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#1 Reclaiming Ones Blade on Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:09 am


---RP Request Thread---

Dawn slowly rose over soul society and many shinigami were ending their shifts soon to be relieved by their waking comrades. However many a member of the Gotei 13 from each division had trouble sleeping last night. During the dark hours shortly past midnight there was the sound of a wooden hammer pounding a post into the ground. There was only a single blow at each of the 13 squad barracks before peaceful silence reclaimed the night. But that one sound was loud enough to echo throughout the barrack halls and was accompanied by a storm-like wind blowing through open windows. The source of these noises would become clear as an orangish red ember of a sun cast light upon seireitei. Each one was an old fashioned public challenge post made of hardwood with the following message carved upon it's surface:

"Daizo, Ginsen formally challenges those of the Gotei 13 to test their swordsmanship and skill in combat. Those who think themselves worthy of being called "Swordsman" should come to the Advanced Class at the Shino Academy today at noon. Leave your zanpakutou at the barracks, training weapons will be supplied."

A rather dramatic way of doing things when a simple flyer would have done the trick, but Ginsen felt it was important to have made his presence known in the early morning hours. Perhaps if he waked some of the troops some holding grudges would attend when they would have otherwise ignored the event. Of course, those Ginsen was most hoping would join his class were those whom truly wished to improve their skills with the sword.

The former Exile spent the morning teaching academy student's the basics of swordsmanship and then ended classes early so he could begin preparations for the Advanced Class. The former exile had shaven his beard since he arrived but it was already growing back in as stubble. The warrior's strawberry blonde locks were pulled back into a ponytail and his shihakusho was allowed to fall around Ginsen's waist leaving his upper body bare. The large man smiled and took in a deep breath for a short meditation as all the training weapons were already set up on racks at either side of the dojo. Now all he had to do was wait for the first curious "swordsman" to arrive.
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#2 Re: Reclaiming Ones Blade on Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:09 am


Daemon bolted awake at the sound of the banging. He instantly rushed to his door, fearing something had happened to one of the patients, but found no one at the door. Although, he did see multiple other Squad members were also shocked awake and at their doors as well. Truth be told, it had awoken nearly the whole of the barracks. Daemon walked to the entrance of the barracks to see what made the noise, and found a signpost had been slammed into the ground. On the post was a message about an advanced session of swordfighting practice with the returning Ginsen. A smile spread over Daemon's face. Swordplay huh? Even though he was from the notoriously bad at fighting Squad 4, Daemon considered himself to be a very proficient duelist. Maybe he would take on this exiled swordsman.

Later that day, Daemon finished his work and left for the academy. Although the sign said to leave it at the barracks, Daemon took his Zanpakuto with him. As a Vice Captain, it was important to be ready for action at all times. That, and Shi no Ishi had a talent for reading opponents and dissecting their movements and strategies. The Zanpakuto spirit was as much a fighter as a healer, and their advice would be appreciated. of course, he wouldn't be fighting with them today.

Daemon knocked on the door of the training room before entering. He saw Ginsen meditating on the ground at the end of the room, facing away from the door. Daemon put Shi no Ishi on the sword rack and picked up a wooden bokken. He then knelt behind Ginsen and announced himself. "I am Vice Captain Daemon Tetsuyo of Squad 4. I accept your offer of a sparring partner."

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