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#51 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:06 am

Shuuryou ignored the Quincy's ranting, choosing instead to focus only on the twisted transformed formerly human spirit before him. It revealed itself and it was indeed the same one that he fought off earlier. "No way!" He thought as he watched the dark cube based attacker begin to launch its attack. "A Hollow healing its mask? I've never witnessed this before." His thoughts raced as a barrage of red orbs began to smash into his protective barrier. A few hit at first before Vlad's arrows flew through the wall to meet them. Unfortunately, his attacks brought down the protection that the young Death God had created  leaving Luke, himself, and the spiritual archer to whatever may come from the outside and bypass the barrage of arrows that the Quincy launched. For the time being, he was stuck between a Hollow and a young spiritually aware human who'd already lost to the Hollow once.

Shuuryou found himself to be more trusting of the Quincy than he was comfortable with. He allowed him to continue firing his impressive display of reishi formed arrows. The sheer number of them had to number in the thousands. Instead of joining in on the attack, he instead thought of another method of attack. "Everything comes full circle, Tsuneni Kingu." He began, holding out his zanpakuto. "That which drives all things is perpetual, Itsumademo Kouhi." His blade began to glow, bend, and grow in size. Little time passed before the transformation from a simple, though well crafted katana blade into the ring blade that were his shikai. To the unsuspecting eye, this was but a single ring blade; one side black in color, and the other side gold. However this wasn't the case.

He tossed the blade into the air and snapped his fingers. Instantly the single ring split into two, one of each color. He caught the golden circle blade and allowed the black to fall to the ground upright. Shuuryou quickly launched the blade in hand in the general direction of the Hollow. The edge effortlessly cut through any arrows in its path. "Whether it can heal damage to its mask or not..." Shuuryou thought. "...damage caused by Itsumademo Kouhi's Forever ability isn't so easily repaired." He finished, hoping that the vibrant lights caused by the arrows and cero meeting would soon dim enough to see the result of his attack.

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#52 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:35 am


It appeared as though the Quincy was once again in fighting condition. This was troubling. However, there was one bright side, one thing that may just work in the Cube's favor. They clearly weren't used to working together, as a team. The Quincy's arrows destroyed the very barrier that was protecting him, the death god, and the heavily wounded death god Elcubo finished off earlier. The number of arrows produced by the Quincy was quite impressive. They by far outnumbered his cero based attacks. Unfortunately for the Quincy, they outweighed them in number only. Elcubo's attacks each still possessed the speed of bala and the destructive force of a fully charged cero. It took more than a single arrow to destroy one of the explosive orbs, in fact, it took several. Even more troublesome, even after the arrows caused them to erupt and unleash the deadly forces trapped within, the percussion force shock waves which resulted posed an immediate threat to the death god and the Quincy. Even if they weren't hit directly, the aftermath of the exploding orbs was a force to be reckoned with. The waves could very well fracture bones and injure flesh. They alone caused many of the closely spaced arrows to veer off course or break altogether. The Quincy was mistaken if he believed that superior numbers could overwhelm superior strength.

Still, many of his arrows made it through Elcubo's cero gatling assault. This was the case before Elcubo changed his aim from the Shinigami's general direction to the obvious path of the Quincy's arrows. He'd seen the Quincy's technique one too many times. He figured out the human's attack pattern quickly, choosing to intercept his arrows before they could split along their path to him. Soon, what was a flock of thousands of arrows died down to hundreds, and those hundreds died down to dozens, until finally the superior strength of Elcubo's supercharged orbs completely overwhelmed the Quincy's attempt at a successful counterattack. A final orb was launched at the Quincy himself. Traveling at the speed of bala, while carrying the force of a fully developed cero, this strike would definitely ground him.

In the midst of all of this, Elcubo found it easy enough to avoid the death god's projectile weapon. In fact, though it was thrown in his general direction, it missed his actual form by several feet. To avoid further tax on his body, he stopped his cero fusion gatling attack, and broke apart his form, dismantling his main body. The majority of his cubes were made to extend his sharpest surgical equipment. He launched them at the young death god with as much speed as he could. He would put him down just as he did the Quincy earlier, with his surgical barrage. Given the number of cubes used and the way they were spread out, there was little chance that the Shinigami could successfully dodge. Elcubo had essentially cast a net given the pattern and spacing his his many cubes.

#53 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:44 pm


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male

Vlad continued to fight the hollow's vast amount of bala, although what none of them seemed to realize was that the hollow's bala had taken down the barrier long before his arrows had reached them, there appeared to be a wall of explosions between the hollow's super powered bala and his arrows, although he was keeping them at bay, he was slowly losing the battle, a couple of his arrows had struck its body but Vlad couldn't see past the large explosions to see if it did any damage or not, it was then the shinigami released his zanpakuto and threw one of the disk weapons towards the hollow, cutting through several of his arrows in the process which ultimately lead to a final bala getting through his arrows towards him.

"You idiot!" Vlad yelled at him as he moved back, using Hirenkyaku to do so but even so, the blast wave it caused sent him rolling across the ground and back down the alleyway where the hollow had first used its cannon to destroy his house, making him land awkwardly on his left arm, making him grunt in pain, he felt a sharp pain going into his left shoulder, he turned his head and saw a piece of wood sticking into his shoulder, he sucked it up and pulled on the splinter of wood and took it out, it was bleeding so he tore some material off his shirt and wrapped his wound in it, making sure to keep pressure on the wound.

"Damn bastards, If that's how he wants to play, I'll let the shinigami take care of this guy, I'm not getting paid for this anyway" Vlad said as he got up and started to walk away, hiding his spiritual pressure while desummoning his bow, leaving the shinigami to their fate, whatever the case may be.

Location;; Kakakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 307
Tags;; Vlad, Mushami, Elcubo

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#54 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:40 am

This cube shaped Hollow had proven that it was capable of far more than most, not once, not twice, but four time since Shuuryou first encountered it. It's cunning and intellect seemed to overshadow those belonging to any other demented spirits the young mauve haired death god had ever come across. Even the Hollow that killed his mother, the Hollow that led an army composed of many members just as powerful, wasn't this much of a threat. It bested Luke Yasenha who was talented in his own regard. It bested Shuuryou when it struck him point blank with a powerful Hollow bullet. Even now, it held its own against two very capable fighters.

Given all of these factors, it was no surprise that a slight grin now rested on Shuuryou's face. This was his favorite kind of battle. This fight was likely over, but the Hollow didn't know it yet. It was far too busy focusing on attacking the young death god to realize the events that led up to its own defeat. The Quincy's arrows disturbed the barrier from the inside with a reiatsu type that was far different from its creator. This gave the Cube a false sense of security being that this showed that the spiritually aware human and the death god weren't a good team. Shuuryou, however, wasn't relying on team work to defeat this foe. He only needed for this Hollow to be distracted so that he could be caught off guard from behind.

The shock waves from the Cube's high powered bala met a cushion of fine tuned spiritual pressure which lessened the damage greatly and allowed for Shuuryou to remain firmly fixed in his position. "Overlook something Hollow?" Shuuryou said, raising his hand which revealed the most important reason he remained in place and chose not to shunpo away from the shock fronts; to retain control over the disintegration circle he created when he first became aware of a Hollow presence. Even now, as the smoke and debris settled, Elcubo's attack approached Shuuryou. This however worked to Shuuryou's advantage. Elcubo had put the majority of his body into the attack, and left his main weakness, his Hollow mask, near defenseless.

The tendril of warm colored energy had already connected with the golden ring shaped blade the youthful violet eyed death god threw. A simple tug sent it hurdling back towards its owner at speeds which surpassed anything that the Hollow had previously shown himself capable of achieving. It easily slipped past the few remaining black cubes at the Hollow's side. Even if Elcubo destroyed the tendril the this would do nothing to stop the course and the momentum of this well executed attack. The bladed golden hoop would at the very least nick the Hollow's mask before it once again resided in Shuuryou's hand. He would still have time to mount a defense against the assault of armed cubes. Even if the Cube didn't pull back his cubes in an attempt to defend himself, Shuuryou already knew from past experience that his wind based kido would be more than enough to blow the cubes away.

He glanced sideways towards where the Quincy had been struck. The human was much stronger than Shuuryou thought. He was still outmatched however. His retreat was definitely for the best. Now, the mauve haired death god had one less body to worry about protecting.

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#55 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:03 am


Elcubo hadn't forgotten about the kido the death god casts. He didn't overlook it either. However he failed to predict that it could be controlled with such accuracy being the Shinigami waited so long to use the ability. When the death god first launched the kido, it traveled along a predictable spiral path. Elcubo was outsmarted. Though he viewed combat as a series of patterns which was potentially predictable with sufficient mathematical knowledge, he didn't pride himself on the art and would hardly consider himself a specialists. Therefor, even if he was one that felt the burning sensation of anger, he wouldn't feel it over something like this. This was yet another learning experience; something that would increase his knowledge set.

The death god's lassoed circle blade did manage to make it past the few cubed sections of his body which failed to help him in his defense, but the moment the Shinigami drew Elcubo's attention to the rope, he used his visual devices contained within to follow the path of the long energy tendril. He could see the path the blade would travel. Still, he wasn't able to dodge it completely. The side of his hollow mask was slightly chipped. The blade cut into his mask by a mere half of an inch. This attack was nothing. Damage which could be overlooked given his present circumstance and repaired later. At least this was what he thought.

He decided to press on with his assault before he noticed something troubling. The cut caused by the death god's blade doubled in size, chipping his hollow mask even more. Something didn't make sense. A hollow's mask wasn't like glass or porcelain; they're nowhere near as weak. He stopped his cubes midair before willing them back to his side. The split grew in size yet again. He needed to get past this shinigami so that he could finally capture the Quincy that escaped, but at this rate, the split in his mask would make its way clear through to the other side in a matter of minutes. Was this the work of the death god's zanpakuto? The shinigami's confident grin wasn't lost on Elcubo.

Elcubo needed to get back to retreat from this battle. If the death god held this kind of power, the threat posed undoubtedly outweighed the reward. As the black cavity opened behind him, he reflected on the events of the day. If only he had better defenses, he could have avoided much of the damage he received on this night. Each cubed portion of his body soon entered the void. As the inter-dimensional opening closed, he fixed his crimson gaze on the young boy who'd done this to him. He was an interesting one with a power worth researching.

#56 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:30 am

It didn't take long for squad four members to arrive. They even brought members of squad eleven with them on their travels. Members of what was often referred to as the battle enthusiast squad were less than thrilled after learning that the hollow they were sent to purify had escaped. A few of the newer members were sent to deal with the Hollow which brought down a seated member of the third squad. Though squad three wasn't known for being brawlers, a fourth seat was still a fourth seat so testing themselves against a malignant spirit so strong would have come with certain benefits. Bragging rights gained by the one that slayed it would be surmountable.

It didn't take long for members of the medical squad to arrive at the same conclusion that Shurryou arrived at just moments after seeing Luke's mangled body. His spine was in ruins. Even if it weren't for that grievous injury, the damage done to the rest of his body would demand several days of bed rest until complete recovery could be assured.

They carefully straightened his limbs, taking special care not to shift the position of his back and torso. A few different medical kido were used just to maneuver his body onto the cot that they brought with them. The entire process was a lengthy and taxing ordeal to watch. The actual procedure would be even more time consuming. The level of skill necessary to repair Luke's broken body, if it could be at all, would likely need to be carried out by the captain of squad four.

The group of death gods entered the dimensional gate leading to their world. The gates finally closed behind them, leaving nothing but darkness and ruins where its light once shined.

--The End--

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