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#31 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:31 am


Not even Elcubo could sense the approach of the new arrival. Even as he descended from the clouds at high speeds and landed masterfully in front of the wounded shinigami, Elcubo was still unaware of his presence. It wasn’t until the appearance of two small purple flames that the Cube became aware. The moment that those two flames appeared the shinigami’s kyokko had been compromised. It was definitely reiatsu belonging to a god of death, one more powerful than Elcubo. Rather than cease his attack, he continued in hopes that he would be able to kill both of them near simultaneously. Sharp laboratory instruments extended, his cubed body sections were nearly upon their targets.

After the newcomer brought the two flames together a blinding light, similarly colored, emanated from the new arrival. The force it produced was one of wonder. It not only stopped the Cube’s attack, it also flung his own body parts back at him, perfectly reversing their trajectory. Further still, a few of the armed cubes were headed on a direct collision course with his mask. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t stop them. All that he could do was retract the sharp laboratory equipment that the wielded before changing the angle of his face to escape the damage.

Such a feat was no easy task. What did he just do? Elcubo studied the new arrival, looking him up and down from head to toe. He looked to be barely older than the Quincy, and he was definitely younger than the death god he’d been fighting all this time. This young shinigami male was a dangerous one, not to be underestimated. If his entry was any clue as to just what would unfold if Elcubo continued, he was in trouble. His technique used a few highly advanced principles, and although it was imperfect, its use was the sign of a true force of nature. The technique involved determining the momentum and strength of an incoming object, and perfectly matching both strength and momentum with condensed spiritual pressure. It was nearly as advanced as Elcubo’s own Reversing Matrix technique.

Elcubo summoned all of his body parts to him. The young shinigami was already proving dangerous and he caught Elcubo in a very delicate time. Due to extended use of his Cero Fusion Gatling technique he would be unable to use reiatsu based techniques for a while longer. He didn’t even have what it took to puncture space and return to Hueco Mundo.

The Cube watched as the shinigami he’d just grounded stood. He was proving to be an even bigger pest than he at first thought. Of course he barely had any reiatsu left and likely wouldn’t be an issue from here on out. If he were smart, he’d have stayed down and gathered his strength instead of wasting reiatsu to produce a set of arms that Elcubo had already proved were useless against him. This newcomer outclassed him and in his current condition the wounded shinigami would only get in the way. In fact, he may even prove to be Elcubo’s saving grace. After all, the new arrival was clearly trying to protect him.

#32 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:35 am

"It can absorb constructs like the arms you're using." Shuuryou said, with his frustration building. "And although you offer me help with kido, you say it can negate it?" He continued, clenching his fist. "Well, that makes you less than useless doesn't it? That makes you and any help you could possibly offer me a double edged sword. Why don't you just finish whatever it is you were doing here...unless you were just doing away with this Hollow in which case just leave it to me." He said, hoping that Luke would get where he was going."How he managed to acquire his seat is a mystery to me. Regardless of the methods he used and whatever tests he passed, it doesn't speak well for the thirteen protection squads to give a fool like him a seat." He thought. If there was one thing the young warrior couldn't stand it was a bad fighter that didn't know that they were a bad fighter. His mind raced thinking about what the powers that be were thinking, allowing Luke to attain his position.

He didn't bother to look in Luke's direction again. He had seen enough of the badly beaten third seat on the way down to know that he wasn't fairing well. Had he known that he wasn't fairing well because of his own foolishness, he'd have sat back and enjoyed the  third seat's embarrassment. "The only help he offers is that which can apparently be used against me and absorbed." Shuuryou thought to himself. "Still at least he was able to confirm that this Hollow's mask was a weakness just like any other. I suppose that even this unstable goof can be useful at times."

"No kido, no external reiatsu expression." Shuuryou said aloud. "Got for both our sakes, sit this one out." He said, drawing his zanpakuto. "Yet, I was able to use my expanding Reverse Demon technique successfully without it absorbing it?" He thought to himself. "Does it need time to prepare for that ability? No, that couldn't be it, I've seen Luke perform an amazing feats with hoho. It's more likely something it can only do every so often."

Shuuryou began walking towards the Hollow, counting every single cube shaped section of it's body. "Its abilities cut my own arsenal down to almost nothing." He said, picking up the pace. "Still, I do love a good strategic challenge on the battlefield." He finished, working his way into a mad sprint and then finally into a flashstep. He vanished for an instant before appearing next to what he assumed would be the strange Hollow's blind side. He made a vertical slash towards the empty eye socket in an effort to complete the cut from one eye into the other.

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#33 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:46 am


((Luke will be away from the site for an extended period of time. Rather than stop the progress of this thread we will be moving on. Luke Yasenha had decided that he wishes for his character to be KOed in the described fashion.))

Elcubo hurriedly regathered his energies as the two conversed with each other. Though he did notice that the new arrival appeared to be a bit frustrated with what the injured shinigami told him. He had to agree, it was foolish to rely on powers that he knew from past experiences were useless and potentially harmful to him when fighting against Elcubo. Then again, Elcubo wouldn't complain. He did plan on using Luke against Shuuryou. He had no other choice when fighting the two of them being that the new arrival was more powerful than the both of them in terms of the spiritual pressure boasted. Elcubo may have been able to defeat him were he in perfect condition, however, the damage to his face caused by the injured death god compromised his defensive capability. More of the same and he likely wouldn't be able to repair all of the damage.

The new arrival began his making his way towards the cube shaped hollow in preparations for an attack. His frustrations with Luke's use of reiatsu based techniques like kido and the arms he used to prop himself up meant that we wasn't likely to utilize similar skills. This foe would definitely be using physical melee attacks. Elcubo was able to correctly guess where and how the new arrival would strike. He'd definitely be going for the predictable strike in towards his pre-existing damage in an attempt to finish this quickly. Even before the young warrior vanished with flash step Elcubo had already began to re-organize his body. He had a few cubes line up to block the strike. His blade became lodged in the first cube it struck cutting nearly half way through it. Elcubo then had the surrounding cubes which were not damaged by the slash clamp down on the sword to hold it in place. He wasn't going to let it go, not until he finished the next stage in his plan. He rushed over towards Luke, leaving Shuuryou to struggle with dislodging his blade if he so chose to keep hold of it.

He came upon Luke, accompanied by several of the black cube sections of his body. He began to bombard Luke, as if he were making an attempt to cause blunt force damage. As predicted, Luke rose his reiatsu formed arms to defend himself. Once again, Elcubo cast his signature Reversing Matrix grid. The moment the arms came into contact with them they were once again ripped apart. The reiatsu that formed them were broken down into base reiatsu parts before being reformed into an attack Elcubo could use. The arms had nearly completely broken down before one of them collapsed altogether. The bone and musculature forming them shattered, a sign that Luke had truly reached his limits. He fell to his knees, unable to lift his arms.

Elcubo then turned his attention back to Shuuryou by transferring the cero he'd formed from Luke's own into the cube that the young warrior's blade had cut into. He launched the cero at him before he began charging yet another cero, this one aimed at the defenseless and now completely grounded death god.

#34 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:21 am

This Hollow was far different than any other the young death god had ever faced before. This maneuver would have worked on any other malignant spirit. The one seemed to predict his movement. In doing so it revealed to Shuuryou that it was far more than a battle crazed beast. From the look of the Hollow alone, the young mauve haired man could tell that it wasn't modeled after an animal, at least none that he knew of. This corrupt spirit wasn't based on bird, mammal, reptile, fish, or any protein based life form. Was it perhaps plant based? No, it couldn't be. No plant possessed such a cold geometric shape. This creature was something different, but what?

Shuuryou's blade sliced into the black cube shaped section of the Hollow's body easily enough. His blade made it nearly half way through before stopping in its tracks. He quickly tried to snatch the blade out but this task was quickly made more difficult. Two cubes sandwiched the exposed broadsides of his zanpakuto, clamping down making it so that the new member of the thirteen protection squads could do nothing, in terms of physical strength, to remove his weapon. Ordinarily he'd simply rely on another weapon. He was, after all more accustomed to fighting with the bow staff and the condensed kido rod afforded to him by his hyapporankan demon art spell. However, this Hollow and its reiatsu manipulating capabilities would make such a thing dangerous. He struggled to dislodge his zanpakuto once again after seeing that the Hollow's mask and several sections of its body were on a direct path to Luke.

Shuuryou nearly let go of his zanpakuto before noticing that the evil spirit stopped its charge and launched an assault. It looked as though Luke still had the ability to defend himself. He lifted his arms to defend. To both their surprise the cube shaped Hollow trapped Luke's reiatsu arms in a brightly glowing grid. It enveloped his arms, before ripping them apart and breaking down its energies. A cero rapidly formed before it. The energies which went into making it possessed the same level of potency as Luke's own arms. It was clear to Shuuryou that the cero was created from turning Luke's own energy against him. "So this is its ability?" Shuuryou thought, stunned. "But why didn't it use it on my Expanding Reverse Demon technique when I first arrived? Its reflexes displayed just now prove that it could have, but it didn't. It's looking more and more like the ability can only be used every so often." He continued in his conscious. "There's only one real way to find out though."

He pointed a single finger in Elcubo's direction and began to chant. "Bakudou number 30, Shitotsu Sansen!" A rich golden light beamed from his finger prompting him to complete the physical requirement of the spell by drawing a triangle in the air before him. After completion sharpened projectiles of pure light shot forth from its corners and flew at Elcubo. This was a moderately low level spell which wouldn't do much harm were the Hollow to absorb and redirect it. This is the reason Shuuryou chose it.

Strangely enough the cero he formed from Luke suddenly vanished. It reappeared only after a cube near Shuuryou opened, launching it at him. He had no time to react. The young Shinigami was certain that the Hollow would use Luke's own power against him, not turn it on him. The cero hit him, but not before he released a burst of spiritual pressure from his own body in an attempt to dampen the damage. All the same, he was forcefully separated from his zanpakuto after being tossed about by the attack and sent flying into the sky.

Shitotsu Sansen:
Spell Name: Shitotsu Sansen
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 30
Spell Incantation: None
Spell Effect: After forming a golden triangle with one's finger, it shoots three beams of sharpened light from each corner. These act to pin opponents to a surface.

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#35 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:47 am


The drained and terrorized look on Luke's face was enveloped by a deep red glow. The rest of his beaten, battered body was casts in the same red light as the cero made from his own reiatsu arms ravaged his body. He was completely immobilized the moment it pushed against his form in an attempt to completely rip it apart. He was shot backwards along with the blast which disturbed the ruins of the house and split the very ground in its path. In the next instant that followed, Luke could be seen at the end of the trail of destruction that was the aftermath of the blast, laying in a pile of rubble in the next house over. Smoke rolled off of his body.

The cero launched at the new arrival was also a successful strike. While it didn't bring the young death god to within an inch of his life as it did the badly beaten and barely recognizable menace now motionless before him, the cube shaped hollow could sense the spiritual pressure of the death god quickly flying away from his current location. The cero would hopefully buy him enough time to collect both the Quincy and the young female soul before escaping to Hueco Mundo.

The attack on Luke covered both of his future test subjects in rubble and debris so it would be a while to dig them out. Further still he would have to dig them out carefully due to the delicate state that they were both in as a result of having a house fall on them, twice in a sense. Suddenly, Elcubo found himself thrown against a free standing section of what remained of the house. His mask was pinned to a broken wall section by the three sectioned bakudo Shuuryou launched at him. He couldn't rely on the power of his hollow roar canon. The resulting explosion would likely cause unnecessary damage to his mask. He wasn't worried though. The kido would eventually weaken and even before that he could begin his attempts at physically dislodging himself.

He summoned the sections of his body to the broken house and to his own mask. Most produced a mechanical hand or saw to begin excavating the Quincy and female plus. There were a couple that produced mechanical hands which grabbed at the kido sections in an attempt to pull them out. Each wooden plank, metal pole, and brick covering the two was quickly removed. The entire process took no more than a couple of minutes. Looking down at the two his mind raced with the possibilities. The girl would make an excellent hollow servant or experimental food source where as he was unsure of just what the Quincy would ultimately be turned into.

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#36 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:18 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 3-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

Luke watched as he knelt on the ground, his eyes cloudy as he watched Mushami criticize him for offering help that was reiatsu based; although it seemed that the unseated shinigami seemed to miss that he also offered physical attacks with his zanpakuto or to at least act as a distraction to give Mushami a opening to attack the cube hollow but it seemed Mushami was still new to such methods of warfare and rushed in to attack the hollow without thinking, slashing at it before pulling back to use Shitotsu Sansen; a rather rash move considering his earlier comment on him being useless for using kido and reiatsu based attacks, if he had the strength, he would of facepalmed himself for Mushami being so rash but he was young and needed to learn his lesson as the cube hollowed avoided his kido and fired his cero not only at Mushami but at him as well, he couldn't move away and he got hit with the cero and shot into the house across the street, the house took a lot of damage as he fell, blood coming from his mouth as he fell unconscious to the ground, his zanpakuto in his hand, as he floated in the darkness of his unconsciousness, he felt Mushami getting blasted by the cero and tossed like a ragdoll into the sky

"Get up...Get up...I won't let happen while I'm here...just get up...get...up" Luke thought in his mind before full darkness overtook him...

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 251
Tags;; Elcubo, Vlad, Luke, Shadow, Mushami

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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#37 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:42 am


((OOC: Your Hollowfication is not welcomed here. As was agreed Luke has been KOed. This is now a match between Mushami Shuuryou and myself.))

#38 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:44 am

Red. A brilliant, blinding, all encompassing red is all that he saw. It was all that he felt. It completely enveloped his senses. The pain, the near unbearable pain, consumed his entire frame. Even during his near ten year long stay in Hueco Mundo, he'd never been struck, point blank by a cero. Even as he was being carried through the sky by the blast he did his best to assure that his outward pour of spiritual pressure remained dense enough to escape any more of the force from getting through. This pure force was both crushing and pushing him while also attempting to push through him.

Just how much time had past since being struck by this power, this force that Luke sired for the Hollow fiend to turn against him? It felt like he was enveloped for several minutes, even though it was closer to a second or two. He couldn't even manage to inhale while trapped by it. Though he was almost out of breath, he still managed to mutter a low registering phrase that was the only thing he could think of that may free him immediately. "Everything comes full circle, Tsuneni Kingu...". Despite being flung up and through the heavens by the ferocious attack, he managed to hold his zanpakuto tightly. It warped and contorted its shape, increasing the typical level of curvature seen in a finely crafted katana until a golden light even greater than that of the cero carrying him consumed it. Before long, the blade had transformed into a circle.

The transformation into its true, shikai state had been achieved. Using it however presented a different challenge. If he could only manage to get the edge in contact with the cero. He tried with all of his might to produce even more spiritual pressure. The moment that pressure met with that of the cero he rotated the large circle blade. The moment the edge touched the cero's surface, he stopped fighting against it. Instead of using his own strength to push through the cero, he allowed the cero to push itself into the blade's edge. It split instantly. But rather than exploding, the two halves of the giant orb harmlessly passed by both sides of Shuuryou before reforming. This was the true power of his shikai. What is destroyed by it doesn't necessarily stay destroyed.

Finally free, he began to plummet towards the ground below. He sealed his zanpakuto before recovering his balance only a few feet from street pavement. "How far away was I sent?" He said, before crouching to one knee. The simple move caused pain to shoot through his entire body. His skin was on fire and it felt as if his entire body had been sent through a meat grinder. He felt his ribs and legs. The pain, though present could be conquered. He hadn't broken anything. He couldn't sense anything in terms of the Hollow's spiritual pressure and Luke's was barely detectible when he last saw him.  "Heart of the South. Eye of the North. Fingertip of the West. Heel of the East. Carry the wind and gather. Banish the rain and disband. Way of binding no. 58 Kakushitsujiaku!" he said, placing his hands on the ground. He was instantly made aware of Luke's fading spiritual power.

Even with shunpo it would take him about a minute to get back to the battlefield. He rushed off promptly to find the Hollow's mask pinned to the wall by his kido. "He didn't reverse the energies of that kido." He thought. "Then I was correct. He can only use that skill every so often." He had nearly rushed in to attack the Hollow yet again, before realizing that he was digging for something in the house. Was it Luke? No, Shuuryou could see him laying motionless in a pile of debris nearby. After the last support beam was moved by Elcubo, Shuuryou could finally see them. It was a human male and a young female soul. "Damn it Luke, you could get me blasted but you couldn't tell me about those two?!"

He instantly stepped into a shunpo, preparing for the Hollow to attack him with the different sections of its body. It already had dangerous equipment extended and a cut from something like a circular saw wasn't likely to be something to brush off. He weaved between each on his way to the two, kneeling before their heads. He rose a hand and waved his hand in a circular fashion. "Way of destruction number 58, Orchid of Destruction!" He shouted. A powerful twisting stream of air shot forth. He'd hoped that the expanding wind tunnel would be enough to push back the cubes and keep the Hollow at bay.

He was no medical expert, so he could do little more than protect the male from further injury. However, when it came to the girl, he could do something to help get her out of harms way. He quickly drew her zanpakuto and aimed the base of its hilt at her head. If connected it would send her spirit to Soul Society.

shikai ability:
Name: Always
Effect: An ability held only by the obsidian circle blade.
This causes the original damage caused by this blade to recycle endlessly, or at least until the zanpakuto is sealed yet again. A blow caused by this will reapply damage over and over again. It does this by repairing what is destroyed by the first blow. A blow causes damage just like any other blade would, but then in a few short seconds, the immediate damage caused is repaired. It may seem like a useless ability in terms of battle applicability, however it's perfect for use against those with well developed healing factors. Due to the fact that the ability and the cut are dealt at the same time, it repairs damage it causes before a target's healing factor has a chance to act. What it doesn't do is replace blood which is lost as a result of being cut being that blood loss is the result of the act but blood loss isn't the act itself. Unlike the ability of Forever, this ability relies purely on the strength of Shuuryou. Like Forever, this ability may work on inanimate objects, however whether its useless or not depends on the context. For example a strike against another opponent's zanpakuto may not break it, but the repeated sword clashing sound which results from the strike being recycled over and over again may become annoying. It would be more useful if Shuuryou were attempting to slash through a self repairing barrier because the initial slash may create a repeated opening. The effect happens in one post, then undoes itself in the next post. The damage reapplication frequency depends on the AR. For each advantage point above Shuuryou, a single post passes before the damage is reapplied. The state of a person or object when the zanpakuto is sealed depends on the state of their affliction the moment it is sealed. A person may be beheaded in this fight and still walk away still walk away with their life.

kido used:

Spell Name: Kakushitsujiaku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 58
Spell Incantation: Heart of the South. Eye of the North. Fingertip of the West. Heel of the East. Carry the wind and gather. Banish the rain and disband. Way of binding no. 58 Kakushitsujiaku!
Spell Effect: This technique allows the user to focus in and instantly locate spiritual force of a user even if they are attempting to hide it.

Spell Name: Tenran
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number:58
Spell Incantation: Way of destruction number 58, Orchid of Destruction!
Spell Effect: Summons supernaturally strong gale force winds capable of tossing about even powerful Arrancar who specialize in aerobatic combat.

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#39 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:32 am


This Shinigami seemed to be more experienced than the one Elcubo fought earlier. So why was it that the one he beat just minutes before hand spoke to him in a tone that one would use when addressing a subordinate. This death god survived being struck point blank range with only the spiritual pressure he released at the time to act as a cushion and buffer the damage. Still, though the cero of the calibur used wasn't enough to obliterate him, it should have caused more damage after sending him on his way. How did he manage to escape without being knocked out by the force released when the cero finally destabilized? Did the cero implode on him at all?

He also managed to completely subdue the Cube with a few mid level demon magic spells. His mask portion was still pinned to the wall and the purple haired death god used his wind based kido to fend off Elcubo's body before he could even organize them into a proper attack formation. Further still, he managed to save the young female soul where the death god before him had nearly failed.

Her young body was lit ablaze, surrounded by a heavenly glow. Her form quickly dissipated into sparkling dust which was carried off by the next gust of wind. In her place, a small black winged insect with deep purple accents rested near the Quincy's head. After a few flaps of its wings it left the ruin covered ground and flew off into the distance.

Meanwhile, the death god's wind based demon magic spell proved to be not only powerful enough to toss the Cube's body sections about, but also equally long lasting. At this point in time the potential reward for his trouble may not even be worth the danger. His underlings had likely captured a few dozen souls already some of which were bound to be young. While capturing a Quincy for experimentation would ordinarily be reward enough by itself, never before had Elcubo been pushed this close to his breaking point. His mask couldn't take much more damage before it gave in.

He had no choice but to once again repair himself. It was a big risk to use his Defragment Form ability here out in the open again, given the strength of his new opponent. Once the turbulent winds summoned finally died down Elcubo quickly called what was left of his body to him. Rather than risking the three pronged kido exploding by use of Hollow Roar Canon, he began to break down the wall section he was pinned to. Oddly enough, after the wall came down, the kido died out. He quickly opened a black cavity and retreated into it.

#40 Re: Enter The Cube (Invite Only) on Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:34 am


Vlad Abbau ;; 4-1 ;; Quincy ;; Male    

Vlad stirred with the biggest headache of his life, he got up in a sitting position, he looked around but saw the plus had gone but so had the hollow that had attacked him.

"Jesus Christ, what the hell hit me?...wait, where's the girl?!" Vlad exclaimed, the karate Gi wearing shinigami was in a bad way, his flesh was blown off badly with steam coming off the burnt flesh before he saw another shinigami, in terms of spiritual pressure, a bit stronger then the one from beforehand, he looked at the new shinigami with a angry expression on his face.

"Hey, miss shinigami! where's the girl?! what have you done with her?" Vlad said, gathering nearby reishi to form his bow and using it to stand up, still suffering from a mild concussion that was making his vision swim badly and his hands shake just enough that he couldn't be confident that he could shot straight while he was suffering from it, holding onto the bow with both hands for support as he waited for a response from the effeminate shinigami.

Location;; Karakura town, World of the living
Word Count;; 180
Tags;; Elcubo, Mushami, Luke, Vlad

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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