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#1 Rescued Emotion on Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:06 am


"Yes. Yes, i'll go right away." Daemon said as the hell butterfly relayed the message from the Captain. He was given the responsibility to oversee the recovery of one Yuki Akies, a shinigami that Daemon had rescued from Hueco Mundo only a mere two weeks ago. During the fight with the Arrancar and Hollows, she had received life threatening injuries and her recovery, while proceeding smoothly, was sure to be painful. Daemon gathered up his gear and prepared to make his way to her room.

Along the way, Daemon thought about how life had changed since that day. He himself had returned with quite a few injuries, but had pushed through them to save the life of another. In the Captain's eyes this was an excellent quality to have in a Vice Captain, and she promoted him the very next day. Things had become somewhat hectic since then. All the duties that the Captain would normally have to handle with late night work shifts, were now passed on to Daemon. This usually meant mountains of paperwork, but would sometimes include strategizing responses for different kinds of battlefield scenarios. Honestly, Daemon loved the job. Sure it came with a boatload of responsibilities, but Daemon always liked being able to handle things himself.

He arrived at Yuki's room at a quarter to noon and knocked on the door. She should have been expecting him, according to what the captain had said earlier. But then again, things always had a way of messing themselves up.

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