acting with their blades, aiming for her sides while the one behind her would attack her by doing a thrust with his blade, aiming to spear her in the back, he would leave her no time to find the real him among the other two clones as they flickered like a afterimage but would be difficult to see within the dust cloud he had made to see the flickering clearly, he watched to see if his attack went through

Technique/kido used:
Technique Name: Shunpo clone art number three: Three-Star funeral
Technique Description: This is a more advanced variant of Twin-Sword dissection in where Luke attacks from either the left or right side before quickly replacing himself at high speed with a shunpo clone, moving to the opposite side before replacing himself again with another shunpo clone before the real Luke is behind the target, all three Lukes (the real one and the two clones) attack the left and right sides of the target's body and back by a thrusting action, aiming to impale the target in the sides and the back. Requires three posts to cool down

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: opponent will take heavy damage to his/her affected part and will bleed heavily for two posts
Opponent is One Tier Lower: opponent will take a great amount of damage and will bleed heavily for one post
Opponent is Equal Tier: opponent will take a good amount of damage and will have a deep wound in the affected part, which may bleed slightly for two posts
Opponent is One Tier Higher: opponent will take some damage and may have some cuts where the blades hit, which may or may not bleed for one post
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: opponent will only have a little wound where the blades hit, which may or may not bleed at all and if so, only for one post if that

Spell Name: Shakkahō
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #31
Spell Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
Spell Effect: fires an orb of red energy that can vary in size, depending on the practitioner, the technique creates a small explosion and causes some burn damage as well, results vary from person to person.

Location;; Forest in the Seireitei, Illusion World
Word Count;; 514
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; Makoto, when Koga gets here, he'll find Luke holding the two lieutenants by their foreheads as that's what's happened to them in the real world, Koga wouldn't be able to enter the illusion himself so he would have to disable it from the outside if you get what I mean ^^;

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:27 am


Sakura was thrown away and had begun to head towards the trees, Sasami used shunpo to break she and Luke's clash of blades, however adding a Kido spell to back things up "Hadō 4: Byakkurai" After speaking the spell the white lighting would go to hit him.

Sasami reappeared behind Sakura grabbing her to avoid the trees however doing it at the cost of being unable to use her right arm. There was the sound of a sickening crack as her arm fell limp and her Zanpakuto dropped from her hand. She held in a scream of pain but the tears would speak her pain. Sakura then picked up her sister's zanpakuto and began to dual wield them. She used shunpo towards Luke with the two zanpakuto in hand.

She moved into the arena that Luke made from the ground watched as Luke used Shakkahō and then disappeared however unaware that he was doing his technique she used Shunpo to jump above the dust trying to look down on the arena and see Luke.

~Physical World~

Koga Shihoin, the captain of squad 2 arrived at the battlefield caused by a large scale battle. He looked over and saw his lieutenants unconscious with someone preforming and illusion on them, He walked over and pulled Luke off the two lieutenants hopefully breaking the link to the illusion. Koga would then keep hold of Luke and his zanpakuto by its hilt. If Luke came two he would notice Koga has him in a hold which is the perfect hold for him to kill Luke. If the two lieutenants awoke as well he would look at them sternly and start to speak. "I told you both not to fight! I said to observe and report back to me about what was happening." The twins had begun to shift uneasy, Sasami nursing her broken arm.

"We're sorry Captain Shihoin" They both said in unison, "You lieutenant Sasami will deal with that broken arm for your failure, let it be a reminder that you do not disobey orders" Both twins had also looked at the ground somewhat disappointed in themselves and for the fact their older brother was scolding them fr insubordination. "Return to the barracks now! I will handle the situation now" he told them and they had begun to walk away seemingly forgetting that they even had shunpo.

Koga gad not let Luke get away from his hold during all of that, now turning his attention towards Luke "Time for you to start talking" was all Koga said to Luke before waiting for him to reply and spill the beans on what happened.

(Word Count: 454)


on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:06 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke appeared from the dust at the three points from earlier; left and right sides and back, his side had taken a small wound from the byakurai fired by Sakura before she was thrown away, only for Sasami to save her at the cost of losing the ability to use her right arm as the tree branches tore at her arm, the same injuries appearing on her real arm in the physical world. While in the meantime, it was Sakura he had trapped within the arena of earth as he came out the dust with his two speed clones before all three thrust their blades towards Sakura

"Your done, Lieutenant!" Luke shouted at her but just as his blades were to connect, his illusion shattered, this time for real as he found himself facing someone he didn't expect to see; the real captain of squad three; Koga Shihoin, he had great spiritual pressure, more then Luke had at the current time, he held both Luke himself and his zanpakuto that lay in his sheath with his hands and Luke knew enough in the difference in their powers that he wasn't strong enough to get out of the captain's hold, no matter hold much he might want to struggle against it.

Koga yelled at the twin lieutenants for disobeying orders, saying the broken and heavily injured right arm Sasami had was fitting punishment for doing that, the twins looked depressed as they walked away back to the squad two barracks under Koga's orders, walking almost painfully slow before Koga returned his attention to Luke, ordering him to start talking, Luke sighed.

"Nice to see you too, captain Koga, glad to see you missed me so much that you sent your two lieutenants to monitor me when that's squad three's job..." Luke told Koga at first, speaking somewhat sarcastically before taking a pause to speak again, "...I was here, training with the tenth seat of squad ten when, after I hit him with Raikōhō, they came in and attacked me, I only just managed to beat them but I've pulled several muscles in my shoulder and I was worn out until...I worked with my zanpakuto, he let me enough strength with mine to help me get the upper hand on them before I showed them what I do in my squad within my illusion, that's all I have to say, captain Koga so if you wouldn't mind, I need to return to squad three to recover from this and..." Luke suddenly looked very sad as he looked over at the tree where Mercry lay motionless, the afternoon sun revealing that a tree branch had pieced through Mercry's head, killing him.

"...To report in that the tenth seat of squad ten is dead" Luke said, although he had won this fight, he had lost something more precious then anything; a friend.

Location;; Forest, Seireitei
Word Count;; 477
Tags;; Luke, Makoto
OOC;; We can end it here if you'd like or you can finish it off if you'd like Smile up to you really

Template (c) Yuki Seika


on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:48 am


Koga looked at Luke as he told the captain everything, the twins were almost out of the clearing when Koga spoke. "I am sorry for my lieutenants behaviour third seat Yasenha. But I am surprised someone such as yourself was able to defeat my two lieutenants maybe you should replace them after all I am sure you can follow orders. Why did my previous lieutenant: Ryo Suzuki disappear?" He said his voice was loud enough for the twins to hear and Sasami stopped, her head looking down as she fell on her knee and hands starting to weep. Koga was not one to joke, that they knew but Luke may have had trouble determining if it was Koga's comment or the incredible pain in her arm that made her start crying. Sakura went over and lifted her sister up looking back at Luke, her face a picture of sadness before walking her sister back. Only thinking of how Koga never thinks of them as sisters, only lieutenants.

Koga had no idea that Ryo had taken on a student and knew nothing of the irony in his comment about Luke taking his teachers place as Squad 2's Lieutenant. He looked over at Mercry's body "Did my lieutenants do that?" Koga asked him after Luke answered, if he did the lieutenants had now disappeared into the forest not visible to the captain or the third seat anymore then Koga would speak again "How did you beat the two lieutenants anyhow if you don't mind my asking?" Koga said implying he had taken an interest in Luke for his skill. Koga was obviously trying to take Luke's mind off his friends death. Koga then displayed a gesture with his ragged and worn hands alshowing many years of hard work and pain. He looked at Luke a last time before speaking "I must go I have important business to attend and the disciplining of my lieutenants. This will not be the last time you and I meet nor will it be the last meeting between you and my lieutenants". As he finished talking he disappeared with Shunpo leaving Luke to himself all alone within the ragged landscape scarred by the fighting that took place, the once beautiful land now being dead along with the one who died here.

(Word Count: 384
OOC: Do you want to do a final post for this? Just thought I should add some drama Wink )

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